Friday, 20 August 2010

Mercury Retrograde @ 19 Virgo ~ re-working the practical direction

Woah! COSMIC turning point! Which way to go? Where & how? It's THAT time again: MERCURY RETROGRADE at 19Virgo, where the planet of short journeys, information & healing is at home --> until 5Virgo on the 12th Sept. PLUS the Leo Sun is opposite Aquarius Neptune, at best highlighting our DIVINE HEART (or mass delusion) when the celestial lovers Venus & Mars are in tight Libran embrace (((♥))) LOVE abounds even if communication is confusing...

Its worth noting some astro tech: while this Mercury retrograde is in the same sign during this retrograde, keeping on the same Virgo track, Mercury only makes actual 'aspects' to Sun and Moon, meaning that spiritual identity and emotions work with a thoughtful mind, which is in a re-vision phase. This is an subtle internal process, aided by karmic Saturn as Mercury is at the very same declination at Saturn, on both sides of his healing journey, retrograde and direct. Sept 12th may the time when things start going forward, but the mind of authority gets totally serious when Mercury conjuncts Saturn Oct 8th.

Before then, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at inferior conjunction, 3rd September, the same day our Cardinal Cross is once again activated, with the Moon in Cancer.
Should be in fascinating day in the world of communication for the cosmic messenger.

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