Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Love Goddess Venus completes her epic cosmic dance _/\_♥

Many relationships will now feel renewed, deepened or released, so that compassion and kindness can blossom and bloom. This is the sum effect of the recently dramatic retrograde of the Venus transit to our heart star, the Sun, as Venus is now stationed to go forward and complete her cosmic dance at 7 Gemini on Wednesday. Look to this point in your ‘scope to see where in the sphere of life communicating from the heart-mind has taken unprecedented importance, and where learning to unconditionally love oneself is based on informed truth, a radiant kind-of consciousness, not ego. This amazing once-in-a-lifetime retrograde, as the Love Goddess aligned with Spirit Sun, together they showed how to connect in love, with beauty, to one’s self, to others, and the community at large. Now all we have to do is to add Jupiter’s ability to expand our understanding of love (July 14th- 24th) and all that we treasure, and encourage the generous heart-mind to grow and be positive in everyday relations.

Developing the celestial theme of unconditional love to also emphasise the need for balance, peace and harmony, in all circumstance, is the heaven's taskmaster Saturn (who has also just turned direct, exhalted in Libra), joined by the sensitive Libra Moon, just as Venus turns direct! Venus is therefore extremely influential, as she is the planet to rule the sign Libra. Generally speaking, when the Moon conjuncts Saturn, the reality check can seem like a day or two of harsh karmic lessons. But the more effort we consciously make to remain centred and listen to the heart, the less likely we are to be knocked off balance, but instead retain self-esteem and self-worth.

The kindest we can be, instead of passing Saturnian judgement or creating more obstacles, is to realise that time is often needed to get things (relationship/job/finances) just right and that, as long as our desires do not harm anyone, living in pleasure and love, we are all a ‘work in progress’. 
_/\_♥ ૐ

stunning image of astro-lovers ‘Between the Teardrops’ by Cameron Gray

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Heart Star Solstice June 2012

Time now to tune into the unconditional warmth and clear light of heaven's inner radiance, feed the Spirit, and and shine like the Sun _(♥)_.•✩¨¯☼:) Our Heart Star, the Sun, is at standstill, and the cosmic wheel of light is poised to turn. Whichever part of the world you are, in the north where summer Sun is high, or south where winter Sun is low, Solstice marks a change of direction, and is when clans traditionally gather to affirm heartfelt connections.

This Solstice Sun makes a magical trine aspect to both manifesting Saturn and spiriutal Neptune, helping one to realise dreams, as well as stabilise meditation practice.

Happy Solstice! __/♥\__ .•✩¨¯`•☆٠.•..•¨*☽☀★

A new moon commenced just before Solstice and upon reflection, it ended what was a most memorable month with eclipses and the Venus transit, which events in our life surely mirror.

♥ Venus governs Libra, where Saturn is exalted. Saturn has been retrograde throughout the period, for the past four months, working on the heart and learning to love from the wisdom gained from life’s harder lessons. Saturn is soon to be going forward on Tuesday 26th, after Solstice, a New Moon and Venus also slowing down to station and  go forward on the 28th June. Hooray :) ♥

Centred at the heart and in relationship, a Libran Saturn at station to go forward is a very powerful ‘station’, in as much as it has the potential to hone-in upon karmic core-issues and go forward in peace, love and unity. Check 22 degrees Libra in your chart and see where you are currently showing considerable discipline by learning to love .  And check 7 degrees Gemini as to where self-love and self-appreciation has been processed.


The illustration is of the beautiful Goddess Prajnaparamta, Tibetan Goddess of Transcendent Wisdom, mother of all Buddhas and Bodhistavas, said to be an emmenation of Tara, holding the book of LOVE ♥

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Soha _(♥)_


Before the 26th, however, we encounter the first of SEVEN Uranus Pluto squares on June 24th. Having its roots in the 60's, this association between Uranus and Pluto is now at the opening square of potentially progressive, individually and collectively, ground-breaking innovation. Think back to the idealistic flower-power of the 60's, during the time of free-spirits, women's liberation, and the birth of the computer. Back then we also realised how Earth (her flora and fauna and humanity) needs healing. This is not an easy transit, but one of a series of sudden transformations that require co-operation and helpful forward-thinking from all sides, from those in authority as well as you and me, especially if we are to transform the currently destructive unequal power structures. There is also another cycle to consider: the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra which began in the early 80's; at its most exalted expression fairness in control is the only way to maintain balance, peace, and unity.

Image of the Buddha by Visual Alchemy "Event Horizon within the Buddha Field"
Image of Prajnaparameta by Exotic Art India

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Astrology & Healing Seminar June 17th 2012

Sunday 17th June 2012
10 am – 5 pm
Doors open at 9.30 am for coffee

And we have great line of Speakers this year:
Eilyen Feirbairn - Strengthening of Light and Waking the Spirit
Tom Morley - Music and Healing
Wanda Sellar - Healing Patterns in the Chart
Phoebe Wyss - Healing the Generation: Family Patterns in the birth charrt
Laura Boomer-Trent - The Heaven’s Healing Heart

A delicious vegetarian buffet is once again included in the ticket price. And...Complimentary teas, coffees and biscuits, and possibly even some homemade cakes in the afternoon, what more can we say? Just bring some bottled water if you need to and we’ll provide the rest. See more
At the Theosophical Society 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA
Entrance: in advance members £35, non-members £40, at the door members £40, non-members £45.
Ticket can be purchased by PayPal on-line at the ‘Astrolodge’ website and the advance ticket pricing will hold until midnight on the night before on Saturday 16th June.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Saka Dawa Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini ~> June 2012

Happy SakaDawa Duchen! May all beings be Happy! :))

Full Moon full moon lunar eclipse is a big day for Tibetan Buddhists, marking SAGA DAWA, the day we celebrate the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of Sakyamuni Gothama Buddha ♥_/|\_ ૐ

This eclipse sees the Moon at 14 Sagittarius aligning with the ‘Great Attractor’, opening a portal for the mind-stream in truth to attract, imbibe and embody the sacred heart of the cosmos. For the meditator this is an optimum opportunity for impartial observation of all sensation (internal-external, yin-yang, sun-moon) harmonising earthly heart-mind with an illuminating awakened spirit.

Be extra attentive to the subtle body, with chakras and channels super sensitive during this opening of space time: Because of the dramatic changes taking place (within & without), eclipses can be an integral (and sometimes the backdoor) passage for spiritual evolution. On a relative level we often witness watersheds and transformational situations during eclipse season, especially if the degree of the eclipse constellates our own horoscope. Lunar eclipses tend to show results quicker than solar counterparts.

This is a Karma multiplied day (x 10 million during eclipse) ♥ = Breathe, be the LIGHT ~> be kind to self & others ~> In presence, living the LOVE ♥_/|\_ ૐ x

Lunar eclipse is at total conjunction at 11:11 UT (! :)), visible in the Far East & China.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Diamond Goddess & Great Attractor ~ Gemini Lunar Eclipse Venus Transit

Sharing a nice cup of English tea and dear JoJo’s cake, as dear Queenie, Elizabeth Windsor, born under the Goddess Venus ruled sign Taurus, celebrates her Diamond Jubilee during this weekend’s Lunar Eclipse (the Full Sagadawa Moon, June 4th 12:12 British Summer Time). The Moon, in mundane astrology, represents the public mood; and during this eclipse la Luna just happens to conjunct 14degrees Sagittarius, where lies our Galaxy’s ‘Great Attractor’. Yes, the heavens are in accord, we’re attracted to the Goddess - & We love our Queen! Festivities extend into the celestial LOVE transmission during the rare Sun-Venus transit, awakening Heart-Mind over the long bank holiday on Monday/Tuesday morning :)) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Nice to bear in mind how there are two grand scale offerings to our earthly Venusian Goddess: Fire & Water. A flotilla of boats upon the River Thames (aka Isis) culminates tomorrow afternoon at Green0wich Meridian line; and Apollo’s fiery laylines of Great Britain will blaze on Monday June 4th, with Jubilee beacons and bonfires at 10pm on hilltops across the land! To top it all and add a serious sense of timing (as if being at 0degrees meridian isn’t enough), Big Ben is going to be renamed Elizabeth Tower! Time for the Goddess to ring her Jubilee Bells ;) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sixty years is also, of course, a very important astrological landmark of her reign’s second Saturn return, and twelve times the five elements makes this an important astrological landmark for the Queen to demonstrate her regal wisdom. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥