Sunday, 23 August 2015

Healing with Feminine Earth Medicine ~> 23rd August 2015 ~> VIRGO

☼ ♍ Live-giving Spirit Sun appropriately changes signs this SUNday, leaving behind (some of the) Leo karma drama to empower practical, earthy Virgo. A Virgo’s mission is one of perfection, which includes maintaining optimum health and a clear heart-mind with a regular routine that supports and nourishes inner-strength and immunity
At the same time Sun galvanizes the healing powers of the Virgo wise woman, it also conjoins generous Jupiter to impart optimism and faith in the vital feminine wisdom within us all (men also have a sensitive, intuitive side). Wisdom is found in patience, and joy in goodness.
As long as we don’t go overboard with crazy health fads or strive for impossibly high goals with exaggerated egos, which can happen when Jupiter is present, success is practically assured. Virgo’s strong discerning influence helps to focus and concentrate upon helping (and healing) oneself to be the best we can, in order to serve and help others realize their potential too. So make the most of this fruitful month and, more importantly, enjoy today’s Jovial influence and have a wonderful time with friends and loved ones.
_/\_ ☽¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Beautiful Goddess is entitled 'PrajnaParamita' by hanciong at deviant art (& Looks like Kwan Yin) with ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ and thanks

Medicine Moon August 2015

☼ ☾Today's 1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio is conjunct karmic Saturn, at the all-important ‘anaretic degree’, the last degree of both the Sun at 29 Leo and the Moon at 29 Scorpio; this is also the very last time Luna will join Saturn in Scorpio for another 30ish years (by next month Saturn will be in Sagittarius for two and a half years), making this a rather loaded and weighty Medicine Buddha day. Heavy in the sense that patience is called for, as karma drama can be seen as accumulative cause and effect and certain past actions can all-too-easily catch up. But karma also means action. And when the sensitive moon is conjunct karmic Saturn, that action is loaded with personal responsibility for overcoming negative and destructive actions. Engaging in such a practice surely has golden rewards. Obstacles can now be cleared by delving into and healing the deeper parts of psyche which are currently in for the long-haul transformational process. It helps to now to let go of any part of life, such as ingrained desires and old memories that keep us stuck in behavioural or thought patterns that no longer serves the higher purpose, i.e. stay in the present and do now what is best for everyone, including oneself.

☾ A triple set of ‪#‎SuperMoons‬ is on the rise. The Moon tends to influence in three’s, i.e. maiden, mother, crone...
☽☼☾ 29th August = is 1st of the 3 Full SuperMoons. And in Pisces, the spirit of water purifies and renews organically, emotionally, and within the environment.
☽☼☾ 28th September is also an Apollo-Light-St Michael-Lillith-Bloodmoon-SuperMoon ‪#‎LUNAReclipse‬ on a MOONday (sunday night/monday-am)! In Libra, the Moon is also conjunct ‘‪#‎Laniakea‬’, which means ‘Immeasurable Heaven’, the Galactic Supercluster into which our entire galaxy is being drawn, into a heart of love, beauty and balance.
☽☼☾ 27th October sees a Taurean Luna at her degree of exaltation, which I find rather comforting, and with a little adjustment here and there issues that overwhelm during the August Full Supermoon, find some stabilisation .
Medicine Buddha mantra 'Thayata Om Bekhanze Bekhanze MahaBekhanze Rasa Sammut Gate Soha' _/\_ May the healing be quick and strong

Friday, 14 August 2015

☼ ☾ ♌ 14th August ~> a powerful self-realisation

☼ ☾ ♌ 14th August ~> A New #Moon in Sun-ruled #Leo places the heavenly Solar spotlight firmly upon the creative, artistic, fun-loving, playful self. And, in amongst all this love- light and laughter, there is also the astrological suggestion that self-realization is possible - achievable, even. So the time to start becoming self-realized is now, with this New Leo Moon, a lunation that culminates August 29th with a compassionate and deeply sensitive Pisces Full Moon. Indeed, we always need to cultivate kindness and compassion for self and others, but it is this particular cycle of ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, that reveals what we really need to let-go of and surrender to, in order to be ‘realized’. Many of you may wonder, what actually is a realization? And the answer is very simple: according to Buddhist teaching, a realization is when we are brave enough to recognize a negative emotion or reaction when it is starting to bubble up from within and then, as an authentic Spiritual Warrior, we quickly stop whatever it is in its tracks, before it has time to burst into the world and be expressed and do its damage, and thus unhelpful situations are diverted. Although that sounds relatively easy, we humans seemingly have a propensity (for whatever reason) to hang onto habitual negativity, be that an emotion, a reaction, thought, or speech pattern which we battle with. It takes constant mindfulness and insight into inner-machinations of the mind to be aware how the heart-mind is naturally clear and light, and a lot of the thoughts/feelings/repetitive things we say are an obscuration to such innate clarity. And while meditation is the quickest and easiest way to find the clarity within and develop strength of character, this lunation also accents a personal responsibility to creating routines and lifestyles that help us to best serve others in making this world an easier place to thrive as realized beings. Mark the 22nd August as the point to overcome a major hurdle in the practice of being true to yourself, when changes will have to be made en route to personal transformation.

With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ & new Leo Moon blessings & many thanks to unknown artist for stunning Sun Goddess

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

♃ ♍ - Jupiter in Virgo - August 11th 2015 - September 10th 2016

“Out of chaos comes order” …Quick, tidy your desk, put away the dishes, make lists, and generally be the most super-organised you can, and get ready to honour the movement of the Cosmic Guru Jupiter into Virgo today (@12:11bst)! The last time Jupiter was in Virgo was 12 years ago; and you may find correlations from back then, especially in the way you wish you serve others, as there are now. You see, when the Zodiac's Sacred Teacher is in the sign of the Virgoan Goddess of Perfection, the overview shifts from the Leonine ego and self, to that of helping oneself to help others to be the best they can be too. 

♃ ♍ - Jupiter’s move into pure and practical, smart and earthy Virgo heralds a time of healing with working wisdom, as well as having a greater perspective upon the small things in life, such as the way we treat animals, as well as objects used to heal and communicate our personal details with such as mobile computers, phones – even the health of the bees, which are ruled by Jupiter, and threatened by chemicals, mites and radiowaves, are cosmcially bound to become common knowledge

♃ ♍ - With any major planetary move there are always the connections made between the heavenly bodies to consider. At the time of Jupiter’s tropical ingress into the sign of the wise feminine there several important astrological aspects; to begin with Jupiter is joining an exalted Mercury in Virgo, highlighting the need for clear and concise communication;  conjunct Venus imparts hope and optimism – this is the ‘can do’ factor, and with the love in your heart one needs, because Jupiter is also in square to Saturn (a major theme for this more-than-a-year-long passage), which means that many of the big things, such as plans, events, situations, or even relationships that have been too grand, too large or too unworkable will need to scale down and become much more manageable. Luckily, we have until September 2016, before Jupiter moves into Libra, which is more than enough time to perfect patience.

♃ ♍ - This Virgo Jupiter is also conjunct Regulus, a glorious (mag1) fixed star which indicates unbridled success - but only if we are able to control negative emotions. And with Jupiter opposite Neptune at home in Pisces, which is also Jupiter’s traditional sign, the challenge is to learn from and to avoid negative emotional states. From a personal point of view this means upping our education (no bunking off, now), and becoming wise enough to know when to back-off and away from destructive situations that harm ourselves and others. From a collective point of view it’s imperative that we now begin to take responsibility, on mass, to recognise that the Earth requires a powerful healing from the various toxic impurities inflicted upon our Mother. Jupiter in Virgo will highlight the need to purify our planets’ water, seas, oceans and rivers, so the next generation can enjoy the clean and healthy living we would also like for ourselves. Lastly, in Jupiter’s own sign of the archer, Sagittarius, we find the warrior woman Pallas Athena (and in my time zone she is conjunct the part of fortune!); this is a signal to make plans (if only as guidelines) and to be aware of how strategy influences outcome.  Synthesizing all these aspectes if becomes clear that now, more than ever we now need to motivate ourselves to live for the benefit of others.

<3 A short invocation _/\_ “May we all do our best to heal our negative emotions. May we remove all obscurations of body, speech and mind, to be clear, healthy and wise, so that all beings (seen and unseen) enjoy a happy and wholesome life and planet!”  - May it be so….
With ℒℴѵℯ & thanks to the unknown artist at Deer Park Institute, Bir, India for lovely Earth Goddess ॐ__/❤\__

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Dakini Day 8:8:8 ~> 9/8/8 ;)

8:8:8 - 9/8/'8' ~> This lunations' magical Dakini Day coincides with a numerological star gate: 8 is a number representing ‘Infinity’, associated with boundless courage, strength and stamina – qualities also associated the fixed fire sign Leo, as well as the Sacred Feminine.
ॐ_/\_ With Spirit Sun in fiery Leo, now joined by active Mars, and this summer’s beautiful Venus and Jupiter conjunction also accenting the power of love, the potential to stir the fire within is heightened. In Tantra, the element of fire is linked to a wisdom that helps one to realize loving kindness and compassion, as well as fully understand the meaning of emptiness and bliss.
ॐ_/\_ On Sunday Sol also makes a harmonious sextile to the waning Moon in airy Gemini, connecting to the Goddess (within), to fan the flames of fire in the belly, stir passion, motivation, and the drive to ignite (and maintain) a powerful internal enthusiasm which provides personal self-control and power.
ॐ_/\_ Bathe in Sun's rays for a few minutes and quickly energise inner-heat; or, if that is not possible, imagine the Love-Light and warmth of the Sun radiating into every cell of your being. Yogis and Yogini use several breathing meditations that assist kindling inner fire: by focusing upon the Hara, ((aka the DanTien), three fingers below your navel), one can touch base with a powerful source of creative energy. _/\_ Please only use these techniques if you have been taught them by qualified teachers. smile emoticon If you’re new to meditation, best focus upon long, calm and deep breaths and allow the rise and fall of the stomach to energize a natural feeling of greater potency. Most important is to allow time to perfect any asana, posture, or technique (which can take years wink emoticon ) heart emoticon With this Moon in Gemini, the intuitive Goddess helps to now overcome dualistic thinking about success and/or failure, rather the most important aspect of her wisdom is to be at one where we are and encourage playful creativity with a happy heart – in the present, at same time synthesising resent events and preparing for a glorious Leo New Moon on the 14th August. _/\_
Beautiful image of a powerful Goddess by Ti Campbell-Allen, with ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ & thanks

Aurora alerts ~>

Aurora alerts ~> Solar winds riding high during this lunation's Last Quarter Tara Moon - a moon cycle that began with celebrating Chökhor Düchen and Buddha's first teachings (of the 4 Noble Truths) now comes to an end with the ability to understand the nature of reality by allowing oneself a pragmatic yet spiritual overview _/♥\_
☼ As the harvest now begins (of healing herbs and food) the nurturing Moon is exalted in the sign Taurus; and the life-giving Sun radiates from its regal domain at the centre of a generous Leonine heart. The Sun is also now at one of eight Solar fire festivals. At the Fixed Fire cross-quarter point of the Sun wheel, the focus is upon the the fruits of our own labour, as well as that of beloved Mother Earth.
☽··✰ Sky dancers can also look forward to the Perseid meteor shower this week, which has already begun and promises to be this year's shooting star attraction! A waning moon heading towards Dark Moon on the 13-14th makes the Green Wood Goat a peak viewing year. Look to the North East and, light pollution notwithstanding, you may well witness a delightful display ☼ ☆•*¨*•.¸¸
With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ & Thanks for beautiful artwork of Green Tara in the emanation of Compassion by Gill Ripingale ☆
Giving thanks now for the warmhearted love of the Great Goddess (which is in everyone - we all have an intuitive feminine side) _/♥\_
  'Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha'_/♥\_