Thursday, 14 May 2009

Saturn direct & the Raven

Yesterday I met an inspirational Raven in the Cevennes Mountains. His watchful eye fixed upon our approach, and as this bewitching bird spread his massive wings to fly we could see he was bigger than the Bonelli’s, the local eagle, with a wingspan of maybe 4 feet, he knew exactly where he was going. Black Raven is Saturn’s bird; and this encounter felt like a direct message from Saturn himself.

Realistic Saturn, symbol of responsibility, cause and effect, is now at station 14 Virgo, and about to go forward from having being retrograde in Virgo since New Year’s Eve. Which means that all year we have been collectively reworking issues of authority, discipline, and karma by going over old ground in order to go forward. Saturn’s lessons maybe slow but are none the less magical, tainted by patience, acceptance, and fortitude.

Raven is also one of the most intelligent birds, associated with thought and memory, past and future. Links to fate are inextricable, as Raven flies into the void to retrieve necessary wisdom. From Sunday 17th May we may find it easier to reap rewards for the hard work we have done so far this year – re-treading an old path can lead to new views.

Mythology abounds about Ravens, death and rebirth a popular theme: the smaller Corvus corax cousin, the Crow, has even been associated with the birth of many Dalai Lamas, including our treasured Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.

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