Monday, 12 March 2012

Mercury Retrograde in Aries ~> 12th March 2012

Strength often shines through in the most extraordinary circumstances during hard times. It’s as though the will to act and create comes directly from the source. In astrology we look to Aries for such bravery and the cosmic urge that powers and propels.

We are now in the run-up to Spring Equinox, at 0 degrees Aries; and Mercury, planet of the mind, went retrograde yesterday (12th March) in the sign of the Warrior. At the solar marker of equal-day equal-night Mercury will conjoin the Equinox Sun. Mercury rules the mind, and Aries individual assertion. In the coming weeks impetus and volition are subject to razor-sharp analysis - with potentially brilliant insight.

Note that throughout this retrograde period, when Mercury even leaves the sign of the Ram and goes back into Pisces (March 24th), to contemplate the end of certain matters, Mercury’s dominant healing challenge is actually in relation to the group-oriented Uranus, planet of dramatic change as well as humanitarian altruism. Both planets are airy and intellectual, combining to initiate unusual change, making contact three times. The first was only a few days ago (on 5th March); the second conjunction is on the 18th March, just before equinox; and again a month later on the 22nd April.

From the point of view of esoteric astrology this is an important series of conjunctions. Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries, suggesting the hot-headed Ram needs to be smart to make right action; and Uranus is the hierarchical ruler of Aries, accenting how one distinctively operates within the crowd. Recognising the value of each unique individual's heroic contribution in the process of collective evolution is the optimum way to ensure all talents are bravely actualised and accomplished.

Also worth baring in mind is that the Aries Mercury and Virgo Mars are not only both retrograde, but they are currently in 'mutual reception', i.e. Mars rules Aries and Mercury rules Virgo; so that the hero's 'right action' and 'right understanding' work well together, particularly with self-introspection. Mercury goes forward on the 4th April. And Mars goes forward on the 14th April; until which date we are advised to exercise patience and not be too rash or aggressive - in Buddhist thinking this is actually a good reminder that anger wipes out karmic merit in one fell swoop.  

“The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred”. ~ His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Chotrul Duchen ☼ March 8th 2012 Full Moon in Virgo_(♥)_

2012’s – or should I say- 2139’s Chotrul Duchen is Full Virgo Moon ~> The 15th day of the first Tibetan month since Losar, Tibetan New year, is a Festival of LIGhT and a‘Day of Miracles’, when (Pisces) prayers are offered to the Buddha and karma is multiplied X 100 million _()_

** The 18Virgo Full Moon is conjunct retrograde Mars, in opposition to Spirit Sun in the compassionate sign of the fish ~> The Virgin Luna highlights purification, dedication and practice, all the while reflecting the light of the devotional Pisces Sun, through meditation, yoga, music, dance, art (etc), internalising pure wisdom with an awareness of (the need for) spiritual healing . 

The SUN in astrology is also consciousness: the LIGHT of INTELLIGENCE. Solar Dragon X-flares are now hurling plasma, protons, and charged particles in though both of Earth’s poles, north and south: Earth’s avaduti and spiritual gateways, boosting cosmic light sustenance that we can use to align in meditation, generating even more light, and that all important Bodhicitta. 

Yet with a still-in-aspect Sun~Mars opposition, stories of war oppress: I was wondering: does human blood's iron-count go up when testosterone-driven Mars is closer to the Earth, and associated with the Sun? (As it is right now, retrograde in Virgo and in opposition to the Sun.) I can't find anything on the net (so far) along these lines? Not sure if it were a dream I had that Japanese scientists were analysing blood iron ratio to Mars perihelion in the 90’s. I wish there were research grants for ideas like this – maybe there is - somewhere? If not, there ought to be.

"Through violence, you may 'solve' one problem, but you sow the seeds for another." H.H. Dalai Lama
The Sun~Mars also reminds that any applied patience over the past few days will stand anyone in good stead in the karmic merit bank, and may well be good practice this upcoming Full Moon, because La Luna’s light grows into culmination all the while sidling along by the retrograde warrior planet Mars. Passion is easily roused when sensitive Moon and fiery Red Mars commune in light near fixed Royal Star, Regulus, the dramatic heart of the regal Lion ♥

Mars also rules Aries, the dynamic sign in which communicative Mercury now joins forces with altruistic Uranus for the 1st of 3 conjunctions (as Mercury starts an applying soon-to-be-retrograde shadow period). Both Mercury & Uranus are in a tight square to transformational Pluto. Quick-moving change is taking place all over the show. Some change might seem choppy. Note that any issue or agreement in dispute may take another month or so to work-out and rework into a new dynamic.

It’s an excitable astral mix :) _(♥)_

Ardour is aroused, as Goddess of Love, Venus, is now at home in Taurus, doubling Jupiter's joy, feasting and merry-making, for the Full Virgo Moon and Losar’s ‘Day of Miracles’ on Thursday 8th March (9:39am gmt) ~> Jupiter’s day! This Full Virgo Moon reflecting the Pisces Sun holds potentially abundant prayerful healing, as well as a steadying of expectation _(♥)_
The Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon see the Divine in the ordinary.

Dedicating any goodness of a day when karma is multiplied to the benefit of all beings, with the wish that they may be free from suffering (Pisces), and become the best they can be (Virgo).

Enjoy! There's a splendid display of spectacular auroras already dancing around Earth’s poles with the Water Dragon Sun especially hot on winged heels during this rather vigorous Sun-Mars opposition, with its triple Solar ‘X-flare’ signature . ♥¸.•✩¨¯`•☆٠.•..•¨*☽☀★☼

Its also Holi, the Indian 'Festival of Colours' and International Woman's Day! May the miraculous blessings of the Goddess be colourful & glorious! :)

Om Mani Padme Hung _(|)_

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Losar Guru Rinpoche Day ~> 3rd March 2012

Spirit Sun opposes dynamic Mars during today’s Guru Rinpoche day, the first in our year of the inscrutable Dragon; and the currently perceptive Moon conjoins active Mars in a few days time for the Losar Full Moon ‘Day of Miracles’ on the 8th March (International Woman’s day!). The inspired Pisces Sun encourages spiritual service, showing compassion and kindness to all beings, while a retrograde Mars in Virgo can get ultra-critical, stuck in the discerning search for personal perfection. Though a helpful and rather auspicious trine formation between today’s Pisces Sun and the receptive Moon, now at home in super-sensitive Cancer, suggests applying skilful means – patience, insight and analytical reasoning quickly clears thinking clouded by unrelated feelings, to tell the difference between illusion and delusion. Recognising what is real or pure fantasy calms this potentially tricky aspect between Sun and Mars. Good time for healing rifts and familiarising oneself with what is truly healthy for body and soul _/♥\_ ૐ