Tuesday, 10 August 2010

New Leo Moon wields an indestructible dorje ☆ ♥ ☽~☼~ ☽ ♥ ☆ August 2010

A fiery new Leo Moon on the morning of the 10th August, at 17degrees Leo at 4:08 (BST), makes a dramatic display with a ‘Thor’s Hammer’ formation. This pattern accents the power of Spirit Sun combined with soulful Moon, and marks a month when self-expression and inspiration are fuelled by a thunderbolt of love and lightning creation.

Thor’s Hammer is an astral arrangement based on dividing the circle into eight; the pattern appears when a planet (or two heavenly bodies in this case) is at the apex of two planets, each (sesquiquadrate) 135 degrees apart, which are then connected to each other to form a 90 degree square. There are two different ways to read this quadriform, and neither suggest it’s an easy configuration (read challenging – as it stimulates a strong kind of T-square that rarely acquiesces without conscious attention): One method is to look at how the two planets in square create a tension, which then finds an outlet from the planet(s) they are pointing to, like an arrowhead. The other is that the planet(s) at the apex funnels energy into the square to force resolution of/in conflict. Either way, it’s an interesting dynamic, because it is always active. Even years later I still haven’t made my mind up if there is a definitive system for the hammer’s energy to flow, as much always depends on the individual’s scope – so I tend to watch all three points carefully.

In mythology, Thor’s Hammer, the ‘Mjöllnir’, belongs to the Norse sky God, who wields thunder and lightening across the stormy heavens, ruling the atmosphere to provide life-giving rains, guiding winds and sometimes tragic flash floods and cloudbursts, such as we have seen in Pakistan, Central Europe, China and lastly, in Leh, Himalayan India, (so close to my heart). Thor’s Hammer never misses a beat; even if small or used gently, it always hits its’ mark. Thor is also associated with the thunder-wielding Eastern sky God Indra, Roman Zeus, and Greek Jupiter, who all carry a thunderbolt. In Tibetan Buddhism, this thunderbolt is called a dorje (or Vajra in Sanskrit, a quintessential symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism).

As a sceptre held in the right (male) hand, the dorje symbolises manifold wisdom in action radiating in all ten directions and, as such, is a Tantric instrument we use in daily practice to represent immovable and indestructible skilful means, action with awareness, and to invoke and internalise crystal clear dynamic clarity (that comes after a thunderstorm). Thus diamond like clarity (Buddha nature) comes into focus with a bright Leonine Sun and new Moon forming the apex of our celestial hammer. When the Sun’s heartfelt core converges with our flowing emotional (moon) centre in the self-possessed fixed fire sign Leo, the conflict created by ego’s desires will be pinned fairly and squarely on the head. Thor’s Hammer urges us to be firm in our sense of positive purpose, and direct the changes we need to make in order to ride the fiery Lion and proceed in massive personal transformation.

Why transformation? And why so big and fiery? Well this is because the square (head?) of this Hammer is influence by key players in our tense Cardinal Cross: On one side we have expansive Jupiter with liberating Uranus, in the fire sign of Aries, instigating enormous change for the Spiritual Warrior; on the other corner of the tight square is Powerful Pluto helping us to intuitively feel our way and move through any dark tunnels by keeping sight of the growing clear light of wisdom. Pluto in Capricorn in Thor’s Hammer aspect to the new Leo Moon and Sun can also swiftly axe any drama kings or queens that thrive on crisis, or that which no longer provides support or luminosity.

The moral of this new moon, however, is to take extra care of how and where we direct and aim the concentrated focus (skt: dhrana and dyana) we need to achieve the non-dualistic state of consciousness, as indicated by the union of the Leo Sun and Moon. High concepts abound: truth, freedom and special insight can now be directed from a generous heart aligning sensitivity with enthusiasm. Remember how a nail not hit squarely will not align correctly; so make the most of this opportunity and focus upon kindling the warm heart of a unified Leo Sun and Moon - even if one has to self-generate joyful loving effort.

“When one comes to the Essence of Being,
The shining Wisdom of Reality
Illumines all like the cloudless sky”.
- Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa

Note: This lunation is building towards a full Moon of oceanic healing...


Sharon said...

Is this similar to a "yod" formation?

Zodiac Heaven said...

Sort of, Sharon; Thor's Hammer is inbetween a yod and a T-square. A yod, finger of god, or finger of fate has more often a fated sense about it, while the hammer suggest that through trial (and error) we have the power within, to put whatever is indicated by the planets into place ourselves. As I said there are two ways this works, and if you have one in your chart its worth looking at, as it can help with aim and focus.

This is important to take on board for all of us as being an integral part of aligning with the Cardinal Cross, and awakening to Spirit