Tuesday, 17 August 2010

SAGITTARIUS ~ Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun ~ evolution of the HEART

Sagittarius ~ Sagittarius Rising
5th Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries (4th Pisces Sept-Feb/March)
8th Solar house Moon in Cancer
11th Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
2nd Solar house Pluto in Capricorn
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Cardinal Cross of the Central Spritual Sun 

In true Sagittarius optimistic style you could be totally in your element throughout this period of the Cardinal Cross: immersed in intense and dramatic events that demand you expand consciousness and grow into your fullest potential.  Your ruler, beneficent Jupiter, is intricately involved with this tight celestial formation in the early Cardinal degrees, tying together intimacy and finances, friends and romance. This combination of all: love, money and pals, could become a knotty problem if you choose to avoid being the visionary that you are destined to be. Freedom - as in having the freedom to think, move, speak, and to be free from fear and want, is your driving force. 

For someone usually independent and self-confident, who exudes a crazy kind of wisdom, you could also sense that you now need to align with kindred spirits of a more practical nature.  Saturn currently in the sphere of hopes and wishes suggest your pragmatic association means you can be part of something valuable, serving the wider collective with a high Bodhisattva ideal. Indeed, Saturn in Libra, the sign of harmony and love residing in a place which exudes optimism and hopefulness suggests altruism that comes from the heart.  As Saturn is now with the relationship planets, Venus and Mars (August 2010), also in this sector of co-operative alliances, you may also find there’s also an attraction to people in a position of power and authority. This is good, BUT make sure any target of your affection is also available, as Saturn can encounter complications; perhaps time plays a karmic factor, as in out of time, or not enough time.  Nonetheless, with Saturn in Libra, relationship plays an enormous role during the Cardinal Cross. Any association must now afford you the autonomy that allows passion to flare and love to grow; for this is the way your central spiritual Sun will radiate.

Throughout the coming year, as it has been for some time, aromantic world is full of surprises.  In many ways life is what we make it; and as you see the best in everyone and everything around you, you will also excel even in dramas not of your own making.  A Centaur already aware of how love is a constantly moving , circular process, could renew commitment in front of friends, so you can a) show everyone just how loyal and loving you are, and b) have a good excuse for a party.   

On a more serious note, the planet that packs a mighty punch, Pluto, now retrograde in zodiacal bank, is making a challenging aspect to your ruler Jupiter (also retrograde); this places you face-to-face with personal and financial responsibilities, and birthing new earthly creation by cutting back and letting go. Now is the time to become pure love with a light heart, taking care of old problems with a renewed sense of doing things. From the humanitarian perspective any work you undertake could be very enjoyable.

With an eye on the main chance, Sagittarians are often more willing than most to take a risk. Yet while your ruler, optimistic Jupiter makes this challenging connection to powerful Pluto, the planet of shared assets, in your valuable fiscal sector, you’d do well to count to ten before making any serious outlay of your own. Co-create and co-operate: Learn to value what you have to give and vice versa, share what you value. Going it alone could be three steps back and it may be a long time – several months – until you noticeably go forward again. Stay alert and seize that moment! 

This is no ordinary period of time: Be prepared to experience all kinds of thrills and spills. Munificent Jupiter conjoined awakening Uranus some time ago in your solar 5th house, blessing the heart of romance, fun, and creativity: You may be getting used to being perceived as prophetic, benevolent and slightly outrageous.  By allowing the heart to remain in the present, whilst open to an uncanny ability to project into the future (which may be a source of frustration and tension for a stuck-in-the-mud traditionalist, who refuses to move with the times); far-sighted thinking will ignite a spark that fires-up imagination, providing fuel that attracts new people and new tribes, also giving you a cool and calm cache, so those with influence will want to engage with this loving, trusting, spiritual you. As an aside, a close relationship offers a way to invest deeply rewarding activity that transforms your life and, at the same time, provide lasting security. Bear in mind how Jupiter repeats this planetary pattern again in February, and it is of similar strength, so it could take a while for you to find balance and meaning in your life’s work.  Meanwhile, enjoy the natural tenderness that comes from being with kith and kin, which in Buddhist terminology is the triple gem: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

In actuality, deep in your heart-of- hearts, these issues of freedom which you are drawn to explore, without any attachments to hold you back is the same carefree attitude, coupled with a current love of wanting to do whatever you put your mind to, that will actually take you the places that you dream of - ultimately allowing you to find your central Spiritual Sun, through valuing liberating truth and selfless love.  When the Moon in Cancer makes her monthly appearence in your domain of tantra, aligning heart to mind  deepens faith and provides karmic insight. 

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