Friday, 29 December 2017

11° Cancer Full SuperMoon ~ Jan 1st-2nd 2018 @2:32UT

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; you put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash.

…Be Like Water, my friend. Be like water” ~ Bruce Lee
 The sensitive water element features strongly in this first Full Moon of 2018, which is also a numerological magical 11:11 portal. Crossing over this New Year’s threshold into Twenty-Eighteen could be quite a profound and demanding, emotional yet entertaining, shape-shifting affair. This Full Moon is also the largest of two Super Moons in a row, and a double whammy Moon-ruled, watery Cancer Moon, when intuition, impressions and perceptions could also be magnified, just as Earth’s tides – when all kinds of events and circumstance favour an ability to seamlessly go with the flow, weathering higher tides and surfing sometimes choppy waters with the consummate skill of a hunky Australian surfboarder.  

There could be many a different wave and phase to navigate during this fluctuating Cancerian Super Moon, which reflects the light of the earthy Capricorn Sun; as Luna waxes on New Year’s Eve, peaks New Year’s Day, and sustains until the Moon changes signs into Leo late Tuesday 2nd. At the same time the ‘Agent of Change’, Uranus, also turns to go direct after a five-month retrograde, implicating new connections to made with Mother Earth (with nice wine and aperitifs, we hope), as well as to those heroic individuals that adjust and grow within peer-group friendships – individuals who are able to pass through the ring of fire and emerge unscathed, integrity intact and ready for renewal. Now those associations require an intellectual basis and a solid plan to go forward, rather than just proximity, faith, or physical attraction to be considered friendly. 

Times are again changing; and the way we network individual and team talents and skills within the web-of-life will also alter with the Uranian Agent of Change, in May. With a shift of Uranus from self-orientated Aries into nature-loving Taurus, aside from appreciating glorious gardens and the preservation of wild-life, we also need to deal with reality. A question to ask is ‘will the almost inevitable further reliance technology enable ordinary people to become stable and lucrative, to be able to feed, house and clothe themselves and their families, and not just be more financial fodder for the privileged’? We will know more around the beginning of May. 

Currently, the Sun is one of four celestial markers accenting stability in the accomplished sign of the Sea-Goat: Pluto the powerful; and seductive Venus is still with Time Lord, Saturn, accenting a natural preference for experience, with an appearance of poise and control, even if a wild New Year banshee is tantalising, mysterious, or just plain overwhelming. Bear this in mind throughout 2018: sturdy Capricorn planets can also provide a secure anchor that enable one to ride the surges of emotional energies, especially those surrounding a SuperMoon that often challenges our intuition to morph into psychic awareness.  

All the planets in reliable Capricorn also suggest overcoming a fear of a woman in her power, making a commitment to build relationships that work, together. Having a trusted confident, girlfriend, loved one, boss, professional or co-worker who has a practical, hands-on sensibility is a major plus – particularly helps problem solve recent issues from late November or mid-December.
Please also note 2018’s first Full Moon is no ordinary Super Moon, because Earth is also approaching ‘Perihelion’, which means the Earth is closest to the Sun, while the Moon is closest to the Earth, making Earth, Sun and Moon the closest they are going to be for the entire year. Up close and together! What an interesting portent for 2018! A variety of geophysical activity is also cosmically bound to be activated and heightened; floods and earthquakes come to mind, especially as the Moon integrates the horoscope with a ‘Grand Water Trine’ that accents completion and renewal through healing and purification.

A Grand Water Trine involves all three water signs 120° apart. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, bound together in a tight triangle formation reveals spiritual and karmic mysteries, as well as how people are easily influenced and can be made into victims – as well as saviours, manipulated by circumstance or easily swayed. Whilst oceanic Neptune’s Piscean realms take one into uncharted realms, into the world of the metaphysical, through divinity, dancing and dreaming; the Cancer Moon can be particularly receptive to all kinds of unseen forces. Mars and Jupiter, however, have now strengthened Scorpio’s talent for using a secret x-ray vision to see beyond obvious appearances that can stop one from being totally carried away or duped by the dubious. 

I could talk for hours about the Water element, as it’s one of my major interests, which I will save for another time because there's work to be done and NYE is upon us! And a New Year brings many resolutions. Suffice to say water fills the mould it finds itself in. And it has a memory. Water understands a lot more about our feelings than we generally give it credit for - and it retains that information. It’s no surprise the Great Whales are the shamanic record keeps of our planet; they have seen it all and remember everything. Water can be perfectly still or start with a silent ripple to violently surge up from the lapis lazuli depths to cleanse and clear. Much depends upon the planets traversing through Water signs.

This Grand Water Trine also forms the major triangle of the even rarer ‘Kite’ formation, with a smaller ‘mini-triangle’ created by the Capricorn Sun and Venus being the mid-point making harmonious 60° aspects that create a positive influence to the Trine aspect between Mars/Jupiter and Neptune. The Sun and Venus in opposition with the Cancerian Super Moon thus produce the ‘holding’ axis.  Here the Sun conjunct Venus highlights wisdom’s inner beauty and the ability to stay centred. When all around may swirl remember to generate a stillness within (breathe deeply and slowly into the belly to get grounded), and allow life to settle and quickly regain clarity. Venus and Saturn urge us to create a world based on love, a love of others, one’s true self, one’s work and one’s own ambition, without the fear of failure – or success – that makes one feel isolated, threatened by perceptions that make one hide behind shields or build walls. This is a year when we can learn to untie knots in our hearts and release the free flow of love to generate positive karma.  

Also in this Cancer Full Super Moon chart is another sparkly Triangle: the ‘Grand Fire Trine’. This fiery Phoenix graced our skies for much of 2017, and is now passing. Any excitement which stirred-up heated passion and creativity can still be tapped into this year, not with ardent fervour but with loving care and attention. For 2018 is a year of commitment, consolidation and conservation, construction and productivity, with planets Saturn and Uranus moving into Earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus respectively. By 15th February, with the Valentine Solar Eclipse New Moon (Asian New Year), we enter into the year of the ‘Earth Dog’ emphasising loyalty, kindness and justice.       
Meanwhile wishing all readers a very happy SuperMoon! And a wonderful start to 2018 ~> May all be auspicious! 

With love & light from AstroDakini – Laura Boomer-Trent ©
Blessing with many thanks to Visual Alchemist & other unknown artists for illustrations.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Accomplished Wisdom ~ Saturn in Capricorn:

Accomplished Wisdom ~ Saturn in Capricorn
@4:49gmt from 20th December 2017 to March 22nd 2020
& 2nd July 2020 ~> 19 December 2020

According to the Western seasonal zodiac, Time Lord Saturn now leaves forward-thinking, risk-taking, hopeful Sagittarius, and move into its sombre and statuesque home sign of Capricorn, on the 20th of Dec. Stately Saturn’s passage is only one day before the North’s Winter Solstice, when the Sun will also follow Saturn into the Zodiac’s 10th sign of great accomplishment: the Capricorn Sea Goat.

Crossing thresholds and opening portals into the chamber of the New Light King, Saturn and Capricorn represent the celestial initiation from yin to yang, dark to light – unconscious to consciousness (as well as the other way around – especially if materially bound). With beautiful cosmic timing, Saturn’s 2017’s ingress into his own sign also assists the Solstice Sun renewing the radiant Golden light at the Cardinal Earth turning point. 

Of all the planets in celestial pantheon, and signs of the Zodiac, Saturn and Capricorn respectively highlight wisdom and judgement, as well as fear and doubt, achievement and expertise. Variously called the Medium Coli or mid-heaven, their associated 10th zodiacal House is the ‘career point’, the summit of our profession – as well as the parental axis in psychological astrology. Both sign Capricorn, and planet, Saturn, also reveal those parts of our horoscope which require discipline and sustained concerted effort. When presenting others our skills to the outside world, we need to be practiced and familiar with whatever we work upon, in order to be recognised and talent to shine at this zenith point of the horoscope. To overcome any said Saturn-Capricorn dread and trepidation, one also learns it is necessary to become proficient at releasing any knots in the heart(mind) which constrict the ability to love. Remember: only love conquers fear.

Beware a dour Saturn in Capricorn that tends towards pessimism and a limited, rigid world view – a characteristic made extraordinarily ironic if we contemplate Saturn’s imposing but constantly moving rings (which 19th century theosophists claimed held Akashic records); the funky hexagram at the poles, accenting phenomena in creative flow; also that Capricorn is the mythical half-goat, half fish instils a magical sense of wonder even Walt Disney would be proud of, with his own natal Saturn in Capricorn (conjunct Mars and Jupiter). Perhaps it is overcoming such anomalies, physical verses the spiritual that can make something real and durable by bringing together the feminine Elements, stabilising Earth and nourishing Water, of which empirical Saturn in Capricorn is the concretising symbol for the pinnacle of accomplishment. 

Past Markers of Time
Together the ringed planet Saturn and Capricorn’s voice of authority define boundaries and structure, form and containment. Saturn in the horoscope represents all that holds us together, ruling bones, skin, walls, framework, frontiers, governments and judges. Capricorn’s sombre majesty is reflected in the skilled architect who builds monuments to glory. 

Saturn in Capricorn’s markers can also be barriers and blocks, insecurities internal or external, i.e. physical, psychological, or spiritual, but always karmic. Lines drawn or placed by self or others as a means of law, order and control are not always a bad thing, e.g. teaching a child to use breaks on a pedal bike. A Saturn in Capricorn knows when we cross lines, with others and from our moral own standpoint. One needs to be aware, however, restrictive authoritarian behaviour may not always have one’s best interests at heart.

The last time Saturn traversed into and through its own domain of Capricorn was 1988-91 (beginning Feb ’88). Almost 30 years ago, the last visitation was an interesting transit, in as much as some walls and structures taskmaster Saturn is inclined to erect – especially when feeling the fear and under threat – actually tumbled down, particularly when Saturn encountered watery, dissolving Neptune AND dramatically changing Uranus in a very rare 172-year conjunction of all three planets in Capricorn 1990-91. Think Berlin Wall. And also after concerted international outcry, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela was finally released after 27 years of prison (almost a Saturn cycle of incarceration) addressing freedom from the severity of apartheid, exactly when Saturn opposed Mandela’s natal Cancer Sun (FYI: Mandela’s natal Saturn conjunct Mercury AND Neptune in regal Leo: the man was a Prince).

This time of Saturn in Capricorn also resonated deeply within Nelson Mandela, as reflected in his speech when he became President of South Africa (in ’94, when TSaturn opposed his natal Saturn), and when he read this poem by Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Also back in ’89, philosopher Joseph Campbell’s vision as an image of ‘Earth’ as a symbol for uniting humanity as ‘One’ began to materialise. For the ordinary person Earth certainly shrank when black IBM computer screens flashing luminescent alien-green digital font translated dial-up fax-machine messages; and for the first time in history a small business had access to the same level of computing power as an international bank or large country. Saturn in Capricorn certainly generates a time for professionalism in enterprise. On the other hand, Saturn in Capricorn is also capable of being incredibly heartless. In 1989, we also witnessed Saturn’s heavy means of governance with China’s Tiananmen Square, as well as war in the Middle-East; and the stashing of ‘elite’ trillions offshore began in earnest.

Saturn is titled ‘Lord of Time’ and ‘Lord of Karma’ for a reason, and the karmic impact of events that take place during his home passage can last for decades – or longer. Early ’89, for example, one of the then biggest oil spills oozed from Exxon Valdez in a once pristine Alaska, destroying the ecosphere (and we now wonder why cetaceans are suiciding (who can be over 400 years old!)).  At that time, as mentioned previously, Saturn conjunct oceanic Neptune, planet assigned to oil and gas. The latter tragedy a reality check that helps comprehend how time-honoured Saturn in Capricorn, symbols of judicious acumen, even in the home sign of powerful initiation, sometimes goes through gruelling circumstance in order to reveal what we really need to achieve and work on. Ultimately, Saturn in Capricorn’s task is to cultivate and honour our spiritual connection to our all-important Mother Earth. Without whom we would not have a home to live on. Respect for our environment our greatest collective responsibility. 

Though we continue to ignore our innate connection to the natural world at our peril, in as much as the more pollution there is in our environment, the more toxic we ourselves become. Thus making it more difficult to be true to our inherent nature, which is clear and light, intuitive AND rational. The greater imperative is to therefore find balance in the area of Saturn’s exaltation – Libra – and the planet which esoterically rules Capricorn, Venus (which rules Libra); i.e. one needs to dedicate oneself to learn how to be fair and just, to come from the heart with loving kindness, with a regard to being released from Saturn’s often cold and cruel clutches. The paradox is how callousness (often in the name of capital or profit) piles on the negative karma that stops Saturn evolving into the characteristic wisdom. All of which can be found with planets in Capricorn, associated with Saturn, or in the 10th house.  

Time Lord’s Future Transits

Saturn sextile Neptune & Saturn conjunct Pluto (dates below)
We have however, come a long way since December ‘88, when Saturn was also conjunct the Sun at the home-ruled Capricorn ingress. Note 2017’s move of Saturn into Capricorn also features a strong Neptune aspect in the ingress chart: Neptune Trine Jupiter, imparting hope and faith (especially as the Sun at the time of Saturn’s ingress is still officially in Sagittarius). About half way through its extended, almost three-year journey through Capricorn, in January 2019, Saturn forms a (closing) sextile to Neptune (within Saturn and Neptune’s 36 year cycle) when old and outworn Saturnian structures again dissolve (timing indicated by the degrees listed below). And although Saturn briefly dips into Aquarius (which it also traditionally rules) for three months in 2020, it isn’t until another Solstice, December 19th 2020 that Saturn finally leaves Capricorn, to unite with Jupiter for an exciting, futuristic adventure in Aquarius.

Before then however, authoritative Saturn conjoins with potent Pluto at 21°Capricorn, January 12th 2020, for only one exact conjunction. Although the weightiness of this transit may feel like Saturn and Pluto are together for much longer – most of 2019 and a lot of 2020, but the actual perfection only happens once; which leads me to believe that when it does, whatever happens around that time, it could well be critical shock and awe that affects nearly everyone – save the poised and practiced yogis – just as it did when Gemini Saturn exactly opposed Pluto in Sagittarius, revealing dark forces at work as New York’s Twin (Gemini) towers in NY were attacked and destroyed. 

Not that I want to incite nervous panic, but it’s time to face up to the past, for it is in this present moment that we prepare for the future, aware that nothing lasts forever, not even Saturn’s steely structures as traditional pillars of support. It’s likely that all kinds of established structures will, if they aren’t already, undergo a massive transformation, particularly due to Pluto’s combined current transit through Capricorn. This transit of Saturn in Capricorn – especially conjunct the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, may indeed provide evidence that karma and impermanence are only a natural part of the cycle of life that something is born, grows, peaks and sustains, then declines to pass away. 

Those born in 1982 may especially feel like they are into a new cycle, as the Saturn Pluto cycle is approximately 31-38 years, 1982 was the last time these two influential and commanding planets unified (in Libra). 

From a worldly perspective, Capricorn is the leading Cardinal Earth sign of action and accountability, governments and policing, corporate organization and gleaming empires of brands and logos. When Saturn and Capricorn are driven by tyranny or a hunger for power is tested to the max, with issues of corruption and cronyism, secrecy and trust, being the impediments which also prevent the glory sought.

But while we talk of naked material ambition and social climbing, we must never forget that Capricorn is the mythical beast, a Sea-Goat, elevated above the pounding waves of life, death and rebirth, steady in its stance as guardian of the soul’s secrets. Ultimately Capricorn is the hard-working pragmatic and principled disciple who humbly kneels as a gesture of devotion, whilst being initiated into a hierarchy – spiritual or material. Much depends upon individual’s karma and ambitions as to how such commitment is expressed. As noted, both Saturn and Capricorn can be hard and ruthless, selfish and proud. But our choice is whether we are to overcome and clear the obstacles with Saturn’s practicality and patience – or allow the weight to suppress creativity. From the spiritual aspirants’ point of view, Capricorn also slowly reveals the light of spirit and the hidden secrets of the soul, and the initiating renewal that lends itself to Capricorn and Saturn as markers for the returning light (within). 

So while Saturn may be cautious in high achieving Capricorn, best mark these next years, especially early 2020 as THE year of consolidation and giving form whatever you are working on; and if you can’t – for whatever reason, hindrance and hurdles are a Saturn in Capricorn speciality, then it may be time to start again. Look to where Capricorn lies in your personal horoscope to see where you can harness your own discipline and organisational abilities, to see what you can achieve there – as well as what you might need to be more responsible for. Also check key future dates and degrees at the bottom of the article.

The Future is Now 
2017 Present Markers of Time
Saturn and the Sun now are together for the ingress into Capricorn it got me thinking: is Saturn always with the Solstice Sun to dignify its entry into its home sign? For my own amusement I went through every single entry of Saturn into Capricorn since 1488 (giving thanks for the ability to now compute such things with the touch a button, well several buttons, but doing so makes this astrologer happy ). I figured 500+ years should be enough time to verify if the ingress of Saturn's move into Capricorn is always around Winter Solstice. And, would you believe, it is! It is true Saturn is often with the Sun at the Winter Solstice ingress (AND, interestingly, Saturn, at the end of a retrograde, often goes forward around time the Sun is in Libra, at Autumn Equinox, Saturn’s sign of exaltation). Who knew? Not me, even with a second Saturn return firmly tucked under my celestial belt. How I love these personal astrological 'Ah-ha' Eureka moments!  For me it shows that no matter how much we study this glorious subject, there is always something new to learn, which is a bit like Saturn’s greatest lesson: understanding the natural law of light’s renewal and the karmic consequence of initiation, all the while taking personal responsibility for actions, words and thoughts.

Although Time Lord Kronos at home Capricorn hasn’t always been as exact as it is coinciding with the upcoming Solstice at 0° Capricorn, it is usually somewhere between 27 Sagittarius or 5 Capricorn (i.e. within 10 degrees of the Galactic Centre and the all-important Sunlight-turning Solstice point). Also fascinating is in many old prints of the old man Kronos-Saturn archetype holds the ouroborus, the snake that eats its own tail. Interesting how the home sign rule for Saturn is very literal! This definitely puts a new spin into Great Time Wheel, and the meaning of 'Saturnalia' which always begins December 17th.

Time-honoured ancients, who held timed and sacred ceremony within the stone circles, knew of this connection of Saturn and the renewal of the Sun King, which is why a wise old Saturnian man (the Senex in psychological parlance) is often seen holding the Ouroborus, the serpent eating his own tail represents life, rebirth, immortality and wisdom. Saturn’s connection to 2017’s ingress therefore enables one to renew one’s own internal light, as the inner Sun is renewed we too carry within our eternal personal ‘Ouroboros’, and a symbolic understanding of the celestial wheels within wheels, and how light, life and rebirth are held together in the heavenly gift of the Solar cycle of time, through the yearly zodiac, as well diurnal, night and day.

2017’s ‘Time Lord’s’ entrance into Capricorn also coincides with the sensitive Moon conjunct profound Pluto, insinuating how the collective is aware of the need for a transformation of mind, body and soul. All-the-while Saturn is with Black Moon Lilith indicating women who feel abandoned by the patriarchy are also the very people to work with, in order to create balance through recognition, which Saturn in Capricorn so desires.

Saturn in Capricorn’s ingress also takes place just after a New Moon conjunct the Galactic Centre, accenting a new collective phase aiming towards the heart of our Galaxy. Solstice also reignites our personal responsibility to kindle the light within, and to tend the light over the next few years will require dedication and devotion. Two points of fortune in our favour: 1) Mercury, planet of the mind is at retrograde station to go direct during the ‘Solar Standstill’. Tuning his Mercurial antenna towards the radio signal source in space, accenting thoughts have wings the heavenly messenger – as planet of the mind - aims his Sagittarian centaur’s arrow towards a place in the heavenly firmament known as ‘The Great Attractor’. We’d do well to heed the words of Buddha: ‘What we think we become’… And 2) according to the Asian calendar, in 2018 we leave behind the blustery ‘Fire’ elemental years, and begin two ‘Earth’ element years in a row. First the yang Earth Dog, vigilant and loyal, followed by the Yin Earth Boar, that provides peace – and sense.

The portents now, however, are to conserve and concentrate resources. The Sun with Saturn is a clarion call to be sensibly heroic, to fashion and shape all kinds of creations by working steadily with our individual egos, with all our desires and aversions in a practical manner. We may even impress ourselves (and others) by entwining the Capricorn’s skilful means with Saturn’s wisdom and generate something of personal importance, a ‘Golden Age’ in only a few short years.


Saturn in Capricorn – Aries
Take responsibility seriously: grow up, be brave, aim high, and be the hero you always wanted to be.

Saturn in Capricorn – Taurus
Play cards close to your chest, but keep an open mind.  Rewards are found exploring philosophical values.

Saturn in Capricorn – Gemini
Shared ventures might seem like hard work, but others can also be deliciously entertaining.

Saturn in Capricorn – Cancer
The next two years are a chance to overcome any fear of commitment, in love and at work.

Saturn in Capricorn – Leo
Transform body and soul and be the best you can with a healthy regime: eat well, sleep well and be well.

Saturn in Capricorn – Virgo
Creativity requires artistic talent, craft and skill, all of which you could have in spades.

Saturn in Capricorn – Libra
A father figure could benefit from forgiveness. Support from the home-front could transform your life.

Saturn in Capricorn – Scorpio
Examine your thoughts. Root out negative ideas or influences, and transform your mind.

Saturn in Capricorn – Sagittarius
Achieving stability and security for your self can also be a means of taking care of the welfare of others.

Saturn in Capricorn – Capricorn
Avoid selfish motivation. And try not to be too hard upon yourself. With an awakened mind, you can achieve greatness.

Saturn in Capricorn – Aquarius
Cultivating spiritual friendships is a source of joy, while contemplation and meditation reveal great insights.

Saturn in Capricorn – Pisces
Professionally, it’s often not what you know, but who you know. And people of influence could help at work – and play. 


Dates of interest for Saturn in Capricorn

March 14th Jupiter semi-square (45°) Saturn
April 17th Saturn Retrograde 9° Capricorn
September 3rd Jupiter semi-square (45°) Saturn
September 6th Saturn Direct 2° Capricorn
December 27th Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn (30°)

January 31st Saturn sextile Neptune 14°
April 29th Saturn Rx 20° Capricorn
June 14th Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn 19°
June 18th  Saturn sextile Neptune 18°
August 19th Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn 14°
September 18th Saturn direct 13°
November 9th Saturn sextile Neptune 16°

January 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto 22°
May 11th Saturn Rx 1° Aquarius
September 29th Saturn Direct 25°
December 21st Saturn conjunct Jupiter 0° Aquarius & much to look forward to…


I leave you at this poignant ‘Great Yin-Yang’ turning point in our collective history with a poem from Milarepa, the 12th Century Himalayan Yogi Saint, who was interconnected to the nature all around him, with Earth as his place of soul’s containment.
“Faith is the firm foundation of my house,
Diligence forms the high walls,

Meditation makes the huge bricks,

And wisdom is the great corner-stone.

With these four things I build my castle,

And it will last as long as the Truth eternal!

Your worldly houses are delusions,

Mere prisons for the demons,

And so I would abandon and desert them.”

From Astro Agent Dakini, with LOVE, wishing one and all a fulfilling Saturn in Capricorn, a very happy SOLstice, and wonderful 2018!

© Laura Boomer-Trent ~ Astro Agent Dakini December 2017

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

12:12:17 Dakini Day & Lama TzongKhapa day

 ✶☽ The last Dakini Day of 2017 comes before a New Sagittarius Moon on the 18th December (conjunct the Galactic centre); and Solstice, the longest night/day of the year (depending upon which hemisphere you are) is also just over a week away. A dark moon around the time Spirit Sun changes its emphasis of Light compounds the need for profound reflection – and rest (for the North). At Sol’s turning point on 21st December, seasons begin to change as the light again returns to Earth's North, and diminishes in the Southern hemisphere.
The next five days are known as ‘Great Yin’, when the feminine Yin's earthy darkness and comforting soul encourages within us all the gentle female qualities of understanding, fairness and compassion. The sensitive Goddess is aware of the plight of others. She radiates feminine principles which soften our hearts, all the while being able to remain cool and rational, to care for others who are suffering or in pain.
☼ ✶☽ A glorious sky dancing Red Goddess generously brings love, kindness to every heartmind. As the waning Moon in peaceful and social Libra, now harmoniously activates Spirit Sun in convivial and scholarly Sagittarius, for the Lights concentrate the ‘higher mind’ to find emotional and spiritual balance through philosophy, culture and beauty.
This is a wonderful time to be with friends, to reflect upon the passing year and contemplate future plans 
☼ ✶☽ Today is also 'Lama Tsongkhapa day', one of the most important days of the Tibetan Galugpa tradition, celebrating its founder πŸ™☀️🌍
Wishing everyone a very happy Dakini Day!
With many thanks to Soyolmaa-Davaakhuu for the painting 'At Night' for lovely Red Goddess. ΰ₯_/\_

Saturday, 9 December 2017

☉☽ Last Quarter Moon in Virgo ♍ square Sun in Sagittarius

πŸ™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ Tara Puja ~ Medicine Moon πŸ™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
☉☽ A closing Moon phase highlights the need to heal and re-orientate by upholding principles with pure intention and pure heart. With Spirit Sun currently in truth-seeking Sagittarius, squaring the sensitive Moon in practical Virgo, the closing Last Quarter Moon of 2017 emphases planning and reorganising (Mercury retrograde, until 23rd) with a cautious and realistic view, and an eye for detail. 

☉☽ This combination of ‘The Lights’, Virgo and Sagittarius, is mutable, accenting change is surely coming. A New Moon on the 18th December both Sun and Moon conjunct the Galactic centre, and only days away from the Solstice turning point and the Yule Fire Festival, when Time Lord Saturn will also be in Capricorn for the first time in 29 years. Aim for the light. And make readjustments to one’s course: revise now the remedies that purify and heal, as well as arranging time and space for activities that broaden the mind, deepen spiritual development, and encourage an appreciation of the Sacred Feminine’s wisdom.

☉☽ The Virgo Moon is opposite charitable Neptune in Pisces, to which the Sagittarian Sun forms a challenging ‘T’ square. Giving thanks opens one to receiving the Divine’s universal blessings. 

Remember how illusion and delusion are sourced in ego’s ignorance. Give life meaning: make time to rest in the light heart of consciousness, to meditate and inspire increased personal wisdom, kindness and awareness that can, in turn, be used to benefit the lives of suffering sentient beings. 

Himalayan Buddhists invoke Goddess Tara to help to garner strength. The darkest time of Great Yin is just before the Cosmic Solstice Sun wheel turns to change emphasis upon the light. Goddess Tara can now help relax and focus upon a speedy purification of body, speech and mind, to cultivate the wisdom and compassion that helps to overcome obstacles. 

Tara’s mantra "Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha"

This Tara Moon also coincides with the 'International Human Rights Day' ~> Dedicating prayers so that all beings have rights. Thank you. 
With love Laura

Thanks to Shankar Newari Art for beautiful Goddess Tara
Om ΰ₯ N░A░M░A░S T░E ΰ₯