Wednesday, 10 May 2017

‘Wesak’ ~ ‘Buddha Purnima’ & the Anima Mundi ~> Full Moon 2017

_/\_ Transforming the Life of the World Soul _/\_

Sun in Taurus & Full Moon 20°24 Scorpio @ 22:42BST
At the time of a Fixed cross-quarter Full Moon (i.e. halfway point between an equinox and solstice) Wednesday 10th May, the steady Taurus Sun shines also with a Fixed Star, Botein (meaning back leg), adding a frolic with gusto to the Bull’s usually slow and sturdy gait. While planets wander skies and signs, ‘Fixed Stars’ remain static (to the human eye), bestowing a universal dimension to any horoscope. Fixed Stars broaden the astrological background picture from personal to solar to cosmic, from singular Spirit to a union with the heart of the Divine. Always augmenting the qualities of whichever planet activates the Fixed Star, all sorts of tendencies come into sharper focus – often in an extreme manner, positive or negative, depending upon the intensity of a star’s magnitude and its’ position in the heavens. 

It’s interesting to note while the often stubborn stuck-in-the-mud Taurean Sun receives Botein’s playful boot towards earthy abundance and flowery fertility with all the Bull’s material blessings, the highly intuitive, extremely-intense, super sexy Scorpio Moon conjuncts a rare green-star, Zubenelshamali. This is a Fixed Star under which the ancients advised little movement; emphasising instead a careful balancing act, weighing-up the qualities and value of the planet in question, which in this case is the Moon, i.e. what makes us feel secure on an everyday level. Indeed, according to fixed star expert, Robson, when the sensitive Moon transits Zubenelshamali (the northern pan of a set of scales) it’s good to buy cattle but not to navigate. And though this might not stop a desirous Bull from shopping or flirting, it may well bring out another Taurean trait, such as lazy procrastination when not much gets done (and this may be a good thing!).

Therein lies (on the sun lounger) this Full Moon’s polarising factor: Sun is Spirit’s essence – not to be confused with the brash ego authority, as it receives a cosmic light to swing into action; all the while the Scorpio Moon illuminates personal and intimate relationship (sexual as well as financial); and our global families need’s signal a time to count blessings and stocktake assets and chattels (cattleπŸ˜‰ included, food as well as finances and taxes, buildings and intimate affairs) all of which will require a modicum of patient, careful handling in order to tally successfully poised.

The portents are helpful to remain optimistic and open-minded when assessing our resources, especially those we have to share, be it finances or friends, gifts and/or talents. And though still in its’ ‘separating shadow period’ Mercury now going forward to return May 20th, to the very same place as when it when retro, indicates the chances are that rifling through your address book could easily reveal connections and/or reconnections with those who can help you perceive value in life, which then enhances your physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing. 

Evaluation of self in comparison to others, however, is not a helpful hobby and should also come with a warning: do not compare yourself to others! Be aware that no one, anywhere, at any time, will ever do/be/have anything like the same as you. Amazingly, even though we are ‘One under the same Sun’, when it comes to our personalities, paths and relationships, we are all exceptionally different (as indicated by our unique birth chart). 

Any appraisal you may now take should also take into account how others also have their own karmic path to walk and talk. And you have yours. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how good-looking, rich or privileged xyz is, or the kind of car anyone drives, there will always be someone else smarter, cooler or cuter behind you, and someone else similar in front. 

The point about self-worth is to be happy with where, and who you are now. Richness isn’t about material possession or what you have or own. Finding your passion and making it work for you enhances self-worth (which is, of course, where astrology really works as it highlights skill and challenge). It’s also important to recognise that you have within your power, especially with a Scorpio Moon, to change your personal relationship to your own obsessions and envy – and maybe, just maybe, to even rejoice in other people’s success.
Also note how Luna is in her fall in Scorpio. So best avoid making a drama out of any crisis, in relationship, at work, with friends, or at home. Even if you feel like you are going through difficult times of releasing the old and outmoded, be good to yourself and simplify goals (and possibly join that lazy old Bull on the sofa). 

In actuality this could be quite an intense Moon, with a couple of very interesting opposing factors to consider: 

☩ As well as ‘The Lights’, Sun & Moon, both also making helpful aspects to outer celestial wanderers Chiron, Neptune and Pluto – illuminating collective wounds amid the longing to transform. Couple these astral configurations with the alignment of Sun and Moon, in the latter degrees of Taurus and Scorpio, plus how the nodal axis has shifted backwards into Leo-Aquarius. And iIt means this Full Moon carries with it the transformational qualities of a ‘Grand Fixed Cross’. 

So not only is it a ‘cross-quarter’ Full Moon in fixed signs, but the Lights also form an actual ‘Fixed Cross’ formation with the destiny fulfilling Nodes. A ‘Cross’ formation has four celestial markers, ninety degrees apart to form a large square that dominates the chart; and this particular case it also means the Lights are coming to perfect a position known as being ‘at the bends’, i.e. when a planet squares the karmically connected Nodes (Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail, the unseen portals Rahu and Ketu respectively). In this configuration, learning from past collective issues is crucial to remaining true to one’s ethics and principles. 

☩ Carrying a metaphoric cross can obviously stress and crucify the human spirit, which seeks freedom from pain, suffering and sacrifice, free to skip the light fantastic through the noosphere of ideas and concepts, and into the playful sphere of enlightened happiness. Such is the calling of Spirits’ consciousness. 

To remain in one’s flow with faith, in trust, untouched by phase or fortune, one needs to relax the heart and mind comfortably. A powerful stimulation from the Fixed Cross can deeply impact upon the heart, however, provoking transformation from within. An emotional heart struggles, as we all do from time to time, to unknot the confusion and chaos of our heart’s desire, our anger or ignorance, which, unless we get a handle on a runaway psyche, habitually haunts our lives; but this often self-imposed psychological torture need not blight us, though it requires practical training to calm the heart and mind, and remain authentic to one’s true nature. 

☩ Such discipline and training are the astrological domain of Saturn, always a key player in any Fixed Cross. Saturn’s presence is made all the more significant whenever there are crisis turning points (as in the current association with the nodes). Even a retrograde Saturn can teach one how to be resilient in the face of the torrent of life’s demands – as in that delightful Scorpio meme: what doesn’t do you in makes you stronger. With the Fixed Cross, a healthy soul also develops sunny Leo’s generosity, plus the Aquarian ability to keep an open mind and look on the bright side of life (even if it is a little weird); add the Taurus talent of holding attention, and one’s welfare could soon be secure enough to allow intuition to go beyond superficial instruction. With such consciousness one can also transform selfishness into selflessness. 

There are two key ways to harness the transformational quality of a Fixed Cross: 

1) ♄ With Saturn in Sagittarius urging us to develop philosophical understanding, the higher mind and ethical wisdom, we can tamp-up personal disciple and self-control by working with our own natal Saturn; and/or empower by tuning into the Phoenix Fire Trine, to which Saturn will be a key player for almost the rest of the year. 

2) ♆ Neptune can dissolve the fears Saturn may bring up, and activate from within what is known in esoteric astrology as ‘love-aspiration’, which is the desire for all beings to be well and happy. Once again, you can find support from your own personal Neptune, and if inclined merge with the current passage of oceanic Neptune through magical Pisces, by further developing compassion and loving kindness by bringing the love-aspiration into daily life. 

Lastly, this Full Moon is also known as ‘Wesak’ or ‘Buddha Purnima’ across much of the Asian world, a festival celebrating a most famous Taurus, Shakyamuni Buddha, who, in good earthy Taurus style was born under a tree, gained enlightenment under a tree, and even died under one. Just that simple fact alone about the historical man of peace tells us that inner-peace and happiness can all be found in nature! Thus when dealing with issues of shared values and self-worth over this Full Moon, an easy way to begin to cherish all life and raise self-esteem may well be found in the great outdoors, where you can literally transform your soul with a magical Moonbathe, and possibly even make a difference to the world’s soul too, the ‘anima mundi’ – heaven knows Mother Earth also needs to know she is loved too sometimes πŸ˜‰

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With love and thx to unknown artist for beautiful enlightlightened Buddha <3

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Dharma Stars ☆ Spiritual Astrology Retreats 2017

Very happy to offer Dharma Stars Spritual Astrology retreats, bespoke esoteric  astrology teachings on Sun & Moon & Elements, combined with a joyful holiday atmosphere - and outings in la belle France! Numbers are very small.  Contact me here via this blog - as well as on facebook :)
_/\_ with love-light Laura

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Aries Ingress __/❀\__♡ ☼ Tara Moon 2017

☼ Sun’s Aries ingress tomorrow 10:28gmt coincides with the Astrological New Year and the Losar lunation’s Last Quarter Tara – Medicine Moon. __/❀\__♡ ☼
☆ A fiery Aries Sun at the ‘world point’, means that most everyone notes an energetic shift, and a change of seasons has either arrived, or is imminent. With Aries in square to the Moon in her detriment, in Capricorn, conjunct Capricorn's ruler, karmic Saturn, lord of obstacles and limitation, we may also be asking ourselves how we got into situation(s) we now face. If that is the case, take heart, even it seems like squaring-up to the impossible to overcome, it’s important to know there are many ways of clearing (karmic) obstacles. Mantra and visualization meditation work well, as does doing good deeds, making amends, and changing one’s mind to not repeat the negative. Given the antidote, we also need to be disciplined and practical and be forever conscious of what needs to be applied (in body, speech, or mind) so we needn’t feel stuck, just as the Fire Bird year begins to spark into action.

☆ Saturn is currently on the Sagittarian degree that points directly towards the centre of our Galaxy and, due to retrogrades, will be for the most of 2017: a time to shine a light upon all matters of truth and consequence. Time also to stake out boundaries that enable one to encompass more Love, more Wisdom, and more Light. 

☆ Just as the season spring is associated with the colour green and the wind element, so too is the green Arya Tara. With both Spring and Goddess Tara associated with the generally fast-moving wind element, suggesting firm conviction and a willingness to bring about speedy change that spirals and grows into curious spaces, with a gentle kind of practical, feminine devotion. This last quarter moon is therefore ideal to quickly make conscious adjustments wherever needed: in the work place, within the heart-mind - and to be in tune with our surroundings, ready for a New Aries Moon 28th March, when the innovative and unusual may even be given ‘taskmaster’ Saturn’s magical seal of approval. 

Many many thanks with love and appreciation to unknown artist for Green Tara with red Makara (which is associated with Capricorn).
Happy Equinox Everyone! __/❀\__♡ ☼

Sunday, 12 March 2017

☼¸¸.•*¨*•☆ Full Moon Festival of Light! ☆•*¨*•.¸¸☼ 12 March '17

…… Full Moon 22Virgo @14:53GMT (9:53EST) ……
☸ KARMA MULTIPLIED day (+ or - ) x 100 million ☸

This first Full Moon of the Tibetan year of the Red Female Fire Bird celebrates a ‘Day of Miracles’, called ‘ChΓΆtrul DΓΌchen’. Today we light candles and make light offerings to commemorate Buddha’s miraculous displays, which came about through his purification of thought, word and deed, meditation and ethical mind-training, plus an accumulation of lifetimes of karmic merit.
☸ A magical Pisces stellium includes Spirit Sun with oceanic Neptune, accenting boundless hidden spiritual strength, collective undercurrents, and the karmic imprints of an entire soul group. Next to the prayerful Pisces Sun are asteroids Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, strategy and war; together with Chiron, the solar systems’ psychic kundalini Shaman, they imply feminine wisdom is now key to healing accidental emotional wounds.
Close to Sun is the celestial messenger, Mercury, also in psychedelic Pisces. Poetic and romantically fuelled by spiritual oneness, Mercury in watery Pisces is suited to the meditation cushion, in order to find the mind's true inner nature is a radiant and bright, with a heart brimming with unconditional Love.
Spiritual care and rational creativity now have the potential to be enhanced by this Full Moon in Virgo, where the Virgin Goddess offers as a duty a practical compassion, lifting the normal and everyday into the realms of sublime and supernatural.
☸ By tuning into our softer feminine side we can also create personal miracles that can heal physically, mentally and spiritually. However small an act of kindness may be, it can affect the wellbeing of others, even worlds unseen or unseen… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
"Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects." – Dalai Lama
With β„’β„΄Ρ΅β„― on this blessed day ΰ₯__/❀\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✫ & many thanks to FPMT for photo

Saturday, 4 March 2017

• ✰• Venus Retrograde - Passionate Compassion • ✰•

For 40 days and 40 nights, the seductive Goddess of Love and all things beautiful, Venus, is Retrograde from 4th March – 15th April, activating the 5-pointed star she makes in the heavens every eight years.
Currently in fiery, go-getting Aries, Venus is set to return to the more sensitive and bewitching Pisces, the sign of forfeit, forgiveness and the out-of-this-world phantasmagorical. 

This is a challenging retrograde for Venus, due to being in her ‘fall’ in ardent, self-orientated Aries (always a bit tricky in relationship where good connections generally require thinking of others as well). But while Venus is just now in hot pursuit of passionate love, she is also set to return to her finest exaltation, in the more universally aware Pisces, to discover a compassionate, kinder heart. 

This Venus retrograde, with her burden of competitive ego, reveals a not-so-secret addiction to the kind of love where ‘self’ is abandoned into the overwhelming feeling of oneness and unity consciousness a Piscean Venus generates. Reviewing the interconnection with universe, and surrounding oneself by the all-consuming power of unconditional Divine love, with Venus at her exalted degree of 27Pisces, shows how this cosmic kind of love really switches on the illumination button: enlightenment, but without getting seduced by glamour or fooled by illusion which we would call 'spiritual materialism'.

To put this transit into the context of your own personal life-cycle count back eight years, to March 2009. As then, this is another inferior conjunction of Venus with the Sun on March 25th, just days after Spring Equinox, and only one day after a dynamic New Aries Moon! A new day dawns for Venus in her Piscean exaltation, as she lies between Earth and Sun, when cosmic love reigns supreme in all relations – even if it means making a personal sacrifice for the greater good of the whole. 

With β„’β„΄Ρ΅β„― _/✿\_ & thanks to Tashi Mannox for his beautiful ‘PaniStar’_/\_ Within his five-pointed star is painted a mantra of Vajrapani, a powerful Bodhisattva, protector and remover of obstacles, inner and outer. 

We may well need all the help we can get to remove certain stubborn obstacles, specifically those that prevent us seeing the value of self-Love, as Mercury also goes retrograde for the last five days of Venus retrograde to challenge a variety of value systems, of which unconditional Love is the highest

Monday, 27 February 2017

☼✰··☾♡☽··✰☼ New Moon Pisces Solar Eclipse @14:58gmt ~>

☸ Losar ~ Tibetan New Year 2144 of the Red Firebird! ☸

Today’s New Moon Solar eclipse will see a magnificent ‘Ring of Fire’ over South Africa, with the potential for solar winds to make it rather spectacular, when we will be able to see the Sun’s all-illusive corona, high density plasma that holds the secrets of the Sun’s crowning glory. The Eclipse is in Pisces, the sign of the magical power of prayer, as well as collective confusion, and the compassion we generate within the mysteries.

·✰· When Sun and Moon unite in their orbits to form a total eclipse (Solar or Lunar) a massive amount of transformational celestial energy concentrates upon the degree concerned; in this case it is the 6-7-8-9-10-11° super-sensitive Pisces feeling the pull of oceanic and cosmic tidal change. This degree is also conjunct the Babylonian fixed Royal star Fomalhaut: a star which sometimes indicates dealing with difficult secrets and/or hanging out with the wrong crowd, as well as snake bites and squandered inheritance. Essentially Fomalhaut’s influence is to learn from and leave behind the negative and bring consciousness to the fore, dragging from the depths of the oblivion all kinds of insight into the light, and the inner and outer workings of the most subtle vibrations. It’s a star to watch very early on summer morning, with its spherical ‘fish’s eye’ hanging low in the sky. To my mind this star witnesses the embodied resonance of a collective soul - we are one - each with an actual body (relatively speaking) and corporeal soul. And this brings me to what I think the crux of this eclipse is about: how we collectively demonstrate loving kindness and compassion to all beings, as we all (eventually) become enlightened conduits for cosmic universal consciousness. 

Taking into account the fact that the mighty powerful Uranus-Pluto Square is now currently being reactivated, this then is no ordinary eclipse. It’s one, when looking at all the dramatic changes taking place, where we need to think in the long term. In the short-term, some situations happening now are directly and karmically connected to and/or even created by obstacles relating to 2012-13-14. BUT we mustn’t forget that the Uranus-Pluto cycle is a long one, approximately 125 years, and that where we are now is only the crisis ridden opening square; i.e. the first quarter of a longer cycle. Looking at this longer astrological cycle, it is also worth noting how an eclipse at this degree is also exactly opposite the feminist liberation and freedom loving conjunction of the mid-60’s, directly opposing that particular generational signature, (Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo). Those born around that time may really resonate with this eclipse and feel a strong need to purify and connect to the divine, and with a sense of urgency if one is live in the kind of 'Peace,Love & Equality' the 60’s offered.

That said, Pisces is the very last sign of the zodiac, and to realise a collective heaven on earth, endurance and serenity are always a boon. Now, however, we need to collectively heal our connection to the sacred feminine, our bodies, the Earth herself as well as the Divine. Please also note how this opposition to this most famous 60’s conjunction, which saw freedom in love and information on computers grow to where we are now, is actually going to be in 2046-48, and it will be encompassing the same degree we are looking at now, i.e. 5-6-7° Pisces. What does this tell us? It tells us that every time there is an eclipse at this degree (every 19ish years) there will be an important cosmic download from the universal matrix which we need to integrate into our lives in order to become spiritual and practical world servers. And as we soon leave this tense trans-personal Uranus-Pluto aspect behind (by the end of next year) we will continue to look at the issues of making personal and collective sacrifices, so that we can heal the planet and ourselves. 

·✰· But most exciting in the immediate is how a day after this New Moon begins the Tibetan New Year of the Red Fire Bird, Losar, which starts on Monday 27th Feb to celebrate a fortnight of miracles the Buddha displayed during his lifetime. These are considered karma multiplied days. Each miracle accumulates more and more merit to awaken the Bodhi-mind, the awakened heart-mind; and on the 15th Full Moon day (12th March 2017) the accumulation of merit is celebrated with the ‘Day of Miracles’, also called known as 'ChΓΆtrul DΓΌchen', or ‘The Great Prayer Festival’. 

With that, I wish you all a very happy ‘Losar Tashi Delek’!
Light blessings and love _/\_ from Laura
·✰· A New Moon is also a time of setting intentions. As always, our intention (here at Dharma Stars ) is to raise the cosmic love vibration with sincerity and a kind heart, especially when faced with difficulty and uncertainty, and to keep the faith!.
·✰· Geomagnetic storms are also forecast for the next few days, bringing beautiful Auroras to Mother’s Earth poles. As her natural Sushumna glows with healing LoveLight, so can ours. _/\_
Many thanks to unknown artist for Firebird _/\_

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Awakening Heart & Humanity ~> Sun Aquarius ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo

~> to Love & be Loved in return.
An eclipse season always has at least two sets of eclipses, two weeks apart, with usually one Lunar – now on the rise - and one Solar, with a New Moon 26th Feb. Influences, geo-cosmic and geo-physical, generally begin to show a few days before an eclipse, often with consequences that last weeks, months or even years later. Due to the length of the actual eclipse, the effects of this particular Lunar eclipse could last up to four and a half months; the Solar even longer.

Eclipses always present important turning points. Its worthwhile checking the degrees activated in your personal scope, to see how and where a potentially defining moment may be expressed in your own unique birthchart. With a fiery Leo Full Moon Lunar eclipse, we could witness stronger electrical storms, fires, quakes or volcanos, establishing natural earth changes, as tension builds between the aligning Earth, Moon and Sun, to create a ‘Penumbral Lunar Eclipse’, along the 22°28 axis of the zappy Aquarian Sun and fiery Leo Moon, on Saturday February 11th @12:33gmt, 11:33AST (Friday Feb 10th 19:33EST,16:33 PST).  

A penumbral eclipse is an ‘almost’ eclipse, meaning Luna is moving through the outer part of Earth’s shadow, so there will be little difference in the reflection of light, just slightly fainter Moonlight for a few hours. Although this pair of eclipses is also the last along the Virgo-Pisces axis, they are a taster of what is to come in August, when the summer’s Solar Total eclipse will be visible over the USA, accenting the shift of the destinty fulfilling North Node, aka Dragon’s head or Rahu, into Leo (and south node into Aquarius). Still, one should now be ready for sudden shifts, particularly realising how, while the Lion-heart Leo Moon activates a ‘Grand Fire Trine’,  the heart is THE organ of perception.  

The Sun in Aquarius is in classical detriment, however. And Leo Moon is in Sun’s sign of rulership. One might think the Heart Spirit of the centre of our Solar system would also be bolstered, even if slightly weakened, symbolic of a consciousness slightly obscured, while a majestic Leo Moon loses some glow during this Penumbral Eclipse (No theatrical Leo cry-babies, please, we know life’s a drama and you’re the star. ;) – Only kidding: we love Leo – and besides, this is your time to shine!). 

An inter-connected combination of ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, provides astral support from the esoteric point of view, which can raise the moral high-bar and majestic standard: because intellectual Aquarius is actually the sign of the deeply sensitive Moon’s ‘hierarchical’ ruler. By hierarchical I mean focusing upon the all-seeing, all-perceptive, ‘higher mind’, i.e. the way of the ascended masters and enlightened beings of deep realisation. with a heart-mind that connects self to universe, through the integral web of life to live in truth and love in all circumstances. 

Hence working with our ‘wisdom seeing eye’ positively influences, especially during this potentially pompous and stately Full Leo Moon dynamic, in as much as the home sign of regal Leo Moon is the authority of the crown; but it is the Aquarian people for whom the crown is worn, and is indeed given, through consent and cooperation.  With the hierarchical Aquarian rulership of the Moon, one is also inclined towards altruism as an emotional response in any crisis. A public-spirited reaction, of wanting to make the world a better place for everyone takes mindful practice – and fixed sign discipline. 

Both Leo and Aquarius are yang and fixed. Romantic Leo tends towards the obviously dominant, self-centered but good-hearted, and generous. Whereas, when not being the liberating radical innovator and/or surrounding themselves with kindred spirits, Aquarius can be materialistic, ambitious for social status, sometimes coming from the fascistic ‘do as I say, not as I do’ common-garden variety, emanating the kind of tyranny which makes it challenging for Leo to radiate inherent warmth; but is nonetheless important to do so.
Everyone under an essentially playful Leo Moon, and its propensity for childish ego, needs to be aware that issues of entitlement and privilege among friends and colleagues can easily come to light and impact upon the flourishing of creativity.  So, the question may be over this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is how does one prompt a balance of altruistic, friendly openness, at the same time expressing one’s gifts and talents in the name of purpose, love and passion, without appearing arrogant – or odd?

Looking into the quite complex Penumbral Eclipse chart, we see a rare and helpful Mystic Rectangle. Made of two oppositions 60° apart, the Mystic Rectangle connects by sextiles facilitating ease and harmony in an unusual and uncanny manner. Maintaining a clear simplicity within the rectangle are the elements Fire and Air, which point to the connections and reconnections between heart and head, mind and brain, wisdom and intellect - with practical application as the means to producing magical results.  

The real magic held in any given moment is, however, always shown by the placement of the Moon. Thus, in this first full Moon of the Lunar year of the Red Fire Bird, the most practical application that will enable you to get the most out of this Full Moon, and indeed the most of 2017, is by activating the aforementioned transiting Grand Fire Trine, as it regularly comes into and out of focus throughout the year. The Grand Fire Trine in this Full Moon chart also has two main flyers from not one, but two Yang driven, Fire & Air ‘Kites’, within which the Leo Moon and Aries Uranus are key navigators. The Moon encourages illumination through self-reflection; and to kindle inner-fire, so that one has the strength to be of Uranian world service.  

A Leo Moon awakens the fiery heart of love. When understanding self in relation to a world in turmoil, loving kindness is the only way. Although, the Age of Aquarius, when love rules the stars and peace guides the planet’, is still some three-hundred years away. During this time we obviously need to keep practicing the art of love, particularly to oneself, in order to maintain the energy needed to face of a constant stream of challenges and distraction. Be mindful; take time to rekindle one’s inner-fire should it flag in this era of sense-dulling toxic pollution. There are quick and practical ways to nurture your inner –fire, your ‘Agni’, as noted by the Mystic Rectangle and Grand Fire Trine. Encourage positive thinking; eat a balanced, healthy diet; detox (body & mind (switch off, go for walks)); do a daily 15-minute exercise; declutter (thoughts, people, stuff, situations, debts); meditate daily, and take time to rest in between and let the Light of Life grow from within.  

The major theme for the Red Firebird 2017 is awakening: and this Grand Fire Trine will continue to rouse ardour and passion as it has since Xmas, in fact, with Saturn in Sagittarius Trine to Aries Uranus connecting to a fire cycle that links back even further, to 1988, when Uranus and Saturn were conjunct in Sagittarius (where Saturn is now), almost 30 years ago. This means those now going through his or her Saturn return will be extra-charged when heeding the responsibility of a call for change. 

In the broader view, we are all looking at tradition working in harmony with a variety of sometimes fast-moving change (which, in the ideal world, would benefit all). This is also the closing trine of a of a 45-year cycle. (So you 28-30 year olds can note this long-term15-year projection, with which you might resonate). 

With the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto ‘T square’ still in operation (for most of this year), it activates powerful transformation through people-power as well as local heroes, big business and righteous law. This super dynamic T-square carries with it the build-up of the last seven years of the 7-hit Uranus-Pluto Square (since 2010). We always knew this Cardinal Square would last until late 2017. Disruptive unrest has yet to reveal positive social reform, but there is also still the potential to bestow great public relations and cooperative relations, with grand gestures and devotion to the humanitarian and environmental cause. 

Last to be mentioned, but by no means least because they are holding this very lively and inspiring Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Fire Trine, Mystic Rectangle and T-square, are Two ‘Cradles’ of five planets forming four sextiles! The heavens now indicate that all can be comfortably contained and, with a correct view it can now be straightforward to nurture inner-fire to achieve heart-felt coherence, and build greater confidence and strength. Enjoy!

"Self-confidence is knowing that we have the capacity to do something good and firmly decide not to give up." ~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama ~

_/\_♥ ૐ
Stay well, stay blessed,
With love and full moonlight ~ Astro Dakini ♥☼♥

During the eclipse, the Aspiration prayer Samantabadhra's King of Prayer is recited. And if you have dark sky look out for the green comet in the constellation Hercules _/\_♥ ૐ

With many thanks to unknown artist for Tapihritsa from the Bon tradition. _/\_♥ ૐ

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

✴️️ πŸ•―️ ✴️️ Feb 1st – 3rd Imbolc ️~ Brigit’s Day ~ Candlemas ~ Saraswati Panchami _/\_ Groundhog day… _/\_ ✴️️ πŸ•―️ ✴️️

πŸ•―️ Both West and East now celebrate the light and hope that emanates from the Goddess of purity, hearth and heart, of wisdom and craft, music and poetry. Taking time to kindle the inner-flame of the Sacred Goddess will allow her warmth to gently radiate within and around you.  

πŸ•―️ As the female Fire Bird year flies on the wing to the seasonal Fixed Air cross-quarter, mid-way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox (exact 3rd Feb), she remind us to hold steady and strong, united in love and humanity, before the seasons change again from winter to spring in the north, summer to autumn in the south.

πŸ•―️ A First Quarter Moon on the 3rd-4th is an exalted Medicine Moon in earthy Taurus. Because ‘The Lights’, Sun & Moon, are exactly at the 15°mid-point, there is the potential to stabilise – even when performing critical actions. Indeed action is called for: sudden or measured, a step in the right direction, even in the midst of chaos can avoid flapping wings of desire, to find pleasure in living a simple and good life, connected to helpful kindred spirits.

Image is Goddess Saraswati painter unknown <3
with love ~> Om Sara Si Dhi Hrem Hrem.... _/\_
πŸ•―️ ✴️️  πŸ•―️ ✴️️ πŸ•―️  ✴️️ πŸ•―️ ✴️️  πŸ•―️
πŸ•―️ ✴️️  πŸ•―️ ✴️️ πŸ•―️  ✴️️ πŸ•―️ ✴️️  πŸ•―️

Friday, 27 January 2017

πŸ“ New Year of the Fire Bird πŸ“ Aquarius New Moon 2017

πŸ“ Shake a tail feather and now wave goodbye to the crazy year of the Yang Fire Monkey – not to be seen again for another sixty years! And hail a hearty welcome to the year of the Yin Red Fire Bird, which begins to crow with the Aquarian New Moon on the 27-28th January at 00:07gmt, 19:07est.
A Fire Bird year can be a controversial and colorful one with over dramatic scenarios, where the ordinary is given rank of the extraordinary – and vice versa, depending upon the power of the pecking order in the proverbial chicken coup (i.e. one’s own mind). 

The Red Rooster’s organizational abilities are generally stubbornly applied, although compromise and cooperation would create a greater sense of union - and harmony, as well create the adulation they desire and/or deserve for their perfectionism. The challenge in the year of the loyal and punctual Rooster is to see competition and comparison as futile and counterproductive to positive personal development, particularly when partaking and celebrating differences create the unified whole. 

A natural born confident Fire Rooster knows how to strut one’s glorious every-day stuff with regal style and strength, without having to prove one’s authority. Those born in 1957 will truly resonate with this year’s fiery element. It is, however, a time for everyone to wake-up and cultivate mindfulness with noble intentions in all spheres of life, honing skills with precision and awareness, which others may benefit from. 

From a spiritual point of view, this year of the Fire Bird is one of a phoenix in transformation, possessing the courage to root out any negative minutiae the ego tenaciously holds onto, in order to fly up to higher sights. In the astrology of the Tibetan Kalachakra Tantra, it is the mighty and mythic Garuda Bird who is akin to the zodiac sign Aquarius, the group-oriented sign in which this Chinese New Year starts – which is also the sign of surprises and amazement. (Please note Tibetan New Year, Losar, begins with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on the 26th of February). 

The soaring Red Garuda is also a King of outrageousness; he emerged from his cracked egg fully grown, already perfect in his warrior ways, having overcome hope and fear in order to experience freedom and spaciousness.
This is year is auspicious for Snake; successful for Ox; happy for Dragon; entertaining for Goat; and good for Tiger, Monkey and Boar; a fair one for the Horse; and moderate for the Rooster; while Rabbit and Rat may be happier in a less provocative role, a Dog’s relation to the Rooster will depend upon how fiery elements dominate his or her horoscope. 

With love & prayers _/|\_ & even though we don't really need wings to fly to a higher perspective and get our clearer view (meditation and dharma will do!), best wishes to one & all!
Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Bird!
πŸŽ† πŸ“   🌟 πŸ“ 🌟 <3 πŸ“ 🌟 πŸ“ 🌟

Thursday, 12 January 2017

☽ ☉ ✫ Sun Capricorn ♑/♋ Full Moon Cancer Jan 12th ✫ ☽ ☉

Strength & Stability ~ Solidarity & Success

Like a Mother looks after her child, the Moon at home in Cancer provides a place of protection, a sanctuary from the chaos of fast-changing times, and an anchor in rough emotional seas. Take comfort with this first full Moon of 2017, the Full Cancer Moon, as it stimulates our ability to awaken the Divine Mother (within each of us), to show care and consideration in love, unconditional and pure, for all beings, at home, at work, in partnership and with friends.

At home in Cancer, and exact Thursday 12th January, at 11:34am GMT, this Full Moon is not just any old reassuring the kids with mom’s apple pie kind-of-moon, as Luna moves into an extremely rare formation as she culminates, to revisit historic and astrologically exciting moments of 2010 – reminding us of the burgeoning stages of this currently spiritual era. For those who cynically question the validity of the transcendent and mystic, only giving weight to the plutonic overbearing forces of evil or chaos at work, be aware that when a light begins to shine, darkness often mobilises and many obstacles and difficulties come creeping out of the shadows – as indicated by the Sun currently conjunct Pluto, all of which is now given the Full Moon spotlight treatment. For a few short days little can remain hidden, however hard it tries.

Events or situations around this exceptional Full Moon offer an astral opportunity to bring light and karma, self and others, into focus; to create safer boundaries that enable one to work within a sacred space within a configuration called a ‘Grand Cross’. To give you an idea of the rarity of any Cross formation, these only happen around four percent of the time. This Full Moon is therefore rather special, even if such potency is fleeting, lasting only for the three Full Moon days – and nights, then the planetary pattern reverts to a tense T-square. Although, it might be helpful to note here how my teacher, the late great Howard Sasportas, taught that we extend a T-square into the empty leg when looking to stabilise, or for ways out of any difficult circumstance. Its good, therefore, to bear in mind how this Moon position, at 22°Cancer, while sensitive to aggression also brims with courage and militant tenacity, so that confronting challenging issues can be made easy with a bolthole to retreat into.

It’s also worth knowing how every Cross has one of three different characteristics, representing the various qualities of the signs of the Zodiac: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. A cross occurs when two sets of planets are in opposition; the four planets therefore form a perfect square in the heavens, which is then called a ‘Grand Cross’. This particular Cross is no ordinary Cross either. In Esoteric Astrology, this particular set of oppositions carries the glorious title: the ‘Grand Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, because four planets are in the four Cardinal signs: Uranus in Aries, Moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, and Sun with Pluto in Capricorn. In a Grand Cardinal Cross, revolutionary Uranus is THE agent of change in self-directed Aries, at 20°; all the while it is Jupiter at 22°, in harmonious Libra, that offers a compromising synthesis. This is, without doubt, a dynamic Cross of action, of making things happen, by oneself, with others, colleagues and loved ones, and of allowing the power of the Divine within to rise and make itself known (Need I say not in an egotistical manner? This Cross accents a spiritual Sun, not an identity driven one). Remember that when you see the Divine in everything, everything becomes Divine. You see, the heavens are now asking us to work with greater devotion to the sacred and care for everything around us, with greater cooperation with others as we co-create with the universe, noting now how we have moved away from negative habits and developed more helpful ways of being these past seven years, since twenty-ten.

Admittedly, a ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’ is intense – all Crosses are. This one is about getting to core issues – subjects that affect your very spirit, the work you are doing and your purpose. And when the Sun and the Moon are major players within a Grand Cross, most everyone gets to feel the rising tension of some sort or another, a momentum that peaks with the Full Moon. But just as soon as Luna culminates the effects will also begin to diminish as the Moon begins to wane.

The Capricorn Sun with Pluto also highlights the need for personal and professional transformation: to be reborn. Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes may well be the theme for the coming year of the Fire Rooster, as this Full Moon sets the initial tone for 2017. This, then, is no ordinary Full Moon: it’s a Full Moon with the potential to awaken personal wisdom, and to illuminate the (collective) subconscious, which can then empower one to transform, including innovative ideas into accomplished action. ✫

Image is the Kalachakra Mandala, the 'Time Wheel' Mandala for World Peace, which His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, is conferring over this Full Moon in Bodhgaya, India, the place of the Buddha's enlightenment.
May all beings be enlightened, finding inner peace, outer peace and peace of mind _/\_ Full Moon blessings to One and all! 

from Laura