Sunday, 31 January 2016

Feb1st _/✿\_ A Cross-Quarter Tara Moon _/|\_ ☾ ☩

In the lead up to the Losar New Moon February 8th @ 14:39gmt, Spirit Sun arrives at the Solar Fixed cross-quarter point in the year that is midway between seasons, winter in the north and summer in the south. These are sacred days in the solar cycles, as light now begins to noticeably grow in the Northern hemisphere. The next Solar marker after this will be at Spring Equinox, in 6 weeks.
In the ancient nature religions this current cross-quarter phase. from 7-15 degrees Aquarius, is variously called Imbolc, the Feast of Torches, or Candlemas or St Briget’s day in the Christian Calendar, honouring feminine qualities of poetry, art and craft, as well as smiths and offering shrines.In esoteric astrology, the Sun in the sign of Aquarius ‘shines the light within the darkness, cleansing with healing rays until the darkness is dispelled’. Thus the pure light Goddess gains greater emphasis as tonight/tomorrow’s last quarter Tara Moon conjuncts fiery Mars (at home in Scorpio). Now is the time to invoke the help of the Great Mother Liberator (Tara and/or Brigitte) to help conquor dark demons and overcome obstacles that might hinder a positive start to the New Moon, when the Tibetan month of miracles, Losar, and a fast-moving year of the Yang Fire Monkey begins. Profoundly transformational action, in the name of art, beauty and culture, now has the potential to take one closer oneness, as well as to more personal goals over the coming days.

With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ blessings ॐ & thanks
Laura _/\_

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mercury & Jupiter retrograde January 2016

☆ Both Mercury and Jupiter are now about to go retrograde, making the start of 2016 a time for a serious rethink. During an apparent retrograde motion (because the planets only look as though they are going backwards) any word with a ‘re’ at the beginning applies, such as reappraise, re-wire, redo, reapply, re-join, rework, review, repair, renew, etc. All planets, except ‘The Lights’ (Sun & Moon), go retrograde at some point in their cycle, with Mercury, the celestial messenger’s retrograde being the most infamous and tricky, as he triple loops three time a year. In 2016, Mercury's focus is upon the stabilizing Earth element.

5th Jan – 25th January ~ Mercury retrograde in Capricorn = rework ambitions and goals, boundaries and responsibilities.

28th April – 22 May ~ Mercury retrograde in Taurus = re-evaluate, land, love and money.

30th August – 22 September ~ Exalted Mercury retrograde in Virgo = review mind & body, routine & skills.

☆ Optimistic Jupiter, planet of good fortune and growth, also stations to go retrograde almost as soon as Mercury raises his healing caduceus wand. From 8th January until 9th May, the ‘Great Benefic‘ again constellates the very same degrees of Virgo as that of the last, exalted, Mercury retrograde of 2016, i.e. 23- 13 Virgo. These degrees, in the purifying sign of feminine wisdom, are therefore key to getting a greater perspective upon what is important for this year. A clearer overview about Virgo concerns, i.e. a major energy enhancement through healing, serving, working, (check wherever these ten degrees fall into an individual’s horoscope), can be repaired and re-applied when Mercury retrogrades in Virgo the late summer.

☆ Meanwhile, best navigate through this current retrograde season with optimistic caution. The New Moon on the 9th accents the commitment to practice that which is for the greater good of all _/\_  and to let go of all that stops one from doing so.

Many thanks to unknown artist for blue healing Buddha _/\_