Friday, 31 May 2013

Tara ~ Medicine Buddha Moon ~ May 31st _/♥\_

Sun in Gemini – Moon in Pisces ٠•●♥♥●•><((((º>

An ultra-sensitive Moon in Pisces is currently conjunct oceanic Neptune, and the zodiac’s shaman, Chiron. Three planets in the all-consuming sign of the fishes indicate that emotions are profound but insightful, leading to deep and meaningful healing, even if currently overwhelmed by Samsara's seemingly never-ending round of suffering, loss and separation. With the radiant light of the Sun illuminating fast-thinking Gemini, the curious mind is more easily aroused to analyze problems, discover compassion, and find workable solutions to all kinds of issues, be they physical, mental, or spiritual - even if it means making certain sacrifices in order to fulfill long-term goals for the greater good of the whole.

Goddess Tara now emphasizes these planets in Pisces, highlighting the need for tolerance and compassion, especially when overcoming obstacles; as we now resonate to the words of Marriane Williamson, “The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.”

Thursday, 23 May 2013

SAGA DAWA _/♥\_ Vesak _/♥\_ Buddha Purnima May 24th/25th 2013

Honouring the day of Buddha’s (birth) enlightenment & Paranirvana _/♥\_

KARMA MULITPLIED X 10 million, because one of the most important days in the Buddhist calendar, Saka Dawa (Saka = Sakyamuni Buddha & Dawa = Moon in Tibetan), is also a lunar eclipse, at 5:25 Gmt (00:25EST) early Saturday morning.  With Earth only faintly shadowing the sensitive Moon at 4° Sagittarius, opposite the 4°Gemini Sun, this third eclipse in a row nonetheless presents another turning point that can deepen empathy and compassion, as well as our connection to the subtleties of the heart-mind and body, to the seen and unseen. Psychic energy abounds during this eclipse, creating positive development as well as challenges to ego and emotion to comprehend the eternal energies of cosmic consciousness. Thus the interplay between Sun, Moon and Earth - cosmos, self, and the Divine, becomes a delicate dance skillfully synchronising interior and exterior towards enlightenment.

To add to the responsiveness of this Full Moon in the sign of the archer, it is also the only Supermoon eclipse of the year, when tidal pull is strong. Seeing how we are 70%+ water, we too are now subject to poignant swings. However sensitive or emotional one might feel now or over the coming days, this eclipse encourages one to be adventurous. The greatest journey, however, is inside the mind, to broaden both thinking and vision and determine illusion from delusion. The Sagittarius-Gemini axis stimulates mental processes, integrating recent realisation (over the past 6 months) – intellectual or spiritual – into daily life and become more self-accepting, tolerant of others, and aware also of how powerful speech, thought, and media can be. Truth-seeking Sagittarius is the sign of the sage who comprehends the dualistic Gemini mode of communication: ideas aired now impact strongly upon others, spiritual or otherwise, which makes it all the more important that we have the right view with the right understanding because, in the words of the Buddha "All is mind. What we think we become"
Whilst bathing under Full Moonbeams we also have a rare week-long conjunction of three planets: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, all in the sign of the twins, which can be seen just after sunset in the northwest of the sky.  Generally speaking, these planets working together generally portend an optimistic outcome; and even if a little over the top, one can be philosophical.  Mercury & Venus are also currently ‘out-of-bounds’ meaning that they have strayed over the celestial belt, making the planets of communication and love slightly renegade! 

It’s also worth noting how Solar-flare resonance has been extremely high since the start of this lunation, with no less than 4 X-flares in a matter of days at the time of the first quarter. Any lethargy or confusion, stress or tension, could easily be personalised by Earth’s receptivity to Sun’s current action during this eclipse season. Bear in mind that we are at the height of an 11-year cycle of solar activity, ‘Solar Max’ as it is known in the astro trade. There may well be more X-flareS to come, but the constant flow of M-class flares we are no experiencing are ejecting high-energy protons and plasma guided towards earth along magnetic lines.  It’s almost as if the Light of Intelligence, Sun, charged-up to connect with the Divine self during this eclipse season to help us realise that individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness are actually indivisibly one.

Interestingly, though this eclipse will almost be impossible to detect, it’s importance lies in the fact that it is the beginning of a new series of Saros Cycles, called Saros 150, which will last 1262.11 years.  Saros Cycles are eclipse families joined by similar sacred geometry every 18 years 11 days, taking hundreds of years to complete. These are lengthy karmic cycles, opening heavenly gates for spiritual energies to move in and out. To my mind this eclipse marks a valid collective turning point, as it will bring energy in from North to South, joining heaven to earth.  

Basically this weekend its time to draw back that Saggitarian bow and direct the arrow of intention to go forth & make Karmic Merit! :)

With many thanks to unknown artists for Radiant & eternal Buddha and the constellation Gemini

Monday, 20 May 2013

MERIT MULITPLIED x100 Guru Rinpoche Day in Saga Dawa month ~> 20th May

Spirit Sun is at the very last degree of Taurus, making this best ‘trine’ aspect to sensitive Moon in discerning Virgo, also at the last, 29th degree. Bear with me, this might be a little technical in as much the last degree of any sign in astrology is called ‘anaretic’, meaning we have already imbibed the qualities of the sign we are about to leave and, at the same time, sense and/or express the qualities of the coming sign – or in this case, signs, as Sun moves into curious Gemini & Moon into equanimous Libra. The élan between ‘The Lights’ therefore fluctuates between one of valued and solid practical service, to that of a wavering mind, one that seeks and has the potential to find balance.

This emphasis upon mind continues throughout the zodiacal month as Gemini is a smart Air sign, making one more aware that breath is mind’s vehicle to Spirit, as Sun now joins Mercury (at home in Gemini), Venus and Jupiter: our illusions can be blown away in the wind.

The 3rd of 7 Uranus Pluto squares is also in operation on the 20th. Broadly speaking this indicates dramatic collective transformation, a celestial challenge that began in earnest a year ago and won’t finish until March 2015. Hopefully, by then each individual awakes to make changes in body, speech and mind, to sustain health and happiness for all.

2015 might seem some time away but one thing is sure: we are NOW super-solar-charged from last week’s four X-flares, so the upcoming Saga Dawa Full SuperMoon lunar eclipse (yes, you read that right!) is cosmically bound to higher emotion and deeper vibration, when finding the middle way may be as simple as remembering the refuge we take in our faith and (inner) Guru.

Image "Buddha Field & the Metatrone Cube' by Visual Alchemy, with thanks _/♥\_
Thank you, with love & growing Moonlight, Laura _/\_ ~> If you would like an astrology reading to provide personal insight into these cosmic times, please contact me here for rates.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Healing power of Nature - Sun in Taurus ✿ Moon in Leo

In many parts of the East, Buddha’s conception (or birth) is celebrated today, May 17th, at the first quarter moon, with Sun in earthy Taurus and Moon in fiery Leo. This very fixed and determined combination of ‘The Lights’ accents the value of the creative spark inherent in all beings. It’s also a medicine Buddha - Tara Moon, when the healing emphasis is upon stabilising self by connecting to the natural world.

It’s no coincidence that Buddha achieved enlightenment, taught, and died under a tree. Trees give a feeling of being rooted and supported by Mother Earth, which is helpful in Shamatha, calm abiding meditation, providing constant stability so we can rest evenly and realise the clear light of mind. Trees also purify the air, add oxygen and moisture to the atmosphere, and provide shade and shelter to animals (and meditators). So if you’re feeling slightly shattered in the middle of an eclipse season with no less than four Solar X-flares raising the vibration, as well as the 3rd (of 7) Uranus-Pluto challenge, awakening the collective transformation on May 20th, then go hug a tree and rejuvenate. Better still, meditate under one and discover the immense healing power of nature, and prepare for the illuminating Saga Dawa Full Moon lunar eclipse on the 25th. _/

Many thanksto Christopher Martin for this exquisite 'Sun Ring' in the Trees _/✿\_

Monday, 13 May 2013

Sparky Sky ~> X-flareS & Mars conjunct South Node - May13

There is good astral reason for feeling slightly apprehensive, not least because warrior Mars conjuncts the South Node over the next few days, which often means dealing with niggles or nags, or even bully boys and their explosive fragile egos. So watch out for hot and heightened emotion and get ready to placate others, as well as self, with skilful means: patience, wisdom and compassion. Tormenters can also be internal, such as personal anger or a previously buried resentment, greed or jealousy; applying the sweet healing balm of love and rejoicing in other peoples’ happiness are antidotes to such negative emotion, which would only create obscuration during this holy month of Saga Dawa. _/♥\_

Sparks are also flying in the sky: Sun had a Solar X1.7-flare at 2:16amUT (13th May 13) - and another BIGGER X2.8 at 16:05UT, both hurling into space copious amount of electromagnetic energy that covers the entire spectrum, from radio waves to gamma! Though not Earth directed, we can now expect the predictable solar powered auroras, usually a day or so after eruption (but can be much less). These flares are the largest of the year so far and also have all the markers I talked about at the Astrological Association conference last year (so I've been keeping a close eye on solar activity): notably Sun with its’ henchman Mars in connection to Saturn/Nodes, to create a realistic and karmic impact; AND Moon in connection to Pluto (by a wide opposition, but seems to be pertinent in solar flares when applying in aspect) so the effects are subtle but powerful, deep and meaningful, both psychologically and spiritually.

There’s more interesting celestial activity building towards the Saga Dawa Full SuperMoon on the 25th May, which started with the new Moon: The 17th is Medicine Buddha; and the 3rd (of 7) Uranus-Pluto square is on the 20th May, accenting transformational collective change.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are also favourable to raise prayer flags and send out blessings across land and sea! Have a good week, everyone! 


Thanks to unknown photographer for Nepali prayer flags

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Solar Eclipse 19° Taurus ~> May 9th/10th _/✿\_

KARMA MULITPLIED dayS x 100,000,000 ~> _/♥\_ૐ

In the northern hemisphere, Gaia now stirs the senses, spring flowers burst forth as nature performs spontaneous acts of love with new forms and shapes growing quickly day by day; colour, sounds and smells vividly stimulate a curious heart essence to blossom and bloom. In the southern hemisphere a new kind of freshness brings a different vision, beckoning one inward towards an intimate kind of warmth.

And so it is at each monthly conjunction of Sun and Moon, another lunation begins and a sense of the new begins to stir. With Sun and Moon now in fertile Taurus forming a Solar Eclipse on Friday morning at 1:27am BST (8:27pmEST 9thMay), a cosmic kind of consciousness has the potential to ride the celestial waves that flow between Sun-Moon and Earth to nourish body and soul, as well as dramatically innovate and stimulate the mindstream into blissful pristine awareness. Eclipses present a rare moment suspended in time, where the bounty of eternal beauty comes from aligning the dynamic Sun with our reflective Moon and Mother Earth.

It is at this point when the earthy Taurean equanimity of a determined male Sun and bountiful female Moon conjoin (energetically at third eye). In meditation we can create a sacred internal space that opens a powerful portal for magical human realization; worldly concerns can melt away and pale into insignificance. If you are in the Pacific, on a cloudless day you will see the Moon in front of the Sun, surrounded by a golden glow emanating the Sun’s light of intelligence. Wherever we are we can still tune-into and feel this very special phenomenon, when actions, thoughts and words take on a great karmic significance.

This Taurean lunation is the second of three eclipses. The previous was lunar, revealing the importance of letting-go of all that no longer serves, at the same time accepting personal responsibility for personal happiness. The next full moon will be another Lunar Eclipse, on May 25th. It will also be SakaDawa, celebrating Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and Paranirvana. And now we have a Solar eclipse, accenting the light of Spirit being supported either side between these two yin Full Moons. These are potent weeks: While we have the cosmic tools to be mindful of the present, past-life and future life visions can deja-vu.

Yet still we might find the suffering we see around us touches that tender place within. Then we know the transformation of the heart is a personal journey, one that witnesses pain and still remain grounded and centred – engaged in goodness, but not overwhelmed by sadness. With six celestial markers in Taurus, the good life invites us to live more simply: give thanks, eat well, sleep well and practice well_/

Sun & Moon are also conjunct explosive Mars, informative Mercury, AND Pallas Athena, warrior woman strategist, bringing active plans into focus. But seeing as combative Mars is also stirring up action best cover all bases, and at least look at the pros and cons of plan B.


Thanks to unknown artist for eclipse fractal _/♥\_ૐ

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dakini Day ~> May Day weekend :) _/✿\_ ♥ 2013

Spirit Sun in lush and fertile earthy Taurus, is now bonding with the Moon in watery and sensitive Pisces. This is the last major aspect between 'The Lights' before next week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th/10th. Earth and Water are Yin in nature, emphasising calm stability and active healing devotion (to the Goddess within). Connect to Mother Earth now and soothe all the senses _/✿\_ This weekend is also an astrological ‘Fixed Cross’ point in the year, a time of connecting to the heart of the Sun, wherever you are, north or south, blessing all that you wish to grow, be it food or love, health or sacred intimacy.

By transforming selfishness into selflessness, and tuning into the life of the soul with the will of consciousness, one can give birth to, and manifest Divinity.


Have a great May Day weekend everyone! ♥

Friday, 3 May 2013

Last Quarter Healing Tara Moon in Aquarius ~> May 2013

This last quarter Green Goddess Tara Moon in airy Aquarius opens the mind to the zany, wild and innovative. Keep eyes open to opportunity –especially the wisdom eye! ;) _/✿\_

This healing Moon is in a tight ‘T-square’ to the fertile Sun/Mars opposition to slow-moving Saturn, reflecting a slow-to-start spring (in the Northern hemisphere). Indeed, its only 6 weeks to Summer Solstice, when Saturn at last reaches the degree at which he begins to go forward, in early July. Meanwhile, patience when taking care of the heart-mind and soul, through diligent self-supporting work and overcoming obstacles, is as important as seeing where one stands and what motivates us in a group situation, even if only shooting the breeze with loyal friends. Connecting with others today, such as the cyber tribe or real life sangha, can even clarify and organise ideas and thoughts which facilitate personal change, as well as help generate (and employ) the altruistic intention, to be of benefit to all beings.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama says "With a selfish attitude, one’s self is important, and others are not so important. According to Shantideva's advice, a technique to help in turning this attitude around is to imagine - in front of yourself as an unbiased observer - your own selfish self on one side and a limited number of other beings on the other side - ten, fifty, or a hundred. On one side is your proud, selfish self, and on the other side is a group of poor, needy people. You are, in effect, in the middle - as an unbiased, third person. Now, judge. Is this one, single, selfish person more important? Or is the group of people more important? Think. Will you join this side or that side? Naturally, if you are a real human being, your heart will go with the group because the number is greater and they are more needy. The other one is just a single person, proud and stupid. Your feeling naturally goes with the group. By thinking in this way, selfishness gradually decreases, and respect of others grows. This is the way to practice."

Image of Green Tara ~> "Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha" _/✿\_

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day! _/✿\_ 2013

Diligence and patience are highlighted with dynamic Mars in slow-moving Taurus, now in direct opposition to the karmic Time Lord, Saturn, planet of limitation. When encountering anger and or frustration self-discipline and strength (of character) is helpful and REQUIRED to stay centred and on the middle path.

Bear in mind that we are presently at a cross-quarter point in the solar year, a time of obvious but natural change, as well as in ‘eclipse season’, when the interplay of Spirit Sun, sensitive Moon, and home planet Earth generates intense shifts (that potentially lead to revelation and spiritual awakening). These movements and shifts in consciousness can be physical, emotional, or psychological when letting go of the negative is imperative to rest in mind’s natural radiance and joy.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama says that "Self-discipline, although difficult, and not always easy while combating negative emotions, should be a defensive measure. At least we will be able to prevent the advent of negative conduct dominated by negative emotion. That is 'shila', or moral ethics. Once we develop this by familiarizing ourselves with it, along with mindfulness and conscientiousness, eventually that pattern and way of life will become a part of our own life."- from "Live in a Better Way: Reflections on Truth, Love and Happiness",

Image is of the Drepung Monks patiently creating the Medicine Buddha Mandala __/❤\__

 Happy Beltane!