Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse ~ The Light of Spiritual Initiation ♥_/|\_ ૐ

This year’s Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse is the most important Full Moon of 2010, in a year already filled with wonder and marvel with the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun. Indeed, it’s an exceptionally rare interplay of conscious light with a direct beam that manifests and reveals through initiation and constructive intent. Its’ already sensed effects linger well beyond Xmas. This Sagittarius-Gemini eclipse energy is manifold and variable: a double emphasis of Gemini-Mercury information gathering synthesises, engineers, and co-ordinates the healing by aligning conscious awareness with our higher principles, wisdom and compassion in action, for the benefit of all.  

An incredible and complex configuration of planets spotlights the radiant Full Moon with the southerly node of the Dragon’s tail, Ketu, so pay attention to the Astro-speak to find the deeper meaning and make the most of this wonderful celestial opportunity that takes place at the dawn of the Winter Solstice on the 21st, at 8:13 GMT (click here for date time changes), when Spirit Sun rises with communicative Mercury, strategic Pallas Athena, the destiny-fulfilling Dragon’s Head – Rahu – the north node, powerful Pluto, and dynamic Mars: Formulating a plan of spiritual action comes into focus when heralding the rebirth of the New Light King. At Winter solstice, darkness dies in order to be reborn into the Light; assisted by the current configuration we witness old and corrupt (power structures) coming to an end. Children born at this time will have much in common with the bodhisattva, Jesus.

Not since 1741 have we had some kind of lunar eclipse at the Winter Solstice. That’s a mighty long time ago. The 1741 eclipse on December 22nd, two-hundred-and-seventy years ago, was also penumbral and not nearly as dramatic as the one this coming Monday/Tuesday is total. We have to go all the way back to 1638 until we find another total that matches our 21st December, Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse. So while this configuration is apparently extremely rare, the next one comes sooner, in 2029. But, if we’re honest, all this is within a blink in the eye of Brahma; and because of the precession of equinoxes these never aligned to the heart of the Galaxy, as we are now, with the Sun pointing directly towards the centre of our cosmic spiral. Which is why this lunar eclipse is made all the more special: because when the Sun stands still for three whole days (Sol = Sun Stice = standing) this powerful planetary line-up has an eclipse providing a magical portal that opens the heart-mind directly to the Galactic Centre, a super massive black hole, the vortex around which the entire galaxy spins, emitting the highest vibration of light, the gamma ray. And this is what we are now capable of: emitting our highest vibration of clear light (each according to their means and every spark is valid). Bear in mind this is the same Solstice moment which the Mayans refer to as 2012. Yet, this is a much more astrologically significant Solstice than 2012.
During this Solstice eclipse our Earthly task is supported by the clear light of a Moon, reflecting the light of a Sun conjoined by some heavyweight planetary energies.  Generally speaking, an eclipse connects the Holy Heavenly trinity: Sun, Moon and Earth; Spirit, Soul and Form; Compassion, loving kindness & action. Some astrologers poetically refer to this as a “rip in the fabric of spacetime”, a phrase I rather like, as during eclipses there is always an opening of incoming and outgoing energy, that can be seen or unseen. These are mega moments, though lunar eclipses are longer than solar, these unusual influences stir up deep emotions (which is why people can ‘lose’ it during these times). So it is most important to protect ones’ self psychically, and even physically. Some will call the Guru from afar, some will gather in circle, and invoke the violet flame, some will ask for help from the Dolphins, or other God or animal realms, but whatever tradition is followed our planetary light grid can no doubt connect and radiate love like it has never done before.

During the exact totality of the eclipse a Gemini Moon, the quicksilver mind and fleeting emotions are ruled by Mercury, who holds a healing wand, the Caduceus; all the while the Sagittarian Sun beams directly opposite, right next to our retrograde Sagittarian Mercury. Therein lies the clue as to what this Lunar eclipse is about: Mercury.  Mercury can be tricky and troublesome, especially when retrograde. But when we delve into the winged messenger's healing qualities, through his chakra balancing Caduceus, the mind rides the breath to access Spirit (with a special pass during an eclipse!).  By balancing the Sun and Moon, the male and female energies within (Ida- Pingala skt., Khangma-Roma tib.), we create a fusion that blends both subjective and objective (to overcome dualism and activate kundalini), enabling one to go with the flow in oneness (through the breath into the Sushumna (Uma tibetan.)) with controlled motion, and therefore able to condition the etheric body and reach the state of bliss, where a higher wisdom is at work. NOTE: Aim be somewhere comfortable during an eclipse, as mega energies can overwhelm. At the very least BREATHE into your centre (if you are at work), and let the love-light shine.

Going with the flow when in the mutable sign of Sagittarius, Mercury accents the dispassionate principles of the dualistic mind. Mercury is exalted in versatile Gemini and is subsequently in detriment in this retrograde Sagittarius; but because the Moon is in Gemini it neutralises, and bolsters the usually lessened influence of Mercury in Sagittarius. And besides, these planets are all now pointing towards the centre of the galaxy; through the skill of the Archer’s accuracy and the quickness of Gemini’s mind we are now able to focus upon and understand Spirit’s immortality with greater ease – even if there is some astral conflict with ever changing direction.

There is a lot of Astro-information to absorb about this incredibly exciting moment (from lots of other astrologers as well). I suggest we take our time to imbibe the beauty of potential, and adjust with care as to how it will work for each of us individually (and in the collective) by looking at the late degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius in our horoscopes and, once again those all-important 0 degrees of the Cardinal signs: Capricorn & Cancer are the signs of midday and midnight, summer solstice and winter solstice; And one must also look to 0 degrees Libra & Aries, as Saturn is in Libra and Jupiter-Uranus are soon to return to Aries (where they were at this Summer's Solstice).  

We also need to exercise patience with observed breathing. I say this because informative Mercury rules this Full Moon and, true to Hermes innovative mode (forgive the fashion pun) Mercury plays many an important role in this eclipse.

Glamour notwithstanding (who can resist some Solstice sparkle?) this Full Moon is at 29 Gemini represents our feelings and our emotional needs; in Gemini the focus is upon the planetary AND individual mind, aware how our thoughts and ideas affect our immediate and intergalactic community, as well as how we approach short-term travel. The planet of communication, Mercury, rules the Solstice Moon in Gemini. But our Mercury is currently retrograde, which internalises the thought process, and disrupts long and short-distance travel. On a mundane level it has to be noted that people are wondering about Christmas plans as Mother Nature once again prevents the usual travel rush (as She did with the Islandic Eyjafjallajökull volcano during the Mercury Taurus retrograde in April).  Yet when any planet is retrograde it signals a re-think. And the healing brother, Mercury, as central player during this eclipse, the cosmic plan is therefore to direct light inwards, re-working thoughts and feelings to illuminate those shadowy parts of ourselves we are fearful of, to negate the powerful grip of fear that can ensue when the harmony of Spirit is in conflict.
This Full Moon is also close to being perigee (on Christmas Day); nearest the Earth, her influence will be strong, all the way to through to the New Year Solar Eclipse, in earthy Capricorn on the 4th January (when the Earth is closest to the Sun); so the effects of these eclipses will be felt for some time to come.  During this set of eclipses, Sun Moon and Earth, have a tight and close connection. Remember that during eclipse season great shifts take place, both within our personal lives, and without, as in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and so on. The challenge during these potent turning points is to remain centred, aligned with our highest values (in Buddhist speak aligned with the inner-Guru) therefore enabled to embody compassion and loving kindness and be of greater positive effect to the world around us.

It’s also worth observing that during the peak of the eclipse we are at ‘anaretic’ degrees, the last degrees of the sign, indicating that the sign is about to pass into the next; as we imbibe the sum energy of the signs Gemini (thought) and Sagittarius (concept) the likelihood of already moving towards the next signs during totality, which, in the case of our leading Cardinal signs, home-orientated Cancer (fecundity) and accomplished Capricorn (boundaries); the emphasis is very much upon the usually hidden relationship between the Sun and Moon (left-brain, right-brain; left and right nostril; male and female archetype).  Indeed, the ever-changing Moon even moves signs mid-eclipse; at 9:23gmt blood-red Luna glides into Cancer, home to the Goddess of creation and form, where we find the inner-light and emotional stability. By the time the eclipse officially ends at 11:04gmt, she will be at 2 degrees Cancer to oppose Pluto, revealing exactly what needs to be transformed and regenerated in order to make the most of the light of intiation and accept the responsibility to maintain the sacred aspect of self. But it’s not until almost midnight, 23:40GMT, when the Sun actually makes the ingress into Capricorn and our New Light King is born.

A quick look at the various aspects made by the Moon during this powerful passage shows she not only opposes Sun, Mercury, Pallas Athena, Pluto and Mars, but she also squares up to the visionary Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in late degrees Pisces, accenting end times and the call for spiritual expansion; but she also makes a delightful trine to the inter-connected mass healing as indicated by the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius; here there is hope

& for those who like their (Gemini) information to be exact and well explained, here is a link to NASA’s eclipse page for this beautiful and expansive moment in our evolutionary nurturing with the fiery dragon.

I won’t go into the Mars and Pluto conjunction too much right now. Suffice to say there is the potential for fiery and explosive negative control issues. But as with all aspects, everything we encounter, within our own character as well as external events can be pacified with meditation and spiritual practice, so that we keep a good sense of humour. With that thought, I wish that everyone’s Solstice meditation be blissfully strong and stable, and that the clear light of wisdom radiates in all ten directions.

May there be peace on Earth. & a very Happy Solstice, & Cool Yule to all _/|\_


Frances Lynn said...

Where would I be without this fascinating blog!

Charmaine said...

Thank you so much for this stunning blog. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and will be celebrating the sun setting over the western horizon from a sacred cave tonight. I will be taking your words with me to share with the group. Feel free to check out the site of our host who has discovered some unbelievable magick here at the tip of AFrica.
Blessings to all. Charmaine

Zodiac Heaven said...

Thank you Frances! Tea SOON! xxx

Charmaine, thank you for your lovely feedback. I trust you enjoyed your ceremony. The location looks incredible! My lama went to SA once, at the start of his water blessing (a link to which is on this page somewhere!).

Stay blessed, dear freinds, with love and light, Laura ♥ :)

The garden studio said...

great blog my son was born on 21/12/2010 so very interesting!

Zodiac Heaven said...

Thank you! & Congratulations to the garden studio: To be born with beautiful stars watching over him is a blessing.xl :)