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LIBRA ~ Cardinal Cross of the Spiritual Sun ~ Evolution of the Sacred Heart

Libra ~ Libra Rising
1st Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
4th Solar house Pluto in Capricorn
7nd Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries
10th Solar house Moon in Cancer
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Cardinal Cross of the Spritual Sun

~ ♥ ~ Most importantly for Libra, the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun has karmic Saturn, now exalted in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, which is the best possible place for Saturn to be. (Venus is also currently at home in Libra, with her cosmic lover, Mars, who is in ‘fall’ in Libra (meaning it’s not his favourite place; Mars would rather be swashbuckling with his warrior comrades, as opposed to dealing with that most tender of human activities: loving rapport)). 

Relationships are therefore now under the celestial spotlight, as the heavens now urge Libra to share the love and radiate peace, all the while dealing with karmic Saturn in your sign. Interestingly, this photo with ‘Karma Comes’ flashed up on dear old facebook the other day (thank you Rinpoche). And it made me reconsider what do we mean by karma? Why do we always think of karma as negative? Karma can be positive too. But trying to wrap the brain around the concept of karma can create enough energy to fry our noodle. It’s not always easy to accept ‘the law of cause and effect’ without any kind of questioning (which is good!), yet its a concept often bandied about to explain the unexplainable. Perhaps it’s easier to understand the more biblical phrase ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’, meaning that if you do something good, good will come, if you do something dodgy, keep looking over your shoulder, as karma also exercises a strange phenomena, in that it expands and can make a habit out of any vibration: positive or negative, particle or waves ripple out into the universe, so a karmic pattern seemingly takes on a life of it’s own.

Astrologically, the whole horoscope is one’s karma, with various markers highlighting: Saturn, as Lord of Karma, the sign Capricorn, certain house positions, and the nature of the moon’s nodal axis can tell us something of past, present and future karma. But in Buddhist teachings it is also seen as a philosophy, a way of living, as karma creates an imprint in one’s mind. Understanding how we are responsible for our own karma tends one towards kindness, with a more loving approach to life. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama says that once we understand karma, we can develop faith.

This could be easier as dynamic Mars, loving Venus, and Saturn work together in your sign (until early September), giving Saturn’s two year station in Libra a good start, motivating with determination.  The trick to this challenging planetary combination is to brush aside judgemental attitudes and unreasonable pessimism with a gentle hand.  You can even move mountains at this time,  very slowly, by resting in pure love. You may find willfuly pushing any situation without this special kind of sacred heart only make matters worse and becomes the proverbial Push-me-Pull-you, instead of the harmonious balance of Yin-Yang that you are. What you can do, in the most positive sense, is to take on board how karma grows, and how it therefore plays an important role in our existance.

Rest assured any plans you form at this moment in time, any foundations you build, and the energy you direct at any project at this starting point of Saturn in Libra (where the old taskmaster stays until October 2012) will take on greater significance as this Cardinal Cross unfolds.  Now is also the time to actively analyse any soothe fears and doubts. Libra is an intellectual air sign, and the heavens are asking you to see how love conquers all; and how, through mediation and dialogue, kindness and equality, you achieve peace and respect.  So be prepared to accept much more responsibility in the not too distant future, because you, of all people, can handle it. This is why Saturn, one of the most feared and revered planets in the celestial pantheon, is exalted in Libra: because everything you do is done with love. When it comes to establishing the spiritual Sun deep within with Saturn on your side, it bestows a timeless effect.

Saturn in Libra also makes dramatic planetary connections that play a pivotal role in the ongoing T square (which is activated into the monthly cross when the Moon is in Cancer).  A natural movment and transition could be all taking place all around you, while Saturn in your sign suggests you are now choosing to take life more seriously, noting how you stabilise situations/emotions/events just by remaining present in your centre. As this karmic planet of authority, discipline and recognition, is also the cautious and careful; the astral advice is to therefore initiate with prudence. Luckily, the Cardinal Cross suggests you have an enormous network of friends and supporters. 

In the solar fourth house, Pluto in Capricorn indicates dramatic developments at home, having a direct effect upon your career. This moment in time presents an opportunity to seize control (of unhelpful habits/karma) and transform your very foundations  by letting go of past grievences and burdens. Being the sign of the scales, you can veer between making a commitment, or fear the entire changing world. If it’s the latter, know that love - your love - conquers all.

Because realistic Saturn opposes Jupiter and Uranus in Aries in your sphere of relationships, all matters of the awakened heart are of paramount importance. Libra’s tend to live by the heart. And having ambitious Saturn in your sign means you can concretise something very real, such as a marriage or living together. Saturn in your solar 1st house also puts your own needs first, possibly bringing one karmic cycle (with another) to a close. The astrological mansion of partnerships, the 7th house is now a hotbed of shocking clarity, because of these two other planets in opposition to Saturn. With Uranus and Jupiter stirring up enthusiasm in this sphere of partnerships, sharing freedom and truth with loved ones (or business partner) means more than before. The principal point about long term Jupiter-Saturn- Uranus-Pluto transits is to conquer any fear or commitment; if you are afraid to delve into a relationship that allows you to explore the full spectrum of love and profoundly beautiful emotions, now is the time to ask yourself why that might be? On a psychological level, if there is no openness or willingness to expand and mindfully grow together, this might leave a Libran already in relationship feeling alone or out on a limb. Though partners could repeatedly reassure you, watch the saturnine mood and exercise awareness; it is your choice if you wish to remain in emotional pain, instead of love yourself (and therefore others) and releasing pent-up negativities by talking things through and forgiving, which is highly recommended while you have such unconditional planetary backing. There is no denying how matters of the heart can be complicated if we’re concerned only with self-cherishing. But love can also be made simple by litterally opening your heart. For the single Libran the serious suitor should be given consideration; for it seems as though love is around every corner, all you have to is stop staring at a brick wall (unless, of course, you’re Zen;)). Bring balance within (through meditation – chakra work, tai-chi yoga etch) and you will have balance in the world around you.

With this kind of synchronization, natural leadership qualities also come to the fore; with Saturn in Libra you turn into the current voice of celestial authority.  Patience, planning and perseverance, ambitions and long-held dreams also become a focal point, as you are able to apply yourself with ardour and diligence, especially when the Moon makes her monthly appearance in Cancer in your objective solar 10th house. Others also appreciate how just and fair and sweetly pushy Libra can be. Your ability to keep the peace is also a rare and called-for talent in the world, especially now, during this period of the Cardinal Cross, when you get an opportunity to shine and reveal loving (spiritual) accomplishments (most importantly for yourself).

A word of financial and psychological caution: Try not to be too miserly in the guise of traditional common sense. Remember that yours is the sign of evalutation, and everyone responds to a little sweetener. This a time when experience counts: Cast a backward glance to last November and note any major developments. Have you, after all this time, allowed love to flow and take responsibility for certain goals which you may have previously feared? Or do you think you need to ‘work’ some more upon your purpose? There is no time like the present to take that firm but gentle hand and guide yourself (and others) to a land of bliss. The stars really do urge you to feel the fear, but do it anyway, albeit ever-so-cautiously. Keep the love-light shining Libra; almost every major sphere of your life is now in a period of massive evolution which will benefit from Saturn in Libra’s dependable and conscientious wisdom: and know that the spiritual rewards of coming from your sacred heart will be truly tremendous. 

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Thanks to Urgyen Tenpa Rinpoche for the Karma Comes Photo; Alex Gray for the vajraheart, Bll Decker for healing hands, nomad bead company for Vajrasattva, and other unknown but much appreciated artists thank you all.



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