Tuesday, 16 August 2016

❤ Awakening the Heart ❤ Full Aquarius Moon August 18th 2016

☆ For stargazers who have wide orbs (of the astrological kind) like myself, when ‘The Lights’, Sun & Moon, are 17° away from the shadowy karmic nodal axis (a.k.a. the life-changing North and South node; and with contact between Lights and eclipse points already comfortable within 15 degrees) it denotes an ‘almost’ Lunar eclipse on 18th August, @9:25UT, only just skims the edge of the usual ecliptic parameters. August’s Full Moon is therefore the first in an unusual series of three ‘faint’ eclipses; with two Lunar eclipses either side of September 1st’s Earth Goddess Virgo Solar eclipse, encompassing universal signs, Aquarius and Pisces. A set of eclipses such as this, means the prospect for a collective wake-up call is heightened, and for many to experience a glimpse of clarity through awakening the heartmind, as a veil between ‘us’ and ‘other’ is slightly lifted, so we can hopefully see without prejudice or bias. 

☆ While this Full Moon eclipse will not turn a romantic copper-coloured red during this month-plus-long eclipse season (give or take a few days), the freedom-loving Full Aquarian Moon reflecting the bright light of the playful Leo Sun stills promises lots of fun and games. With a Full Moon that sextiles Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius (which then trines the Leo Sun) it portends sudden zaps and flashes of inspiration into past-present-future action - especially in regards to one’s own uniqueness and creativity, the gifts one brings to organisations and group situations can enhance the sense of ‘oneness’.
☆ Aquarius is an intellectual yet independent sign that is often rebellious; but there is currently a wonderful influence for casting a discerning eye that patiently allows these promised insights to bubble up through the ethers – insight which enables obstacles and issues to be sharply pinpointed without creating too much chaos or disruption. Being aware of hitches or hurdles that get in the way of goals, or hold back you or the team you are part of is half way to being able to overcome issues and seize any opportunity to better oneself – and improve relations with friends. (An excellent Full Moon for the Olympics!)
Aligning the crowd-crowning Aquarian Moon to a regal Leo Sun King, we need to remember how this Full Moon is a hair’s breadth within ecliptic orb, and situations can seem almost pre-destined.

☆ While the wacky, new and exciting holds a certain appeal under an Aquarian Moon, making allowances for seemingly neurotic or erratic behaviour empowers us to be of greater affect to seek alternatives that can help one self to help others. That said, with events, feelings and thoughts now subject to eccentric theatrics, keeping a light heart with an open mind will be a sign of strength, the kind of fortitude that encourages the express ability to be original and think creatively. Honours may even be bestowed to Leo-Aquarians who can stay on course and share their unique and individual talent(s) with kindred spirits (check 23-27° Leo/Aquarius in your personal horoscope scope as to what, how, or where); but to really bask in success, the consciously minded also considers the needs of others – and takes that into their remit when seemingly doing what pleases themselves..

☆ For a spiritual practitioner, subtle body energies detected either in meditation during the Full Moon, or when dealing with left-field out-of-nowhere sensation, idea, or action, could also produce an opportunity to participate in generating a kinder heart. Chakras from the heart to the third eye can also be super-sensitive during this Full Moon, as two fixed signs enter into celestial play, resolved to align head to heart. Energies may be active or blocked, but the Sun’s generously shared healing prana feeds the light of consciousness that resides at our own heart. And in home sign Leo, Sol’s resplendent and preferred position suggests a heart-chakra focused upon unconditional love raises our ability to shift the overall global vibration (aka the noosphere) from solely thinking about self (Sun in Leo) to the altruistic care of our collective brother-sister-hood, as indicated by Aquarius being the Moon’s hierarchical ruler. In esoteric astrology ‘hierarchical’ in this case refers to that part of oneself which emotes with the clear consciousness of the ‘higher self’, nurturing friendships and kinship purely for the greater good of all.

☆ Before looking further in-depth at Luna’s Full Moon aspects and other current transits, a word about eclipses as portals for unseen influences and psychic energy; eclipses can be triggers for powerful events and transformation. For when our three main celestial bodies, Sun, Moon and Earth lock into a formation that creates contrasting light and shadow, however faint or fierce, even a ‘softer’ eclipse such as this can coincide with dramatic revelations and events can become turning points in our lives, watersheds that propel entirely new trajectories.  The two other eclipses which belong to this triad are in September; the 1st sees a Virgo New Moon as an annual Solar eclipse (which, in itself is not so strong, but with Sun conjunct an exalted, but retrograde Mercury, communication, health, education and feminine concerns come directly under the celestial spotlight); last in the series sees the September 16th Full Pisces Moon also only a partial Lunar eclipse. But it is the Full Moon closest to Earth’s equinox, which gives greater influence and the change of season becomes obvious (into Autumn or Spring, depending upon which hemisphere you are in).
☆ The Aquarian Luna also conjuncts asteroid Pallas Athena, and fixed star Deneb Algedi: the former a symbol of wonder woman, the successful and strategic warrior woman; the latter a professional advisor with aims to protect and help others.  This combination has all the potential for altruistic action – to serve by leading, even in the face of (home-grown) drama.  Remember it’s an ‘almost’ eclipse: there will be no actual shadow crossing to see on either Sun or Moon. There may also be the feeling of a close shave with the dark side’s emotional and unseen shadow, but at the same time the Light of the Leo sun affords the chance to overcome fears and shine a steady light when walking or witnessing the wild side. 

As current markers of change, this set of eclipses also resonates at similar degrees and signs ( 23-27° Leo/Aquarius), as those coming up February 2017.  Good to note in the diary where and how you are now, as a place to look back for comparison, when Feb ’17 rolls around.

☆ Between 17th/18th August Full Moon and the Libra Air Equinox, there is, however, a manageable month-size chunk of time, where one learns to adjust to new seasonal rhythms. No one should be complacent between now and then, or get too lost in a motley crew shamanic party scene, as there are several other aspects coursing the heavens that carry great astrological import, such as the magnificent Mars-Saturn-Antares conjunction (exact 24th August). The Scorpions’ piercing red eye now aids dynamic Mars and the other malefic, Saturn, to see in the dark. This triangle of active taskmasters now has laser-like vision to determine exactly what is important in life – truth and freedom, wisdom and compassion – to then cautiously and diligently work on whatever it is that gives life most meaning for you.

☆ For those seeking the astro weather: geo cosmic activity – volcanic fires & cyclonic winds may also blow during the first part of this eclipse season.
Places where many people gather can also be of concern in case of sudden dramas; be especially cautious in crowds and places of long-distant transit and travel, prayer, healing, and law-courts.   
May you go mindfully throughout this rather interesting triple set of eclipses. If you want to be happy, be altruistic. Practice compassion, and start to glow from the inside, with a genuine, happy heart.