Sunday, 28 October 2012

Scorpio Sun ☼ Taurus Full Moon ~> Karmic Love

Tomorrow’s Full Taurus Halloween Moon (Monday 29th October at 19:51 GMT; 15:51EST; Delhi Tuesday 30th 1:21am:) is already INTENSE. Opposite the mysterious and secretive Scorpio Sun, currently conjunct karmic Saturn, this full Moon prompts a deeper understanding of how karma works, which is fundamental to our individual and collective transformation, now cosmically symbolised by Saturn in Scorpio. 

When we are conscious of the karmic ‘law of cause and effect’ (and how we even create karma in our sleep!) we can then develop faith and trust to mindfully raise our spiritual vibration and keep the love in our heart. Scorpio is THE sign of trust. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio accents powerful renewal and that part of our self which has the strength to let go of something which no longer serves. For it is often only when something dies that we discover our deepest emotions; and an inexhaustible well of concentrated potency comes to life through the revived power of Spirit. Through confronting death - as in the loss of a loved one, finances, ideas, things, or even through loss of ego identity in sexual union, any of these experiences can transport us into the very depths of our being, so that we release the outmoded to emerge stronger and wiser and be reborn. Saturn’s two year sojourn in Scorpio highlights the sustained discipline needed to continue the dramatic make-over. And as 2012 draws to a close, Saturn begins to form a harmonious aspect with Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, so we’d be wise to utilise Saturn’s other gifts – patience and prudence in our revitalising process.

Exalted in Taurus (the best possible sign for the Moon to be:)), the Halloween full Moon casts a very good aspect to Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler, reminding us that the power of LOVE works hand in hand with the power of RENEWal.

It is also the full Moon which marks the run up to the second of this year’s ‘eclipse season’, with a new Moon solar eclipse on the 13th November, and its’ pairing full Moon lunar eclipse on the 28th November. During this time, seismic shifts happen within our personal consciousness and as well as with Mother Earth.

Before then though, Buddhists will celebrate Lord Buddha’s acceptance to descend from the 'God Realms of Thirty Three tomorrow'; the actual descent is commemorated on 6th November. (More on that to come from me, when I shall be on retreat with one of my most venerated living masters, Jangtse Choje Rinpoche Lobsang Tenzin).

Until then I leave you with a quote "The more you are motivated by Love, The more Fearless & Free your actions will be."

~ H.H. Dalai Lama ~

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New Libra Moon ~> Oct 2012

Change is now very much in the air. The leaves are turning colour and falling – slowly (in northern hemisphere), and tomorrow’s new Libra Moon (at 13:02 British Summer time, 8:02EST) highlights the need for LOVE and a peaceful heart-mind in the midst of continued transformation, as well as a realistic view and practical plan in order to concretise dreams.

Luckily, dynamic Mars, currently in soul-se

eking Sagittarius, prompts our Spiritual Warrior into action. The scarlet planet makes spectacular celestial aspects in this fresh quest for truth, respect, and freedom; now separating from a confrontation with nebulous Neptune, clouds of confusion could even be lifting – though the intensity of concerns persists. Yet with personal responsibility accepted, authority riven veils may also lift to reveal a crack of light in the darkness. The way is thus clearing for potential growth (difficult, slow and rewarding) and/or quick-change (much easier, especially when seen as part of a long-term process).

At the same time as tomorrow’s new moon (at 22 degrees Libra) – which holds a mixed celestial message of loving kindness and harmony through special insight and responsible engagement – fiery Mars forms an intense but helpful trine (120 degrees) aspect to awakening Uranus; this, (due to Mars being the ruler of Aries, the sign in which Uranus currently resides) is a particularly strong connection that instills bravery and rallies competition, be that with self or others. Passions may therefore also be quick to rise throughout this dark and new Moon phase.

It’s a wise Spiritual Warrior who now implements self-initiated change within one’s own personality and lifestyle, anticipating compromise in relations to others before getting too hot under the Martian collar. Best bear in mind how anger wipes out any hard-earned points in the karmic merit bank, and know there is strength to be gained as mindful self-improvement makes for an altruistic heart.

The collective higher mind is currently evolving by transmuting selfishness into selflessness; tap into this mind set and it will be surprisingly easier to experience connectivity, co-operation, and spiritual liberation. Alice A. Bailey refers to the energy surrounding a Libra moon such as this as the opportunity to "escape from opposing forces at the midway point between the source and the goal", which is the point of balance and beauty.

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image by Catherine Nelson

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dakini Heart ~> Sun in Libra Moon in Leo 2012

Dakini Day Blessings!

Goddess LOVE directly emanates from the Dakini HEART ♥

Feel that ♥´¯`•L❀VE•´¯`•♥ today, as Spirit Sun in relationship and beauty-orientated Libra, makes a delightfully harmonious and elegant aspect to the sensitive Dakini Moon, now in majestic Leo (the sign which rules the heart :)) ♥

Having Sun and Moon in this helpful and dynamic, determined ‘yang’ combination accents kindness and generosity, indicating a pleasant sociable time marked by inspired style, creative culture, and artistic ideas.

A waning Dakini Moon in loyal Leo enables one to transform fear into love and remain equanimious, unaffected by negative emotions, and maintain a romantic and playful quality within all endeavours. This particular Leo Moon also makes a good aspect to wise Jupiter, providing strength and courage to face challenging situations with a just and positive response, a quick mind, and a brave, optimistic front. Good day for feasting with friends! ♥´¯`•.¸¸.♥

The Dakini Moon displays an ability to overcome a negative mind-set. A personal chart reading helps one to synthesis all goodness into workable wisdom. Please check my blog for Dharma Stars rates :) ♥ xl

Image is 'Angel Heart' by Visual Alchemist Bill Brouard

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Profound Trust ~> Saturn in Scorpio 6th Oct 2012 ~> 2015

The zodiac’s ‘Karmic Taskmaster’, Saturn is, on the 6th October, about to make a momentous move from one (tropical) sign to another, leaving beahind the sign of the Libran scales, where he is exalted and will not return until 2039! That’s a long time, as it takes 28-ish years to experience the wisdom of Saturn’s lessons through all 12 signs of the Zodiac. This particular turn of Saturn through Libr
a has been about opening the heart in a very real and personal way – even in difficult situations, finding harmony and resting at centre. While Saturn now stands at the last 29th degree of Libra, we can look back over the previous two and half years to assess the lessons learned when dealing with Libra issues, such as love and peace in partnership, be the collaboration in marriage or business. Saturn exalted in Libra shows a middle way. As the taskmaster craves to achieve recognition within successful loving relationship, Saturn in Libra revealed how important it is to come from the heart, to be aware of our own part in creating causes and their affects, and how to remain fair, just and balanced.

Now this wise and weighty ringed planet is moving into the intense water sign, Scorpio, relationships deepen and the complexities of intimate karmic connections, especially ones which wield a magnetic power and influence, come to the fore. Saturn here tends to look for long-term shared investment, working obsessively towards transformation to reveal deep inner and often hidden magical resources. The combination of disciplined Saturn and secretive Scorpio hones insight, often through profound (tantric) meditation, enabling one to use an laser-like perception to cut through the nonsense and reveal the truth. Even if one does not like what one sees, having this acute sensitivity provides inordinate amount of strength and determination (to use one's practice) as tools for dramatic transformation.

Astro students will note how Saturn in Scorpio is in ‘mutual reception’ with Pluto in Capricorn (i.e. both planets are in the other’s sign), indicating a potential for extreme reactions to karmic circumstance, either good or bad. Buddhism views every situation, even difficult one, as a means to practice dharma. So perhaps the most important lesson Saturn in Scorpio offers is TRUST.

Those with planets in Scorpio will already probably sense the time is fast approaching to get real, be responsible, and overcome life's obstacles with a more serious long-term approach.

Monday, 1 October 2012

A Harvest of Insight ~> Full Aries Moon Sept 2012

2012's Full Harvest Moon in Aries activates my own Aries Moon. Initially, I wondered how this might ‘affect’ me. Of course, in Buddhism there is no ‘me’ to affect :) and in astrology the stars incline and don’t impel. (So the nonexistent ‘I’ either consciously or unconsciously makes one’s own destiny! ;)) But it was actually a personal breakthrough – so symbolic of an activating Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, the Great Awakener – that I suddenly ‘felt’ with my whole being something so simple, which I had intellectually understood for over twenty years. And this makes me aware of how important this full moon is.

Let me share my own personal ‘ah-ha’ moment, which is the recognition of how vital it is to maintain a calm-abiding meditation practice in order generate compassion towards others (in Tibetan this meditation is called ‘Shamata’). Without this personal practice of harmonising one’s heart-mind, one is less able to easily be loving and kind. Of course one can be always be considerate if one cares to; but the kind of total thoughtful concern for others that I am talking about, which consistently has the benefit of others at heart, takes years if not lifetimes of contemplation, hence the emphasis that all spiritual traditions place upon meditation.

It seems surprising to acknowledge how I have ‘known’ how important it is to ‘do the practice’; but now, over this full moon, I have ‘emotionally experienced’ the wisdom of this most basic meditation – that personal practice (Aries) provides a treasury of LOVE (Libra). And this depth of feeling (associated with the Moon) makes all the difference; as greater freedom comes from understanding how real (Uranian) liberation means ones is no longer bound by circumstance, causes or conditions – and that is quite a big step on the process of spiritual transformation, developing compassion, wisdom and strength in any event or situation!

All this is very much in accord with the current celestial line-up as the harmonious Libra Sun opposes the dynamic Aries Moon, which sits next to unpredictable yet altruistic Uranus, and both in Tsquare to powerful Pluto. These stars ask us to consider how we relate – to ourselves and to loved ones and, because friendly Uranus is in the mix conjunct the Moon in Aries Uranus takes on a more important role, as the planet of kindred spirits is also the higherarchical ruler of Aries, suggesting all the Ram's individuality is best served when living for the benefit of others (which is the Mahayana principle); this Moon conjunct Uranus assesses how we fit into the collective aspiration of personal freedom, altruisim and transformation.

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