Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ahimsa * Non Violence ~ Full Leo Moon conjunct Mars

Passion is seriously heightened over this full Leo Moon (10 degrees) on the weekend of January 30th (6:18 am), as la Luna joins forces with an aroused retrograde Mars. Whilst firing together in tandem excitement abounds, and as they oppose our spirited Aquarian Sun, which is in union with friendly Venus, fervour ignites. Bear in mind that emotions can overwhelm during any full Moon, but this one promises to be more ardent with the slightest spark making anyone hot under the collar. This could work for us or against us. The danger is that because of impatiently wanting react (even to aggression or criticism) we could become too egotistical, too self-orientated or selfish, and a delicate situation might escalate out of hand. Co-operation is called for if we want to enlist the help and support of partners and loved ones. Taming a Leo lion’s hungry heart is easier through love, confidence and trust – fear, fury or betrayal would only rouse tempers.
Going after what we want (as opposed to what we need) at the expense of others could also back-fire. A partner, loved one, or anyone else we meet is likely to be defensive if badly or wrongly challenged, and swiftly rise to the bait. When the Moon is with Mars, anger is all too easy to arise. The Buddhist take on anger is that it is not only one of the three poisons (ignorance and desire being the other two), but by allowing ourselves to lose our cool, we also prevent ourselves from seeing any situation clearly; it also wipes out, in one fell swoop, any good karma deposted in the karmic bank of heavenly merit. Angry responses also complicate already tricky situations. Luckily, the cosmos also now accents the antidote to any tantrums, which is quick thinking mindfulness allowing one to communicate clearly. For the Aquarian Sun is a cool and intellectual air sign, aware that all feelings and thoughts, opinions and ideas stem from the mind. Hence the stars also suggest we can have the ability to cut short any escalation of hurt or wrathful feelings, which might destroy further relations. Should you find yourself in the midst of an overheated situation over this weekend, look beyond external appearances. Ask yourself if others are reflecting frustration, resentment or something in you? And as non-violence, ‘Ahisma’, is the number one rule in yoga, take any confrontation as a cue to go inside for a moment. Tune into your breathing to note knots in the stomach, or heat rising in the body as a prelude to anger, or any other physical signs.
This Leo Moon says ‘Be Brave’ if someone (a family member, for example) starts to pick a fight, forgive and let it go. Be gentle with yourself and others for head and heart to align and create the kind of peace, love and understanding that all beings can benefit from. Also worth baring in mind is how anger, frustration and resentment can be worked off, temporarily, by getting physical in the gym or dance the night away. Leo is, after all, the sign of the best rip-roaring parties!

Thanks to Bill Brouard for catwoman - other artists unknown but much appreciated.

Building the Framework ~ Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Whenever we have the sensation that change is afoot, it can be rather disconcerting. Especially if there are no obvious concrete or practical plans regarding the direction a new, but seemingly inevitable development might take? If you can feel an undercurrent of dramatic change, either on a personal or global level, take heart: We are still in eclipse season, and 2010’s first real turning point is about to be revealed. Having ushered in the New Year under the auspices of a partial eclipse of the Full Moon, the second and more decisive solar eclipse (they always come in pairs) is on the 15th January, when Sun and new Moon join forces in the sign of Capricorn, the sign recognised for invested practical effort. This happens the same day that communicative Mercury goes forward, taking the breaks off Capricorn objectives, enabling one to present ideas more clearly.
Capricorn resonates with the karmic law of cause and effect, in much as those born with this sign prominent in the horoscope tend to comprehend that everything said, thought or done, has a knock-on effect: As we sow, so shall we reap; or in modern language: What we put in, we can get out – even against all odds – as long as we do it right. It takes a certain amount of discipline, authority and confidence to develop this kind of deep faith - not just in oneself to achieve, but also that others will appreciate the skill, determination and sheer ambition to accomplish the empirical Capricorn goal. So when the Sun and Moon meet in this sign a potent portal of energy opens, signalling a time to build, stirring big business into action, be it personal, professional or political. Spiritually speaking, this is wonderful time to build a framework for pratice, and give oneself a discipline that will generate the awareness of how to be of greater assistance to humanity (and create positive karma).
It’s worth noting when eclipses happen, which is twice a year, six months apart working on an 18.3 yearly cycle. The next set is in the summer; also in the signs Cancer and Capricorn, suggesting an evolution of instinctual consciousness with combined spiritual awareness. A good rule of thumb, when going through any kind of watershed now, is to think back 18-ish years and see what was happening and evaluate any similar defining moments. Then note how we follow our destiny. A cosmic union of Sun and Moon aligning with Earth creates intense and dramatic turning points in many areas: As an integral part of the alignment, our planet, Earth, also experiences powerful pressure levels, with volcanoes, earthquakes and high tides all quite common during these few weeks. And as we humans are intricately connected to the heavenly lights, Sun and Moon, we are too are subject to similar seismic shifts. During an eclipse it is therefore most important to protect psychically as well as physically, and connect to the holy light of Spirit within. The ability to unite with Spirit could also become easier for many in the early part of this year as beneficial Jupiter, bringer of favourable expansion, moves into Pisces, the sign of spiritual world service, on Monday the 18th.
pic credits: Michael Ash for beautiful Tara hand; Michael Lujan for the extraordinary triple ying-yang gakyl - if anyone knows where the other hands come from please forward. xl