Friday, 31 July 2015

☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆ Guru Purnima ~> Blue Lammas Moon _/♥\_

 July’s consciousness-raising Blue Moon, tomorrow, Friday 31st @8Aquarius-Leo 11:42BST, is astrologically marked for honouring spiritual friends and teachers, with a Full Moon known as ‘Guru Purnima’. Even if we get our knowledge or understanding from a book, now is the time to acknowledge those who share their sagacity, insight and intelligence. Many in the ego-driven West think honoring transcendental teachers is beyond personal remit; and often we believe we can become realised beings on our own. But it is the rare jewel who comes into the world radiant and enlightened, as someone usually has to teach us the basics in almost everything, from sitting in the correct position to breathing meditation, so that we can practice and perfect. Imagine a world if everyone kept and guarded for themselves all they knew and understood!

 Its worth mentioning that the whole point about gaining wisdom and spiritual realisation is to be able to generate Bodhicitta, which is the Tibetan Buddhist word for the dedication to live for others to gain full enlightenment. To help us reach this same enlightened state, spiritual teachers open our hearts to remove fear and obscuration; at the same time they impart motivation and encouragement so we can become aware of our own personal skills and means to help ourselves to help others. For all this we give thanks at this special cross-quarter (Lammas) Full Moon of Fixed Fire and Air, when clarity and confidence can inspire, setting the heart-mind onto a powerful and positive trajectory with determination and focus  _/\_

 From the esoteric astrological point of view the hierarchical ruler of the Moon is Aquarius, suggesting objectivity is required when tuning into intuition, especially when dealing with emotions, or emotional situations. Note: By being love and repeatedly doing what is best for everyone, miracles will surely happen.
Photo by our very own Olivier Adam, of older nun tenderly teaching young nun the magical mudra of Mount Meru _/\_ with ℒℴѵℯ & thanks _/✿\_

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New Moon in Moon-ruled Cancer ♋ 15th/16th July 2015 ~>

☼ ✰··☾♡☽··✰ ☼
Tonight/Tomorrow’s New Moon in Cancer @2:25BST (21:25EST) accents deeply emotional reactions to issues that can make one feel defensive and want to crawl back into the proverbial crab shell. There's also a tendency to be impressionable, absorbing other's emotions easily. Psychic interconnection heightens when Sun and Moon are in Cancer - all of which may or may not be a good thing, depending upon how this profound sensitivity to others is used.

Sun & Moon, ‘The Lights’, are also making a several complex connections in the sky, involving a helpful aspect to karmic Saturn, as well as being conjunct both, informative Mercury and dynamic Mars; these 'relationship' planets are also in Cancer, sparking off a potential new and passionate way of communicating how one cares, which is hopefully with creativity and kindness (perhaps even in reaction to all the heavier degradation we see around). And even though some interactions may raise the temperature, the trick is to catch any anger, or resentement and redirect any hot-headed passion (encountered or generated) into creative pursuits that make everyone feel secure.

All these planets in Cancer can also bring out a mothering instinct that kicks into action to relieve suffering, show mercy, and nurture and look after others as if they were family. This is the way of ‘The Bodhisattva’, a person who defers Buddhahood in preference to being a source of unconditional love, for all beings – not just human beings.

This New Moon also sparks the infamous 7-hit Uranus-Pluto square (the vibration of which lingers into 2018), which has been representing society’s radical changes, through technology (among other things). Our own ability to be the agent of our own change and exercise compassionate in any given situation may seem like a lot to ask for, but the heavens do tend to incline and not compel.

Lastly, this lunation also sees one of the year's most important Buddhist Wheel-Turning days, Chökhor Düchen, on the 20th July. , The 4th day of the 6th month in the Tibetan Calendar, is a karma-mulitplied day, commemorating the Buddha’s first teaching on ‘The Four Nobel Truths’. It is also when The Lights make their first positive aspect to each other enroute to a heart-healing Full Blue moon, July 31st.

Thanks to unknown artist for artwork of Kwan Yin, 'The One who Hears the Cries of the World' _/♡\_

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sun in Cancer – Last Quarter Moon in Aries ~> ‘mutual reception’

Goddess Tara – Medicine Buddha Moon _/✿\_

Sun in Cancer – Last Quarter Moon in Aries

Due to an astrological association called ‘mutual reception’, this often tense combination of ‘The Lights’, at the Last Quarter Moon phase, can now actually work rather well. This is because both Sun and Moon are in signs in which the other is strengthened, i.e. the Sun is exalted in Aries and the Moon rules Cancer.

Goddess Tara now blesses this specific astral arrangement which enhances bravery as well as confidence, so that even unusually stressful conditions can quickly be resolved with courage and conviction. Also, as the hyper-sensitive Moon is currently conjunct Uranus, the planet of sudden surprise, events and ideas benefit from original thinking, uniquely outside any box. An impulsive quick change could easily lead to innovation – yet patience is still called for, especially when dealing with group situations, friends and technology. And as the Cancerian Sun also conjuncts Mars (the ruler of Aries) it’s compounds the momentum to make things happen, hopefully without becoming so self-absorbed that it kills empathy. Be aware that eradicating selfish elements (particularly within ones’ self) requires continual awareness, as well as tolerance, loving kindness, and repeated good intentions (so that one becomes familiar with raising the altruistic intention by doing what is best for everyone); and that catching ones’ self before frustration, resentment or anger takes over because others aren’t moving fast enough, or doing what we want, involves clear and objective self-awareness – and practice. For the spiritual warrior, each time we stop the mind from wandering into dangerous territory, where accumulated positive karma is wiped-out by anger in nanosecond, it's a victory towards liberation. Embrace such freedom now: there is no time like the present to increase compassion in action! 

°˖✧◝( ◠‿◠ )◜✧˖° Tara Mantra ~> Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha _/\_