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SCORPIO ~ Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun ~ Evolution through training the MIND

Scorpio ~ Scorpio Rising 
3rd Solar House Pluto
6th  Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries
9th Solar house Moon in Cancer
12th Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
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Cardinal Cross of the Central Spritual Sun
Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is mega active in this Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun. Pluto now resident in the 3rd house of the communication represents nothing short of a radical transformation of the mind (Lojong = mind training in Tibetan). This means over the coming years, (until 2024 to be precise!) you’ll be learning how to replace all kinds of negative thoughts with positive ones, all kinds of harmful intention with helpful intent, and all kinds of thoughtless actions with mindful behaviour.  While you might think you have all the time in the world to complete this unusual celestial request, the current zeitgeist is on fast-track.  So there is little time to waste in changing your attitude, and delving into the psychological melting pot called ‘the dualistic mind’ and setting your special insight on nothing short of ENLIGHTENMENT so that you can radiate your light in a blissful field of consciousness.

Up until now you could have been dealing with more materialistic quests, but the deeper you delve into the magic of the expansive mind, you could begin to realise that there is more to this world than money and stuff, even if they do have fashionable logos attached to them. By all heavenly accounts your view is changing, growing and spacious; and you now have the celestial go-ahead to mould your thoughts and change the way your brain thinks to develop a mind of consciousness.  But in order for a new way of thinking to take hold, you first have to release into the void any nihilist tendency, emotional density, or obsessive mindset. Resistance to letting go is futile. Holding on to desperate dreams and illusions, reliant on sex, security and stimulation - or prying into the lives of others as a means of distraction, won’t work. With karmic Saturn in his joy in the 12th house, you have to grab the whole shebang and stop the cyclic karma from constantly repeating bad habits: Through the power of a mind in clear light (radiating beyond the quantum entanglement) you will realise how thoughts have wings and every little flutter across the screen that show’s the mind’s projection has a vibration – albeit subtle. But the more subtle the energy, the longer it lasts. So while you’re in the midst of this once-in-every-seven-life-times transformation, remember that most of our daily thoughts are just machinations of the previous days’.  If you are gripped by destructive emotions it’s more difficult to climb out of negative spiral, unless you make a conscious effort.

One of the subjects swirling about your mental merry-go-round: what exactly is it about seeming thankless activities that attracted you in the first place. With Jupiter and Uranus in your house of service you may want to throw out certain tasks completely, and totally turn around your daily routine. This you are duty bound to do.  But before you set a new routine into place, there is a spiritual wisdom to be fully assimilated: the path of Zen. Accepting the ordinary as you would the extraordinary is the way of the equanimous mind.  The human mind is not liberated by getting bogged down by competitive ambition or by slavishly hooked into desire of having faith eroded by worry. The stars now say ‘Never Give Up’ being at peace. Remain optimistic and be kind to yourself: give yourself a few months to really get to grips with all the changes taking place, both in your daily life, and within your own questioning mind, and make the most of a new-found freedom in your ordinary world: play with it, lightly and gently, and be where calm abides. The demands of balancing Uranus and Jupiter in the 6th with Saturn in the 12th solar house, being of practical service combined with world, universal service, require that you make friends with your ego and surrender self into oneness.

"One of the most effective ways to overcome anxiety is to try to shift the focus of attention away from self and toward others. When we succeed in this, we find that the scale of our own problems diminishes. This is not to say we should ignore our own needs altogether, but rather that we should try to remember others' needs alongside our own, no matter how pressing ours may be." --- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

With your ruler powerful Pluto, now squaring up to restrictive Saturn in the sphere of your scope that urges you to realise how certain situations are beyond your control, this could make you feel quite uncomfortable; and when the Moon makes her monthly opposition to Pluto you could feel as though you are cut off at this Cardinal crossroad, not quite knowing which way to go. Even so, as Pluto is in the sphere of public relations and communication: you are urged to examine all kinds of ideas in a rational new way aligning mind to the Divine; this position of Pluto in regards to Saturn suggests you must also learn TRUST in your deepest feelings: Go to your CENTRE, let intuition guide you.  That way, you know you are being true to yourself. Should you get stressed, make and take time out to relax. 

For all Scorpios, the greatest lesson in love is to love unconditionally, surrendering to the Divine’s sacred heart. This most honourable manner of relating could be easier said than done; and one which often gets overlooked with - and by – Scorpio, whose magnetic and sexy reputation tends to precede them wherever they go.

Everyone tends to want something from loved ones in one form or another. It might be a cuddle, a lift to the shops, a helping hand here and some reassurance there – Apart from a mother’s unconditional love, rarely do two people completely accept each other as they are, being in each other’s company and able to give selflessly without asking for anything in return. Yet now is the time for Scorpio to learn how to put aside power games, and to be totally one hundred percent involved with the cosmic love vibration, bringing joy and peace to everyone (and not just your lover) as a mother would her child. For the single Scorpio this means that when assessing potential partners (and this could happen anytime) look for someone to trust, someone who can love all you for all your foibles; someone who can enjoy sharing your deeply profound emotions and your longing to overcome the lust of the distracted mind. For the Scorpio in relationship, adjusting to new ways of being with your loved one could mean that you take the lead with higher aspirations, the road less travelled, with divinity at your core.  This is bound to require mindful awareness on your part, and you could be tempted to revert to old games of wild drama and high stress, and possibly lose sleep in the process. But all Scorpios must beware not to misinterpret divine love for idolising their beloved; it only makes the deified icon lonely.  With your ruler Pluto in the versatile solar 3rd, a part of you could enjoy being totally open and honest about your intentions, while another side might  close-off and become the happy geek tucked safely away out of sight, so others will not expect too much from you.  The stars say you can have it both ways: it’s just a matter of timing. Try not to sweat the small stuff so much of time, and allow your self to enjoy the looming bigger picture and the path to liberation, to infinity and beyond.

A good celestial timing exercise is to check back in your diary to the end of July: note which area of life has dramatically grown, changed or morphed. Has it been your ideas? A pyscholigcal revelation? A person? Your work load? Or a life-changing event? One way or another, these past weeks will have shown exactly which sphere of daily life are currently up for development.  The only quick spiritual fix is found on the meditation cushion: Be patient before this period of expansion comes to an end in a year or so - stay in the present, as for the next few months it may be necessary to first go backwards, in order to then go forwards. This back flip is due to spacious Jupiter going into retrograde motion, giving you space to reassess your world. This is good, as it gives you a chance to revise certain subjects that could have recently shocked you into clarity. Something else to look forward to while Jupiter retrogrades is how an old creativity could revive itself, or an old flame could be rekindled. The chances are that you could well be tempted to relight any fire, at the very least you can re-friend. In many ways the heavens keep pointing to a pivotal point in your personal evolution and development, especially when it comes to appreciating the way you re-organise, approach and deal with matters.  So while the celestial climate is one of creative tension, and you might be on the verge of stressing out, worrying about what you know (or don’t know), and whether you’re simply up for the job, try to see any karmadrama as a chance to go beyond into a place of acceptance and calm. Even if you reach a make or break point (again!), be aware how you could let simple things become a major challenge – and now you are letting all that go. It could be something as daft as a neighbour, friend, or sibling that sets your mind racing. The relevant secret to handling much of the madness modern Samsara throws one’s way is to learn how to breathe, and, at the same time create an escape route to a peaceful haven so that you can access your Central Spiritual Sun. Breath is the mind's vehicle which connects to Divine Spirit. Make sure during this time of the Cardinal Cross that if you are putting-in the hours in other areas, you also make time for pampering mind, body and soul to attain unity with the DIVINE. Meditation, yoga, singing, and dancing to your favourite music, are all ways to relax the overworked mind and reconnect to your centre and elevate your beautiful Scorpio spirit in supreme bliss.

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