Saturday, 21 August 2010

Shadow in Crisis ☀ Saturn Pluto closing square ☀ August 21st 2010

Like collective alchemists through the authority of LOVE, we’re now able to work with our shadow side and transmute even the most difficult negative energy. By eliminating the fear-feeding vampires from the psyche, we transmogrify suffering into positive expressions of honesty, justice and integrity, and therefore regenerate the balanced heart.

Today sees the last of the 3 ‘real & raw’ Saturn-Pluto squares, accenting magical transformation. It’s an interesting combination of planetary energies; one is subtle and deep, powerful and unseen: which is Pluto; the other is influential and real, solid and recognisable: Saturn. 

Together they generate a controlling force for light or dark. This is a mighty aspect full of rejuvenating promise and the magic of rebirth; it suggests harnessing discipline, patience and responsibility to collectively revitalise traditional but outmoded destructive systems by eliminating the all that no longer serves and evolve.

And although this final square on Saturday 21st ends a series which began in November '09, bringing home the need for managing destructive tendency, this is a part of a larger cycle, which began in 1982. This powerfully renewing cycle now completes a crisis phase of conscience, which occurs during a closing square.  

This Saturn - Pluto cycle began in 1982, when Saturn was also exalted in Libra. It ends in 2020 when Saturn will be at home in Capricorn. Therein lies a clue in how to handle the nature of the cycle: by understanding Saturn's need for exaltation, and its requirement to build (sustainable) society, based upon (Libran) peace, love and fairness as a means to gaining the recognition Saturn desires; i.e. if Saturnian authority behaves fairly and justly, it receives the praise and respect, name and fame. But if Saturnian authority throws its weight around, it also gains name and fame, but does not receive any respect, it just rules through fear. Mass control, through various terrorist organisations, has been a major signature of this particular cycle - but power needn’t be so heavy handed.  We need not live in fear, as this cycle is also about responsible collective regeneration.  Okay, some kinky souls might enjoy karmic-whipping bondage, but this particular Saturn Pluto cycle actually recommends stabilising with love and trusting insight to rise above the vibration of fear, and have the strength to personally lift off any chains of oppression that prevent us from experiencing magical bliss.

The first applying square these two heavy-weights made was in '93, when both planets were locked in fixed home signs: Saturn in Aquarius & Pluto in Scorpio: co-operative transformation were already key words at this early stage of the cycle, with the birth of the internet, for instance.

The opposition between the two planets came in 2001, when Saturn was in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius; this mutable opposition was marked by the dramatic change which ensued by the tragic 911, when we saw fearful communication and fundamentalist truths become the order of the day. Now we are at the closing square, made all the more interesting as we are one whole Saturn cycle on from the beginning of this 38 year cycle. This means that (along with those whose charts seriously constellate with these signs and planets) a whole bunch of 28-29-30 year olds are intensely feeling the pressure to renew resources. Perhaps this Saturn in Libra generation are more in tune, able to easily intuit what to work on in order to find harmony. By the time the two planets meet again to complete this cycle, they will be in boundary making Capricorn, where Saturn is at home, in 2020; by then the writing may well be on the wall, with all kinds of institutions up for renewal. Interesting times... 

We must also consider that this Saturn-Pluto square is part of the ongoing t'square, with Jupiter/Uranus opposing the Saturn, to also square Pluto (which becomes the cardinal cross again September 3rd). Authoritarian Saturn is the only planet going forward, other energies are being internalised. So this square has a distinctively different kind of feel, as though our personal authority knows that the only way to gain respect. Also, interesting to note: according to Alice A. Bailey, because of being bound to the material world, Saturn cannot follow man onto the Spritual Cardinal Cross, which uses Uranus as its agent to manifest awareness.

Applying these cycles, including the Cardinal Cross, to our personal lives can be so revealing; especially when we look back we can hopefully learn from our experiences. We can also see how the cosmic law of cause and effect works in our life, and how we often repeat Saturn's karma until we learn the lesson, however hard that lesson might be, to then be free of the karma. ♥ xl

thanks as always to Bill Brouard, for his lotus heart & other unknown artists  

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