Thursday, 30 December 2010

Stormy Solstice Mission ~ Mars Square Saturn Dec'10

Active Mars now squares slow-coach Saturn. With both planets in exaltation - Mars in Capricorn & Saturn in Libra - this tense square could well contribute to stirring up a massive tempest on Saturn, the likes of which haven't been seen in decades. According to Nasa, who are running a Casini Solstice Mission (as an ode to Saturn's rulership over Capricorn's ingress at Winter Solstice?!),  these storms apparently happen every 28.5 years, which is one Saturn cycle! Though according to one British newspaper the last time it happened was 1990, and before that 1960, 1933 and 1903.  Of course, I couldn't resist looking to see exactly where Saturn was during those years. Interestingly, Saturn was at home in Capricorn for '90 & '60, but in the sign of its traditional rulership, Aquarius, for '33 & '03.  

A quick history google (Saturn rules time) came up with all kinds of wildness, such as Elvis entering the Army ('60) and Imelda Marcos and Kashoggi officially not being corrupt in 1990 (huh?), along with nuclear threat galore. So without doing more intensive research (unlikely, as with this quadruple Capricorn my work load is ON) I wouldn't like to say what connection these storms might have with our relative world - apart adding the observation from my friend Helene Transit, who suggested this exaltation has brought snow instead of water.  As you probably know, I use very wide orbs and planets being in square by sign is perfectly acceptable (especially when there is so much public anger (Mars) in relation to our own Earhtly storms). For it seems in mid-december (when this storm was first identified) there was a wide 10 degree square between the two planets. I can live with that, very comfortably.

Astrologically speaking, this configuration is about testing patience. Warrior Mars is passionate but not bloodthirsty in Capricorn, where he is Major General as opposed to the ordinary foot soldier.  Mars here likes to build and create order, shouldering responsibility whilst hobnobbing with the powers that be. Lets not forget that Mars is currently near Pluto, the North Node, Pallas Athena, and the Sun, so there is bound to be some kind of call to action, with Mars as the Sun's henchman.  In square to the exhalted Saturn in Libra, the challenge is to see the value in going slower, at a steadier pace, something Mars rarely does, preferring to recklessly charge into places where angels fear to tread, often to his own detriment.  

According to another site, however, it seems these storms have been brewing all year - with this storm as the biggie? Who knows if it will get any bigger. But its also interesting to note with the plethora of planets now in Capricorn also accenting Saturn (in exaltation) how this erruption also mirrors the various power structrues which are behaving in a seemingly stormy fashion (banks, for instance). Saturn rules stable boundaries, and Mars in Capricorn will actively draw the line. In Libra, the Saturnian authority ought care with fairness and love. According to Alice ABailey, any Saturnian body that cannot be just (Libra) will fail to gain the love and respect it craves and therefore fails to evolve into higher chakra vibration, having to remain in the heart, until, that is, Saturn understands the power of love.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

1:1:11 Remember the Future Now ~ Happy New Year!

Transforming the way we energise mind, body and spirit, is currently the celestial order . Though instead of addressing the need to turn over a new leaf for the New Year, the immediate appeal - especially during these winter months - could be to duck under the duvet and preserve every ounce of oomph and chutzpah for dealing with everyday concerns, which of course now means parties and pledges. And while we toast 01:01:11, I have one question: Will this next year be the year when we awaken to our true nature, changing obsessive desire by opting for something so much more sustainable, such as love and beauty, truth and openess? 

Going through the New Year's magical 1:1:11 portal, double master numbers foster psychic awareness, stability and strength.  The stars (and numbers) are saying ‘there is no time like the present’ to awaken the immense wonder inherent in every being. Now is the time to be the practical visionary: Make a wish! Set your magical intention into motion, at the same time trim back the unnecessary, old or outworn, and start the year with a leaner, cleaner outlook. Maybe our friends in the Southern hemisphere can fare better with this current planetary line-up hailing powerful renewal, because there is obvious light in greater abundance, giving space to think and illuminate the imagination.

North or South, because the Sun is next to strategic Pallas Athena, one of the best astral tips for self-renovation in time for New Year (and thereby contribute to collective transformation) is to make a plan. And as mind-body-spirit interconnects, the plan is also to include boosting the body’s immune system, as well as psychological moral. As Spirit Sun now conjuncts transformational Pluto, and dynamic Mars squares up to responsible Saturn (who are both currently exalted in their signs), said plan could also be radical if not downright workable.  Both Saturn and Pluto are slow moving, so without strings or attachment, it's a long-term practical approach towards what needs converted, renewed or improved, in order to restore a stable power base (and healthy body). Being realistic about any project, and the work entailed, means we have a greater chance of succeeding. Rather than blowing all to the wind by being overly expansive (leave that until spring, when the heavens are marked for rapid new growth), it will be easier to remain centred in the glorious eternity of the present moment by accepting that with love and care nothing is impossible.

Though this New Year holds a mixed astrological bag; some moments familiar, soft and tender - as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts sexy and loving Venus - while others are tough and stubborn, such as the lingering Mars square Saturn reminding us that hope is like patience, but with the light on. Effort spent in research and quiet reflection may initially feel like wading through treacle, requiring stoic patience; but with more than a little ingenuity and centred calm, new ideas begin to flow. Luckily, inventiveness has the potential to come in spades as the New Year gets into swing; on the 4th of January our personal vision of a brighter future could get the wake-up call, loud and clear. The 4th is also a powerful new moon Solar Eclipse in earthy Capricorn (more on this later); there are bound to be major shifts in recognisable power structures. During these mighty moments its mega important to remain grounded and protected. Oh! Is it back under the duvet again for some?! ;)

One last note: Just before New Year, on Thursday the 30th, Mercury, the planet of travel and communication goes forward. We might think we have seen the back of delays, disruption and misinformation, but the chances are that journeys and anything media orientated are still subject to interruption with a certain amount of chaos well into January. So if travelling, or starting new ventures, don’t become complacent: double check everything and still expect to turn up new facts or figures that could turn your life around; but “remember that patience is not passive; on the contrary it is active; it is concentrated strength.” (Edward G. Bulwar-Lytton).

LOVE and thanks to unknown artists and photographer of the TIPA performer of the Hunter from the Lhamo Opera.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse ~ The Light of Spiritual Initiation ♥_/|\_ ૐ

This year’s Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse is the most important Full Moon of 2010, in a year already filled with wonder and marvel with the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun. Indeed, it’s an exceptionally rare interplay of conscious light with a direct beam that manifests and reveals through initiation and constructive intent. Its’ already sensed effects linger well beyond Xmas. This Sagittarius-Gemini eclipse energy is manifold and variable: a double emphasis of Gemini-Mercury information gathering synthesises, engineers, and co-ordinates the healing by aligning conscious awareness with our higher principles, wisdom and compassion in action, for the benefit of all.  

An incredible and complex configuration of planets spotlights the radiant Full Moon with the southerly node of the Dragon’s tail, Ketu, so pay attention to the Astro-speak to find the deeper meaning and make the most of this wonderful celestial opportunity that takes place at the dawn of the Winter Solstice on the 21st, at 8:13 GMT (click here for date time changes), when Spirit Sun rises with communicative Mercury, strategic Pallas Athena, the destiny-fulfilling Dragon’s Head – Rahu – the north node, powerful Pluto, and dynamic Mars: Formulating a plan of spiritual action comes into focus when heralding the rebirth of the New Light King. At Winter solstice, darkness dies in order to be reborn into the Light; assisted by the current configuration we witness old and corrupt (power structures) coming to an end. Children born at this time will have much in common with the bodhisattva, Jesus.

Not since 1741 have we had some kind of lunar eclipse at the Winter Solstice. That’s a mighty long time ago. The 1741 eclipse on December 22nd, two-hundred-and-seventy years ago, was also penumbral and not nearly as dramatic as the one this coming Monday/Tuesday is total. We have to go all the way back to 1638 until we find another total that matches our 21st December, Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse. So while this configuration is apparently extremely rare, the next one comes sooner, in 2029. But, if we’re honest, all this is within a blink in the eye of Brahma; and because of the precession of equinoxes these never aligned to the heart of the Galaxy, as we are now, with the Sun pointing directly towards the centre of our cosmic spiral. Which is why this lunar eclipse is made all the more special: because when the Sun stands still for three whole days (Sol = Sun Stice = standing) this powerful planetary line-up has an eclipse providing a magical portal that opens the heart-mind directly to the Galactic Centre, a super massive black hole, the vortex around which the entire galaxy spins, emitting the highest vibration of light, the gamma ray. And this is what we are now capable of: emitting our highest vibration of clear light (each according to their means and every spark is valid). Bear in mind this is the same Solstice moment which the Mayans refer to as 2012. Yet, this is a much more astrologically significant Solstice than 2012.
During this Solstice eclipse our Earthly task is supported by the clear light of a Moon, reflecting the light of a Sun conjoined by some heavyweight planetary energies.  Generally speaking, an eclipse connects the Holy Heavenly trinity: Sun, Moon and Earth; Spirit, Soul and Form; Compassion, loving kindness & action. Some astrologers poetically refer to this as a “rip in the fabric of spacetime”, a phrase I rather like, as during eclipses there is always an opening of incoming and outgoing energy, that can be seen or unseen. These are mega moments, though lunar eclipses are longer than solar, these unusual influences stir up deep emotions (which is why people can ‘lose’ it during these times). So it is most important to protect ones’ self psychically, and even physically. Some will call the Guru from afar, some will gather in circle, and invoke the violet flame, some will ask for help from the Dolphins, or other God or animal realms, but whatever tradition is followed our planetary light grid can no doubt connect and radiate love like it has never done before.

During the exact totality of the eclipse a Gemini Moon, the quicksilver mind and fleeting emotions are ruled by Mercury, who holds a healing wand, the Caduceus; all the while the Sagittarian Sun beams directly opposite, right next to our retrograde Sagittarian Mercury. Therein lies the clue as to what this Lunar eclipse is about: Mercury.  Mercury can be tricky and troublesome, especially when retrograde. But when we delve into the winged messenger's healing qualities, through his chakra balancing Caduceus, the mind rides the breath to access Spirit (with a special pass during an eclipse!).  By balancing the Sun and Moon, the male and female energies within (Ida- Pingala skt., Khangma-Roma tib.), we create a fusion that blends both subjective and objective (to overcome dualism and activate kundalini), enabling one to go with the flow in oneness (through the breath into the Sushumna (Uma tibetan.)) with controlled motion, and therefore able to condition the etheric body and reach the state of bliss, where a higher wisdom is at work. NOTE: Aim be somewhere comfortable during an eclipse, as mega energies can overwhelm. At the very least BREATHE into your centre (if you are at work), and let the love-light shine.

Going with the flow when in the mutable sign of Sagittarius, Mercury accents the dispassionate principles of the dualistic mind. Mercury is exalted in versatile Gemini and is subsequently in detriment in this retrograde Sagittarius; but because the Moon is in Gemini it neutralises, and bolsters the usually lessened influence of Mercury in Sagittarius. And besides, these planets are all now pointing towards the centre of the galaxy; through the skill of the Archer’s accuracy and the quickness of Gemini’s mind we are now able to focus upon and understand Spirit’s immortality with greater ease – even if there is some astral conflict with ever changing direction.

There is a lot of Astro-information to absorb about this incredibly exciting moment (from lots of other astrologers as well). I suggest we take our time to imbibe the beauty of potential, and adjust with care as to how it will work for each of us individually (and in the collective) by looking at the late degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius in our horoscopes and, once again those all-important 0 degrees of the Cardinal signs: Capricorn & Cancer are the signs of midday and midnight, summer solstice and winter solstice; And one must also look to 0 degrees Libra & Aries, as Saturn is in Libra and Jupiter-Uranus are soon to return to Aries (where they were at this Summer's Solstice).  

We also need to exercise patience with observed breathing. I say this because informative Mercury rules this Full Moon and, true to Hermes innovative mode (forgive the fashion pun) Mercury plays many an important role in this eclipse.

Glamour notwithstanding (who can resist some Solstice sparkle?) this Full Moon is at 29 Gemini represents our feelings and our emotional needs; in Gemini the focus is upon the planetary AND individual mind, aware how our thoughts and ideas affect our immediate and intergalactic community, as well as how we approach short-term travel. The planet of communication, Mercury, rules the Solstice Moon in Gemini. But our Mercury is currently retrograde, which internalises the thought process, and disrupts long and short-distance travel. On a mundane level it has to be noted that people are wondering about Christmas plans as Mother Nature once again prevents the usual travel rush (as She did with the Islandic Eyjafjallajökull volcano during the Mercury Taurus retrograde in April).  Yet when any planet is retrograde it signals a re-think. And the healing brother, Mercury, as central player during this eclipse, the cosmic plan is therefore to direct light inwards, re-working thoughts and feelings to illuminate those shadowy parts of ourselves we are fearful of, to negate the powerful grip of fear that can ensue when the harmony of Spirit is in conflict.
This Full Moon is also close to being perigee (on Christmas Day); nearest the Earth, her influence will be strong, all the way to through to the New Year Solar Eclipse, in earthy Capricorn on the 4th January (when the Earth is closest to the Sun); so the effects of these eclipses will be felt for some time to come.  During this set of eclipses, Sun Moon and Earth, have a tight and close connection. Remember that during eclipse season great shifts take place, both within our personal lives, and without, as in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and so on. The challenge during these potent turning points is to remain centred, aligned with our highest values (in Buddhist speak aligned with the inner-Guru) therefore enabled to embody compassion and loving kindness and be of greater positive effect to the world around us.

It’s also worth observing that during the peak of the eclipse we are at ‘anaretic’ degrees, the last degrees of the sign, indicating that the sign is about to pass into the next; as we imbibe the sum energy of the signs Gemini (thought) and Sagittarius (concept) the likelihood of already moving towards the next signs during totality, which, in the case of our leading Cardinal signs, home-orientated Cancer (fecundity) and accomplished Capricorn (boundaries); the emphasis is very much upon the usually hidden relationship between the Sun and Moon (left-brain, right-brain; left and right nostril; male and female archetype).  Indeed, the ever-changing Moon even moves signs mid-eclipse; at 9:23gmt blood-red Luna glides into Cancer, home to the Goddess of creation and form, where we find the inner-light and emotional stability. By the time the eclipse officially ends at 11:04gmt, she will be at 2 degrees Cancer to oppose Pluto, revealing exactly what needs to be transformed and regenerated in order to make the most of the light of intiation and accept the responsibility to maintain the sacred aspect of self. But it’s not until almost midnight, 23:40GMT, when the Sun actually makes the ingress into Capricorn and our New Light King is born.

A quick look at the various aspects made by the Moon during this powerful passage shows she not only opposes Sun, Mercury, Pallas Athena, Pluto and Mars, but she also squares up to the visionary Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in late degrees Pisces, accenting end times and the call for spiritual expansion; but she also makes a delightful trine to the inter-connected mass healing as indicated by the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius; here there is hope

& for those who like their (Gemini) information to be exact and well explained, here is a link to NASA’s eclipse page for this beautiful and expansive moment in our evolutionary nurturing with the fiery dragon.

I won’t go into the Mars and Pluto conjunction too much right now. Suffice to say there is the potential for fiery and explosive negative control issues. But as with all aspects, everything we encounter, within our own character as well as external events can be pacified with meditation and spiritual practice, so that we keep a good sense of humour. With that thought, I wish that everyone’s Solstice meditation be blissfully strong and stable, and that the clear light of wisdom radiates in all ten directions.

May there be peace on Earth. & a very Happy Solstice, & Cool Yule to all _/|\_

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Initiating Powerful Transformation -> Mercury Mars Pluto & Dragon's Head

A DRAMATIC constellation of planets at 4Capricorn suggests we take personal responsibility for initiating powerful transformation of thought & deed today, 14th December ~> as Moon in Aries squares Mercury, Mars and Pluto, who are all conjunct the Dragon's Head.

HOT, MEAN & HEAVY ~ this formidable stellium of intense celstial energy is magnified by the upcoming Solstice Lunar Eclipse sunrise, helping to let go and release the old and outworn, so that a magnificent and previously hidden future potential is unleashed. While the aim is to express present emotions with heart, cooly & clearly, am watching out for wanton willfulness and to curb any fiery Moon in Aries flare-up, which squares up to this conjunction of two planets, a planetoid, Rahu and the Galactic Centre. Instead, making calculated efforts to use loving inspiration for the greater good of all.
The cosmic focus is now upon confident renewal and the rebuilding of trust ♥ 

A longer time frame is needed to see the outcome of these energies, however, as Mercury has yet to revist the same degree - in January - as Venus brings up the rear in February, after completing her dance retrograde dance of magnetic balance. 

Capricorn has a concretising influence, like Saturn; but while facing the Galactic Centre and zero-point, Capricorn authority could so easily face meltdown, as something Plutonic dies in order to be reborn; and still, there are many changes in direction, especially as Mercury is retro.  

This could signal a time to be like dear trusted Voyager, who is heading into an unknown direction, intersteller space, by leaving our solar system as we know it, to beam back to earth for another 15 years (half Saturn cycle, half prog-moon cycle, and two Uranus sign moves).  We ought to relish a real sense of acheivement is possible with these planets, to be happy, thankful, and safe in the knowedlge that there are more accomplishments to challenge, process, and become.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Xmas Astro Alert ~ Mercury Rx 10th --> 30th Dec

Astro Alert! Mercury retrograde for the entire run up to Christmas & New Year! So don’t forget to double check everything from signing contracts to meeting friends, and making plans for the months ahead; from Friday the 10th until the 30th of December we may well need to revise, re-work and/or re-submit ideas and dates. So no crying over long queues at the post office or missing Xmas cards – you have been warned! In any event, even Santa could also be just as easily confused by a melting arctic. Best be prepared to become our own objective observer and accept it might take several attempts to achieve certain goals, particularly career ambitions, as Mercury back-flips from Capricorn into Sagittarius on the 18th December. Plan of action? Organise as best we can and still mark ‘PARTY’ at the Winter Solstice in big letters the calendar. 

In many ways, as this lunation culminates with a Lunar eclipse at the Solar Standstill, on Tuesday, Dec 21st, as the Sun will rise above our wintry horizon to point directly at the galactic centre, we could well be presented with a defining moment in our evolution.

Thanks to Bill Brouard for the beautiful Buddha with watchful eyes!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Centaur & the Caduceus --> New Moon in Sagittarius December 2010

Today’s new Sagittarius Moon, the 5th December, at 17:36 gmt, is a signal to lift our metaphorical archer’s bow and direct the quivering arrow to fly high through the sky, like a thoughtful prayer with wings that carry hope, optimism, and the next big idea. The Archer is a brave and bright, forward-looking sign, able to envision the best to come. As a fire sign, it directs light as a beam of focused intent; being mutable Sagittarius illuminates the path, enabling one to move towards a target’s centre by adjusting when needed. 

As many planets now in Sagittarius suggest hitting the mark in one, there are always more targets in the distance for the far-sighted centaur, who eyes the centre of galaxy. While dynamic Mars, strategic Pallas Athena, soulful Moon, Spirit Sun and sacred Vesta are together in this sign, it also suggests we make a plan (the likes of which will differ for everyone, according to where 14Sagittarius lies in the horoscope) and remain hopeful.  

In many ways this December presents a defining moment, primarily because the destiny-fulfilling North Node is with transformational Pluto and communicative Mercury in practical Capricorn, to also make the first of three conjunctions on Monday, the 6th, due to Mercury’s imminent retrograde on the 10th December – (No crying over missed Xmas cards or presents – you have been warned!).  On the same day, at the start of the week, Uranus, the planet of dramatic change goes forward. 

Best make a note that powerful Pluto conjuncts Mercury, planet of communication, on the 6th, 14th, and again on the 18th January; this union suggests that practical insight is the key to manifesting long-held ambitions. Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn bring about a serious kind of wisdom and mind control.  As Nagarjuna says in an 1800 year old 'one-liner' “Without the discipline of guarding the mind, what use are other disciplines?”

Mercury in retrograde at 5 Capricorn also sparks off this year’s mega cardinal T-Square once again, reminding us of that greater challenge: to find the balance between autonomy and relationships, security and status.  During this Mercurial phase not only will we have the power to manifest, mould, and create by focusing with the light of wisdom to become one with the target (as Mercury slips back into Sagittarius for the Solstice Lunar Eclipse), but we might also need to be the objective observer and make several attempts to achieve goals, as this Mercury back-flip indicates. 

As always, multi-faceted-multi-talented-multi-tasking Mercury is always on the go; and this retrograde sees the planet of versatility and curiosity extra busy, in triple contact with quite a few planets: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This could therefore make the run up to Solstice, the New Year and beyond mighty hectic, sifting through all kinds of information and ideas to implement solutions – indeed, certain discussions may not see any resolve until the end of Feb. One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment with Mercury as active as this.

Mercury is also the planet of healing. With that in mind, as this new moon is working towards a culmination at Solstice, with a partial Lunar Eclipse pointing towards the galactic centre, conjunct Mercury, Pallas Athene and Mars, it is essential to maintain faith and keep feet on the ground whilst our lights, the Sun and Moon, male and female energies align with the galactic vortex. To my mind this is an important time to activate the internal caduceus, Mercury’s healing wand, and gather in circle to meditate and raise our vibration to that of unconditional love so that we can create a subtle but powerful light body - one that mirrors the beautiful violet light gamma ray of our galaxy, which interestingly looks like a mega purple infinite 8!