Friday, 30 January 2015

△ Grand Air Trine △ Guru Rinpoche day _/\_ Jan'15

☽☆☾ This lunar cycle’s 'Guru Rinpoche' day, when we give thanks and honour our guides, teachers and, in the Tibetan Buddhist’s tradition, our Lama, has a seriously intellectual quality about it, with reason and love triumphant when embracing unity, bliss and emptiness. This is because a triangle formation between the Aquarian Sun, the growing Gemini Moon, and the Moon’s North Node in Libra, now emphasises the highest functions of the heart mind.
 △ With a 'Grand Air Trine' the ability to find common bonds through ideas and friendship can create unity that helps to overcome the dualism separating us from the cosmic Oneness, which has our best interests at heart. Indeed, this kind of magical spacy cohesion helps to appreciate how the teacher works in mysterious ways. Please note that a teacher can be within, someone you met, or from books or videos, even.
△ And though we are all born with an inherent inner wisdom, none of us is perfect. In Buddhist philosophy we are all each others’ teachers, in one form or another. So it is during this glorious Gibbous Moon phase, before the upcoming glorious full Moon, where we celebrate the sacred connections that help us to breathe easy and remove karmic obscuration.
△ Paying respect to those who help gain personal insight, intuition, and wisdom overview, continues to be in the spotlight with Full Leo Moon, Tuesday the 4th, which will be conjunct Jupiter, the solar system’s munificent ‘Cosmic Guru’, which should be fun. ;)

☽☆☾ It is also worth noting how the nodal axis, with north &south nodes signifying where we are going and where we are coming from respectively, are currently activated by eccentric Uranus, conjunct the South Node. This powerful galvanization from the planet of change, Uranus, advocates the movement towards peace, beauty and harmony (NN in Libra) by raising awareness of where we have been, bringing new gifts to make serious changes (Uranus conjunct SN) that embrace the new and exciting.

In this astral Aquarian age of enlightenment, altruism is the key to the success of any transformation. _/

☽☆☾ Image is of Garuda – artist unknown, sent to us by one of the great living masters, Jadho Rinpoche _/
\_  Garuda is the Himalayan ‘King of the Birds’, who removes the poison to avoid any injury that comes about from desire, ignorance and aversion. In the Tibetan Kalachakra system of astrology, Garuda is associated with the inventive Fixed Air sign, Aquarius. the sign in which Sprit Sun currently resides.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Final Medicine Buddha Moon of the Horse Year ☼ ☾ January 28th 2015

For the final First Quarter Medicine Buddha Moon of the Horse year, tonight’s exalted Moon in Taurus holds a powerful healing. The combination of Fixed air and earth swiftly connects to the very core of ailments and problems, so they can be managed with love and patience. Even if making sudden, quick change there’s a sense of stability and perseverance that gives value to certain actions which point to cures and remedies.
This year of the Yang Wood Horse has shown us how to be victorious by moving like a lotus rising up and out of the muddy pond, and into spaces that opened-up to light-filled opportunity through our own drive and sense of purpose. And as the Horse year comes to an end, not to be seen again for 60 years, there's bound to even greater development in this increasingly spacy and computerized world the next time this powerful Horse comes around.
Even so, projecting into the future can make one anxious. Aquarius is also a future-orientated sign; and events around this Moon phase can, however, steady frazzled nerves, and encourage one to remain on centre and build upon that which nurtures the heart-mind and soul (particularly important during this Mercury Retrograde period). So prepare now for a dazzling Full Leo Moon on the 3rd Feb, when the heart-mind reigns supreme and altruism is vital to riding the positively exciting planetary élan.
Medicine Buddha Mantra “Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha” _/\_ ૐ

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

♒ ☽☼☾ ♒ Aquarius New Moon 1st SuperMoon of 2015

☆ Jan 20th at 13:13GMT the 1st SuperMoon of 2015 is also the 1st of two new moons in the intellectual AIR sign Aquarius. The second will be next month, Feb 18th at #LOSAR (year of the Goat), with another, 'stealth' Super New Moon. Two New Moons in the same zodiacal sign accent a higher kind of consciousness; and the form this perception takes is signified by the sign. In this case, the New Moons are the sign of the Water Bearer, humanitarian, co-operative and mindful, emphasising the soul's ability to generate the altruistic intention.
☆ This is no time to rest on laurels, but to move and bend with the winds of change, all the while determining the mind’s eye the ability to see with the correct view. Spacy and scientific, Aquarius is also the zodiac’s wild card, indicating a time when things/ideas/situations can arise from out-of-the-blue and take one by surprise. The wonder may even be how humanitarian humanity can be and how kindred spirits working for the benefit of others can rally around to remove obstacles with team spirit.

☆ This New Moon also marks the last lunation of the Green Wood Horse Year, a year when personal opportunities have been more successful with such friendly reinforcement and family support. And now, just before the Wooden Horse leaves, not to be seen again for another 60 years, Mercury goes retrograde on Tuesday 21st at 17 Aquarius, putting on the breaks to slow (the mind) down during the Horse’s final lunation, in order to re-think, re-wire, re-calibrate whatever it is that these future-orientated Aquarian degrees spark in your own horoscope.
☆ This potentially wild, wiggy and exciting Mercury retrograde ends with Mercury direct at 1Aquarius on 11th Feb, (with a last quarter healing Moon). For re-thinking structures and ambitions key dates to watch and reflect upon are 5th January (just gone), 5th February, and the 19th Feb. And for powerful breakthroughs: 14th Jan, 28th Jan and March 1st.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Moon with starry blessings, with ℒℴѵℯ __/\__ & many thanks for artwork 'StarChild Encoded Healing' by Visual Alchemy.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Scorpio Dakini Moon ~ January 15th/16th 2015

_/\_This Capricorn lunation’s 'Dakini Day', when Spirit Sun makes the last major aspect in the form of the Sextile to the powerful Scorpio Moon, the (tantric) path of transform beckons as the means to liberation. When the waning Scorpio Dakini Moon conjuncts weighty but beauitful Saturn, planet of responsibility and discipline, this direction’s challenges are real and solid (relatively speaking ;) ). Confronting long-held fears can now bring certain karma to an end. Whether the karma ripening now is from this life’s causes and conditions may remain to be seen; there are many celestial factors currently at play which accent the realisation of the results of dedicated perseverance. Indeed, spiritual accomplishment can take many lifetimes. And as TimeLord Saturn in Sagittarius currently has the last say in present aspects - by way of planetary disposition - there’s reason to be optimistic about any work being achieved right now. Astral tip: The broader the view, the stronger and more meaningful the attainment.
ℒℴѵℯ ॐ