Saturday, 31 October 2009

Buddha's Descent from the 33 ~ Taurus Full Moon 09

The heart of the Sun is likened to the spiritual human heart which, when positively galvanized, has the ability to radiate cheerful enthusiasm to control and direct deeply profound emotions, such as craving or aversion. This is worth bearing in mind as the Sun now passes though compelling and magnetic Scorpio, when passion is as easily aroused, as is our ability to be resolutely concentrated (dharana) and focused (dhyana). This finely tuned and sometimes hidden ability to shine a light upon our negative state - or even a positive meditative objective – is acute as we approach the Samhain full Moon in Taurus, on November the 2nd, also known as all Soul’s Day.

While the solar Gregorian calendar dictates October 31st as Halloween, the cross-quarter point is on November 7th. During this time of year the veil between worlds, underworld and overworld, consciousness and subconscious, is thin – allowing us to delve into previously hidden parts of our psyche as well as rise to the other extreme: ecstatic peaks. At such times we also need to enhance sensitivity and take care, as desire nature can also run amok to captivate the mind and obsess about all kinds of yearnings. Any emotional attachment to our perceived requirements could render one doubly responsive at this time. Insightful Scorpio works in mysterious ways, ultimately pointing to the path of transformation and the power to alchemically change destructive emotional longing into generating an aspiration towards compassionate love, ‘bodhicitta’ in Buddhism. Doing so orientates towards the spiritual heart of every individual, our true Buddha nature.

This Full Moon on Monday (19:14 GMT 14:19 ET) commemorates Buddha’s agreement to the Deva’s request to descend from the Heavenly Realms of the 33, the Trayatrisma (where he had repaid kindness by teaching his mother), and return to Earth to continue teaching the dharma. In a week’s time, at the last quarter moon on November 9th, we celebrate the actual descent as being one of the four most important days in the Buddhist calendar. This ability to move between spheres is not currently confined to the Buddha. The Spirit of the Sun is also currently up-close and personal with communicative Mercury who, in Scorpio, acts as mediating psychopomp between the seen and unseen, urging us to be attentive to our thoughts while we shift between our levels of consciousness, so that we can recognise any gems we might discover.

The Sun and Mercury also conjunct asteroid Ceres, now enjoying elevated status since being promoted by astronomers to have a greater rank in the solar system. Symbolically, Ceres is the Great Earth Mother, a resonance of Tibetan Green Tara, caring for all as if we are her own. Ceres in Scorpio encourages us to connect to others through sharing special moments. The enchanting touch of Ceres makes everyone feel loved and nurtured. Whispering sweet nothings into loved ones ears; friendly gestures in familial or social settings, a tender caress as a story is shared over dinner; or through massage and a blissful sexual union with the one we are intimately connected is a welcome kind of therapeutic togetherness, bringing joy, camaraderie and renewed strength for Halloween ~Samhain and to rejoice Buddha’s Decent next week. At this intermediary fire festival, flames blaze along the leylines conveying the message of light, warmth and love, from heart to heart. Fire can also glow from within, as Tantric Kandal.

As autumn leaves fall, Scorpio is also a time of cutting back that which impedes renewed growth later on. So too, is it our time to let go of outworn modus operandi. If you have anything to offer to the light of love (hopes, dreams and ambition or fears, doubts and worries about relationship, money, career, the future) write it down clearly and hold your intent to transmute or let go when sacrificing it into the fire. On a more mundane note, while Mercury is with the Sun in Scorpio, we can harness the ability to focus more easily and access the penetrating qualities of the mind. Puzzles may now be solved and secrets unearthed. It is also an optimum time to assess how shared assets and potential legacies are maturing.

From an esoteric view Mercury, with the Sun in Scorpio, activates the laser-like psychic perception that zaps straight to the magical heart of any matter, including quick easy access to the Spiritual Sun. And because a fixed cross accompanies this Full Moon, (with the triple Aquarian conjunction and Mars in Leo) the potential is for heart, throat and anja centres to act as portals for Divine luminescence. Shine on, Beloved Ones, Shine on… Special thanks to Karim Rashid for visionary art

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Saturn's new ring expands our own circle of influence

In retrospect it’s been an extraordinary start to autumn. But when any planet opposes the awakener, Uranus, we should always expect the unexpected! Uranus invokes an intense kind of awareness that comes from out of the blue; so it was with surprise and delight that during this current Saturn-Uranus opposition we suddenly advanced our knowledge of how the solar system works - and hence, from the astrologer’s point of view (because all of creation is interdependent) we now also have a greater understanding of what makes us tick.

Only a few days ago we discovered that Saturn, planet of responsibility and discipline, boundaries and recognition, has a previously undetected 3 million mile wide ring around it. From the metaphysical perspective this signals an extension of our own boundaries, to start being responsible, specifically for others outside our immediate circle. Astronomers needed hi-tech infrared cameras to view this absolutely massive ring. This also suggests we need new and different tools, especially for effort and work to be recognised, so that everyone can benefit from the altruistic intention. Saturn is currently in the last degrees of Virgo, symbol of body-consciousness, intelligence, and order. Tools that will work, to quote Dr Deepak Chopra, to ‘Train the Mind and Heal the Body’ are now called for; tools which are essential for personal, intellectual and spiritual expansion, such as analytical meditation or yoga, that stretch both mind and body. Virgo also governs the intestines, and is associated with our daily routine; so the importance of eating well, sleeping well, exercising well, and generally looking after oneself becomes mega significant to move into this new phase of human evolution. One of the easiest ways to maximize productivity is through time management. Time is Saturn’s speciality. Over these next few weeks it will be helpful to note which hours in the day are easier to work or play, eat or sleep - to be aware of peak performance; then aim to utilise and increase efficiency. Interestingly, in beautiful cosmic synchronicity, on the very same day of the astronomical discover another ring was announced, this time on solid Earth, at Stonehenge; Saturn, as ‘Time Lord’ rules stone and all things old and institutionalised.

Soon Saturn will change signs. On the 30th of October (just in time for Halloween!) the celestial representative of karmic consequence moves into its’ rulership, Libra, the sign of partnership, justice and fairness, beauty and the scales. This shifts the responsibility from not only being sensible about one’s own mind, body and spirit, but to being accountable for others’ well-being too. Be prepared: the next two years the emphasis will be upon creating honourable and loving associations. The message is clear: If you want to be loved, be the person you would like to love.

We’ve also seen Obama instil the concept of peace into the heart of the World. On the same day the Moon was ‘bombed’, nominally in search for water. The two events might not initially seem linked, yet the moon reveals beautiful astrological associations: the Moon rules water, the tides and our emotions, is ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer, Cancer is the sign of America, Obama’s Venus (symbol of value) is in Cancer; and on the day of his Peace Award, the transiting Moon conjunct his Venus. What goes around comes around! The bombing, for some, might also be seen as wounding of La Luna and thus the feminine. Remain resilient and calm: Untold female strength is yet to be revealed. Womanly charms are about to be given control, as influential Saturn moves into cool and charismatic Libra, precursor of peace and love.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lcross ~ Cabeus ~ Niccolo Cabeo and Mars conjunct the Moon's South Node

On the 9th October at 11:30 GMT, the NASA mission, Lcross, intends to bomb the moon in a crater named after an Italian Jesuit priest: Astroprof says “Crater Cabeus is named for Niccolo Cabeo, who was a natural philosopher who lived from 1586 to 1650, during the age of Galileo and Kepler. He taught theology and mathematics at a Jesuit college in Parma. He studied meteorology and physics, making contributions in the study of hydrology and electromagnetism…In the realm of electromagnetism, Cabeo studied the effects of static electricity. He also studied magnetism, though his explanation for magnetic phenomena turned out to be quite wrong.

The crater named for Cabeo is near the Moon’s south pole, located at 84.9° S and 35.5° W (-35.5°). The name for this crater was approved in 1935. Crater Cabeus is 98 kilometers across.” In which nasa is aiming to create another 5k crater.

This information peaked my interest, as I share the priests’ fascination for the magial properties of water as well as electro magnetism. Born February 26 1586 in Ferrara, Italy - no time given - the chart is drawn for noon. Before we look at the meaning of certain planets accenting pertinent parts of his horoscope, it is worth noting that astrologers acknowledge how a chart goes on ‘living’, even though the actual person may have passed this mortal coil and gone beyond.

Nicolo Cabeo’s birth date gives him a spiritually dedicated Pisces Sun, which suits him being a philosopher-priest. His life-giving Sun sits next to assertive Mars and Uranus, also in Pisces, making him quite the active and innovative genius. Whilst also being a cultural centre of 16th Italy, Ferrara was also famous for sword making and arms, which may have resonated with the martial qualities of Mars conjunct his Sun; though Pisces makes him more the spiritual warrior. Cabeo also possessed an investigative Gemini Moon (but may be Moon in Taurus if born earlier before 2am). Informative Mercury, planet of the mind, is found in the late degrees of electrical Aquarius - fitting for someone who discovered how similar electrical poles repel, and opposites attract. I should say here I have no idea if the astronomical body who named the Moon crater in 1935 nominated his placement at the Moon’s southern pole because of his ‘polarity’ discoveries, but the astrological and astronomical association corresponds nicely.

The shadowy alignment of the Moon's node is also brought to light at the precise moment of the bombing, when combative Mars transits together with the Moon’s current south node, Ketu, the dragon’s tail, indicating an aggressive return to revisit some kind of past karma. Cabeo’s Mercury is also currently aspected by the transit of the triple Aquarian conjunction: Three planets currently moving together through hopeful Aquarius are expansive, truth-seeking Jupiter, with healing- wounded Chiron, and the mystical and mysterious watery Neptune.

The big question about this mission is the healing, purifying, and historical knowledge that belongs to the Great Moon Mother Goddess, and her rulership of the worlds' water?

The sign of the waterbarer, Aquarius, also rules technological advancement; NASA has certainly activated the significance of Cabeo’s fact disseminating Mercury; and his explortion into the vast nature of water cycles and oceanic, samsaric sequence continues.

Cabeo’s Cancerian Neptune is in the esoteric sign of its' rulership; as well as Neptune being the modern ruler of his Sun. This can signify the search for lost water, and as previously mentioned, at the moment of impact is being whammed by martial Mars, also with the moon’s south node (as seen in many other 'terrorist' attack charts). And all this at the moon’s southern pole. As the reason NASA wants to bomb our beautiful moon is to find out the secrets of aqua vita, it seems as if Cabeo remains destined to be a part of a greater quest for understanding the cosmic cycle of water. How very cool…

Although, to be honest, I don’t quite understand why we humans have to be so violent in our endeavour to discover if there is water on the moon? I was informed by a friend, Philip Graves, that through Herve, Tin Tin went to the moon in 1955, and discovered water. Its also in the Vedas and verified by thousands of years of astrological knowledge that water and the moon as inextricably linked. I would also have thought moon rock brought back in the 60’s and 70’s might provide a wet and slippery clue, not to mention India’s Chandrayanna space mission's recent finds - the correlation of which would be a tad more economical and sensible. But maybe there is rather more risky Jupiterian exploration at stake here, one with more than meets our mystical Neptunian eyes? One that might be more fitting to the transit of Mars conjunct the South Node, conjunct Cabeu's water ruled Neptune?

Celebrating a man of Peace ~ Sun in Libra (Aries Full Moon & Mercury direct 09)

This note is in honour of the anniversary of the birth of one of the planets' great men of peace on October 2nd, that of Mahatma Gandhi. His maxim “Be the change you want to see in the world” is also a very popular quote these days. Rightly so; for each and every one of has the personal responsibility to alter – and improve – our lives, and those of others around us, and therefore shape our own (collective) destiny. How do we do that? By changing the way we perceive our selves, our relationships and our position in the world we alter the way we react. I appreciate this may sound easier said than done. But in seeing all the good around us, the kindness and love that we give and receive - and are grateful for - it enables us to generate a feelgood factor that in turn makes problem solving much easier. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” To all extents and purposes it seems many of us have recently been through the opposite of this, bumbling best we can through a time of soul searching, seeking new ways of looking at the world and new ways to change our approach to problems so that our needs get met, if not our wants. Yet the times now call for material consolidation and practical advancement. It’s not always easy to be realistic and assess and go ahead with what works and leave behind what doesn’t.

“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth.” Truth is now found through being expansive in community and spiritual associations, where the dream of a positive future can manifest with the support of kindred spirits.

Celestially speaking, October looks more promising than last month to implement changes that have a lasting quality, as Mercury, planet of the mind, ideas and commerce moved into direct motion to go back over the late degrees of Virgo before re-entering peace-loving Libra October 10th. A quick recap of this Mercury retrograde when our healing brother conjoined Saturn (and the two are still performing together to will be exact on 8th October for the 3rd time) and oppose Uranus and square to Pluto (also for the third time). The responsible kind of transformation we seek could pick up momentum over Sunday’s full Aries moon, when quicksilver Mercury again opposes Uranus, planet of innovation and sudden insight; and Mars, ruler of Aries, also makes a daring dash to revolutionise with Uranus. All in all, these next few weeks are instrumental for pointing long term plans in a direction we would like them to move. The spirit of the Sun in sign of balance and love, Libra, radiates with the action orientated Aries Full Moon to remind that when we come from the heart, and keep the benefit of others in mind, there is every chance developments will conform to our wishes. Bearing in mind one last Gandhi quote, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

FYI Mahatma Gandhi born October 2, 1869 at 7:12 AM in Porbandar (India) with Libra Sun & Asc, with a prominant and insightful Mercury in Scorpio on his Ascendant.