Saturday, 31 December 2011

☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤☾ 2☼12 ☽❤¸¸.•*¨*•☆☆

_/\_♥ ૐ AWAKEN! ~> GIVE THANKS _/♥\_ ~> REST IN THE HEART-MIND ♥ ~>☼ BLESS & TRANSFORM! :) _/\_♥ ૐ  
Wishing everyone a VERY happy, loving, & blessed 2012 ~>…& beyond..!   
Thanking all for continued shared love, inspiration & support. ‘The Digital Rainbow Tribe Cyber Sangha’ shines a brilliant light of intelligence from an ever-evolving spiritual heart ~> like brilliant stars in the sky, each gem radiating in one delightful universe  _/♥\_  May 2012 be THE year we bring heart-mind into balance with awareness & compassionate wisdom, to be of greater positive effect for all sentient beings and our environment.
To help achieve this celestially obliged objective, a first quarter moon ties into the New Year. In Tibetan Buddhism a first quarter moon is attributed to Sangye Menla, Medicine Buddha. Today (and tomorrow, the 1st) we perform the healing practice (with mantra “Tayatha Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Rasa Sammut Gate Soha”) while the emotive Moon grows in dynamic Aries, sign of the determined Ram; in square to Spirit Sun in realistic Capricorn, orienting and initiating active strength and courage, our collective life-force can be positively charged through the realisation of self in relation to the greater whole. Life is vast and we all play a valued and connected part in exploring such boundless infinity ~> with each moment a miracle in the unfolding of perfect beauty.

At the stroke of midnight GMT, the sensitive Moon allies to Uranus, inspiring planet of generational wishes, flashes of insight, and altruistic intention – as well as portending dramatic surprise that electrifies and sparks a party into action. It’s worth bearing in mind that, from the esoteric astrological viewpoint, Uranus is the hierarchical ruler of Aries, and according to Alice A. Bailey “Aries, the Inaugurator, is rendered ineffective on the Earth through the organising potency of Uranus”;  which I interpret as selfish individual aggression heeding to (magical) social constructs, thus generating an intelligent use of the human mind.

This truly is a healing Moon, also challenging the intense combination of a Sun conjunct Pluto, to let go and release all that is no longer viable for healing to take place. The powerful Sun Pluto raises passion, insisting the transformation of the old and outmoded is inevitable; this Capricorn conjunction is also currently next to asteroid Hygeia, symbolising a rejuvenation of medicine, sanitation and fitness.

Regular readers may recall how Dharma Stars previously noted healing is one of 2012’s main astrological features. I would also like to highlight the ongoing Uranus Pluto Square demanding transformation within innovation (according to Astrid Fallon); mind-science and mind-training are also part of 2012’s characteristics .  Starting with the New Year’s Eve Medicine Buddha Moon, astral therapy continues with motivating Mars in restorative Virgo for the first six months, about about to go retrograde on the 24th January for three and a half months until 14 of April. Remember how Mars is the exoteric ruler of the Aries Moon; and, as we enter this incredibly hyped year, the first major applying aspect is from quick-silver Mercury in square to the feminine Virgo Mars, it’s as though womanly wiles provide a seriously swift remedial key. Mercury in Sagittarius has also returned to the very same 20 degrees where it was at the start of the last Mercury retrograde! Think back to late November and note how a certain healing vision/action is already on the road to a resolution; by following perfect intuition, doing the right thing at the right time, healing self, healing others, healing the planet.     

For the first time in ages all planets are going forward as we enter this iconic year, meaning it’s easier to visualise where we are heading.  Where we are now, however, is at this serious point of transformational action, as indicated by the Uranus Pluto Square. Few will escape 2012’s fast-moving ever-changing events. This is because both Uranus and Pluto are ‘generational’ planets, influencing great swathes of time. This current Uranus-Pluto square will continue in effect until 2015; and while the roots of this cycle lie in the mid-60s’, there is another cycle between Saturn and Pluto that began in the early-80’s, which also involves the evolution of our collective Spirit, also accenting the transformation of our socio-economic structure; Saturn now at home in balanced Libra (retrograde from Feb 8th until just past Summer Solstice) internalises the karmic lesson to come from the heart. 

More cosmic indication that healing is paramount during 2012 : (1) the passage of a retrograde Venus in front of the Gemini Sun (ruled by diverse Mercury) in June, adding worth and self-love to all aspects of helpful mind-training (lojong). (2) The eclipses that cross the Sagittarius-Gemini axis activate the healthy life of soul; and in June, the lunar eclipse also squares the Virgo Mars, just as it did late November and again 10th December – mind/health/communication issues could be repeated until resolution later in this year.  (3) Jupiter, planet of religion, teaching and travel, moves into Gemini showing one needs to be curious and versatile in order to grow.

Yet while I have focused mainly upon the healing qualities of Mercury, and the two signs it exoterically rules, Gemini and Virgo, for 2012, there are plenty of other qualities for such multi-faceted celestial symbols, such as intellectual pursuits or our neighbourly connections, communication, retail, and/or travel. Any or all of these topics are subject to influence throughout 2012.  Concentrate upon the healing aspect and boost the (collective) immune system during the coming year, so by this time next year we will be in better shape to embrace what will be perhaps the largest mass meditation the globe will ever experience, at the 2012 Winter Solstice.

Meanwhile take each day at a time. Know that astrology is but one aspect of looking at the world during this exciting year of the Dragon; Meditation also provides stability, calm, and very special insight. I shall be talking more about the magical vibration of meditation, trance and prayer, as oceanic Neptune enters mystical Pisces on February 3rd, with a talk at the Astrological Lodge of London Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1, at 7pm on Monday January 30th, where it would be lovely to see you!:)

Until then, I will be on retreat. Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! And to embody the Aries Uranus “Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.”
Dalai Lama XIV

With thanks & love to Bill Brouard Visual Alchemy for "In Angel's Hands" and to other unknown artists for space-mind and medicine Buddha.
2012 ~> :) _/\_♥ ૐ

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Winter Solstice 2011 _(♥)_ New Capricorn Moon Xmas Eve

Whichever spiritual holiday you celebrate, Christmas, Solstice, Saturnalia, Osiris, Mithras, Hannuka or Kwanga (or all for good measure! :)) this darkest part of year (in northern hemisphere) is often deeply emotional, when resting and taking a good look back provides insight and rejuvination. With 2012 just around the corner, promising to be a dramatic year, light-workers and dharma practitioners alike will want to be in the best possible form, mindful and aware, in order to generate the heart-mind's precious bodhicitta and ride the waves of love, beaming radiant light. 

Ready yourself now to leave the past behind and release painful or psychic baggage into the void, so that we never have to deal with whatever bugs us  again (at most not for another seven lifetimes!). For the Capricorn stars watching over this WINTER SOLSTICE, at 5:30 on the morning of the 22nd December, present the perfect opportunity to stop and assess, in order to liberate, heal, and transform all that no longer serves our Divine purpose. The return of Sunlight (in the northern hemisphere) signals the ‘New Light King’ is reborn, providing Spirit with a strong ‘Seed of Consciousness’, that is nourished and nurtured by realising certain ultimate truths. 

Winter Solstice (still aligned with Galagtic Centre AND Pluto for one more year!) is swiftly followed by a new Capricorn Moon on Xmas Eve (2 degrees of disciplined Capricorn at 18:06 on the 24th December) when, due to the baring of expansive Jupiter - at station to go forward in tropical 0degrees Taurus - spiritual/material growth is put into perspective, as well as the emergence of practical and personal value developing into something much more solid and obvious towards the Spring Equinox. Until then, am thanking our lucky stars that Jupiter, celestial Santa Clause, is beginning to pull out of his endlessly long opposition to Saturn in late Libra (tipping the balance of finances, housing, govts for the past couple of years); A recovery of some sort may well be a welcome relief as we cross the symbolic threshold into 2012 and enter THE year of a zillion fantastic predictions. These predictions mostly centre upon next year's winter solstice. At which one wonders what will we be doing this time next year? Watching ufos from Mayan pyramids? ;) Tuning into ascended Atlantians? ;) Or just plain turning off the fear-factor? :)) I predict one thing is certain: Winter Solstice 2012 is going to be the largest Global meditation the world has ever seen - or felt. 

So this, and the coming Summer Solstice on June 21st are a kind of run-through to excercise our ability to tune into 'the field', the noosphere, to restore human faith, love and compassion. Before a Solstice (the same is for summer solstice (in southern hemisphere)) meditation, prayers, ceremony or practice, be aware that when the Sun is at the Solstice standstill (Sol = Sun, stice = still) the connection between Spirit Sun and Mother Earth  creates a momentary 3-day 'gap', just like 'the gap' in meditation which happens in-between the ‘out breath’, and before the ‘in breath’. This is the cosmic pause in which we rest, and the very pause from which we stop past conditioning and karmic habits to release painful negativity, before inhaling once again life-giving goodness that comes from air’s life-sustaining prana. Take note to consciously breathe in positivity and exhale anything unhelpful - You’ll be surprised at how much stronger and positive you will feel, instinctively able to shine throughout 2012_(♥)_ Dharma practioners will no doubt even flip the cosmic coin and practice tonglen. ;)

Many thanks to unknown artists for beautiful healing light and blue lotus magical white spin_(♥)_

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Solstice ♥ Lama Tsongkhapa ♥ DAKINI day & Hannuka Dec'11

Today is an important day in the Buddhist calendar: not only it is DAKINI day, with Sun and Moon in the last 'harmonious' aspect of a waning lunation, accenting a feminine kind of Sagittarian wisdom; But it is also Lama Tzongkhapa day, honouring the 14th Century Tibetan founder of the Galugpa sect, which His Holiness, the Dalai Lama heads.

And it’s also Hannuka! :))

So I thought I'd share Dakini VajraYogini's beautiful mandala, the timeless tetrahedron: a multi-cultural, multi-symbolic six-pointed star.

Also worthy of ASTRO NOTE is how love Goddess Venus & responsible Saturn are sill in that tight celestial embrace called 'mutual reception', only now the Moon is with Saturn, in harmonious sextile to the wise Saggie almost SOLSTICE Sun; what we learn now can make our LOVE more REAL. :)) _(♥)_´¯`•.¸¸.•L❀VEly•´¯`•.

thx to for fabulous Mandala _(♥)_

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mutual Reception ~> Venus Capricorn square Saturn Libra _(♥)_ Dec'11

Whenever the love goddess Venus is in responsible Capricorn (as she is now), relationships are prone to the no-nonsense 5-year-plan kind of commitment, knowing that time is relative, but practice makes perfect. Beautiful Venus in earthy Capricorn can bolster a sense of accomplishment and achievement; and as she squares up to Saturn at 27 Libra - to be exact on Sunday 18th Dec, we get the chance to exercise a double dose of the Venus-Saturn discipline: stabilising the 'heart-mind’. Traditionally, this is a challenge as Saturn & Capricorn present boundaries and obstacles, sometimes even revealing when certain relations have run their course. But because the two planets, Venus and Saturn are in 'mutual reception', (i.e. their rulers are connected, because karmic Saturn rules Capricorn, and Venus is at home in partnership-orientated Libra) this square can also symbolise a pragmatic long-lasting love by getting over the fear, being very realistic about consequence, and, most importantly, the practice of breathing into the heart centre, in order to be balanced during Saturnalia’s Solstice party weekend of peace and harmony. _(♥)_

Image and invocation from of Goddess White Tara, Venus to Tibetans, who helps overcome all obstacles  _(♥)_

Invocation of Tara ~> _(♥)_

Praise to Tara
The Great Mother and provider of all
Energy supreme
In the boundless universe
Star flashing in the heavens
Eyes of lightening
Tear of the compassionate cosmos
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
Face like a million moons
Full and bright
Filled with peace and love
Goddess of mercy
We call upon you
In this our  hour of need
Goddess of all that is right and true
Scattering blue lotus petals
Laughing with joy and love
Most giving one
Oh perfect crystal mother
Help us to heal others
Help us to heal ourselves
All the gods worship you
Great Mother of the universe
Songs fill your sky
Demons and evil spirits
Are driven away by your joy
Purify the land
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
You are the great destroyer
Of fear, of failure
Of oppression & disease
Lift the burden of helplessness
Empower us to see potential
Radiant and joyful Goddess
Dancing across the face
Of this troubled planet
Healing as your lotus feet
Tread the lands about us
Oh great protector
You who call upon all the powers
All the gods
All the people of the many worlds
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
You burn as holy fire
Goddess Tara
Purify us in thy flaming embrace
Joy replaces fear
As our doubts disappear
Blissful Goddess
Virtuous, honest and peaceful
As I become you
The ills of the worlds
Run off me as water drops
Greatest Goddess
Upon whom all the gods and peoples rely
Earthspirit mother
Cover and protest me
Your form my armor
Fill me and soothe me
Fill me with calm and a will to act
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
Come Great Mother of all life!
Here is Tara the red, to the South!
Here is Tara the yellow , to the North!
Here is Tara the black, to the West!
Here is Tara the green, to the East!
And here within me
Is Maha Tara, primal Tara, ultimate Tara
Shining as a star in my heart!
Om tare tuttare ture soha!   Tara!
Help me to heal others
Help me to heal myself
Om tare tuttare ture soha!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mercury Direct Dec'11 & The Caduceus: A cosmic clue to 2012

Caduceus carrying symbol of healing & communication, Mercury, is going forward tonight, 13th December '11, in far-sighted Sagittarius, the sign of religion, philosophy, and big sweeping concepts such as the God partical: Over the next couple of weeks we get to apply any re-found wisdom that helps to understand the bigger picture (at Cern), as well as putting into perspective much-needed (global & individual) remedial action.  When Mercury once again crosses ‘The Great Attractor’ towards the end of the year, the power of the mind to heal physically, mentally and spiritually, becomes a cosmic key for 2012. New ideas to restore a natural balance could  come thick and fast.

Mercury’s current change in direction is accompanied by a tightly connected fire triangle, with the regal Leo Moon in trine to radical Uranus (who has also just gone forward) in autonomous Aries.  This formation can generate optimism and warmth, even if feeling low energy (particularly in the aftermath of a strong eclipse as we have yet to reach the Winter Solstice point on the 21st December, when light returns (to the Northern hemisphere) to restore higher energy levels. The challenge during this poingnant Mercury station is to intuit the gracious goodness of our inherent Buddha nature, as Mercury also squares shamanic Chiron (& spiritual Neptune).

When Jupiter turns direct, on Christmas day, all planets will be going forward into a new year; the prospect of renewing our value system could well birth new faith. This emphasis upon visionary Sagittarius and its ruler, Jupiter, as well as informative Gemini, and its ruler, Mercury, is the major theme of 2012.  Jupiter even moves into Gemini in June. And with dynamic Mars in Mercury-ruling Virgo for eight months, one might even say 2012 is Mercury’s year.  2012 is therefore a year to work with Mercury's magic wand, the caduceus, on an external, internal, and secret way, in order to heal mind, body AND spirit. 

Many thanks for artwork, to beloved Alex Grey for Caduceus Man and unknown artists of caducues rainbow woman _(♥)_

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shining Mind-Mirror ~> Lunar Eclipse Dec '11

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." ~ Buddha ~

Having seeded new ideas and set the intention with a New Moon Solar eclipse two weeks ago, it is now, with a reflective Lunar eclipse, that we see how the mind mirror works - and how our world really is a reflection of all that we think. As this lunation culminates we can recognise just how bright the mind-mirror becomes when we let our light shine.

~~> ☼ ☽☆☾ The Dragon's Head fires-up the Sun in far-sighted Sagittarius ♐, at 18degrees, and aligns with the Dragon's Tail and the malleable Gemini Moon ♊. While we won't be able to see a blood red moon in Great Britain @14:36 gmt, the world over still feels the effects and co-create in meditation the SACRED COSMIC UNION of Yin and Yang, accenting elementals Fire and Air so inspiritation and intellect become active and alive with wisdom and creativity.

The Moon in Gemini is ruled by the currently retro Mercury, also in philosophical Sagittarius, asking us to RETHINK. The Lights, Sun & Moon conjunct the nodes; and apply a tight square to Mars in Virgo (which is also ruled by Mercury); Mars is therefore at the 'South Bend'. The South Bend is a critcal point of (personal and collective) karmic release, often through overcoming obstacles.

This eclipse presents a very Mercurial theme: abstract and intellectual, as well as curious and cunning. Though letting-go of negative forces that hinder or harm demands awarness of what is constuctive; in the Buddhist tradition, training the mind to focus upon a helpful attitude facilitates healing & happiness, with the ability to transform negative forces into a means of enlightenment _(♥)_

Yet Mercury, the planet of short distance travel, is now in the sign of the long-haul, and retograde through the eclipse until the 13th December, when it stations to go direct at 2 Sag: You know he drill: DOUBLE CHECK all travel plans, docs, etc, and make sure you have all the numbers you might need on the charged phone.

A closer inspection of the lunar eclipse chart shows the
active and assertive Mars purifying in detail with the  hard square  (as it was also at the New Moon; so the challenge to create dynamic healing remains a theme for this rest of the lunation - until the New Moon at Xmas Eve); still Mars is tempered by a separating trine to organised power chick, Venus in Capricorn. Martian aggression, although roused, therefore remains tamed by strongly ambitious feminine energy, keeping impluses in check. Venus, in turn, finds her place in the eclipse slightly challenging. Currently on the charm offensive in ambititious and meaningful relationships Venus recently was in mutual reception to expansive Jupiter in materialistic Taurus; now she is in mutual reception to authoritative Saturn in partnership-orientated Libra. This means Venus is key in both, harmonising the bigger (financial) vision, as well as implementing a heart into balance. That’s the cosmic theory anyway. Interestingly, Venus is now opposite Angela Merkel’s Sun…

Artwork by Bill Brouard Visual Alchemy entitled "I see who skips with rainbows". Thx Bill _(♥)_

Monday, 5 December 2011

Guru Rinpoche Day ~> Sagittarius Sun & Aries Moon

Even if the rest of the ‘world’ seems chaotic, by courageously living in the moment, having faith in truth and goodness, new and surprisingly optimistic feelings can inspire and propel _(♥)_

As today's intuitive ‘Guru Rinpoche’ is for feasting and celebrating the relationship with the Guru, a marvellous combination of two YANG signs suggest decisive action: The Sun in far-sighted Sagittarius is in dramatic aspect to the autonomous Moon in Aries (exact on the 5th at 3:19gmt).

Spirit of the Guru now embodies the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian Sun, i.e. a double dose of philosophical wisdom and strength is found within, all we have to do is be brave and see the bigger spiritual picture. Radiant Sun is also now with the retrograde communicative Mercury – also in questing Sagittarius; both are also drawing on the very subtle galactic energy from the ‘The Great Attractor” – it’s as though as understanding self, with all our quirks, is our greatest pull. All this, and a waxing Moon to accent the clarity of emotion during the sacred union between Sun, Moon and Earth during Lunar eclipse on the 10th Dec. 
Have also been reminded by fb friend, Ulla, that 
"Auspicious Guru Rinpoche Day on Sunday 4th December
... on the tenth day of the... 10th month Guru Rinpoche arrives in central Tibet. He subdues all the hostile negative forces, founds the great monastery of Chökhor Palgyi Samyé and lights the lamp of the holy Dharma of the Sutra and Mantra teachings. Guiding his twenty-five disciples and the king to liberation, he is known as the Lotus Born Guru ♥ Padmasambhava ♥ "


Image "What remains to be done" by Visual Alchemy ♥ Thx XBill :))

Friday, 2 December 2011

Visionary Sagittarius Sun MercuryRx & Rahu ~> on The Great Attractor ~> Dec11

"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions."
~Albert Einstein~

The heavens are currently urging us to open our minds, broaden our vision, and consider a far-bigger picture than we possibly ever imagined. Over the next few days, as the Sun continues to pass through far-sighted Sagittarius, it also crosses a part of the sky called ‘The Great Attractor’, a mysterious gravitational point in the heavens. No one is really sure as to why so many galaxies are drawn towards the ‘Great Attractor’, some 250 million light years away. Yet our potential (for enlightenment) while our own Milky Way is drawn towards this cluster of galaxies is phenomenal. And this is why we have to now think BIG and embrace the power to create in the mind’s eye the dream we’ve always dreamt of.

Because this is how the ‘law of attraction’ works: The future is what we make it, co-creating with the universe, concentrating and focusing upon what we really want to achieve. Today’s encouragement comes with a little word of warning, however, while the retrograde Mercury also joins the Sun at this magical point; and that is not to lose oneself in dogma and detail, but to use this time to aim high and imagine our aspirations well and truly embodied. Any endeavour is now given an extra cosmic boost as both Sun and Mercury, together with the very special guest appearance of the 'Great Attractor', are also now conjunct the destiny-fulfilling North Node, otherwise known as Rahu, or the Dragon’s Head with the lunar eclipse on the 10th December. Celestial sights are now set on nothing short of (collective) galactic awakening; so in the words of Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were walls.” ~♥~

Image created by the amazing Visual Alchemist, called "Event Horizon within the Buddha Field" _(♥)_ thx Bill :))