Tuesday, 22 March 2016

peace & LOVE Full Libra Moon lunar eclipse ~ March 23rd 2016

A peace & LOVE Full Libra Moon lunar eclipse is on Wednesday, exactly at midday GMT (-5 Est; + 5 ½ Delhi) and is visible in India, Australasia & the Americas. Aligning the ‘me-we’ axis at 4 degrees Aries~Libra, Sun, Moon and Earth, now highlight how we interact with others is a mirror of the way we relate to ‘self’. In other words the vibration we exude is what we tend attract into our lives, especially when it comes to relationship. Living in love grows more love; while anger or hate only manifests more hate and further negative emotion, such as blame, doubt, confusion; all of which makes relating even to one’s true self even more difficult, obscuring the essential kind and loving Buddha nature we are all born with. This eclipse urges one to live in love in regard others, without looking for ego validation.

There is no doubt this is a difficult eclipse period. And now the fiery Sun is exalted in Aries, where it exudes bravery, passion and ardour; it is also in good aspect to Mars (Mars rules Aries). Situations and emotions that surround this particular lunar eclipse may well resurface early May (and around the 22nd) and again mid-August, due to Mars (and Saturn) going retrograde April 17th for almost two months. Mars retrograde in Sagittarius accents the need to reassess the bigger picture unfolding now; specifically concerning alliances and investments made mid-February.

Spectacularly, home planet Mother Earth experiences more auroras during an equal-day, equal-night equinox period, as solar winds generate beautiful displays of light at the poles: an indication that when we are aligned and balanced, in harmony with our world, we also shine more easily. This Libra Moon helps one to appreciate the beauty in relationship, and remember that LOVE conquers all, as well as to aim for peaceful resolution of conflict.

& HAPPY HOLI everyone ~> colour me ℒℴѵℯ!

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

·✰··☾☼☽··✰· 8/9th Pisces Solar Eclipse SuperMoon @1:56gmt (21:56est) _/|\_

·✰· When Sun and Moon unite in their orbits to form a total eclipse (Solar or Lunar) a massive amount of transformational celestial energy concentrates upon the degree concerned; in this case it is degrees 18-19-20-21 of supersensitive Pisces feeling the pull of oceanic tidal change. This eclipse illuminates the major theme of the Yang Fire Monkey year: that all mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are under the celestial spotlight to become even more humanitarian and flexible, as opposed to crafty and deceptive. So while all of us might sense the world is at turning point of some sort (depending upon where those degrees lie in your personal horoscope), because watery Pisces is an all-consuming, all embracing collective sign, it’s also possible many will intuit the imperative healing needed for the underlying global subconscious, which too easily tortures itself in toxic turmoil; in as much as we all want to be happy and avoid suffering; but what stops us attaining happiness – or at least seeing that happiness is a state of mind is, of course, our deluded thoughts: the desire nature and aversions that breed ignorance and fear. Please note when mutable signs are indicated, people can be more easily influenced and craziness can quickly replace rational composure. The way to counteract any overwhelming emotion, however, is to develop a meaningful connection to the heartfelt Love-Wisdom which resides within, and live a life of service, be it practical or spiritual to add a sense of purpose that is as physically, mentally and spiritually healing for ones’ self (on a molecular level) as well as others (on a cellular level).


Many other planets now join the Sun, Moon, SOUTH node (Ketu, aka the Dragon’s tail) on this Maha Shivratri, International Women’s Day, including Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron, which are an imaginative and informative shamanic trio arriving at this eclipse with a saintly message: in the words of beloved Pema Chodron “Sometimes the crisis is the healing”.  Humanity’s greatest crisis comes about by perpetuating a situation of ‘us and them’. Be aware: this sense of separateness is how people are controlled by others who wear the mask of illusion. In reality, and from the ‘higher’ outlook, we are One: one race, one planet, under one sky breathing the same air, purifying in the same Samsara sea. Such unity consciousness is possible to quickly understand through activities that produce lots of positive emotion, such as dance, music, yoga, meditation and prayer can helps to realize that even the Divine and self are naturally One.  

·✰· This Solar Eclipse (totality is across Indonesia) is with Ketu, aka the South Node. When energy flows in through the south it is often stronger, in primal Shakti mode; this is mostly because we generally release through the South Node (energy going out as opposed to coming in). Riding the waves during this eclipse is much easier when one remains open to twists and turns. Another function of the south node is as point of incarnation and reincarnation; and generally we say the qualities of the sign, house placement, aspects made are an indication of past life energies. And this eclipse accents a spiritual portal that has been open much wider than usual since November last year, due to conjunction of Jupiter the planet that magnifies with Rahu, the North Node, the the gate has widened, . (This may explain why so many seem to have passed since that time.) The exact conjunction of expansive Jupiter and Rahu takes place at Summer Solstice, when the enormity of collective light can heal and bring relief to those who need it. We can also tap into that healing during this new Moon by remembering that all is never lost, the power of prayer is phenomenal and that with faith and compassion miracles do happen.

·✰· A New Moon is also a time of setting intentions. As always, our intention (here at DharmaStars) is to raise the cosmic love vibration with compassion, sincerity, and a kind heart, especially when faced with difficulty and uncertainty. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd March (eclipses always come in pairs: solar and lunar), will be only days away from Spring/Autumn equinox, when this turning of the light induces a cosmic surge in the will to accomplish balance, self-directed as well as in relationship.    

·✰· Geomagnetic storms are forecast for the next few days, bringing beautiful Auroras to Mother’s Earth poles. And as her natural Sushumna glows with light, so can ours. _/\_ <3

This effects of this eclipse could last a few days; and we're not out of eclipse season until at least the end of March. Take good care everyone. Be kind to yourself and others <3 _/\_


With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ and many thanks to Visual Alchemy for the Blast of Blue Buddha Bliss ~> see you on the flip side.