Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lively up Yourself -> Four Aries planets in pre-dawn sky ->

The current Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries, now seen in the pre-dawn sky is rare . We haven't seen the likes of which since 1966. Even then it only lasted 7 days, compared to the 20 days we will experience this rather dynamic conjunction, so good for new projects. Last time we had the 20 days wild alignment was in 1680, quite some time ago. The next is in 2040, so best make the most of it while we can!
Along with another tricky aspect (Uranus in Pisces (sudden floods/radiation)), this Aries alignment has already proved itself to be HUGE. Look to the part of your horoscope with the last decanate of Aries and the first of Taurus, to confirm how a bigger picture is quickly unfolding propelling action that puts personal motivation into perspective; for wherever these degrees are in the personal horoscope, there is an indication of the area where a cosmic springboard now encourages us to jump into the new, with the spirit of adventure, and stability as the goal.

Note how these four planets working together in the Aries conjunction is fast acting, and is an extremely fiery combination that can easily whip-up things to fly about the air (as we have seen with the US’s current spate of tornados). As mentioned previously, this is a time of enormous risk and pomp, be that regal, religious, or military. Whenever Jupiter is present, it tends to magnify any situation, be it good or bad, hence the current proliferation of awesome events, emotions and situations. 
This is no time to procrastinate, the call is for immediate action, of putting the new into place, be it thought, word or deed. As I write this my Brixton neighbour's reggae resounds through me with a fire trine with the Moon in Leo, the four planets in Aries, and the North Node in Sag indicate lively activity with heightened sensitivity.  With this in mind, I could even have some fun!
You're gonna lively up yourself and
Don't be no drag
You lively up yourself, oh
Reggae is another bag
You lively up yourself and don't say no
You're gonna lively up yourself
'Cause I said so
(Hear what you gonna do)
You rock so you rock so
Like you never did before
You dip so, you dip so
Dip thru my door
You come so, you come so,
Oh yeah!
You skank so, you skank so,
Be alive today.

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