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LEO ~ Cardinal Cross ~ Evolution of Divine Light

Leo~Leo Asc ©
3rd Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August/Sept 2010)
6th Solar house Pluto in Capricorn
9th Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries
(Retrograde into Pisces until Feb/Mar 2011)
12th Solar house Moon in Cancer

Active, with a strong radiant vitality, as indicated by being ruled by the dynamic life-giving Sun, Leos’ possess a wonderfully bright disposition which affords brilliance in any circumstance.  For the dazzled rest of us, we marvel at your splendour, wanting to know the secret of confidence. 

According to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche: “Developing confidence is like watching the sun rise. First it seems very feeble and one wonders whether it will make it. Then it shines and shines. Confidence is not about arrogance or pride. It is a natural unfolding process. It's not a question of needing confidence or not needing it. It's naturally there. In fact, we actually don't have to develop confidence. It's more that we have to acknowledge the confidence that already exists.”

Confidence is thus a natural ability to ‘be’ comfortable in one’s skin. Like the Sun, its just 'there'. But in actuality is more easily generated by those who have had the good fortune to be loved and unconditionally adored and appreciated in childhood. Leo is the sign of children. So if you’re that rare Leo beastie who has ‘self’ issues, a monthly delve into the feeling–orientated world of personal ancestry might not go amiss, as the Moon transits Cancer to invoke the compassionate benefits of the Cardinal Cross formation, so your Sun ruled personality will glow and grow and shine freely.   

With Saturn (Venus & Mars) in your third house of communication, noting how the mind works, riding upon breath as Spirit’s vehicle, to give you more confidence. Healthy breathing is encouraged to stay calm and alert. Saturn in this sphere of information suggests difficulties in getting your point across can be overcome when you present yourself clearly, with authority, and prove how wise you are, as well as how much you are willing share ideas and learn.
When it comes to love and romance, Leo is the sign of a heart brimming with joyful fun, of playing on the beach laughing about how the sand gets trapped between your toes with a carefree smile and generous loving gestures. While your playful inner-child happily tells jokes and is thoroughly charming, there is currently another side to Leo which is actually quite serious, deadly even – especially at this moment in time when it comes to telling it like it is, especially to new suitors. With assertive Mars plus authoritative Saturn in this area of communication, you may not be in the mood for small talk, nor flattering anyone’s fragile ego.  The combination of these planets indicates how important it is you seek ways to smooth romantic relations in a realistic manner. With Venus currently here for a few more weeks, every loveable Leo may find being diplomatic is the only way to go. Be a people pleaser by finding peaceful solutions that allows forgiveness to flow, even when this Cross makes its’ tricky aspects. When seeking the ‘Real Thing’ now is not the time to go for a lover’s looks, concentrate instead on brains, mental stimulation and strength of character.

During the monthly moments of the exact Cardinal Cross make time to be by yourself so you can relax, meditate, and access the Divine within.  This kindness to yourself means that you can once and for all forget whoever it is from the past that haunts you. So get ready to move on into a whole new loving dimension, which is real, solid and fulfilling.

Saturn will encourage the need for original ideas. Now is the time to let the world know what you have to offer. Should you have your own business and you’re looking for more, while now is the time to get it up and get it noticed you still need to be patient. With long-term vision and determination, a well thought out media-blitz means greater profit in the future.

With Uranus and Jupiter in Aries in your sphere of philosophy, religion and travel, awakening to new cultures gives life great meaning. This same domain also rules higher education, so study and walking the halls of learning will also seriously broaden your horizons.  Remember that both planets are now in retrograde, going back to revist your sphere of intimacy. You now have a second chance to look at how you share your secret self. When both planets return to your solar 9th, Feb/March, your drive for expansion will also resume.

Even though working closely with another may be a point of obsession, keep a positive focus. Neighbourhood events could be pleasantly distracting. While energy levels look high, with humility balancing confidence, you also need to look after yourself, physically as well as psychologically – with Pluto activating a transformation in the Lion’s daily routine, taking care of mind, body and soul becomes paramount. For a confident Leo, self-image is important. Try not to make too much of any drama out of any fleeting (financial) crisis. Generally speaking your energy radiates brilliantly; it is good to be aware how too much thinking create stress. Learn to tame the mind as you would the ego. Should tension levels being to rise, nip them in the bud as soon as you recognise the fist sign of worry, and make looking after yourself a priority. Remember Shantideva’s advice: If there is something that you can do to alleviate any given problem then do it. And if there is nothing that you can do, then why worry? It is true that we are all in a major phase of collective transformation, where there are many changes going down in the world that affect each of us differently. You, for instance, may find you have to reconsider the way you think about things by discovering new ideas, new people and possibly even have to reassess your belief system, so that you can build faith in your intuition. The stars of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun therfore urge Leo to radiate Divine light, tame the mind, and love themselves and others. And, on a relative level, get mega organised to learn from life’s powerful experiences, so that you unconditionally shine.  

Thank you to Visual Artist Bill for Sun Lion, to for the sunmind and other unknown artists.

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