Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Free Heart ~ A Consciousness of Others ~ Full Libra Moon 2010

Full Moon on the Rise ~ Let the love-light shine!

"We keep looking outside for the light when we should now become the light". Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

The growing light of the Aries Sun radiates in fiery exaltation, mirroring our own internal light that swells in luminosity through positive focus, meditation, and intent. Opposite the Full Moon in relationship orientated Libra on March 30 at 3:25 BST, a brilliant Sun in Aries encourages braver moves with passion, verve and originality; the Libra Moon reflects a smartly cooler sophisticated emotional reaction to such Aries dynamism. This lively Sun-Moon alignment can create a fair-minded outlook, enabling us to move ahead with confidence, steadfast in self-acceptance, with the ability to make sure everyone’s emotional needs are met.

Aries -Libra is the Zodiac’s ‘me-we’ axis: Circumstances around this full moon present an opportunity to look at our self in relation to other people. Now there is the potential to expose the less desirable workings of a self-cherishing mind, and see the importance of helpful and loving allies. When assessing how we work with others, we must ask ourselves what exactly do we bring and what do we give to our family, friends and relationships. Which associations are helpful, for all concerned - and how will they go forward and benefit others?

Bear in mind that in the midst of these seemingly hard questions, karmic Saturn, the cosmic task master, will accompany the Full Moon. Others may hold up a mirror to reveal issues of loneliness versus being alone, neediness versus being self-reliant, fears versus love. This intensity of feeling is to help define our limits in relationship and out, which may be more apparent as the Moon approaches culmination; some may find it difficult to express how they feel, wanting to switch off the ‘emotional button’ entirely, making it difficult for other’s to connect. Yet there is an easing of pressure as the soon as la Luna is full. Still, a self-serving mind could easily feel the strain. Patience is called for; watch out for selfish tendency. Quickly nip in the bud any overwhelming sense of me, myself, mine, to alleviate self-inflicted karma, either by hurting someone else or suffering a damaged ego. Switch attention to helping others. This is the way to a healthy ego, feeling good and valuing ourselves.

In Buddhism we say if someone really gets to you, by making you angry for instance, then that person is a treasure, as they reveal a part of ourselves that needs to be worked on. But the real secret to dealing with destructive emotion is to be relaxed about who we are, which is naturally kind and good.

As this Full Moon spotlights a balanced ‘self’, if you don’t like what you see the Aries Sun imbibes the courage to change it. Several planets (Sun Moon Saturn & Pluto) now support a radical shift, enabling the alchemical transformation of negative imprints which may have been subtly or not so subtly reinforced for years (lifetimes possibly), making it less painful to let go of unhelpful thoughts and desires, so we are content in our skin “etre dans la peau”, as the French say, comfortable going deeper, becoming clearer, finding happiness at heart. With such ease of being, it’s then easier assist, and to be there for others.

And if you are still wondering 'What about Me'... watch this:

Thanks and blessings to unknown artists, much appreciated whoever you are.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Loving Light of the Equinox Sun ~ Spring 2010

Feeling a spring in your step? We fast approach the Vernal Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) at 17:32 GMT Saturday the 20th, and from here on the sap rises from under our feet energising renewed life into plants and bones, tired from this long hard winter. When the Sun moves into Aries, where is it exalted, we’re encouraged to shine with lifted spirits and praise the light of our innate intelligence. Aware each of us has a gift to bring to the world and, thinking long-term, as the light of the Sun increases, the Sun in Aries now marking the beginning of the zodiac, gives the go-ahead to invest energy into that talent.

The nature of the Sun is to shine upon everyone – without exception. Our Sun’s luminous rays do not discriminate who deserves its’ heat and light. Everyone equally benefits from the radiating sun. Feeling the blissful warmth of the Sun’s rays we sense tenderness, love and compassion that can be shared all around. The Sun is also in good aspect to Mars in Leo; this aspect is dynamic, healthy and playful; our goals can be reached with determination and, because Saturn is also involved in this celestial equation, cultivating helpful allies pays dividends.

At this time of equal day–equal night, yin and yang can balance within, connecting us to courage, strength and willpower, individually and collectively, to deal with an extraordinary Equinox: The Sun illuminates Saturn, Lord of karma by opposition; and squares transformational Pluto, planet of extremes. Days after the Equinox, on the 23rd, the Moon moves into Cancer; here we witness the start of ‘The Cardinal Cross’ of 2010, which dominates this year’s heavens. This rare and unusual formation suggests we need to access our own individual ‘Spiritual Sun’, and grow the radiant glow that illuminates from within - the light that loves, forgives and heals. The way we allow our personal luminosity to expand is to be willing to accept and adjust, which is not always easy. The agent of change is in the spirit of spiritual warrior, working in co-operation to co-create. Together we can conquer our first challenge: to overcome any fear and trepidation of what the current development might bring. No one ever said it was easy - but the heavens only reflect what we are capable of. Humanity is much more amazing than we often give ourselves credit for.

One of the main features of this Grand Cardinal Cross is the Saturn square to Pluto. This square is symbolic of the current spate of destructive earthquakes. Mythological Pluto (or Hades as he is also known), when he grabbed Persephone, the lord of death reached his hand up through a gaping, earth-quake like chasm to abduct the young maiden who innocently picked wild-flowers. Persephone (aka Prosperina or Kora) has a duel role, as both Spring Queen and, almost unwittingly, she is Goddess of the Underworld. So she represents our blameless naivety as well as lost innocence. Persephone’s Mother, Demeter, the Earth Mother, was distraught at her daughter’s abduction. After much mourning and searching for her violated offspring, Persephone was found in the underworld, where she had already taken a bite out of Pluto’s domain by eating pomegranate seeds (symbolic of sexual indulgence). A deal was struck, between Pluto and the Earth Mother, who had by that time ignored her crops, vegetation and people: for Persephone, i.e. light and life, returns to the overworld for half the year, which she does at spring, only to descend again for winter. So it seems rather fitting that at this Spring Equinox, a time of renewed possibilities that we have Pluto shaking Mother’s Earth’s ground again, as he is in hard aspects to earthy Saturn – ‘Old Father Time’ Saturn is also Demeter’s father – This is an old grudge match about resources, justice and fecundity.

Interestingly, Saturn rules authority, empire, and all that keeps us contained; Pluto lords over controlling big business - as well as secrets, and Pluto is now in Saturn’s sign. Playing cards close the chests may prove difficult for all those in positions of power. Yet still they try, even if secrecy breeds indignation to the notion of fairness; the Aries Sun anc Cardinal Cross will illuminate underhand dealings. Key words for this transit are “responsible relationship” challenging “obsessive ambition".

Yet everyone is feeling the pinch, even the wealthy. If it's not fincances making them take note of finite interests, it will be something else, a relationship perhaps, or legal matters. Few escape Pluto's long-term generational influence and its' call to transform.

Symbolically speaking, Earth Mother will nurture love and protect unconditionally, while we all need to reconsider the rape of the Earth’s resources. Holding accountable those who plunder and pillage in the name of personal power is a challenge. Even in the face of sustainability, greed, avarice and ignorance may well continue to prevail. But with or without humanity, our planet Earth will regenerate herself - eventually.

The Vernal Equinox is also the start of the Kalachakra calendar, indicating time to meditate for world peace: peace within, peace without, and peace on the planet.

As always, thanks & appreciation to unknown artists.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sowing the seeds of compassion ~ New Moon in Pisces 2010

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” Buddha

Every great spiritual teacher, from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to beloved Osho and Ram Dass, tell us “to be here now”. The past has already been, and the future is a mysterious mix of present circumstance and karma; so the most important time in our lives is NOW! True, the monkey mind can turn around and around and swing back and forth, but with practiced effort it becomes easier to train this mind of ours to focus and remain centred in a continued mindful presence.

An awakened state of awareness helps us to note how all life is inter-connected, and events, ideas, and even the other beings we encounter are a mirror of our own emotions, thoughts and actions. This almost supernatural connection to everything around us is where science and spirituality now meet, through the noosphere – a quantum field of unseen electromagnetic energy that resonates with Global consciousness, as well as (how we direct) our psycho-anatomical- spiritual subtle body. Thus, we humans are actually much more magical than we give ourselves credit for. Each instant a sacred blessing – thoughts with wings fly through the biosphere, generating a vibration that interacts with the collective consciousness and, at the same time, extend into an evolutionary sphere of resonance that can heal and elevate.

Astrologically speaking, there are times when it’s easier for individuals to consciously to tune into the wave of collective energies, and unite with the spiritual soul group to become ‘one’. The New Moon at 25 degrees Pisces, on Monday the 15th at 21:01 GMT, is one of these magical moments. This is a New Moon to activate the space-time connection between Divine cosmos and the sacred light that lies within each of us. Meditating upon the space in between the eyebrows, the wisdom eye – the Third Eye - can open the all-seeing pineal gland, a stargate already stimulated by increasing sunlight (in the northern hemisphere). Buddhists can envisage a spiritual awakening in the Dharmadhatu. In the Hindu tradition, the Third eye is associated with magical all-seeing powers; in the West we link it to clairvoyance or clairsentience. Third eye meditations are not to be taken lightly, as Kundalini can awaken; unless you know what you are doing, I advise you to practice with others who do. Having said that, through meditation and prayer, yoga and dance, poetry and music (all Piscean activities), ego can step aside for Spirit to progress and generate a higher frequency of light that can be used to initiate unconditional love and compassion.

With astrology we learn more about our relative dualist realm: As well as being symbolic of deep spirituality, Pisces is also the sign of phantasmagoria, with the accumulated energy of all previous zodiacal signs, Pisces can indicate self-undoing, where toxic negativity can fester, self-destruct, and fuel Samsara’s illusion. Hence a game of victim and martyr is often played by those with an emphasis upon end-sign influences: Pisces, Neptune, 12th House. Being seduced by glamour, with a spirit held to ransom by addiction and desire is a tough place to be (believe me, I know about these things). I don’t want to come across as holier than thou, but it is possible to confront the cycle of delusion, break nasty habits, and turn corners. (I did.) The cosmic key to release is to heed self’s plea for forgiveness and surrender to the collective’s call for universal service.

A transformation of the heart-mind can be invoked with this Pisces Sun and Moon, currently conjoined to Mercury, the celestial courier, and Uranus, planet of dramatic reform and modernisation: To send out into the world a powerful and positive altruistic intention that has greater effect. As the light of the moon increases, by the Spring Equinox, next Saturday, the 20th at 17:32 GMT, any intention we set into motion now, like a seed just sown, will begin to take root – all we then need to do then is add blessed Piscean water, and watch our seed grow. (Note World Water Day 22nd March).

This Vernal equinox sees the cardinal points are activated as 2010’s very powerful alignments begin to shape into place. It’s not an easy configuration by any means. We can take heart from esoteric astrologer, Alice A. Bailey, who says the Cardinal Cross accents the Spiritual Sun, i.e. our own light within the greater unity - with individual Uranus as the agent of awakening 'the whole' to the awareness of cosmic consciousness.

Pic credit to Tim Buckley for the beautiful third eye

Unknown seedwoman and tatoo man and grid, most appreciated, whoever you are X

Monday, 8 March 2010

♥ ૐ ♥~Earth ♥ Heart ♥ Alignment~♥ ૐ ♥

Sensing the earth under my feet, I feel my heart beating to life’s flowing charge, tuning into the Great Mother. Kindling such heartfelt resonance isn’t always easy, especially when desire, ignorance or aversion are at play. As they often are. Yet Buddhism teaches us that when we are brave enough to drop any ego baggage, the mind reconnects with the heart and we will return to our true nature, calm and happy, intuitive and accepting. Aware that we humans are indivisible from our home planet, Earth; 70% water and 30% solid, the human body also shares with the planet a little known secret: that our heart is also tilted - just like  Earth’s axis.

So when I heard news announced, in dramatic fatalistic media fashion, how Earth’s axis has tilted as a result of the recent Chile earthquake, my natural reaction was to enter into ‘stabilising meditation’, to focus upon breathing and calm the heart-mind. My understanding is that we, i.e. the earth, have always ‘wobbled’ with a point degree this way or that – so far with no serious misalignment, and therefore nothing to worry about. But in any whirlwind of change, a meditator’s aim is to hold firm focus and relax into the spacious heart-mind.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

The antidote for feeling insecure, fearful or unstable is to rest in love ~ pure unconditional love. To generate the heartfelt state we can share with others, it is primarily important to feel good about oneself. A simple, easy, costs-you-nothing way to create love for self is by breathing. Really. It's as simple as that. By concentrating upon breathing into our lungs the pure and conscious life-force, all goodness, light and positive prana infuse the heart-mind and body, and then exhaling toxic negativity, it naturally opens the heart, clears the mind and calms the spirit. From this tranquil state we can then generate Bodhicitta: which is the aspiration for all beings to achieve enlightenment.

It makes sense, then, if we can establish love and a calm mind with directed breath - and as we are so interconnected to the Earth - by the same intention, motivation and focus we can also calm Earth’s breathing, as Mother Earth also breathes with the tides, as well as inhaling at daybreak and exhaling at nightfall (with greater inhalation during periods when there is less solar activity, or depending upon where we are in the yearly cycle). Russian scientist Lugovenko defines the breathing of the Earth as "the temporary variations of a cosmo-terrestrial field," and refers to both "global" and "local" breathing. He suggests global breathing reacts to sacredness, through meditation and mantra. That we are so connected is not so surprising if we consider the inclusive noosphere. Now, more than ever, with humanity in a constant state of crisis and chaos, knowing the techniques of being able to rest in happy heart makes for a happy life - and a happy earth.

Om Om Om ♥ૐ ♥ ♥ૐ ♥ ♥ૐ ♥ ♥ૐ ♥ ♥ૐ ♥ ♥ૐ ♥ ♥ૐ ♥ ♥ૐ :)
Thanks and blessings to unknown artists.

♥ Lion Heart Love ~♥~ Mars Direct in Leo ♥ March 2010

International Woman’s Day coincides with Venus, symbol of women and Queen of the Heavens, moving into dynamic, action orientated Aries, to ignite the fire in our soul. Aries is ruled by Mars and, with cosmic synchronicity, the two celestial lovers - Venus & Mars – are currently entwined in a sacred Fire Trine, accenting power, purpose and intuition, bringing a feel-good factor reminiscent of a pre-Xmas party, except the buzz is now fresher and decidedly more animated. It’s as though we have had to exercise patience since last October to fully awaken our heart-fire.

Activating the might and strength of the heart, passionate Mars is about to go forward at 0 degrees Leo, to once again kindle the flames of love that shape, refine, and purify. The normally vivacious Mars in Leo has been retrograde since December, from when it might have seemed as though our call to LOVE was in vain. That is now about to change as Mars is at standstill over the next few days, tuning into our global heartbeat, to be ready with all systems go in the sign of the creative 'King of Fire' on the evening of Wednesday, the 10th March. (FYI When a planet goes into apparent backward motion (retrograde) we re-consider how it functions. As Mars is the planet of action, we have had to re-do whatever the zodiacal sign indicates.)

In Leo, creativity flourishes with love and romance, fun and children. Psychologically Leo represents ego, authority and bravery. In the body it illuminates the heart and sustains the spine. Ruled by the Sun, central life-giving source and star of our solar system, Leo provides spiritual support and heartfelt encouragement. Note Mars will be in a shadow period until May 17th, so many of the issues we have been dealing with about love, relationship, authority, those that concern the heart of matters, should see some kind of resolve. Our currently midnight scarlet sphere provides love’s dynamo, staying in Leo until June 6th. All in all, Mars will have spent an inordinately long time in one sign, eight months in the sign of heartfelt LOVE, instead of the usual six weeks, which is maybe an indication how we all need to work on love and understand how love works, i.e. how to open the heart to a circular motion: the more we are generous with our love and share, the more love there is to share.

These next few days before the Pisces New Moon on the 15th, are important in many ways because we are now at a pause before this new Tiger year really starts. Take this precious moment in time to focus upon what you want to do with the rest of the year. Setting the intention with love in the heart encourages a positive journey and helpful result.

“When you take care of each moment, you take care of all time” Buddha Shakyamuni

There are several mega transits this year, not least the Cardinal Grand Cross, which, according to esoteric astrologer Alice A. Bailey, accents the emergence of the spiritual Sun, with planet Uranus, the harbinger of change, as the agent of the materialisation of Shambhala’s Spiritual Sun. Uranus and Jupiter will come together in the summer in Aries, which is a truly visionary combination. More on this unusual formation later…

Many thanks to all unknown artists for blessing us with such beautiful images.