Thursday, 27 June 2013

Developing intuition ~> Jupiter in Cancer - July 2013-14

BIG year ahead from now until July 2014 for Cancerians (and, to a lesser degree all other Cardinal signs) ~> Beneficent Jupiter moves into tropical Cancer at 2:41bst tomorrow morning, the 26th, for the 1st time in 12ish years. Jupiter expands and grows whichever sign it is in. We’ve just witnessed the last throws of a capacious Jupiter in Gemini, sign of communication, with revelations of how all kinds of information are stored as digital data in excess. Now, however, Jupiter’s emphasis is upon developing intuition and expanding support systems, sangha & (global) family, as well as improving loving kindness and the right-brained fertile world of emotions and feelings. Jupiter is actually exalted in watery, reflective Cancer, sign of the sensitive homebody, which may seem rather odd for all Jupiter’s far-reaching cosmic greatness. Yet it makes perfect sense that in order to be adventurous and develop faith and ethics, hope and academia, to be wise and to grow, we need fans on the home front to lend generous support; i.e. we need to nurture our inner-stability, so that we are secure in our foundations, before fully grasping the (spiritual) world’s more abstract concepts, theories or truths, from all of which Jupiter, as sacred Guru - teaches us how to be liberated.

Also, from a worldly point of view, it’s a great year for home improvements for everyone (says she with paint pots at the ready!)

Photographic artwork is of a drop of Water encompassing Jupiter, by Markus Reugals , with thanks _/♥\_

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Full Capricorn Super Moon & the Solstice Sun ~> June 2013

☼ ☾ The full Super Moon on Sunday @12:31pmBST (6:31amEST) is at 2Capricorn, accenting the brilliant Solstice Sun, as it stands resplendent with generous and optimistic Jupiter. The Full Super Moon is indeed astrologically super, as it also brings into practical play a rare ‘Kite’ formation that includes the overwhelming power and fluidity of the ‘Grand Water Trine’; thus it is the Moon, i.e. ‘the people’, our emotions, our (vibe) family, and our needs, that are all now playing a pivotal role as catalyst for crystallising important ideas, events, situations, as well as enabling one to embody the compassion, care & perception indicated by this immensely important and long lasting Grand Water Trine.

Note how the summer’s perceptive and intuitive Grand Water Trine lasts until early September; Water and its qualities of purifying and nurturing will continue to be a theme throughout the summer. Notwithstanding a decade of rainy summers forecast in Britain, planets in the Water element make it easy to tune into a collective undercurrent; feelings that sense a transformation in the making. And it is the Spirit of the Solstice Sun which now seals this magical configuration that works on many emotional levels; being in exact trine to the perceptive Saturn in Scorpio AND watery Neptune in Pisces on the 26th June (same day Jupiter goes into Cancer, and Mercury goes retro in Cancer, advising us to reconsider family and security).

This Water triplicity, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, manifests at its highest vibration as compassion with Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, perception with Saturn in Scorpio’s laser-like insight, and caring Cancer, with Sun, Venus, Mercury, soon to be joined by expansive Jupiter, who is exalted in Cancer.

From the Buddhist perspective we could say this a summer of developing a connection between ‘Maitri’ (Metta), loving kindness (symbolised by Cancer, caring as a mother loves her child), ‘Karuna’, compassion when life is in the flow of change is Pisces; and Saturn in Scorpio, developing the Bodhisattva spirit with Vipassanna, the special penetrative insight into the true nature of reality– all of which can be enhanced by specific meditative techniques that help us to put compassion into action.

The Water trine can therefore enhance prayer, meditation and all work with unseen energies with positive affect. In light of this please send love & healing prayers to Northern India where the Temple town near the source of the sacred Ganges has been flooded and mountain tsunamied: many people have died and are still missing; Also Calgary in Northern Canada, where 100,000 people have been forced to evacuate due to flooding.

Thank you & thanks for sharing. _/♥\_
Image of Kwan Yin Goddess of Compassion, artist unknown. Shiva, guardian of the Ganges by HinduTimes photographs_/♥\_ ☼ ☆•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ☾

Friday, 21 June 2013

_/☼\_ One Love under the Solstice Sun ~> June 2013

Spirit Sun _/☼\_ One Love  One Heart

June 21st @6:04BST ~> Happy Solstice!

Sun stands still for three days as it changes its emphasis of light during the longest day in the north & and the longest night in the south. Like the gap in between breaths in mediation, our Solstice Sun now rests in a sacred space of spiritual Oneness, radiating the blessings of light, warmth and consciousness, as the Cosmic Wheel turns towards a Super Full Moon on SUNday 23rd _/♥\_

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cosmic Teacher's ~> Guru Rinpoche day ~> 18th June & Sun conjunct Jupiter _/\_

☼ ✶ ☾ Five days before the years’ largest Full SuperMoon, and two days before the year’s solar turning point at Summer Solstice, Spirit Sun conjoins the Cosmic Guru, Jupiter (exact at 17:10BST June 19th), making for Tibetan Buddhists an especially doubly poignant Guru Rinpoche day. For today we also celebrate the miraculous lotus-born birth of Tibet’s 8th century second Buddha: Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, the great master who was born on this 10th day of the waxing lunation in a Monkey month (June).

Guru Rinpoche emphasises the importance of dwelling in the open-minded attitude of enlightenment, remaining optimistic and devoted to faith when faced with obstacles. Similarly, in astrology, Jupiter is the enthusiastic planet of philosophy, travel and truth, and the archetype we look to in the horoscope to explore new horizons, understand others, and spiritually grow into our natural wisdom.

Both Guru Rinpoche and Jupiter are teachers that encourage us to expand our world view and consciousness, confident in knowing that all elements - including space, are interconnected. With Guru Rinpoche’s teachings we too, can also grow our personal rainbow aura, with an awareness which radiates from the heart-mind.

As Sun and Jupiter meet at 28 degrees of Airy and intellectual Gemini, they also conjunct the fixed Royal star, Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse indicates success and honours; through clear communication we can now connect with honest and devotion and call upon the Guru’s transcendent perfection to help overcome mental obscuration and delusion and, depending upon which stage we are at in our continual unfolding, embrace relative and ultimate truth, so that we, too, can become masters of pure mindfulness, and be of greater benefit to others in these changing times.

Guru Rinpoche mantra to overcome obstacles ~>
__/\__ Tashi Delek & Happy Guru Rinpoche day!

Medicine Buddha & a Six-pointed Star ~> June 2013

☼ ~✶~☽ An extraordinary pattern dominated this lunation's Medicine Buddha Moon, a six-pointed star involving two interlocking triangles: one is the summer’s Grand Trine in Water, the other a fleeting Grand Earth Trine, made all the more stable with a first quarter Moon in Virgo. This formidable feminine formation implies we are already intuitively aware of the healing needed within the body, as well as with our environment; the restorative Virgo Moon is also opposite shamanic healer, Chiron, quickly overcoming inhibited emotion, enabling the expression of needs and feelings in a practical manner.

A most valuable healing factor is to note how the current Gemini Sun/Jupiter conjunction highlights bamboozle hoop-la and hysteria, as well as an influx of important information. Knowing one’s connection to joy and beauty is vital in being able to maintain the healthy psyche that stops one from falling for any superficial hype, and encourages access to our natural wisdom, sensitivity, and intuition.

~> The cosmic wheel turns, and Solstice full SuperMoon (Sunday 23rd @14:32BST) emphasizes the cosmic fire that flows from the heart of the Solstice Sun, as well as the mighty strength of the Grand Water Trine. The mind’s concern is with altruistic emotion and the Divine natural law. It is also when the highest tides of the year will be experienced. This is one of the year’s major turning points and, while temperaments can change and fluctuate, the potential for crystallising ideas into form is strong.

Image of 'Inner Centre' by Bernhart Amygdhala Digital Art, with thanks _/♥\_

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dark Moon in Gemini ~> June 13

☼☾ Maintaining a quiet mind during this the Dark Moon presents a challenge, as Moon conjuncts active Mars and policymaker Pallas Athena, whilst all in communicative Gemini – the same sign as tomorrow’s new Moon, when our nurturing Moon conjoins Spirit Sun (and expansive Jupiter) at 16:54 BST (11:54EST).

☆ A multi-dextrous Gemini juggles ideas, fact and figures, as well as conveying information, goods, and medicine (and therein lays the gift of the celestial courier). With no less five celestial markers now in Gemini, it suggests we’re on information overload (but still with an inclination towards healing); brains could whir trying to understand a planet involved in seemingly endless chitter-chatter. Yet making sense of the dualistic world now demands different tactics than ordinary number-crunching analysis, especially as energy levels tend to be naturally low at dark Moon. Consider stepping back from the monkey mind to revitalise and strengthen heart and soul, and potentially provide answers to tricky questions. These planets in airy Gemini not only emphasise data and brilliant intelligence, but also the importance of giving the mind much-needed space, to shape new ideas and grow.

When in the still silence of space, mind naturally radiates; and it is in this state that insight naturally arises – which is why watching our breath in meditation is so helpful for personal decision making, as well as generating mindfulness towards others, rooted at One with all that we are.

Also today Neptune, planet of dreams, meditation and unconditional compassion begins a 5-month retrograde in Pisces; this extra-long transit teaches universal forgiveness (among other qualities), internalising kindness and sympathy.

“As you breathe in, cherish yourself.
As you breathe out, cherish all Beings.”
~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama  __/\__

Thanks to Cameron Grey for his image “The Never-Ending Dreamer” 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sky Dancing Dakini Day! ~> June 2nd/3rd 2013

An airy Gemini Sun makes a harmonious aspect to the emotive Moon, in autonomous Aries. Together they generate a burning passion for the spiritual warrior to communicate and act upon thoughts seemingly carried by the wind.

Curious Gemini stimulates the enquiring mind to cruise the information highway and to transmit news, ideas, and knowledge. Moon in dynamic Aries quickly assimilates such information, so that how we feel about important issues can be swiftly assessed, synthesised and acted upon before next weekend’s Gemini New Moon, June 8th.

Interestingly, both spirit Sun and the fiery, living-in-the-moment Aries Moon are now in a good strong aspect to liberating Uranus, where ‘The Light’s’ highest vibration is for all beings to be treated as equal. Thus the Gemini sky-like mind spirals towards the end of this lunation with a feminine guiding hand that senses the need for personal independence and freedom, be that a freedom to think or worship, or from war, suffering or hunger. And thus has a cause to support.

Even with a helpful aspect, emotions can be powerful. So while Uranus dictates primitive emotion such as anger and selfishness are unhealthy and obstructive – i.e. always thinking of I, me and mine, it may be the seed for causing potential harm to others, as well as be bad for the heart; the caution here is to avoid thoughtless whim and sudden martial exploits on impulse. Uranus is the Hierarchical ruler of Aries: self-centred attitude can certainly be directed to developing personal strength, but using this might of individual volition for an altruistic cause and the benefits of others is the action of mindful warrior of the heart, not a domineering dictator.

Happily, this Summer’s delightful Grand Water Trine is now shaping up to direct the mind-stream to be in one’s flow: to be caring, perceptive and compassionate. This deeply sensitive Grand Trine sets the tone for the coming months, getting extra encouragement at the new Moon, as well as at another powerful Solstice Full SuperMoon (the 2nd Full SuperMoon in a row of three!).