Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Chökhor Düchen ~ 1st turning of the wheel of dharma

In the Tibetan calendar today, 3rd August, is Chökhor Düchen, a karma multiplied day _(♥)_ Turning the wheel of dharma, Chökhor Düchen celebrates the first teaching of the Lord Buddha, seven weeks after his enlightenment (at Saka Dawa).
Buddha's first teaching topic is the Four Nobel Truths:
1) The reality of suffering (Dukka)
2) The cause of suffering (Samudaya)
3) The cessation of suffering (niroda)
4) The path to the cessation of suffering ((magga) through the 8-fold path)

May all beings be free from suffering & the causes of suffering! _(♥)_

Astrologically, today is marked with Mercury, planet of the mind going retrograde at 1Virgo, indicating pure thought with clear mind is attainable - with re-vision. At the same time, Mars, planet of action, moves into sensitive Cancer, his position of fall; indicating the lessons for the Spiritual Warrior are to tread lightly, with care. As the Moon moves into Libra today, she conjoins Saturn and Fixed star, Spica, tomorrow, when the planetary energy brings flashes of brilliance during a strong karmic situation.

The mudra here is Dharmacakra ~> the teaching mudra, which represents the 8-fold wheel of dharma. :) _(♥)_

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