Monday, 25 May 2009

Sculpting the Mind under Gemini Skies

Yesterday’s New Moon, which is still in effect – and like all new moon’s sets the tone for the coming lunar month - is in the mutable sign of Gemini, reminding us how novelty amuses and how versatile we are. Gemini governs communication, information, and what we think about and how we transmit that data, while the nurturing Moon feeds us. Now is the time to observe what kind of thoughts consume us. Bear in mind how thoughts have wings; what runs through the corridors of our mind in one moment, can just as easily fly into the ether and become a future reality.

While negativity abounds it can stir up the mind and make it muddy, stubborn and awkward. The good news is that the mind, like Gemini, is malleable, allowing us to change the way we think and alter the way we view situations, so that we handle stress better and problem solve more easily. With the always-moving mind, the brain changes focus and shifts concentration, at the same time we process thoughts, ideas, and our impressions of people and events. One of the best ways to effect a change of mind towards stabilisation and harmony is, according to science, by meditating. Called neuroplasticity, we can generate healthy neurons by sculpting the brain with positivity. Through visualisation and/or focusing upon the breath, we flex our mental muscles to sharpen the mind, enabling one to become balanced, focused and clear.

While we are under the Gemini Sun it gives us a greater opportunity to make the most of one of two very important aspects to this year’s astrology, with a trine (by sign) to the Jupiter ~ Chiron ~ Neptune conjunction. Expansive Jupiter now conjuncts phantasmagorical Neptune, in Aquarius, the sign of collective wishes and hopes. In between them is the asteroid, Chiron, given to healing and overcoming obstacles. The cosmic message is to dream BIG, discover compassion, and restore health: Visualisations, meditation, yoga, music, dance, massage therapy are all ways that we can positively connect to this astounding healing vibration that envelopes our planet for most of this year ♥ ૐ ♥ ©

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Saturn direct & the Raven

Yesterday I met an inspirational Raven in the Cevennes Mountains. His watchful eye fixed upon our approach, and as this bewitching bird spread his massive wings to fly we could see he was bigger than the Bonelli’s, the local eagle, with a wingspan of maybe 4 feet, he knew exactly where he was going. Black Raven is Saturn’s bird; and this encounter felt like a direct message from Saturn himself.

Realistic Saturn, symbol of responsibility, cause and effect, is now at station 14 Virgo, and about to go forward from having being retrograde in Virgo since New Year’s Eve. Which means that all year we have been collectively reworking issues of authority, discipline, and karma by going over old ground in order to go forward. Saturn’s lessons maybe slow but are none the less magical, tainted by patience, acceptance, and fortitude.

Raven is also one of the most intelligent birds, associated with thought and memory, past and future. Links to fate are inextricable, as Raven flies into the void to retrieve necessary wisdom. From Sunday 17th May we may find it easier to reap rewards for the hard work we have done so far this year – re-treading an old path can lead to new views.

Mythology abounds about Ravens, death and rebirth a popular theme: the smaller Corvus corax cousin, the Crow, has even been associated with the birth of many Dalai Lamas, including our treasured Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Jupiter * Chiron * Neptune in Aquarius

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Separating fact from fiction continues to be a theme, one way or another, for the rest of this year. Like the young Lyra with her alethiometer in the Golden Compass, reading warning signs and positive directions may be clearer for some, such as the intelligent air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The rest of us have to trust on something other: an intuitive wisdom which discerns when the wool is being pulled over our eyes. With their innate truthometer, those Sagittarians and Pisceans, who have not fallen for the allure of power, may also find it easier to filter honesty from deceit.

From the spiritual perspective, truth lies within; recognising this ancient wisdom gem enables one to overcome all kinds of modern problems (physical, mental and technological). From the planetary perspective, the year-long presence of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, now all in liberating Aquarius, means we can develop, hold, and establish any creative vision throughout the summer and have some fun. Ideas that involve building bridges between heart to mind, or from self to others are particularly effective. 

The personal freedom we seek should on no account mean misery for others. For individual, collective and planetary healing to take place, mind games that create victims or martyrs ought to be shunned good and proper. And if things feel like they are falling apart, it may be a cosmically cunning opportunity to rebuild by letting-go.

--> With many thanks to t.k.Traktung Khepa, for sharing with us these beautiful paintings; Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche &Tara _/\_

Mercury Retrograde & Full Kalachakra Moon ~ Beltane 2009

St. Raphael

--->>>Mercury Retrograde alert! <<<---

It’s that time again (already!) when all kinds of communication cock-ups happen with alarming regularity. I, for one, have already been whammed: this retrograde strikes my descendant and I have been waiting weeks for a contract to arrive, only to be told it today it was sent out late and to another address! Who says astrology doesn’t work?

But how does it work? First a bit of background: Mercury retrograde happens for three weeks at a time, three times a year, reversing through the elements as it goes backwards, i.e. from Water to Air to Earth to Fire. Versatile Mercury rules communication, as well as healing, the mind, short journeys and our neighbourhood (and primary school too). The caduceus-carrying healer shows how we assimilate, digest and transmit all kinds of data and information; and as such it governs the media, selling and, most importantly at this time, business propositions, paperwork and proposals.

A retrograde period can and often does involve two signs and two elements, giving each retrograde its’ own flavour (of traffic jams, road blocks, misinformation, missed called and misunderstanding). Because Mercury is in apparent retrograde motion, these periods are considered to be times to revise, review, rework and redo whatever needs healing, particularly our mind, and the way we think or utilise our thoughts and ultimately, how we communicate, what we say, and how we say it.

This current retrograde from Gemini Air to Taurean Earth could start out trickier than most as Mercury rules Gemini, sign of the twins: it’s a double whammy and not just one single issue we are dealing with. These signs and elements suggest we can stabilise ideas as well as love and money, mind and heart, earth and humanity. So it was life-affirming to see ‘green shoots’ declared by the banking sector as Mercury was slowing down to go back into the zodiacal Taurean bank, also in time for the powerful Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon.

Technical info: Starting 7th May at 1 degree of Gemini, Mercury will re-enter Taurus on the 13th, taking three weeks in all to go back to 23 Taurus by June 2nd, when we enter the resolving shadow period until the 14th. We have been in the applying and usually quite problematic shadow period since the 23rd of April; so if you have experienced communication problems to do with land, business, finances, art, jewellery, items of beauty and adornment, clothing or retail, hot on the heels of transport problems then look to Mercury in your horoscope (natal and by transit) and see where, how, and when you’ll be able to resolve communication and/or healing or financial issues that come up. Be prepared to work and re-work, read and re-read (and then still don’t be surprised if you miss something).

This Mercury retro also encompasses Saturday morning’s Full Moon, accenting individual flourishing and profound relations. Finding a loving balance within shared ventures, as well as solitary activities, such as meditation, can also strengthen and imbibe the spiritual warrior with insight and stabilising wisdom to balance heart to mind, spirit with consciousness, and humantiy to Earth. This is no mean feat, but the heavens reflect only what we are capable of.

The beauty of Beltane, the solar fixed fire festival of lush fertility continues over the next few days; honouring Earth and experiencing nature in all her glory may well be the way to heal any rifts in relationship, as well as forge new alliances and, if you’re really lucky, reach new contemplative depths.

In my practice I will send out Beltane blessings, with love under full Kalachakra moonlight

p.s. I also thought you might enjoy this interesting site, which has a great graphic showing how the eight solar fire festivals align in space…