Sunday, 31 July 2011

♥ ☼ ♥ Love Light ♥ ☼ ♥ New Moon in Leo ☽ July'11

With a sigh of relief we waved goodbye to an old Moon that held keys which unlocked karmic bonds – a lunation which began as the third of three eclipses was always going to be heavy (famine, war, Norway and beloved Amy – not to mention any other  ‘crisis’).  Am now inclined to say let’s be brave like the gracious lion and welcome a new lunar cycle that began with 7 Leo at 19:40bst, and stabilise the happy noble heart :). 
Leo is ruled by the Sun, at the centre of our solar system. As such, Leo's are usually commanding characters, who tend to be at the hub of any action. This elite sign enjoys dressing up, having fun, and being dramatic. But such amusement also comes with a hefty responsibility: to lead with grandeur and warmth, emanating a love for all that stokes fiery Leo's sensibility of being in charge.
From where I am (northern skies) I'm happy to report that for the first time in ages we’re experiencing piercing blue sky, with the Sun radiating the kind of clarity that inspires painters, philosophers and parties. There's a definite newness in the air as this lunar cycle begins with the Sun at home in regal Leo, as it is conjoined by both, the sensitive Moon and the love Goddess, Venus, the latter two bestowing feminine charm and beauty, as well as loyalty and dignity. From a physical perspective the lights, Sun-ruled Shiva and Moon-ruled Shakti/Pavarti, unite with Venus to harness Shakti power with Leo fixity and focus to naturally raise Spirit and exercise loving kindness. 
This Sun, Moon, Venus conjunction also makes a positive trine aspect to Uranus, indicating respect for individuals and groups, as well as being helpful  when assessing changes to value systems.Though it’s not all sunshine and roses in debt-culture, as this triple light-heart Leo conjunction suggests there is tough work to do by squaring up to Jupiter in Taurus – an indication how selfishness and greed is rife (challenging any (Leo) oligarch), and how frivolous financial spending ought to be curtailed. Still, Leo fun can be had – even during difficult times. How we deal with problems has a direct influence on the outcome. A generous noble gesture from a guiding light work wonders with the popular results, placating to greater effect – but, one wonders in this degenerative time of the Kali Yuga,  who is daring enough to be big-hearted? Interestingly, from the hard angle to Jupiter, this ‘love-light conjunction’ creates an often intense ‘Thor’s Hammer’ formation, which now points directly to the destiny-fulfilling North Node: the way forward is to be totally realistic about any material needs we require to make the most of any opportunity to be stable, artistic and inventive. Sun-ruled Leo reminds us that a creative culture is central to civilisation.

In Buddhist teachings we acknowledge everyone wants to be happy, to be content in their skin, and with the ability to spiritually, emotionally and rationally develop the human (animal) condition. What we really need to compensate recent gloom is a healthy dose of radiant light. So it’s nice to see the actual Sun in the science news again: It appears every time the Cardinal Cross manifests, usually by the monthly passage of the Moon in Cancer, we have an M-class solar flare (which then have a knock-on affect upon earth's magnetic field). These flares may well have more to do with our spiritual evolution than is at first obvious; and this observation needs more careful research from my side. It will be interesting to see how the Sun behaves as Mars enters into the Cardinal Cross foray the same day that Mercury goes retrograde next week. (FYI I am currently working on two different astrological projects: THE book :) And an article about ‘The Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, both of which are in the process of being...)  

Yes, hot on the heels of this new lunation, Mercury, planet of communication, goes Retrograde on Wednesday 3rd :)) Astral advise: BACK UP everything - twice! Mercury is now at exalted 1 degree Virgo, which is usually excellent for analysing or organising the filing system; and our saintly halo for being so ordered and sorted has the potential to become whiter-than-white as Mercury opposes oceanic Neptune, just as it begins to retrograde. I jest. But whenever a planet goes retrograde, it’s important to look at how it links to other planets because that will be the triple whammy.  And the opposition from Mercury to Neptune could be very confusing, especially if travelling, map reading, dealing with neighbours or siblings, or perhaps more importantly, digesting spiritual teachings - because this is actually the kind of communicative Mercury configuration which encourages the spirit of enquiry, using analytical methods to reach a deeply intuitive understanding.  Mercury opposition  to Neptune creates a ripple effect, with thoughts, feelings and and ideas moving through the unseen energy field's undercurrent. Setting a positive intention is therefore paramount.

Fast moving Mercury doesn’t stay long in Virgo, though all kinds of information during this three week period – from facts and ideas, teachers and teachings – will need to be tested – including faith. In Buddhism this kind of questioning is welcomed. Indeed, it is called for, as one must understand from the depth of one’s rational and intuitive mind that the Buddha dharma is pure gold (which it is – take my word, but you must find this veritable treasure for yourself, in order for it to resonate in the mind-stream’s deeper vibration).

Mulitfaceted mult-talented Mercury has many skills; healing and communication being 'higher' traits that do extremely well in Virgo; but because it is fleet-footed with the gift of the gab, it's also called the trickster planet, so symbolic of smooth-talking con-artists, and thieves.  As mercury goes back into Leo, this indicates our ego, or our own mind, has the potential to either heal or become the trickster with all points in between.  This retrograde is about transforming the ego. So watch for saying anything you don’t mean just to puff yourself up and make yourself look grander than others.
By Monday the 8th August quick-silver Mercury is already back into Leo, indicating that we need to transform the ego-bound mind-heart with confidence and LOVE. This means the late degrees Leo (from 18 degrees onward) are thrice-blessed by trickster healer, with an optimum 3 weeks to then awaken heart-mind.  (Pluto in Leo Generation - aka we Baby Boomers - could well feel the need to gain insight into self in order to transform the mind - toute suite) :)) Going all the way back to 18 Leo, to go forward on 27 August, by setting the 'intention' to serve both spiritually and practically, ego-mind goes through the mental wringer. 

All this at the same time loving Venus in Leo takes hidden refuge in Spirit Sun for next 60 days while she is at 'Superior conjunction' as she radiated from behind the Sun. This means that we have a rather long-lasting Sun-Venus conjunction for a couple of months, until she once again emerges as Ishtar, the seductive evening star that will dazzle in Autumnal skies.  All the while this Lionine Love Goddess Venus is reminding us that vanquishing self-cherishing ego stabilses the heart ♥ ♥ ♥ :)) 
A Full Moon in August 13th will be a good maker for assessing constructive energies that aid others, which represent the Moon in Aquarius, the sign which is the hierarchical ruler of the emotional Moon.  Basically, when we reach this cooler and more objective Aquarian Moon , we will once again have to shift-up a notch, in order to combat the compulsive ego’s destructive need for instant gratification. Luckily, the combination of a Full Aquarian Moon’s clear-light can provide the rational mind’s insight to attain some kind of stabilising insight.

As always, there’s much light-work to be accomplished. Until the next time _(♥)_ May your days be filled with happiness and friendship, with ♥´¯`•.¸¸.•LVE•´¯`•.¸¸.♥ & LIGHT :))

Special thanks to Bill Brouard and other unknown artists for wonderful and much appreciated illustrations