Monday, 16 August 2010

CAPRICORN & the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spritual Sun ~ Evolution through Initiation ~

Capricorn & Capricorn Asc ~ Evolution through Initiation
4th Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries (3rd Pisces when retrograde)
7th Solar house Moon in Cancer
10th Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
1st Solar house Pluto in Capricorn

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Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun 

Capricorn, at the best of times, is a powerful authority. And because the planets line up in an amazing formation, these coming years, including the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun could turn out to be the most potent of your life. Wow. While there is every chance you experience extremes of fortune, by coming into your own power, what will this mean for the rest of us as politically influential Pluto transits through your sign? Probably it will be more of the same energy: extreme with difficult decisions to make, but without any Capricorn know-how to ramp-up authority, especially when playing with the Big Boys.

So how you get the best out of yourself during this time will very much depend upon how you are feeling about a) co-operation within your career (profession is always a Capricorn concern), b) emotional fulfilment in relationship, c) freedom within family environment, and d) having personal confidence to deal with the previous three – and all without feeling as though the weight of world is on your shoulders. While you could be developing super hero qualities, with Uranus and Jupiter in the 4th solar sphere of family, unexpected problems could arise from your home to throw you off track. The occasional power outage could stress us all out, but try not to let a naturally serious mood descend into feeling suppressed, oppressed, or generally lacking oomph should anything truly out of the ordinary happen, which demands you firmly take hold the reigns of responsibility. Others depend upon you, as signified by the two planets you have a personal connection to who are major players in the Cardinal Cross: your ruler authoritative Saturn, who is in direct square to controlling Pluto in Capricorn (August 21st). Both planets suggest you will discover immense strength of character; but is how you wield this personal power, i.e. fairly and squarely, without offending or dominating others, which will count towards a deposit in the karmic merit bank. For these two planets bring about evolution through profound and often secretive action (so you don’t need to shout about it): Collective new beginnings are about to be explored, which may not be obvious to everyone as we steer through Samsara’s choppy seas. But one thing is for sure: you are at the helm.   

To give matters a certain hint of mystery, there are fascinating thresholds to cross, even in love and romance. These exciting times have many planets in your favour, revealing a hidden magnetic attraction. This could make joining up with someone or something you like totally compelling. And when the emotional Moon makes her monthly opposition to both sexy Pluto in your sign, and Saturn Libra, in the sign of partnerships, a single Capricorn could connect with someone who presses all your buttons. As the planets continue throughout the year to form this very strong and very rare ‘cross’, all Capricorns could sense how your purpose in life is not only to achieve and do well in the material world, but that you can also feed a deeply spiritual part of your being, particularly through a balanced and loving relationship. As Saturn, your Sun’s ruler meets up with the planet of love, Venus, this month (in August) you may feel the power of love encouraging you to examine the way you have related in the past, where you are right now, and what you anticipate in the future; its like having a dancing Dakini of the three times sparkle in your presence. In relationship or not, you’re warned to watch mood swings; either too overbearing or too fearful, too unpredictable or too emotional, too obsessive or fixated.  Be aware that projecting or transferring negativity could destroy the very thing that you want to co-create. Exerting a modicum of self-control will go a long way in helping you to discover deeper psychology; you may even have insights into spiritual secrets.

Generally speaking Capricorn is more practical than idealistic, thriving on work and achievement; not only are you more ambitious than most but on a relative level you’re also more organised and practical to attain your goals. You could draw upon this resigned and responsible part of your character throughout this year as your ruling planet Saturn, is also the planet of recognition, residing in your house of fame and glory. This powerful combination of Pluto and Saturn can work in several ways: you could ruthlessly push ahead in any situation, at work by getting the promotion you seek, within relationship by hitching up with a trophy partner, at home living in a high security desirable block, or you could be dealing with delays, jealousy, broken promises, stroppy bosses, and hardened offenders. You, however, are advised to be a shining example of patience and perseverance. It takes bravery to show a mastery of personal transformation, and to take on a re-birth that restores a world to balance through love and care. Co-creation and co-operation are the way to discover everyone’s unique talent, which they bring to the table for collective and global renewal. 

Financially with deceptive Neptune sill retrograde in your zodiacal bank, you may have to deal with annoying bank errors, or costly unexpected expenses that take time to unravel and understand. But this is not your area of major transformation: if you are honest with yourself, you may have noticed how over the past year you started to present yourself in a much more convincing manner.  When influential Pluto crossed into your sign it brought with it a formidable and dominant energy that cannot be abused or treated lightly. While Pluto in Capricorn also makes a challenging aspect to expansive Jupiter in Aries, your solar sphere of the fourth house of home and family, it will magnify events within this very familiar space for the next. Remain strong and stable to be able to adjust and move at the drop of a hat.  This could be challenging for you with Uranus activating the same domain. Your foundations could feel quite shaky, chaotic even.  Rules and regulations could also be thrown to the wind. Be it family encouragement, your actual home or a circle of friends, whatever you thought was going to support you forever and a day, is now in the process of a major shift. So you may no longer be able to count upon this old secure guard in the same way. This means instead of holding onto tradition for dear life, by looking at the same-of- way-of-doing-the-same-old-thing, you will need to awaken the windows of the soul and look through new eyes to bring new ideas and creative insight to the fore. Given time you will be able to implement these to not only bring greater security to you personally, but also to others, whom you consider your global family.

There really is no escaping how this is a most significant time for Capricorn; with so many aspects of your world now on the celestial stage, and all of them in the spotlight. This means the Cardinal Cross could be a demanding year on many fronts. So be prepared to open up your heart, mind and spirit, and grow – BIG time! You’re now the guardian of hidden glory – a secret Holy Grail – from which only the brave and qualified Spiritual Warriors are allowed to taste victory. It may well that you so work hard to get to where you want to get to that you’re not going to let go of any attainments so easily. But with Pluto in your sign you do need to be in a constant process of renewal, by digging into the depths of your being and, if necessary, uprooting all that no longer serves you, so you can accomplish with a light heart.  Remember the more you hold on to harmful thoughts, feelings or actions, the more you are bound to be challenged. Note, though, how you are actually in a better position than most to deal with difficult situations: Choose to wield this considerable power wisely, and consider the welfare of others carefully for your Spiritual Sun to shine with love, and you will surely enjoy the status, love, and respect you seek.

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