Friday, 30 December 2016

Focus with the Wisdom Eye ~ New Capricorn Moon 2016

A New Capricorn Moon, 28-29th December, means tonight is the darkest night of the year (in the North), thus marking a time to rest, in sync with the nearest New Moon to Winter Solstice. At 6:54am GMT, both Sun and Moon will be at 8Capricorn; set intentions for (Summer's) accomplishment with focus, discipline and wisdom, and imbibe the responsibly-minded sea-goat's ability to climb mountains with ease and freedom, able to overcome all kinds of obstacles with dedicated application. Even as Mercury turns direct on the 8th Jan, far-sight and long-term thinking will be rewarded.
Aim and concentration are the astral order of this New Capricorn Moon. Time now to keep sights firmly in mind, prioritize and prepare, aware of the nature of reality, one’s true nature, Buddha nature and the light within. As 2016 draws to a close, new light ignites a New Year with an electrifying charge, one that has the ability to awaken and, if your karma is ripe, free the mind. 

🎆Happy 2017 Everyone! 🎆

With love & thanks to unknown photographer for image of Buddha's all-seeing wisdom eyes _/\_

Saturday, 24 December 2016

☆ A Spark of Light during the Dark Moon Holy Days ~ Christmas '16☆

For anyone fascinated by either numerology or sacred geometric patterns – and that includes once-number-crunching astrologers (even though computers do it for us now) – it is now remarkable how no less than seven heavenly markers at 19-20-21°. Jupiter, BlackMoonLillith, Saturn, Venus, Chiron, Uranus and Ceres currently fill a celestial bowl, all occupying exactly one half of the zodiac circle, and all beautifully spaced and aligned to bring cosmic offerings to the holiday stars. Those born with these degrees his or her horoscope could now discover the metaphoric holy grail, a vessel of honour and love, whilst spinning and sparkling with thoughts and ideas that set one soaring with a passion. 

It’s a good job present planets are so evenly spread! Radiating from centre like an open fan that offers a perfectly synced moment to twirl, cool or hide behind, now is the time to assess our next steps. Watch the action as this Moon phase comes to a close. See what that has the potential to truly thrill and satisfy. If past events have been overly stress, take time now, before Capricorn's New Moon on the 28th/29th Jan, and catch one’s breath to inhale deeply the seasonal love, peace and hope that will help to embody the awareness that good things can be made to manifest. 

☆☆ Two of 2017’s most important and longer-lasting aspects are now taking place (which will remain in effect until Sept 2017). On Christmas day freedom-loving Jupiter opposes liberating Uranus; and on Boxing day, a dynamic and visionary trine between Saturn and Uranus sparks into being. Change is certain. Note that whatever you are envisioning or processing at this moment in time can set the tone for the coming year. Be brave. Co-create now with the universe. Tune into the magic of the moment, noting that in chaos there are always opportunities and how Yule is a festival that celebrates the return of the New Light King, as well as the birth of a Bodhisattva. 

Heroic spiritual warriors grow through beauty, love and light. Come the full Cancer Moon on Jan 12th the current focus can be set into action.
☆☆☆ Enjoy! Wishing that your holy day stars always twinkle, with love-light & thanks for your continued support for Dharma Stars Spiritual Astrology. If you’d like to know what lies in store for you personally in the coming year of the Phoenix Fire Rooster, I am available for readings; via skype, phone or face-to-face in London. See this page for details, or message me on fb :) <3 _/\_…
☆☆☆☆ Happy Christmas everyone & Merry be <3 _/\_
With thanks also unknown artist for space Buddha and to E.A.Garry designs for sweet Santa Buddha – Now we know teddy bears, snowmen and reindeer are really guardian angel bodhisattvas in disguise, keeping the magic of Christmas alive <3

Monday, 12 December 2016

Gemini Full Supermoon ~> tuning into the 'higher' mind December 2016

Important characteristics that encourage a healthy mind and happy heart come into celestial focus during this week’s Full Moon, with principles, discipline, and the practice of patience karmically rewarded. Now the Sun is in ethical Sagittarius, it emphasises the need to remain open and flexible. The wise Archer in opposition to the bright Gemini Moon also urges one to heed the call to restrain thoughts, words and deeds which are divisive or harsh, otherwise many previous good actions will be negated. 

In order to get the best from situations, and to avoid falling into any nasty pitfalls that could manifest during this lively, highly-spirited Full Gemini Moon, tune into your ‘higher mind’ – the mind that lives in your heart, the mind which instinctively ‘knows’ right from wrong. And while you do, as the Full Moon reaches exact culmination on 14th December @ 00:05UT, you may also need to (perform pranayama and/or) count to ten in wind-up situations (especially those with an ‘us’ and ‘them’, i.e. within politics, communities, law and in-laws); otherwise you risk becoming like the cartoon Simpson’s character, the grizzled old curmudgeon, Mr Burns. 

We all know that while Burns may be rich, he isn’t happy, nor is his karma shiny and clean. Nor is he a bundle of joy to be around, especially in the run up to Solstice and Christmas. But who, in the astrological pantheon, thrives on that kind of humbug?! Old Father Time, Saturn, that’s who. Yet he, aka Burns, is also exactly whom we should invite to the upcoming feast of Saturnalia (17th Dec for 10 days). For this is Saturn’s time to assess achievements and prepare for 2017, a year of awakening with the exciting new year of the Yang Fire Bird that begins with the New Aquarius Moon in January; this is when the overall expansiveness moves from the wayward Fire Monkey towards the fiery Rooster; like a Phoenix Firebird we may even be able to rise in splendour from any proverbial ashes. 

Meanwhile, this last of 2016’s Full Moons is also the last in our series of three Full Supermoons; a fitting moment to ask ourselves if being with and supporting those who are not above board, potentially destroying health and happiness for the sake of promised comfort and security, is worth all the probable sorrow and trouble. Basically, this Full Gemini Super Moon is not for hand-wringing or soul-searching, but one where we consider the way our cogent mind works, the plasticity of shaping what we think about, and how coherently we transmit that information, all the while seeking methods in which we can train ourselves to live in truth, with freedom of expression and thought, without it being a rampaging free-for-all when planning our future: especially as we need standards met and values kept intact.

Full SuperMoons are also ‘supercharged’; there’s no denying it’s been a wild, roller coaster three months for many, in varying degrees of intensity (depending upon the activity in your personal horoscope). If you’ve been having a rough ride lately, take heart: there isn’t another Full Supermoon to create the kind of extreme stress we have recently witnessed (compounded by this year’s Mutable Cross) until December 2017. This is not to say the geophysical, emotional or rational world remains unchanged or unchallenged until then, as there are New Supermoons mid 2017, as well aseclipses which also emphasis major turning points. With our next eclipse at the end of February. 

In the meantime, the 23° Sagittarian Sun is currently with karmic Saturn, illuminating the closest Full Moon to the Solstice turning point in Capricorn on the 22nd December (which is ruled by Saturn). This is not a Full Moon to let down’s one guard: it’s actually time to get real and take responsibilities seriously, to generate a fearless wisdom by practicing self-control – which can admittedly be a challenge for the venturesome Sagittarian who thrives on impulse and risk. 

Sagittarius is the sign which positively buzzes with a sense of adventure, one that enjoys having an overview of situation. With the World their playground, Sagittarius climbs to the highest peak to see the panoramic picture in any event. But restricitive Saturn with Sun can, for whatever reason (usually fear), inhibit the revelation of higher visions. Truths revealed in questing, by the carefree Sagittarius daring to seek, are only successful when the spirit is generous and malice is absent.

Yet because traditional Saturn is journeying together with the far-sighted, futurist Centaur, the heavens now urge us to put personal life into perspective. Saturn demands that we feel the fear that stops us from doing whatever our archer’s arrow is aimed at; and, before shooting from the hip, weigh-up pros and cons, and do it anyway (whatever that ‘it’ might be), but with more caution, greater planning and less recklessness. 

Timely Saturn, the radiant Sun and reflective Moon are also in a tight ‘T’ square to Shamanic Chiron, as well in easy aspect to liberating Uranus AND freedom-loving Jupiter. This energising aspect suggest a prospective awakening to an innate positivity, and a power for healing that lies deep within. Compounding the heaven’s healing theme, Sun and Saturn are also currently conjunct Fixed Star ‘Ras Alhague’: i.e. the head of the snake, held by the astral healer in the (controversial 13th sign) Ophiuchus. Sun and Saturn shining with this star signify renewal and healing though a powerful snake medicine, which has the ability repair recent as well as long-term damage. Ophiuchus is a medicine man who also has the power to cure through dreams, songs and poetry. It’s a perfect time, especially as Luna begins her three-night brilliance on Monday night, to tune into those mysterious messages of the night and note any healing qualities that lie in the liminal space between dream and reality. 

Another sign that Saturn and Sun are in a good position to do the right thing is the current ‘mutual disposition’ between Saturn and Jupiter, the planet which rules Sagittarius. Mutual disposition occurs when each of the planets connect via the signs they occupy: i.e. Sagittarius (where Saturn is now) is ruled by Jupiter; at the same time Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of Saturn’s exaltation. So you can see how each of these planets work together to now get the best out of each other. And while the sextile that forms between Libra and Sagittarius doesn’t actually perfect until the end of August 2017, we are in the throes of this wonderfully cultured and richly exotic aspect that aids one to be realistic in all ambitions that have a philosophical appreciation of beauty and truth as their premise.

Luna is also conjunct Fixed Star El Nath, a star associated with the sharp tip of the Bull’s horn and as such portends aggressive weaponry. According to astrologer Bernadette Brady, this star is not necessarily used for war, but peace, and is linked to those who work assertively and bravely for peace as a part of their personal identity. So as the year comes to a close its worth looking at 21° Gemini in your own horoscope, to confirm how you, as spiritual warrior, use your mind as a sharp weapon for peace. 

With that, and even though Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is about to retrograde just before Solstice on the 19th, making it necessary to go over old ground, from solid-old Capricorn back into exploratory Sagittarius, I wish you, and all beings, Peace on Earth during the Festive Solstice season _/\_ & a very happy 2017 :)
with BIG LOVE from Agent Dakini _/\_ ☼ ¸¸.•*¨*•

“Irrespective of whether we are believers or agnostics, whether we believe in God or Karma, everyone can pursue moral ethics.”
~HH 14th Dalai Lama

& many thanks to Exotic Art India for dancing Manjushri _/\_