Saturday, 26 September 2009

Earthdance~Medicine Buddha Moon

☼ At the stroke of twelve midnight in London tonight (4pm pacific) over 300 dancefloors in 60 countries unite at the same time to generate a positive intention, while the 'Prayer for Peace' is played simultaneously. This kind of heartfelt objective is powerful. Wherever we are, even at the computer, or in our own sitting room, we can join and raise the vibration and radiate peace to the world, and harness the positive purpose of the planets:

☼ In the midst of peace, happiness and a beautiful community spirit, a solid sense of responsibility radiates from this year’s Sun in Libra Earthdance astrological chart. The triple Aquarian conjunction of beneficent Jupiter, curative Chiron, and Divine Neptune, sends a powerful celestial message: that immense transformational healing can be reached through a critical spiritual mass, by elevating group consciousness to feel the cosmic love vibration. At the moment of the ‘Prayer for Peace’, a Medicine Buddha Moon beams healing blue light, to bring in and hold positive remedial qualities: Harmonising past with future destiny enables one to embrace change with a collective understanding that combines science and magic, rational and intuitive, youth and age, to co-create a sustainable Earth.

☼ At the same time, brilliant altruistic values resonate with compelling discipline; wanting to make the world a better place is strengthened by acknowledging personal freedom and trusted, heartfelt friendships. An Elders Council, backed by the Spirit of the Sun with authoritative Saturn, as Lord of Karma, provides much-needed support detailing the importance of the task ahead – which is nothing short of healing our beleaguered planet - and acts as a gentle reminder of the need to unconditionally forgive those who have been a part of past negative policy. The power of prayer is mighty indeed, and compassion compelling. The overwhelming impression that emerges from this 13th Earthdance is how aware, pragmatic and wise we can be in order to overcome fear and empower the true nature of the creative human Spirit. Enjoy. Peace. ♥ ☼ ♥

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Natural Great Peace ~ Autumn Equinox 09

“Rest in natural great peace this exhausted mind,
Beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thoughts
Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
In the infinite ocean of samsara.
Rest in natural great peace.”

Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

According to the Buddhism, we're born with an innate ‘Natural Great Peace’, sometimes called our ‘Buddha nature’ – inherently luminous, calm and peaceful. But as we develop, grow into and work with the denser material world, we can lose sight of the light and the ability to access that most sensitive part of ourselves we might now label ‘cool’. For whatever reason, environmental, learned behaviour, or social conditioning, we often find it impossible to let our mind’s settle. Running after one thought or another means we end up chasing our tail - way off mark from the serenity or calm we’d like to be in while we deal with life’s constant flux and flow of change. It’s as though our dark side delights in overwhelming our radiance, to stultify us with fear and foreboding. Yet today is Equinox, when equal day and equal night is marked by the Sun moving into harmonious Libra, the sign of the scales: an internal balance between yin and yang enables us to pacify tension and stress, made especially easy by watching the breath. Libra is of the Air element, intellectual and rational; it shows how to control negative reactions and stop spiralling into a negative vortex purely by noting the breath; and this could gently push the ‘sensible’ button. Breathing short and fast is stressed; but long and slow and even breath is relaxed and paced.

And with the spirit of the Sun at a Cardinal point today, such as Libra (22:19 BST), it adds internal power and authority and the conviction to find our own light, without having to look outside of ourselves. That said Libra is the sign of partnerships, seeing how others are not a projection but a reflection of our own true peaceful nature.

Influencing the will to restore is also seen by two other sets of planetary dynamics currently constellating: In earthy Virgo, the practical sign of healing are Venus, Pallas Athena, Mercury (still retrograde) and Saturn. This is quite a combination indicating the need to take care of, and nurture others, as well as our selves and most importantly, boost our immune systems as naturally as we can. Healthcare is such a big issue these days, not just because of this stellium in Virgo (a stellium is when three or more planets are grouped together), but a celestial theme continued with the triple conjunction of expansive Jupiter, curative Chiron and spiritual Neptune, all in the collective sign of Aquarius. The urge is to be idealistic and go for boosting the critical spiritual mass.

Of course, we could all be being hoodwinked, but a lot of good news filtered through the media this week, in my humble opinion: net neutrality rules (very Saturn-Mercury), Tobin tax, Gross National Happiness, and a commitment to climate change adjustments in Copenhagen this December, and perhaps most encouraging of all is a call by the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, for global and nuclear disarmament. This may be because the recent third of the five Saturn-Uranus oppositions (the next are April and July) put the onus on Saturn to be more reasonable than repressive, thus prompting hope and faith. Which is just what we need right now, because the task of taking care of billions of people at the same time as empowering the human spirit is crucial, especially if we are to evolve and enlighten.

credits: The glorious painting of yin and yang is by Jim Thompson & the mandala is the Peace Garden at the London War Museum.

Monday, 14 September 2009

The kiss of Purity & Justice ~ Mercury retro - Libra -> Virgo 09

A positive reaction to ‘fairness’ is hardwired into the human brain. Understanding that something is ‘right’ seems to satisfy a basic need, such as food and sleep. Yet fairness and justice are not always one and the same; that the sign of ‘Justice’ is often a blindfold beautiful young woman, holding sword and scales high above an institutional High Court, could provide clues as to how to create the kind of equilibrium many of us now seek - be that fairness a much-called for balance in relationship, within business, or in our own mind (with the latter often being the most difficult to achieve). A blindfold person need not be someone kept in the dark. Beneath our wraps lie the gifts of intuition, perception and insights which can embrace truth and integrity. Combine such symbolism with the faith that can be found by discussion and intellectual reasoning and we reach parity, as shown by the sword and scales; per chance we also discover peaceful equanimity.

With Mercury, planet of the mind, facts and communication now retrograde in Libra, the sign of harmony, equilibrium and justice, finding the most reasonable way to deal with certain situations, or certain people, is high on the celestial agenda. In our personal lives this could translate as deciding the best way forward in our social relationships: From friends, to business to marriage partnerships, we may now be asking how much adjustment is called for, investment needed or, indeed, commitment required from both parties to be acceptable as ‘fair’, if not just. As Mercury goes back into Virgo on the 18th September, where the wavering planet stays until the 10th of October, we are warned not to worry ourselves silly by trying to only settle upon the perfect solution; for there are always mitigating circumstances. While it is advised to study all available facts and figures, at least until Mercury goes forward on the 30th of September, focusing upon a healthy daily routine allows mind and body to align, making it easier to stay in good physical shape and therefore alert to any revelation. Applying and adjusting to those insights (however dramatic or difficult) provides the satisfaction which comes from achieving a sense of fairness, by separating right from wrong. And a real sense of accomplishment may be more apparent as Mercury goes back into Libra in October.

On a lighter note, as a connoisseur of the good life, Libra also rules looks and haute-couture fashion. Instead of being a slave to trends, Libra tends to appreciate lasting quality, with exquisite taste. As autumn draws in, it’s a great time to dress-up, re-vamping old favourites for a classy and new winter look! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dream Healing Caduces

We all have an image in our mind of how we are. For those whose egos are as Royal as Buckingham Palace, it’s a vision of excellence, of someone unable to do anything wrong or make mistakes. For others who only see faults, foibles, and that tiny little spec of fluff on your shoulder, the picture is far less grandiose; and one that can so easily feed a poverty mentality held in the grip of fear and loathing. Neither viewpoint is that healthy or nourishing: one too pompous, the other too narrow; it takes a certain kind of understanding to realise that while no one is perfect, everyone is precious: an awareness of self in relation to others.

A false perception of how we associate with the world can lead to feeling disconnected in so many spheres: in relationship to people, money, work, even reality itself. Yet all is never lost. Especially while healing Mercury, also planet of the mind, is stationed (to go retrograde on Monday) in rational Libra; the sign of peace and loving harmony shows how a balanced viewpoint comes by turning towards the middle way. This way of ‘intrinsic awareness’ allows us to see how our own life is reflected by everything around us, through others and our environment; if we take this further then we can perceive how one’s mind is also reflected in the body. And with the light of the life-giving Sun now focusing upon health-orientated Virgo, the connection to our physical wellbeing is seriously emphasized.

So how do we achieve this balanced state of intrinsic awareness, of self-acceptance with a healthy mind and body? The most direct way is through meditation, yoga, prayer, dance or poetry, or any other activity that promotes insight through non-analysis. During this Sun in Virgo ~ Pisces Full Moon (exact Friday at 5pm BST), a powerful solar-lunar association activates the dream and the achievable, to unify form and the formless, the real and phantasmagorical. Best note where the Virgo-Pisces axis lies in your horoscope, and prepare to synchronize mind and body with Divine Spirit. Take time to sit and breathe and observe how thoughts show up in your physical being, through tension and stress. And take care, as Samskaras from previous lives can also come to light when developing an equanimous mind and the heart of compassion.

Note Mercury is going to go retrograde in Libra early next week, heading back into purist Virgo on the 18th. Ordinarily, when any of the yearly three ‘Mercury Retrograde’ periods come up, astrologers warn about re-reading every last word of legal fine print at least twice before signing upon dotted lines, and to be aware that transport and postal delays should be factored in if sending or travelling – and still expect things to go slightly out of whack. But this next Mercury retrograde is no ordinary backward sliding passage, as the planet of communication lines up with an authoritative and realistic Saturn, which remains in opposition to radical Uranus (for another year yet), suggesting we all need to continue looking in a responsible manner at alternative measures for ways to make our lives secure and calm, open and free, without feeling oppressed, descending into anarchy, or resisting change.

So keep an eye on any balls you have in the air right now. Make a mental note of all you’re thinking about, how you process and juggle those thoughts, and the potential outcome of any analysis, because you might well be going over similar ground mid-September and again mid-October. Remember, experience counts, and forewarned is forearmed.

Staying on a practical note: if making (any major) decision over the next month, the most appealing option might be to sit on the fence whilst weighing up all options, (even asking other peoples’ opinions, if necessary professionals) possibly up until mid-October. Before pronouncing any sensible and responsible judgement, you may ironically go through an extreme transformation of causes and condition that enables something or someone to really flourish for years to come.