Monday, 30 August 2010

LEO ~ Cardinal Cross ~ Evolution of Divine Light

Leo~Leo Asc ©
3rd Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August/Sept 2010)
6th Solar house Pluto in Capricorn
9th Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries
(Retrograde into Pisces until Feb/Mar 2011)
12th Solar house Moon in Cancer

Active, with a strong radiant vitality, as indicated by being ruled by the dynamic life-giving Sun, Leos’ possess a wonderfully bright disposition which affords brilliance in any circumstance.  For the dazzled rest of us, we marvel at your splendour, wanting to know the secret of confidence. 

According to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche: “Developing confidence is like watching the sun rise. First it seems very feeble and one wonders whether it will make it. Then it shines and shines. Confidence is not about arrogance or pride. It is a natural unfolding process. It's not a question of needing confidence or not needing it. It's naturally there. In fact, we actually don't have to develop confidence. It's more that we have to acknowledge the confidence that already exists.”

Confidence is thus a natural ability to ‘be’ comfortable in one’s skin. Like the Sun, its just 'there'. But in actuality is more easily generated by those who have had the good fortune to be loved and unconditionally adored and appreciated in childhood. Leo is the sign of children. So if you’re that rare Leo beastie who has ‘self’ issues, a monthly delve into the feeling–orientated world of personal ancestry might not go amiss, as the Moon transits Cancer to invoke the compassionate benefits of the Cardinal Cross formation, so your Sun ruled personality will glow and grow and shine freely.   

With Saturn (Venus & Mars) in your third house of communication, noting how the mind works, riding upon breath as Spirit’s vehicle, to give you more confidence. Healthy breathing is encouraged to stay calm and alert. Saturn in this sphere of information suggests difficulties in getting your point across can be overcome when you present yourself clearly, with authority, and prove how wise you are, as well as how much you are willing share ideas and learn.
When it comes to love and romance, Leo is the sign of a heart brimming with joyful fun, of playing on the beach laughing about how the sand gets trapped between your toes with a carefree smile and generous loving gestures. While your playful inner-child happily tells jokes and is thoroughly charming, there is currently another side to Leo which is actually quite serious, deadly even – especially at this moment in time when it comes to telling it like it is, especially to new suitors. With assertive Mars plus authoritative Saturn in this area of communication, you may not be in the mood for small talk, nor flattering anyone’s fragile ego.  The combination of these planets indicates how important it is you seek ways to smooth romantic relations in a realistic manner. With Venus currently here for a few more weeks, every loveable Leo may find being diplomatic is the only way to go. Be a people pleaser by finding peaceful solutions that allows forgiveness to flow, even when this Cross makes its’ tricky aspects. When seeking the ‘Real Thing’ now is not the time to go for a lover’s looks, concentrate instead on brains, mental stimulation and strength of character.

During the monthly moments of the exact Cardinal Cross make time to be by yourself so you can relax, meditate, and access the Divine within.  This kindness to yourself means that you can once and for all forget whoever it is from the past that haunts you. So get ready to move on into a whole new loving dimension, which is real, solid and fulfilling.

Saturn will encourage the need for original ideas. Now is the time to let the world know what you have to offer. Should you have your own business and you’re looking for more, while now is the time to get it up and get it noticed you still need to be patient. With long-term vision and determination, a well thought out media-blitz means greater profit in the future.

With Uranus and Jupiter in Aries in your sphere of philosophy, religion and travel, awakening to new cultures gives life great meaning. This same domain also rules higher education, so study and walking the halls of learning will also seriously broaden your horizons.  Remember that both planets are now in retrograde, going back to revist your sphere of intimacy. You now have a second chance to look at how you share your secret self. When both planets return to your solar 9th, Feb/March, your drive for expansion will also resume.

Even though working closely with another may be a point of obsession, keep a positive focus. Neighbourhood events could be pleasantly distracting. While energy levels look high, with humility balancing confidence, you also need to look after yourself, physically as well as psychologically – with Pluto activating a transformation in the Lion’s daily routine, taking care of mind, body and soul becomes paramount. For a confident Leo, self-image is important. Try not to make too much of any drama out of any fleeting (financial) crisis. Generally speaking your energy radiates brilliantly; it is good to be aware how too much thinking create stress. Learn to tame the mind as you would the ego. Should tension levels being to rise, nip them in the bud as soon as you recognise the fist sign of worry, and make looking after yourself a priority. Remember Shantideva’s advice: If there is something that you can do to alleviate any given problem then do it. And if there is nothing that you can do, then why worry? It is true that we are all in a major phase of collective transformation, where there are many changes going down in the world that affect each of us differently. You, for instance, may find you have to reconsider the way you think about things by discovering new ideas, new people and possibly even have to reassess your belief system, so that you can build faith in your intuition. The stars of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun therfore urge Leo to radiate Divine light, tame the mind, and love themselves and others. And, on a relative level, get mega organised to learn from life’s powerful experiences, so that you unconditionally shine.  

Thank you to Visual Artist Bill for Sun Lion, to for the sunmind and other unknown artists.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Grand Earth Trine ~ Sunday 29th August

GRAND EARTH TRINE with the Moon moving into Taurus today, where she is exalted; La Luna creates a a practical, sensual and transformational triangle in the heavens, with Sun in Virgo & Pluto in Capricorn = spritual adjustment with emotional stability.

Virgo's level head is just what's needed after a fiery Moon in Aries opposed Libran Mars-Venus yesterday.

Interestingly, a volcano erupted after 400 years in northern Sumatra. I looked at that fiery Moon's chart; with (Virgo ruled), although they are saying Mount Sinabung is calming, with Mercury retro it could blow fireballs again. We had a volcano eruption the last Merucy retro too, that time when Mercury was in Taurus, in Iceland, when flying over Europe came to a halt. The earthy Capricorn north node nearing Pluto and joining THAT T'square could also have something to do with the timing of this eruption.
~ ♥ ~
thx to unknown artist for triangle found on squidoo ♥

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

VIRGO ~ Cardinal Cross ~ Evolution of SPIRITUAL REALITY

Virgo ~Virgo Asc ©
2nd Solar house Saturn 
(& Mars-Venus in Libra August 2010)
5th Solar house Pluto in Capricorn
8th Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries 
(revisting Pisces August-Feb/Mar2011)
11th Solar house Moon in Cancer (monthly)

For the cosmic overview of the this celestial formation, click on the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun

With the karmic taskmaster Saturn (& Mars and Venus) in your sphere of values all you hold dear, developing a strong sense of self worth becomes mega-important. At the same time, your ruling planet Mercury is now going retrograde in your sign, so thinking about yourself and how you fit into the greater scheme of things is totally permissible. But watch out for overblown self-cherishing. Note Mercury makes only aspects to the Sun and Moon during this retrograde period; this is a revision phase of re-aligning Spirit Sun and Moon soul’s to and with pure awareness. On the 3rd September, Mercury is in inferior conjunction with the Sun, which is the same day as a Cardinal Cross, bringing the sensation of being at a crossroad once again focus. Only this time you may well be ready to make some kind of decision. That said, Mercury retrograde is also a subtle internal process (as well as a time of communication issues), this time, though, Mercury is aided by karmic Saturn, as Mercury is on the same declination at Saturn on both sides of his healing journey, retrograde and direct. Sept 12th may the time when things start going forward, but the mind of authority gets totally serious when Mercury actually conjuncts Saturn Oct 8th.

Like Saturn, Virgo, can be practical; the difference is that Virgo is also currently super-sensitive, with the ability to tune into ‘the other side’ and asses other people's feelings with alarming ease. This could make you want to retreat. This is largely due to Jupiter and Uranus awakening hidden depths in the 8th house of profound secrets, where insight, intimacy and Tantric deities reside.

Thankfully you are smart enough to see that many problems are, in fact, nothing to worry about.  As the planet of communication, Mercury, affords you wit, humour and quick thinking in any given situation -  and is actually very much at home in your sign during this transition of the Cardinal Cross  – you quickly assess any given circumstance, able to change the subject or move away if you need to. This is just what you need; because of your current hypersensitivity you could feel drained by external drama. Yet because of this current talent to lighten any encounter, you can also alleviate all kinds of stressful situations, especially within your working environment. So keep an eye on rising stress factors, even if they’re not even yours, and watch-out for a few days of monthly high tension, reminiscent of late July, every time the moon is in Cancer, and see how much more adept you are at handling tricky situations each time around.

There are delicate moves for everyone to negotiate with this Cardinal Cross: for Virgo with expansive Jupiter, and awakening Uranus in your house of intimate relations, it also squares up to powerful Pluto in your sphere of romance. This could feel like you are playing truth, dare, kiss or promise with a loved one.  The way to win hearts is to conquer the enemies of faults and delusion. Be aware how both planets are currently retrograde until February, March 2011, so single Virgo may be even dealing with a person/people from the past, possibly waking-up old doubts; similarly, the coupled-up Virgo may also be shaking out skeletons from the closet that need to be analysed with a ‘handle-with-care’ sticker.  

For all Virgos, showing love with discretion could make the time of this Cardinal Cross a bit like having a date with fate. When it comes to romance you’re actually in your power. Even better, you are learning how to sustain energy so you can alleviate stress and ameliorate any (work or heart based) situation.  The monthly activation of the Cardinal Cross will encourage you to learn how to invest authority in relationship, so you can reap rewards (early next year – around February). With Uranus in your 8th solar house, insight comes from non-analysis.  So follow hunches and note feelings which arise from the space in which you breathe  

On an even more practical and material level, being cautious with your cash flow will pay dividends. Because Saturn now sits in your zodiacal bank, money matters could be devilishly tricky. Active Mars and lavish Venus are luckily now working with responsible Saturn: this celestial message suggests you take practical matters, including finances, much more seriously than you have done for a long time.

While it might have been a sign of relief saying goodbye to Saturn in your sign, making you aware of your personal shortcomings for the past couple of years, the astral taskmaster has now shifted lock-stock-and-barrel into your sphere of finances. Expenses need a hawk-like eye. It is now mega important to find balance while you shift to a higher frequency of being.  Outward balance reflects and inner-balance.

Among the many changes going down in several areas of your life as indicated by Cardinal Cross in the solar horoscope are: financial; romantic; and accessing personal power while being confronted by powerful people or events. Hence you are going through an enormous amount of personal development that could make life mega intense – but you do not need to let tension get to you, try and keep it creative.  Give yourself time to achieve such an agenda – at least six months to a year, and if you achieve half of what you what to do, it will be very good. Luckily for you there is a marvellous link from the emotional Moon in your sphere of friends to potent Pluto when the cross is activated, which can give you a sense of the kind of deep inner-work you are currently doing, and as it T squares Saturn, you will see results.  With duty-bound Saturn in your second house of values, it is absolutely imperative that you learn to view yourself with a solid sense of self and see how all that you treasure is actually process that flows around and around, fuelling confidence and filling you up with healthy pride in all that you do. This Cross is here for you to see how a great deal of beauty surrounds you, and how that beauty is reflected from within as radiates from your own internal Spiritual Sun, which resides at your heart.

Thanks to Marianna Rydvald for her beautiful White Tara, Bill Brouard for Goddess and lizard mandala, and other unknown artists ♥_/\_ૐ

Monday, 23 August 2010

Magical Dream Healing ☽ •~ ♥ ~• ☆ Full Moon in Pisces

Experiencing any given emotion, be it love or compassion, anger or resentment, our mind tends to label the feeling at the speed of light as ‘pleasant’, ‘unpleasant’ or ‘neutral’. This Buddhist insight corresponds to the mechanism of the brain, which initially perceives any given situation as either ‘threat’ or ‘reward’. Whichever category a sensation falls into how we actually express our emotions has a vastly dramatic repertoire,  from cool, calm and collected, to those which make us feel we’re riding the wild and high peak of a tidal wave in Samsara’s choppy ocean. Feelings, like all phenomena, can seem very real and, because of the psycho-spiritual-anatomical connection, have a direct effect upon physical and psychological health as well as spiritual well-being. If only we could remind ourselves that our feelings are subject to the law of impermanence; they come and they go at varying rates, depending on our inclination or ability to go with the flow and not let the emotion distract our mind from our main human purpose: to be happy, fulfilled, and at peace, regardless of the situation. Feelings can also be very difficult to put into words.

I mention all this now as the Full Moon is on the rise, to be exact on Tuesday at 1Pisces, @18:05 BST (+5 EST).  A Full moon in a water element rouses passionate emotion at the best of times. In Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, a sign that tends to emote deeply, feeling situations often on a profoundly psychic level, we're even able to tune into the collective undercurrent.  So if you find yourself ‘picking-up’ subconscious but overwhelming emotions, which you sense are not yours (or even if they are) know they too will pass.

So while this is a moon where one could be easily swept away by a song and dance, sound or gesture, there are other important celestial factors to consider; because this Pisces Moon is also with its' oceanic ruler Neptune, and  wounded-healer, Chiron, plus Black Moon Lilith - a celestial marker I tend only to work with when face-to-face with clients, as she is the symbol of the repressed frustration we feel when the good we want to see from a very tricky situation is slow (or absent) in forthcoming.  But Lilith has been whirling backwards and forwards over this Neptune-Chiron conjunction for some time, so I think she’s worth bringing out into the light, as to ignore the potential wrath of the feminine is essentially hazardous. Putting all these astrological pointers together from the global perspective one might say this moon suggests an underlying deep disturbance concerning the element of water. All we have to do is look around and see floods in Pakistan (where a fifth of the country is underwater), China, flash floods in Europe, not to mention the state of the Gulf of Mexico, and we get a pretty good idea of the healing that our suffering planet needs. Which is where you and I come in - and right now!

Water responds to thoughts, emotions and intentions.  We have had many successful group meditations that have a direct impact upon the health of our seas, oceans, lakes, river and ponds, courtesy my dear Lama, the late venerable Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, Dr Emoto, Lynn McTaggart, and the Medicine for the Earth Shaman’s led by Sandra Ingerman, among many others.  We now know that giving our love and thanks to the water and asking for forgivness, has a transformational affect upon h2O – for the better. Amazing to know how our love creates such purity. So with the sensitive Moon in magical Pisces, a sign that harmonises unseen energy, I say let’s do it over the next few days, and send out the cosmic love vibration directly to our world’s water – we are, after all made up of 75% water ourselves. By saying prayers and our practice near water, our own negative emotions may be assuaged as well.

And as both Pisces and Neptune are symbolic of our dreams, together we can vision the healing to be pure, all pervading, from the depths of our oceans bubbling up through to the light, cleansing, healing and soothing.We also have the Sun in Virgo's hands-on remedial touch to help us - not to mention that in esoteric astrology, Virgo is ruled by the Moon (instead of Mercury). 

Of course, those of a truly practical nature might also want to donate and help...
in Ladak with HH 12th Gyalwang Drukpa's Live to Love appeal
please be patient, the link works but is a bit slow...

& for Pakistan please send a letter of support and donate flood relief

Blessings of love & thanks ♥

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Shadow in Crisis ☀ Saturn Pluto closing square ☀ August 21st 2010

Like collective alchemists through the authority of LOVE, we’re now able to work with our shadow side and transmute even the most difficult negative energy. By eliminating the fear-feeding vampires from the psyche, we transmogrify suffering into positive expressions of honesty, justice and integrity, and therefore regenerate the balanced heart.

Today sees the last of the 3 ‘real & raw’ Saturn-Pluto squares, accenting magical transformation. It’s an interesting combination of planetary energies; one is subtle and deep, powerful and unseen: which is Pluto; the other is influential and real, solid and recognisable: Saturn. 

Together they generate a controlling force for light or dark. This is a mighty aspect full of rejuvenating promise and the magic of rebirth; it suggests harnessing discipline, patience and responsibility to collectively revitalise traditional but outmoded destructive systems by eliminating the all that no longer serves and evolve.

And although this final square on Saturday 21st ends a series which began in November '09, bringing home the need for managing destructive tendency, this is a part of a larger cycle, which began in 1982. This powerfully renewing cycle now completes a crisis phase of conscience, which occurs during a closing square.  

This Saturn - Pluto cycle began in 1982, when Saturn was also exalted in Libra. It ends in 2020 when Saturn will be at home in Capricorn. Therein lies a clue in how to handle the nature of the cycle: by understanding Saturn's need for exaltation, and its requirement to build (sustainable) society, based upon (Libran) peace, love and fairness as a means to gaining the recognition Saturn desires; i.e. if Saturnian authority behaves fairly and justly, it receives the praise and respect, name and fame. But if Saturnian authority throws its weight around, it also gains name and fame, but does not receive any respect, it just rules through fear. Mass control, through various terrorist organisations, has been a major signature of this particular cycle - but power needn’t be so heavy handed.  We need not live in fear, as this cycle is also about responsible collective regeneration.  Okay, some kinky souls might enjoy karmic-whipping bondage, but this particular Saturn Pluto cycle actually recommends stabilising with love and trusting insight to rise above the vibration of fear, and have the strength to personally lift off any chains of oppression that prevent us from experiencing magical bliss.

The first applying square these two heavy-weights made was in '93, when both planets were locked in fixed home signs: Saturn in Aquarius & Pluto in Scorpio: co-operative transformation were already key words at this early stage of the cycle, with the birth of the internet, for instance.

The opposition between the two planets came in 2001, when Saturn was in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius; this mutable opposition was marked by the dramatic change which ensued by the tragic 911, when we saw fearful communication and fundamentalist truths become the order of the day. Now we are at the closing square, made all the more interesting as we are one whole Saturn cycle on from the beginning of this 38 year cycle. This means that (along with those whose charts seriously constellate with these signs and planets) a whole bunch of 28-29-30 year olds are intensely feeling the pressure to renew resources. Perhaps this Saturn in Libra generation are more in tune, able to easily intuit what to work on in order to find harmony. By the time the two planets meet again to complete this cycle, they will be in boundary making Capricorn, where Saturn is at home, in 2020; by then the writing may well be on the wall, with all kinds of institutions up for renewal. Interesting times... 

We must also consider that this Saturn-Pluto square is part of the ongoing t'square, with Jupiter/Uranus opposing the Saturn, to also square Pluto (which becomes the cardinal cross again September 3rd). Authoritarian Saturn is the only planet going forward, other energies are being internalised. So this square has a distinctively different kind of feel, as though our personal authority knows that the only way to gain respect. Also, interesting to note: according to Alice A. Bailey, because of being bound to the material world, Saturn cannot follow man onto the Spritual Cardinal Cross, which uses Uranus as its agent to manifest awareness.

Applying these cycles, including the Cardinal Cross, to our personal lives can be so revealing; especially when we look back we can hopefully learn from our experiences. We can also see how the cosmic law of cause and effect works in our life, and how we often repeat Saturn's karma until we learn the lesson, however hard that lesson might be, to then be free of the karma. ♥ xl

thanks as always to Bill Brouard, for his lotus heart & other unknown artists  

Friday, 20 August 2010

Mercury Retrograde @ 19 Virgo ~ re-working the practical direction

Woah! COSMIC turning point! Which way to go? Where & how? It's THAT time again: MERCURY RETROGRADE at 19Virgo, where the planet of short journeys, information & healing is at home --> until 5Virgo on the 12th Sept. PLUS the Leo Sun is opposite Aquarius Neptune, at best highlighting our DIVINE HEART (or mass delusion) when the celestial lovers Venus & Mars are in tight Libran embrace (((♥))) LOVE abounds even if communication is confusing...

Its worth noting some astro tech: while this Mercury retrograde is in the same sign during this retrograde, keeping on the same Virgo track, Mercury only makes actual 'aspects' to Sun and Moon, meaning that spiritual identity and emotions work with a thoughtful mind, which is in a re-vision phase. This is an subtle internal process, aided by karmic Saturn as Mercury is at the very same declination at Saturn, on both sides of his healing journey, retrograde and direct. Sept 12th may the time when things start going forward, but the mind of authority gets totally serious when Mercury conjuncts Saturn Oct 8th.

Before then, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at inferior conjunction, 3rd September, the same day our Cardinal Cross is once again activated, with the Moon in Cancer.
Should be in fascinating day in the world of communication for the cosmic messenger.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

LIBRA ~ Cardinal Cross of the Spiritual Sun ~ Evolution of the Sacred Heart

Libra ~ Libra Rising
1st Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
4th Solar house Pluto in Capricorn
7nd Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries
10th Solar house Moon in Cancer
For cosmic overview click on the
Cardinal Cross of the Spritual Sun

~ ♥ ~ Most importantly for Libra, the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun has karmic Saturn, now exalted in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, which is the best possible place for Saturn to be. (Venus is also currently at home in Libra, with her cosmic lover, Mars, who is in ‘fall’ in Libra (meaning it’s not his favourite place; Mars would rather be swashbuckling with his warrior comrades, as opposed to dealing with that most tender of human activities: loving rapport)). 

Relationships are therefore now under the celestial spotlight, as the heavens now urge Libra to share the love and radiate peace, all the while dealing with karmic Saturn in your sign. Interestingly, this photo with ‘Karma Comes’ flashed up on dear old facebook the other day (thank you Rinpoche). And it made me reconsider what do we mean by karma? Why do we always think of karma as negative? Karma can be positive too. But trying to wrap the brain around the concept of karma can create enough energy to fry our noodle. It’s not always easy to accept ‘the law of cause and effect’ without any kind of questioning (which is good!), yet its a concept often bandied about to explain the unexplainable. Perhaps it’s easier to understand the more biblical phrase ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’, meaning that if you do something good, good will come, if you do something dodgy, keep looking over your shoulder, as karma also exercises a strange phenomena, in that it expands and can make a habit out of any vibration: positive or negative, particle or waves ripple out into the universe, so a karmic pattern seemingly takes on a life of it’s own.

Astrologically, the whole horoscope is one’s karma, with various markers highlighting: Saturn, as Lord of Karma, the sign Capricorn, certain house positions, and the nature of the moon’s nodal axis can tell us something of past, present and future karma. But in Buddhist teachings it is also seen as a philosophy, a way of living, as karma creates an imprint in one’s mind. Understanding how we are responsible for our own karma tends one towards kindness, with a more loving approach to life. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama says that once we understand karma, we can develop faith.

This could be easier as dynamic Mars, loving Venus, and Saturn work together in your sign (until early September), giving Saturn’s two year station in Libra a good start, motivating with determination.  The trick to this challenging planetary combination is to brush aside judgemental attitudes and unreasonable pessimism with a gentle hand.  You can even move mountains at this time,  very slowly, by resting in pure love. You may find willfuly pushing any situation without this special kind of sacred heart only make matters worse and becomes the proverbial Push-me-Pull-you, instead of the harmonious balance of Yin-Yang that you are. What you can do, in the most positive sense, is to take on board how karma grows, and how it therefore plays an important role in our existance.

Rest assured any plans you form at this moment in time, any foundations you build, and the energy you direct at any project at this starting point of Saturn in Libra (where the old taskmaster stays until October 2012) will take on greater significance as this Cardinal Cross unfolds.  Now is also the time to actively analyse any soothe fears and doubts. Libra is an intellectual air sign, and the heavens are asking you to see how love conquers all; and how, through mediation and dialogue, kindness and equality, you achieve peace and respect.  So be prepared to accept much more responsibility in the not too distant future, because you, of all people, can handle it. This is why Saturn, one of the most feared and revered planets in the celestial pantheon, is exalted in Libra: because everything you do is done with love. When it comes to establishing the spiritual Sun deep within with Saturn on your side, it bestows a timeless effect.

Saturn in Libra also makes dramatic planetary connections that play a pivotal role in the ongoing T square (which is activated into the monthly cross when the Moon is in Cancer).  A natural movment and transition could be all taking place all around you, while Saturn in your sign suggests you are now choosing to take life more seriously, noting how you stabilise situations/emotions/events just by remaining present in your centre. As this karmic planet of authority, discipline and recognition, is also the cautious and careful; the astral advice is to therefore initiate with prudence. Luckily, the Cardinal Cross suggests you have an enormous network of friends and supporters. 

In the solar fourth house, Pluto in Capricorn indicates dramatic developments at home, having a direct effect upon your career. This moment in time presents an opportunity to seize control (of unhelpful habits/karma) and transform your very foundations  by letting go of past grievences and burdens. Being the sign of the scales, you can veer between making a commitment, or fear the entire changing world. If it’s the latter, know that love - your love - conquers all.

Because realistic Saturn opposes Jupiter and Uranus in Aries in your sphere of relationships, all matters of the awakened heart are of paramount importance. Libra’s tend to live by the heart. And having ambitious Saturn in your sign means you can concretise something very real, such as a marriage or living together. Saturn in your solar 1st house also puts your own needs first, possibly bringing one karmic cycle (with another) to a close. The astrological mansion of partnerships, the 7th house is now a hotbed of shocking clarity, because of these two other planets in opposition to Saturn. With Uranus and Jupiter stirring up enthusiasm in this sphere of partnerships, sharing freedom and truth with loved ones (or business partner) means more than before. The principal point about long term Jupiter-Saturn- Uranus-Pluto transits is to conquer any fear or commitment; if you are afraid to delve into a relationship that allows you to explore the full spectrum of love and profoundly beautiful emotions, now is the time to ask yourself why that might be? On a psychological level, if there is no openness or willingness to expand and mindfully grow together, this might leave a Libran already in relationship feeling alone or out on a limb. Though partners could repeatedly reassure you, watch the saturnine mood and exercise awareness; it is your choice if you wish to remain in emotional pain, instead of love yourself (and therefore others) and releasing pent-up negativities by talking things through and forgiving, which is highly recommended while you have such unconditional planetary backing. There is no denying how matters of the heart can be complicated if we’re concerned only with self-cherishing. But love can also be made simple by litterally opening your heart. For the single Libran the serious suitor should be given consideration; for it seems as though love is around every corner, all you have to is stop staring at a brick wall (unless, of course, you’re Zen;)). Bring balance within (through meditation – chakra work, tai-chi yoga etch) and you will have balance in the world around you.

With this kind of synchronization, natural leadership qualities also come to the fore; with Saturn in Libra you turn into the current voice of celestial authority.  Patience, planning and perseverance, ambitions and long-held dreams also become a focal point, as you are able to apply yourself with ardour and diligence, especially when the Moon makes her monthly appearance in Cancer in your objective solar 10th house. Others also appreciate how just and fair and sweetly pushy Libra can be. Your ability to keep the peace is also a rare and called-for talent in the world, especially now, during this period of the Cardinal Cross, when you get an opportunity to shine and reveal loving (spiritual) accomplishments (most importantly for yourself).

A word of financial and psychological caution: Try not to be too miserly in the guise of traditional common sense. Remember that yours is the sign of evalutation, and everyone responds to a little sweetener. This a time when experience counts: Cast a backward glance to last November and note any major developments. Have you, after all this time, allowed love to flow and take responsibility for certain goals which you may have previously feared? Or do you think you need to ‘work’ some more upon your purpose? There is no time like the present to take that firm but gentle hand and guide yourself (and others) to a land of bliss. The stars really do urge you to feel the fear, but do it anyway, albeit ever-so-cautiously. Keep the love-light shining Libra; almost every major sphere of your life is now in a period of massive evolution which will benefit from Saturn in Libra’s dependable and conscientious wisdom: and know that the spiritual rewards of coming from your sacred heart will be truly tremendous. 

The initial link for the Cardinal Cross of the Spritual Sun

Thanks to Urgyen Tenpa Rinpoche for the Karma Comes Photo; Alex Gray for the vajraheart, Bll Decker for healing hands, nomad bead company for Vajrasattva, and other unknown but much appreciated artists thank you all.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

SCORPIO ~ Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun ~ Evolution through training the MIND

Scorpio ~ Scorpio Rising 
3rd Solar House Pluto
6th  Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries
9th Solar house Moon in Cancer
12th Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
For the cosmic overview click on the
Cardinal Cross of the Central Spritual Sun
Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is mega active in this Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun. Pluto now resident in the 3rd house of the communication represents nothing short of a radical transformation of the mind (Lojong = mind training in Tibetan). This means over the coming years, (until 2024 to be precise!) you’ll be learning how to replace all kinds of negative thoughts with positive ones, all kinds of harmful intention with helpful intent, and all kinds of thoughtless actions with mindful behaviour.  While you might think you have all the time in the world to complete this unusual celestial request, the current zeitgeist is on fast-track.  So there is little time to waste in changing your attitude, and delving into the psychological melting pot called ‘the dualistic mind’ and setting your special insight on nothing short of ENLIGHTENMENT so that you can radiate your light in a blissful field of consciousness.

Up until now you could have been dealing with more materialistic quests, but the deeper you delve into the magic of the expansive mind, you could begin to realise that there is more to this world than money and stuff, even if they do have fashionable logos attached to them. By all heavenly accounts your view is changing, growing and spacious; and you now have the celestial go-ahead to mould your thoughts and change the way your brain thinks to develop a mind of consciousness.  But in order for a new way of thinking to take hold, you first have to release into the void any nihilist tendency, emotional density, or obsessive mindset. Resistance to letting go is futile. Holding on to desperate dreams and illusions, reliant on sex, security and stimulation - or prying into the lives of others as a means of distraction, won’t work. With karmic Saturn in his joy in the 12th house, you have to grab the whole shebang and stop the cyclic karma from constantly repeating bad habits: Through the power of a mind in clear light (radiating beyond the quantum entanglement) you will realise how thoughts have wings and every little flutter across the screen that show’s the mind’s projection has a vibration – albeit subtle. But the more subtle the energy, the longer it lasts. So while you’re in the midst of this once-in-every-seven-life-times transformation, remember that most of our daily thoughts are just machinations of the previous days’.  If you are gripped by destructive emotions it’s more difficult to climb out of negative spiral, unless you make a conscious effort.

One of the subjects swirling about your mental merry-go-round: what exactly is it about seeming thankless activities that attracted you in the first place. With Jupiter and Uranus in your house of service you may want to throw out certain tasks completely, and totally turn around your daily routine. This you are duty bound to do.  But before you set a new routine into place, there is a spiritual wisdom to be fully assimilated: the path of Zen. Accepting the ordinary as you would the extraordinary is the way of the equanimous mind.  The human mind is not liberated by getting bogged down by competitive ambition or by slavishly hooked into desire of having faith eroded by worry. The stars now say ‘Never Give Up’ being at peace. Remain optimistic and be kind to yourself: give yourself a few months to really get to grips with all the changes taking place, both in your daily life, and within your own questioning mind, and make the most of a new-found freedom in your ordinary world: play with it, lightly and gently, and be where calm abides. The demands of balancing Uranus and Jupiter in the 6th with Saturn in the 12th solar house, being of practical service combined with world, universal service, require that you make friends with your ego and surrender self into oneness.

"One of the most effective ways to overcome anxiety is to try to shift the focus of attention away from self and toward others. When we succeed in this, we find that the scale of our own problems diminishes. This is not to say we should ignore our own needs altogether, but rather that we should try to remember others' needs alongside our own, no matter how pressing ours may be." --- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

With your ruler powerful Pluto, now squaring up to restrictive Saturn in the sphere of your scope that urges you to realise how certain situations are beyond your control, this could make you feel quite uncomfortable; and when the Moon makes her monthly opposition to Pluto you could feel as though you are cut off at this Cardinal crossroad, not quite knowing which way to go. Even so, as Pluto is in the sphere of public relations and communication: you are urged to examine all kinds of ideas in a rational new way aligning mind to the Divine; this position of Pluto in regards to Saturn suggests you must also learn TRUST in your deepest feelings: Go to your CENTRE, let intuition guide you.  That way, you know you are being true to yourself. Should you get stressed, make and take time out to relax. 

For all Scorpios, the greatest lesson in love is to love unconditionally, surrendering to the Divine’s sacred heart. This most honourable manner of relating could be easier said than done; and one which often gets overlooked with - and by – Scorpio, whose magnetic and sexy reputation tends to precede them wherever they go.

Everyone tends to want something from loved ones in one form or another. It might be a cuddle, a lift to the shops, a helping hand here and some reassurance there – Apart from a mother’s unconditional love, rarely do two people completely accept each other as they are, being in each other’s company and able to give selflessly without asking for anything in return. Yet now is the time for Scorpio to learn how to put aside power games, and to be totally one hundred percent involved with the cosmic love vibration, bringing joy and peace to everyone (and not just your lover) as a mother would her child. For the single Scorpio this means that when assessing potential partners (and this could happen anytime) look for someone to trust, someone who can love all you for all your foibles; someone who can enjoy sharing your deeply profound emotions and your longing to overcome the lust of the distracted mind. For the Scorpio in relationship, adjusting to new ways of being with your loved one could mean that you take the lead with higher aspirations, the road less travelled, with divinity at your core.  This is bound to require mindful awareness on your part, and you could be tempted to revert to old games of wild drama and high stress, and possibly lose sleep in the process. But all Scorpios must beware not to misinterpret divine love for idolising their beloved; it only makes the deified icon lonely.  With your ruler Pluto in the versatile solar 3rd, a part of you could enjoy being totally open and honest about your intentions, while another side might  close-off and become the happy geek tucked safely away out of sight, so others will not expect too much from you.  The stars say you can have it both ways: it’s just a matter of timing. Try not to sweat the small stuff so much of time, and allow your self to enjoy the looming bigger picture and the path to liberation, to infinity and beyond.

A good celestial timing exercise is to check back in your diary to the end of July: note which area of life has dramatically grown, changed or morphed. Has it been your ideas? A pyscholigcal revelation? A person? Your work load? Or a life-changing event? One way or another, these past weeks will have shown exactly which sphere of daily life are currently up for development.  The only quick spiritual fix is found on the meditation cushion: Be patient before this period of expansion comes to an end in a year or so - stay in the present, as for the next few months it may be necessary to first go backwards, in order to then go forwards. This back flip is due to spacious Jupiter going into retrograde motion, giving you space to reassess your world. This is good, as it gives you a chance to revise certain subjects that could have recently shocked you into clarity. Something else to look forward to while Jupiter retrogrades is how an old creativity could revive itself, or an old flame could be rekindled. The chances are that you could well be tempted to relight any fire, at the very least you can re-friend. In many ways the heavens keep pointing to a pivotal point in your personal evolution and development, especially when it comes to appreciating the way you re-organise, approach and deal with matters.  So while the celestial climate is one of creative tension, and you might be on the verge of stressing out, worrying about what you know (or don’t know), and whether you’re simply up for the job, try to see any karmadrama as a chance to go beyond into a place of acceptance and calm. Even if you reach a make or break point (again!), be aware how you could let simple things become a major challenge – and now you are letting all that go. It could be something as daft as a neighbour, friend, or sibling that sets your mind racing. The relevant secret to handling much of the madness modern Samsara throws one’s way is to learn how to breathe, and, at the same time create an escape route to a peaceful haven so that you can access your Central Spiritual Sun. Breath is the mind's vehicle which connects to Divine Spirit. Make sure during this time of the Cardinal Cross that if you are putting-in the hours in other areas, you also make time for pampering mind, body and soul to attain unity with the DIVINE. Meditation, yoga, singing, and dancing to your favourite music, are all ways to relax the overworked mind and reconnect to your centre and elevate your beautiful Scorpio spirit in supreme bliss.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun ~ evolution of the HEART

Sagittarius ~ Sagittarius Rising
5th Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries (4th Pisces Sept-Feb/March)
8th Solar house Moon in Cancer
11th Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
2nd Solar house Pluto in Capricorn
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Cardinal Cross of the Central Spritual Sun 

In true Sagittarius optimistic style you could be totally in your element throughout this period of the Cardinal Cross: immersed in intense and dramatic events that demand you expand consciousness and grow into your fullest potential.  Your ruler, beneficent Jupiter, is intricately involved with this tight celestial formation in the early Cardinal degrees, tying together intimacy and finances, friends and romance. This combination of all: love, money and pals, could become a knotty problem if you choose to avoid being the visionary that you are destined to be. Freedom - as in having the freedom to think, move, speak, and to be free from fear and want, is your driving force. 

For someone usually independent and self-confident, who exudes a crazy kind of wisdom, you could also sense that you now need to align with kindred spirits of a more practical nature.  Saturn currently in the sphere of hopes and wishes suggest your pragmatic association means you can be part of something valuable, serving the wider collective with a high Bodhisattva ideal. Indeed, Saturn in Libra, the sign of harmony and love residing in a place which exudes optimism and hopefulness suggests altruism that comes from the heart.  As Saturn is now with the relationship planets, Venus and Mars (August 2010), also in this sector of co-operative alliances, you may also find there’s also an attraction to people in a position of power and authority. This is good, BUT make sure any target of your affection is also available, as Saturn can encounter complications; perhaps time plays a karmic factor, as in out of time, or not enough time.  Nonetheless, with Saturn in Libra, relationship plays an enormous role during the Cardinal Cross. Any association must now afford you the autonomy that allows passion to flare and love to grow; for this is the way your central spiritual Sun will radiate.

Throughout the coming year, as it has been for some time, aromantic world is full of surprises.  In many ways life is what we make it; and as you see the best in everyone and everything around you, you will also excel even in dramas not of your own making.  A Centaur already aware of how love is a constantly moving , circular process, could renew commitment in front of friends, so you can a) show everyone just how loyal and loving you are, and b) have a good excuse for a party.   

On a more serious note, the planet that packs a mighty punch, Pluto, now retrograde in zodiacal bank, is making a challenging aspect to your ruler Jupiter (also retrograde); this places you face-to-face with personal and financial responsibilities, and birthing new earthly creation by cutting back and letting go. Now is the time to become pure love with a light heart, taking care of old problems with a renewed sense of doing things. From the humanitarian perspective any work you undertake could be very enjoyable.

With an eye on the main chance, Sagittarians are often more willing than most to take a risk. Yet while your ruler, optimistic Jupiter makes this challenging connection to powerful Pluto, the planet of shared assets, in your valuable fiscal sector, you’d do well to count to ten before making any serious outlay of your own. Co-create and co-operate: Learn to value what you have to give and vice versa, share what you value. Going it alone could be three steps back and it may be a long time – several months – until you noticeably go forward again. Stay alert and seize that moment! 

This is no ordinary period of time: Be prepared to experience all kinds of thrills and spills. Munificent Jupiter conjoined awakening Uranus some time ago in your solar 5th house, blessing the heart of romance, fun, and creativity: You may be getting used to being perceived as prophetic, benevolent and slightly outrageous.  By allowing the heart to remain in the present, whilst open to an uncanny ability to project into the future (which may be a source of frustration and tension for a stuck-in-the-mud traditionalist, who refuses to move with the times); far-sighted thinking will ignite a spark that fires-up imagination, providing fuel that attracts new people and new tribes, also giving you a cool and calm cache, so those with influence will want to engage with this loving, trusting, spiritual you. As an aside, a close relationship offers a way to invest deeply rewarding activity that transforms your life and, at the same time, provide lasting security. Bear in mind how Jupiter repeats this planetary pattern again in February, and it is of similar strength, so it could take a while for you to find balance and meaning in your life’s work.  Meanwhile, enjoy the natural tenderness that comes from being with kith and kin, which in Buddhist terminology is the triple gem: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

In actuality, deep in your heart-of- hearts, these issues of freedom which you are drawn to explore, without any attachments to hold you back is the same carefree attitude, coupled with a current love of wanting to do whatever you put your mind to, that will actually take you the places that you dream of - ultimately allowing you to find your central Spiritual Sun, through valuing liberating truth and selfless love.  When the Moon in Cancer makes her monthly appearence in your domain of tantra, aligning heart to mind  deepens faith and provides karmic insight. 

Monday, 16 August 2010

CAPRICORN & the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spritual Sun ~ Evolution through Initiation ~

Capricorn & Capricorn Asc ~ Evolution through Initiation
4th Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries (3rd Pisces when retrograde)
7th Solar house Moon in Cancer
10th Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)
1st Solar house Pluto in Capricorn

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Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun 

Capricorn, at the best of times, is a powerful authority. And because the planets line up in an amazing formation, these coming years, including the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun could turn out to be the most potent of your life. Wow. While there is every chance you experience extremes of fortune, by coming into your own power, what will this mean for the rest of us as politically influential Pluto transits through your sign? Probably it will be more of the same energy: extreme with difficult decisions to make, but without any Capricorn know-how to ramp-up authority, especially when playing with the Big Boys.

So how you get the best out of yourself during this time will very much depend upon how you are feeling about a) co-operation within your career (profession is always a Capricorn concern), b) emotional fulfilment in relationship, c) freedom within family environment, and d) having personal confidence to deal with the previous three – and all without feeling as though the weight of world is on your shoulders. While you could be developing super hero qualities, with Uranus and Jupiter in the 4th solar sphere of family, unexpected problems could arise from your home to throw you off track. The occasional power outage could stress us all out, but try not to let a naturally serious mood descend into feeling suppressed, oppressed, or generally lacking oomph should anything truly out of the ordinary happen, which demands you firmly take hold the reigns of responsibility. Others depend upon you, as signified by the two planets you have a personal connection to who are major players in the Cardinal Cross: your ruler authoritative Saturn, who is in direct square to controlling Pluto in Capricorn (August 21st). Both planets suggest you will discover immense strength of character; but is how you wield this personal power, i.e. fairly and squarely, without offending or dominating others, which will count towards a deposit in the karmic merit bank. For these two planets bring about evolution through profound and often secretive action (so you don’t need to shout about it): Collective new beginnings are about to be explored, which may not be obvious to everyone as we steer through Samsara’s choppy seas. But one thing is for sure: you are at the helm.   

To give matters a certain hint of mystery, there are fascinating thresholds to cross, even in love and romance. These exciting times have many planets in your favour, revealing a hidden magnetic attraction. This could make joining up with someone or something you like totally compelling. And when the emotional Moon makes her monthly opposition to both sexy Pluto in your sign, and Saturn Libra, in the sign of partnerships, a single Capricorn could connect with someone who presses all your buttons. As the planets continue throughout the year to form this very strong and very rare ‘cross’, all Capricorns could sense how your purpose in life is not only to achieve and do well in the material world, but that you can also feed a deeply spiritual part of your being, particularly through a balanced and loving relationship. As Saturn, your Sun’s ruler meets up with the planet of love, Venus, this month (in August) you may feel the power of love encouraging you to examine the way you have related in the past, where you are right now, and what you anticipate in the future; its like having a dancing Dakini of the three times sparkle in your presence. In relationship or not, you’re warned to watch mood swings; either too overbearing or too fearful, too unpredictable or too emotional, too obsessive or fixated.  Be aware that projecting or transferring negativity could destroy the very thing that you want to co-create. Exerting a modicum of self-control will go a long way in helping you to discover deeper psychology; you may even have insights into spiritual secrets.

Generally speaking Capricorn is more practical than idealistic, thriving on work and achievement; not only are you more ambitious than most but on a relative level you’re also more organised and practical to attain your goals. You could draw upon this resigned and responsible part of your character throughout this year as your ruling planet Saturn, is also the planet of recognition, residing in your house of fame and glory. This powerful combination of Pluto and Saturn can work in several ways: you could ruthlessly push ahead in any situation, at work by getting the promotion you seek, within relationship by hitching up with a trophy partner, at home living in a high security desirable block, or you could be dealing with delays, jealousy, broken promises, stroppy bosses, and hardened offenders. You, however, are advised to be a shining example of patience and perseverance. It takes bravery to show a mastery of personal transformation, and to take on a re-birth that restores a world to balance through love and care. Co-creation and co-operation are the way to discover everyone’s unique talent, which they bring to the table for collective and global renewal. 

Financially with deceptive Neptune sill retrograde in your zodiacal bank, you may have to deal with annoying bank errors, or costly unexpected expenses that take time to unravel and understand. But this is not your area of major transformation: if you are honest with yourself, you may have noticed how over the past year you started to present yourself in a much more convincing manner.  When influential Pluto crossed into your sign it brought with it a formidable and dominant energy that cannot be abused or treated lightly. While Pluto in Capricorn also makes a challenging aspect to expansive Jupiter in Aries, your solar sphere of the fourth house of home and family, it will magnify events within this very familiar space for the next. Remain strong and stable to be able to adjust and move at the drop of a hat.  This could be challenging for you with Uranus activating the same domain. Your foundations could feel quite shaky, chaotic even.  Rules and regulations could also be thrown to the wind. Be it family encouragement, your actual home or a circle of friends, whatever you thought was going to support you forever and a day, is now in the process of a major shift. So you may no longer be able to count upon this old secure guard in the same way. This means instead of holding onto tradition for dear life, by looking at the same-of- way-of-doing-the-same-old-thing, you will need to awaken the windows of the soul and look through new eyes to bring new ideas and creative insight to the fore. Given time you will be able to implement these to not only bring greater security to you personally, but also to others, whom you consider your global family.

There really is no escaping how this is a most significant time for Capricorn; with so many aspects of your world now on the celestial stage, and all of them in the spotlight. This means the Cardinal Cross could be a demanding year on many fronts. So be prepared to open up your heart, mind and spirit, and grow – BIG time! You’re now the guardian of hidden glory – a secret Holy Grail – from which only the brave and qualified Spiritual Warriors are allowed to taste victory. It may well that you so work hard to get to where you want to get to that you’re not going to let go of any attainments so easily. But with Pluto in your sign you do need to be in a constant process of renewal, by digging into the depths of your being and, if necessary, uprooting all that no longer serves you, so you can accomplish with a light heart.  Remember the more you hold on to harmful thoughts, feelings or actions, the more you are bound to be challenged. Note, though, how you are actually in a better position than most to deal with difficult situations: Choose to wield this considerable power wisely, and consider the welfare of others carefully for your Spiritual Sun to shine with love, and you will surely enjoy the status, love, and respect you seek.