Sunday, 24 February 2013

Full Moon in Virgo ~> The Great Prayer Festival & DAY OF MIRACLES

25th February 20013 ~> *•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

Full Moon 7Virgo @20:26gmt (15:26EST)

The Great Prayer Festival & DAY OF MIRACLES

This is a karma multiplied day (positive or negative) x 100 million.

Known in Tibetan Buddhism as ‘Chotrul Duchen’, this Monday we make light and butter-lamp offerings during the first Full Moon of the year of the Black Water Snake, to commemorate the final day of miraculous display by the Buddha, which has lasted 15 days since the new moon.

From the astrological point of view, the incredibly rare and deeply felt Pisces stellium includes Spirit Sun, boundless Neptune, shamanic Chiron, Dynamic Mars and Mercury, the heaven’s courier, all in the sign of the fishes; the celestial message is one of continued spiritual healing and profound sensitivity in the quest for perfection in body, speech and mind. At the Full Moon, all the planets are opposite the Virgo Moon, with Spirit Sun and wounded healer, Chiron, exactly spotlighting the Virgoan wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

We all have an intuitive and wise side to us, only some are more linear (left brain) masculine types and are, for whatever reason, fearful of the feminine’s perceptive depth and sensitivity, with its cyclic understanding and desire to be of service. At the same time as being giving and unconditional, the receptive feminine encourages us to enter the previously unknown through dance, meditation, prayer, play, yoga, tai chi, paint, and to take photographic works of art. We all have a right side of the brain that encompasses the instinctive ability to be more holistic and, when we do use it we become kinder and more compassionate towards others (often as a consequence of seeing the suffering and stress inflicted upon the world (dukka)). Now, looking around at the damage being done to the feminine the world over, it is obvious to see. More than ever we need to correct this imbalance and bring the world and ourselves into harmony. In order to do so, we must stop inflicting harm towards our sensitive side, be it to Mother Earth, woman herself, her children, or even ourselves.

As consciousness aligns with the sub-conscious, male and female become equal, we realise our truth and well-balanced potential, able to manifest and work with the heart-mind’s wisdom and compassion, so that all sentient beings are free from suffering.

Be aware this full moon could be an emotional affair. Do be kind to self and others; get grounded by tuning into the softer and feminine side of self and can create miracles, that can even heal physically, mentally and spiritually on a phenomenal scale _/♥\_

Image of lotus light offerings by Olivier Adam~ with thanks_/♥\_

If you would like to know how the time of miracles manifests in your horoscope please contact me, with love & blessings, Laura _/♥\_

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces *•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ Feb-March 2013

Mercury, planet of communication and information is currently in oceanic Pisces, the sign that delves into spirit’s unchartered realms to stir the imagination to think in poetic visuals and phantasmagorical dreams. Mercury is now already slowing down to go retrograde next week on the 24th February at 19 Pisces.  Mercury will go backwards for three weeks, join our Heart-Star, Sun, on March 4th at 14Pisces, and go forward March 18th at 5Pisces.

Pisces is also the sign of forgiveness and compassion, sacrifice and renunciation, as well as deep emotions and spirituality, sensing and tuning into unseen collective undercurrent that can engulf and even overwhelm a sensitive psyche, especially in situations in which we have no personal control.

During this three/four week period no less than six other planets will join Mercury in Pisces, including Sun and Moon. Such a rare configuration has the potential to give rise to deep and powerful feelings, in addition to dreams and visions that are capable of connecting us to the sacred Oneness of life.  Take note of subtle sensitivities in meditation and/or current dreams containing incredible symbology, for they may be clairvoyant and /or pertinent to profound spiritual healing. 

Activities which encourage a positive Divine union include yoga, tai-chi, chi-gung, dance, music, prayer, mantra and meditation, trance, hypnotism – and all endeavours that dissolve ego so that merging with the great Oneness is possible. Alcohol and drugs, even prescription ones, are substances that can also take you out of this world, but best avoided as toxins confuse and convolute subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) psychic body energy, as well as disturb the pineal gland, which is ruled by Neptune, the planet linked to Pisces.  

Looking after our pineal gland, a major component of the all-seeing, visionary third eye chakra is paramount to our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, especially nowadays with the constant exposure to electromagnetic fields which disrupt the mind-body-spirit pathways. So my advice during this mega Pisces time is (for practitioners of dream yoga) to make sure that we get enough healthy sleep. And while planet of communication, Mercury, is retrograde it could well be wise to steer clear of wi-fi (yes, be brave, and switch off at night) and disconnect from unseen frequencies and resonance that negatively affect the Pineal gland, which secrets all-important healing Melatonin during the night. Melatonin is also ruled by Neptune, ruler of sleep, which is now conjunct the wounded healer Chiron. Since 2011 Neptune and Chiron have been coursing the heavens together in watery Pisces suggesting that we need to heal our connection to unseen and previously known phenomena (such as electromagnetism and the structure of water). In 2012 British scientists suggested switching off phones and other electronic communication devices at least an hour before bedtime, so not to disrupt the Melatonin so vital for night-time repair to the body; doing so also protects the delicate and subtle hormonal system which is key to Kundalini. 

In Tibetan Buddhism we use the technique of Neptunian visualisationin meditation for many reasons. One of the most important is that by focusing upon the visualisation (with the third eye) we can transform our understanding of duality, to see that life is all Maya, an illusion, a dream that has relative joy and beauty but no need of attachment to the chains of ego, and thereby release karmic bonds to the wild Samsaric Ocean, associated astrologically with Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house.

Monday, 11 February 2013

11th Feb ~ LOSAR ~ 2013 Year of the Black Water Snake

Prevalent in the mythology engrained in so many cultures, the Snakes’ dominant theme is how they represent hidden knowledge and intuitive feminine wisdom. Ultimately Snakes symbolise a mystical transmutation of spirit and, in the process, one sheds an outworn skin so that one is renewed to ascend in truth and overcome duality to heal and liberate the earth-bound human condition. Indeed, snakes entwined around the caduceus, Healing Mercury’s rod is used globally to signal strong medicine at work – you see them at almost every pharmacy in the world.

From the astrological point of view, snakes and serpents are associated with the magical and secretive, often hidden Scorpio, the 8th house, and the planet Pluto, because the snakes’ power of rejuvenation has the potential to bestow remarkable wisdom, a wisdom that comes from utilising resources that help one survive going to the depths and back.

From the spiritual perspective, in Yoga-Tantra we acknowledge the healing potential of subtle body psychic energies, and work with a three-coiled serpent, ‘Kundalini Shakti’ – a powerful feminine energy that resides at the base of the spine. When ‘serpent power’ is activated though inner-heat (normally over the age of 50 for a woman), like a snake it awakens, uncoils and raises powerful psychic energy up through the subtle body’s central channel that carries life-enhancing prana (a.k.a. chi, bio-energy, rLung) the ‘sushumna’ (one of 3 main nadis/channels), and into the crown chakra, so that one enters into a divine union with bliss and emptiness.

‘Serpent Power’ also descends, returning to the root, grounding the elemental basis. I make this sound relatively easy; but while there are the rare few who become instantaneously ‘realised’, either through transmission or other conductors, it can take ordinary beings years – lifetimes - of practice to surrender to the truth of our divine Buddha nature in it pure luminous presence. Sullied by discursive thoughts, we often sense the need to purify the ego and clear obscured karmic blocks (klehsas) that manifest within (as well as externally) and around the central channel, so that Kundalini can freely rise towards our innate enlightened Nirvana. Yet, while most are still taking baby steps towards maintaining the clear light nature of mind, those who have experienced Kundalini rising will tell you that its nothing to mess around with, it can be like a powerful explosion of phosphorescing light that can at once excite and overwhelm, that quickly sheds the old paradigm, which is why the inexperienced should always surround themselves with spiritual friends; developing Kundalini require meditation and calm.

Not that I want to discourage anyone from working with Kundalini, but do so with care and consideration; so here’s to 2013 being a year in the influence of the Serpent Goddess, and keeping emotions and passions such as desire and aversion under control by being mindful of unconditional love-wisdom and compassion in all eventualities.

The image to illustrate this post is a photo I took 17 years ago, when visiting the Manassala Snake Temple in Kerala, Southern India. This Temple is run solely by women devoted to snakes, who are covered in verbuti (sacred ash). The Temple houses many many snakes, including the Raja Cobra. The king snake curled up contentedly listening to the priestess sing songs according to the Nakshatra (mansion of the Moon) of the visitor to whom she was singing to. In my case she sang songs to Punavarsu; it was a truly magical experience.

I’m also including this personal illustration because the black snake stone sculptures are all covered in bright yellow Turmeric. Interestingly, the Feng Shui for this year emphasises the number 5, which is Yellow in colour, governing the central area of any house or room. This means that energy concentrates around the middle of buildings; to encourage a positive vibration place a 6-rod metal wind chime in the centre of your house or home. Who knows, doing so may even encourage ‘Shakti Power ‘to flow circulate more freely in your body and around your home :)_/♥\_ I have placed our wind chime already.

If you would like to know how your personal horoscope constellates in the year of the Black Water Snake, please see here for rates : 

~ With Losar blessings for a Happy Tibetan New Year ~
from Laura _/♥\_

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Losar 2140 ~~~:> Year of the Black Water Snake

9th Feb ’13 ~~~:> Waving ‘goodbye’ to the wonderful Water Dragon (not to be seen again for another 60 years), whose authentic presence reminded us of the power of our own innate goodness, before the Year of the female Black Water Snake comes in tomorrow, 10th Feb, with the New Moon at 21Aquarius at 7:20amGMT (2:20amEST). This Snake year bestows the ability to renew through transforming and healing deeply wounded (collective) emotions with intuitive and insightful feminine wisdom.

To add hope, faith and strength, in the Tibetan system of a sixty-year cycle this year of the Black Water Snake is called 'Namgyal', meaning 'Totally Victorious'. At this new moon we also celebrate and commence Buddha's 15 days of miracles (siddhis), culminating on the 25th February with the full Moon, when karma is multiplied x 100,00,00.

From the planet’s point of view, throughout 2013 the influential Uranus Pluto square urges us to maintain our sights upon the light and keep our altruistic intention, for all beings to be happy, in sharp focus. Even if/when ploughing through darker moments in the midst of transformation, be our problems physical, psychological, or spiritual, we can still be like the sacred lotus in the lily pond: stable in our depth, yet not adhering to the muddy waters associated with afflicted emotions, therefore able to be in our experiential flow to stretch-up through the dense materialistic dross, to rise up and reach the light, and bathe in the beauty of the heavenly scented blossom of enlightenment_/♥\_

Happy 'Losar' Tibetan New Year 2140 on Feb 11th _/♥\_

And to Hindu friends, especially at this time of the Khumb Mela festival, wishing many blessings for Shivratri _/♥\_

Thx to unknown, for image of Buddha in Lotus pond _/♥\_

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dakini Day! Sun in Aquarius ~ Moon in Sagittarius _/✿\_ 5th Feb’13 ~>

‘The Lights ‘ (Sun & Moon) now share a dynamic and hopeful yang quality during this last Dakini Day of the Dragon Year, due to the broad-minded Sagittarian Moon harmonising with the altruistic and visionary Aquarian Sun, the Goddess generates optimism, clarity and enthusiasm.
Yet no one ‘aspect’ between a pair of planets dictates the sole quality of any moment. And without deflating the confidence these two energetic and motivated signs working together can bring, there are always other factors to take into account which can influence the day, such as the current Mercury Mars, Neptune and Chiron, conjunction in the early degrees of in Pisces. This latter combination of planets makes it easier to connect to the deeply emotional undercurrents that pulsate through ‘the field’ of the collective (un)consciousness, galvanizing the spiritual warrior to be compassionate and forgiving; Pisces encourages one to tap into the heart of the Divine, with a deep vibration that is wonderful for meditation and spiritual practice, yoga, dance and poetry.

So while Spirit Sun is still in the sign of the water-bearer, and has yet to meet up with the new Aquarian Moon (Feb 10th), it is in a watery Piscean fashion that we now find ourselves flowing. With a series of potentially incredible alignments now forming in Samsara’s cosmic sea, a stellium of six planets culminates at the next full moon, 26th Feb, in the sign of the Fishes, potentially bringing untold healing and awareness through unseen means, such as the power of prayer and an unshakable faith in the face of uncertainty, confusion or sacrifice. Bear in mind that personal psychic boundaries could become very porous, allowing access for the feelings of others to pervade, influence and sway in a non-spoken manner. Mercury, planet of the mind, information and communication, will also be going retrograde in Pisces; when going with flow means tuning into the universal heart-mind and raising Bodhicitta, i.e. the wish for all beings to achieve full enlightenment ♥☼:☽❤¸¸.•*¨*•☆☆

Image ~> Thx to Visual Alchemy for Honouring the Goddess _/♥\_

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sun in Aquarius ~ ☉♒□☽♏ ~ Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

3rd Feb’13 ~ Tara Moon

During the last quarter moon – the time astrology calls ‘a crisis of conscience’ (because our principles are called into focus), we begin to clear and prepare for the oncoming New Moon. Obstacles encountered today can be overcome by being cooperative and concentrated, utilising the clarity of the altruistic Aquarian Sun, in combination with the insightful (and often secretive) Scorpio Moon.

Because of the ability to remain emotionally detached - yet profoundly engaged - this arrangement of Sun and Moon often gives the Spiritual Warrior shamanic healing abilities. The challenge now is to use this perceptive awareness wisely, so that all beings are happy.

This is why we, in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, now call upon Tara, the Great Mother Liberator, the Goddess who wants all beings to be free from suffering. The ensuing everlasting happiness Tara bestows, through the development of compassion and wisdom, we experience spiritual liberation, free from being bound to ego’s desires and aversions. From the more material point of view, honouring the Goddess can even release one from the freedom of want, hunger and fear, as well as discover the freedom of speech and worship; to experience all this is to be truly liberated.

_/✿\_Om Tara Tutara Ture Soha _/✿\_

If you would like to know how this time of 'engaged perception' constellates within you, I am giving a special 'Losar' rate for the Tibetan New Year of Black Snake, Feb 11th, please contact me for details _/♥\_

Many thx to unknown artist for this beautiful Green Tara _/♥\_

Friday, 1 February 2013

☆~☽✪☾~☆ Imbolc Blessings ☆~☽✪☾~☆ Jan'13

1st – 7th Feb ~>

Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, is a Solar festival celebrating the first light returning (in the northern hemisphere). As such, it is a sacred festival of honouring the Light of consciousness; with the Sun in Aquarius it unifies Light workers in world service.

Thus the Western tradition now venerates the return of youthful hope and fertility, revering the Goddess Brigitte, patroness of poets, crafts, smiths, healing and midwives _/✿\_

This ‘cross-quarter’ Aquarian Fire festival marks the middle of a season; and has the quality of ‘Fixed Air’ with its determined call to purify body, speech and mind. It’s now time to spring clean, (and get ready for next week’s Tibetan New Year of the Black Water Snake!) before gathering with friends and shooting the airy Aquarian breeze.

Yet with Spirit Sun now in hard square to the taskmaster Saturn, the importance of keeping a healthy balance of work and socialising is paramount. Whilst being with kindred spirits is a way to keep body and soul together, it may well be the serious business of a labour of love that keeps one busy over the next few days. _/♥\_

Purification Mandala from the Family of Light ~ with thx _/♥\_