Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dark Moon Halloween ~> 2013

Some moments are more enchanted and potent than others. At Halloween, when the veil between visible upper and unseen lower worlds is thinnest, mythical skeletons dance across the skies, and witches wing by on Birch tree brooms, it tends towards a magical time that gets deep, edgy, and powerful.  Halloween holds a mystical magic that can transform in a dream-like instant, purely by honoring the ancestors and all that has gone before - and by being ready for a dramatic renewal. And as tonight’s is a Dark Moon Halloween, it’s advisable to call upon our protectors, totems and guides, and all that can help the Spiritual Warrior maintain emotional balance, which is specifically important when crossing the karmic threshold of the fixed and focused New Moon Scorpio Solar Eclipse, November 3rd.

Bear in mind that while we are now at the peak of the on-going 3-year Uranus-Pluto square (more on that tomorrow), astrological Halloween is actually November 7th, when the Sun is at degree where we officially pass through the ‘Via Combusta’, a.k.a. ‘The Fiery Path’, when Spirit rises like a proverbial phoenix out of the ashes. 
All the while we have a myriad of sacred geometry providing anchors for practical magic, and heavenly pointers to where the fates are flying:

The ‘Kite’ formation harnesses a ‘Grand Earth Trine’ stimulating recuperative and regenerative conservation of resources; with the Dragon’s Tail (South Node) implementing the healing energies we bring with us, which can also be used in the future.

A ‘Mystic Rectangle’, made up of only helpful aspects, suggests spiritual stability throughout this eclipse period, until November 8th.

The ‘Finger of God’, pointing to Uranus, planet of awakening altruism for the next couple of days, with the life-giving Sun and destiny-fulfilling North Node (Dragon’s Head), in the sign of renewal and shared assets, joining forces with Mars in Virgo, sign of healing and discernment.  All this suggests many are currently creating intrepid communities, forming Sangha and affinities with kindred spirits, individuals who feel also the need to support others in this time of dramatic change to power structures and resources. 
__/❤\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸❤✶

Happy Halloween everyone!
Thanks to unknown artist for Mahakala Dharma protector ~> May all beings be protected from fear and want. _/♥\_

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Insightful Purification ~> Dakini Day October 29th 2013 _/♥\_

With laser like perception, Spirit Sun in Scorpio now makes a most harmonious aspect to the wholesome and thoughtful Virgo Moon. Such a combination of ‘The Lights’ encourages eagle-eyed discernment which the organised mind can apply to purifying defiled states of consciousness, changing habits of a lifetime, improving diet, as well as clearing physical space, removing emotional obstacles and freeing psychic karma. Today is optimum, therefore, to prepare for the transformational Solar Eclipse November 3rd, and patiently eliminate that which no longer serves the Divine Feminine, or the sensitive side of oneself, male or female, and generate the inner purity that experiences the vast expanse of spiritual liberation.

In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh “Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we cannot be free.”

Thanks for sharing & Many thanks to unknown artist for vibrant Vajrayogini _/♥\_

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tara Moon’ ~> Medicine Buddha puja _/♥\_ Oct 26th

Perceptive Scorpio Sun squares tonight’s Last Quarter Leo Moon, suggesting the Goddess, Tara, draws upon lion heart strength to quickly overcome obstacles. Leo Moon self-generates courage and generosity, directing a powerful healing. In combination with Scorpio’s focus and insight, the potential for ‘The Lights’ to illuminate deep and hidden resources means even difficult and negative, selfish emotions and ambitions can now be rooted out, creatively released, and transformed into love…

In the words of Mingyur Rinpoche ~>

“When you transform your mind, everything you experience is transformed.”

…And prepare the heart-mind for a powerful karmic renewal at the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Nov 3rd (which is preceded by the fourth of the seven Uranus Pluto squares 1st November – more on that to come _/\_ )

Stunning Green Tara Artwork by David Campbell Wilson with thx & thx for sharing


Saturday, 26 October 2013

FireBrand ~> astro peek at Russell Brand

In the wake of a Paxman interview, the facebook newsfeed has become a one-man Russell Brand show, with Brand’s call to boycott voting and start a revolution soliciting extreme reaction from all sides. Some want to heed the battle cry and, presumably, die for him, as revolutions are never a civilised affair. But maybe that's not the kind of rEvolution RB is looking for? As others are very much against, generally men of a certain age who find Brand opinionated, trite and wayward. The girls seem to love him, possibly for the same reasons but seen in a different light, seeking a revolution of the heart.

As an astrologer it intrigued me to know what, from the planets’ point of view, does Russell Brand have to make him a magnet for others to either attract or repel in such a polarizing manner? Born with the loquacious Sun in Gemini on the 4th June 1975, at 00:07*, in Greys, Essex, Russell Brand’s horoscope buzzes with a larger-than-life, rather nervous and extremely assertive but deeply sensitive personality, one who loves novelty and variety, to be always on the go in constant communication. One might even say his gift-of-the-gab is a past-life thing; in this life he is to be the wiser media Guru. His destiny is to reveal mastery of the chat, aiming for wisdom's truths. The man even compared His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, in Manchester youth program not so long ago!

His Capricorn chart ruler, karmic Saturn, is deadly serious, in contrast to the playful Gemini Spirit. Coming across as dark and handsome with a devilish twist is also part of the Brand charm; with weighty Saturnian topics such as voting, politics and the environment delivered with clever and light-hearted Gemini wit.  The heavy-weight ruler, Saturn, is in detriment in the sign of Cancer, however, with challenges to the early home life and school, with issues surrounding the matriarch, such as food, mother and authority. Furthermore, Saturn's wide conjunction to Love Goddess Venus is another indication that he needs to take greater responsibility with his approach to women. After the age of 30, Saturn generally matures somewhat and can work the relationship issues that having Saturn in an area that improves when duty bound, by working his body, as well as intellect, the projected Peter Pan grows up to become a fast-talking Spiritual Media Warrior, who is now very much in tune with the present zeitgeist .

Even the title of Russell's recent show, ‘The Messiah Complex’, is revealed in his natal horoscope, as the Sun - which defines ego and identity (in the sign of the informative Twins) opposes Neptune, oceanic planet of spirituality and spiritual oneness. When working well, Neptune can indicate deep compassion and charity, meditation and yoga; but heaven help anyone whose Neptune is out of whack and opposite the Sun, as it denotes drug, alcohol, and all kinds of nefarious toxic abuse and addiction. Save or be saved, Neptune is also the planet of victims and martyrs, illusion and glamor, which makes it as easy for him to ‘lose’ himself (even if he has emotional control issues), and even easier for other to transfer their feelings about his celebrity, as well as political ideals onto Russell. How he deals with such idolization depends upon how profoundly he can tune into the spiritual world for refuge and support.

But what makes Brand’s horoscope really twinkle is how the current movement of the heavens excites the warrior within, urging him to become the knight in shining armor on a righteous cause, encourage people to wake-up to any present iniquity by exercising his gift to articulate rampant corruption.

Russel's chart is tuning into a dynamic alignment called ‘The Uranus Pluto Square’, of which there are seven squares over three years, which started in 2012, and finishes in 2015. This on-going square symbolises a tension between the traditional paradigm of absolute power and authority, and those seeking freedom and equality. Both Pluto and Uranus are generational planets that propel Russell’s scope into the vanguard of the action: Pluto, the planet of life, death and rebirth, activates a place of collective longing in Russell’s chart, while the planet of sudden upheaval, Uranus, sparks his well-placed and passionate Mars, courageous and dynamic planet of action. Whilst being able to mobilise, fight, and guide with giddy enthusiasm, this is the chart of a fireBrand who senses the perils of both the ordinary foot soldier AND the elite major general. Because his natal planet of revolution, Uranus in Libra, resonates with equality and freedom I suspect he sees himself as an innovative visionary, which he is, to a certain extent. At the very least he is the current mouthpiece for many of the disenfranchised 99%, unnerving a 1% - but still we can all applaud his bravery.

One last point is how Venus, the planet of love, is also an indicator of social skills, which sits almost exactly on his descendant, point of marriage and relationship. Even if people don’t always like what he says, they still seem to be fascinated, and dare I say, want his friend.

*Source of birth time: Marcos Prachett

Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumnal Heart Star ~ Oct 13

The Six-Pointed Sacred Star is fleetingly back tonight/tomorrow, as the ‘Grand Sextile Merkaba’ twinkles overhead in the autumnal sky. Formed by two interlocking triangles, Earth and Water, the Double Tetrahedron creates a transcendental stargate that empowers the Divine Feminine (within) and her inspired life-force.

The Water triangle renews resources that purify obscuration and generate spiritual healing; whilst the Earth Trine (including the all-important south node, especially in between eclipses) emphasizes the healing power of the Goddess, to remain grounded whilst the heart chakra arouses pure Buddha nature, opening to love and kindness, peace and compassion.

Om Om Om ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶ ॐ_/♥\_

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio ☿ ♏ Rx - 21st Oct - 10 November

Usually swift in winged attire, Mercury, sparkling planet of mind and movement slowed down yesterday to become retrograde at 18 Scorpio for three weeks, until November 10th. Going all the way back to 2Scorpio, Mercury now goes undercover to be the guiding light when delving into dark recesses, a covert celestial agent with a responsible mission.

Secretive, enigmatic and transformational, Mercury in Scorpio is magnetic, thoughtful and extremely incisive when dealing with difficult subjects. In Scorpio, Mercury is the psychopomp, escorting people, things, ideas, through various transitions: from life to death, to life after death through the bardo, and rebirth.

When the planet of the mind delves into powerful Scorpio it does so fearlessly, teaching that when something/someone dies it is to be reborn. Holding steady with laser-like perception, Mercury in Scorpio deals sensitively with taboo subjects such as power, sex, death, and shared investments, such as emotional investments within intimate relationship, spiritual investment with tantric commitment, or financial such as big business, taxes, and inheritance (environmental, cultural, or monetary); none of these are easy topics, often requiring trust and faith, and an ability to stop and step back to release the old and outworn in order to be renewed and reborn. As Mercury will conjunct karmic Saturn twice more during this retrograde/direct phase (and twice more Sextile both Pluto & Mars, plus Trine Neptune), busy Mercury is able to magically facilitate healing at any time, thus encouraging the development of insight, intuition, and the psychic sensitivity to transform past life (past events/past psychology) into a potentially powerful force for good by taking personal control of one's life, and sharing the best with the rest. _/♥\_

Thanks to unknown artist for evocative Buddha _/♥\_
If you would like to know more how this period constellates in your own horoscope, please contact me for rates

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Full Moon in Aries Lunar Eclipse _/♥\_ OCT13

Eclipses generally come in pairs: one solar, the other lunar. With a Lunar eclipse coming up on Friday/Saturday (18th-19th), the following eclipse in two weeks’ time is an even more powerful and rare hybrid Solar Scorpio eclipse, on November 3rd. Both the Lunar and Solar eclipse provide a magical portal, karmic gates for incoming and outgoing universal consciousness – bringing energies that create external and internal shifts, which are often dramatic (18-year) turning points. This particular eclipse could even cultivate a pristine awareness of our self in relation to benefiting others, especially if the degree of the eclipse constellates our own horoscope.

This weekend's Full Moon Lunar eclipse at 26 Aries is a penumbral lunar eclipse, with a slightly paler Moon that may be difficult to perceive the difference between a normally glowing 'Hunter's Moon', yet almost impossible not to feel, as La Luna governs emotions. And as a beauty-orientated Libra Sun aligns with the courageous Aries Moon, the heavens symbolize a dynamic motivation between self, abandoning clinging to the ego, in favour of social harmony; as the fiery Ram ignites the ‘light of life’ the Scales seek a heart balance between intrigue and the straightforward, the material and spiritual, Love and Light, so that a full expression of wisdom and compassion can freely develop.

Events and situations this weekend remind us that Love-Wisdom is, in fact, our innate glowing radiant Buddha nature. If mindful to harness soul-control, this eclipse is an optimum time to embrace the karmic law of cause and effect and transform base passion and desire into pure vibrant love.

Regular Zodiac Heaven's Dharma Stars readers may be aware that during the eclipses sensitivity to subtle body energies is also heightened, as chakras, winds and channels are responsive to this delicate time when the luminosity of Sun, Moon and Earth cosmically coordinate to create a powerful and sacred moment of peace, introspection and insight, making this an optimum time to meditate.

The exact time of this eclipse is 7:50pm on the 18th EDT and 00:50BST, and will be more noticeable over Central Africa.

Thanks to unknown artist for Lotus love_/♥\_

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Medicine Buddha Moon ~ Tara Puja – Oct 12th _/♥\_

Spirit Sun in harmonious Libra today highlights the dynamic first-quarter Moon in disciplined Capricorn, to balance responsibilities and generate positive, lasting change which benefits all.

This first quarter moon also creates a tight ‘T-square’ to expansive Jupiter’. So when making important decisions and adjustments there’s every reason to remain optimistic; even minor modifications made this weekend (in relationship, at work, and/or at home) can be deeply healing and bear fruit. Note, however, such fruit may take time, organisation and practice to really ripen. This is because Venus, Libra’s ruler and Capricorn’s hierarchical ruler, goes retrograde at the Winter Solstice, when both the illuminating Sun and loving Venus will be in Capricorn. 

Issues close to the heart that need a deep resolution could therefore take up until the Solar year’s turning point, or even until the Candlemas New Moon, when Venus once again goes forward. So now is the time to exercise patience with self and others, especially when dealing with situations that challenge one to stay centred (in radiant natural Buddha nature) _/♥\_

Love & thanks for beautiful calligraphy and artwork with Medicine Buddha Mantra by Tashi Mannox _/♥\_

May all beings be free from suffering ~> “Hail! Appear, O Healer, O Healer, O Great Healer, O King of Healing! Let the Healing be swift And let the Healing begin!” __/♥\__

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Libra New Moon Oct'13

☼ New Moon 11 Libra, at 1:34am UT

In the language of symbols, the Libran scales represents a social sign, seeking love, peace and fairness in all relations. And although famous for sitting on the fence, often being indecisive because of being a people-pleaser not wanting to upset anyone, the aforementioned ideals to which this highly evolved and elegant sign aspires also require a certain kind of cool balance and equipoise, which the only machine in the zodiac can beautifully harmonise.

With an ability to engage and come from the heart yet at the same time remain emotionally detached is Libra’s rare gift, especially when mediating stressful situations – of which there currently seem to be quite a few, as Sun and New Moon square up to the challenging Cardinal Cross (that comes in and out of cosmic play for next seven months). Interestingly, this New Moon provides an opening for a liberating and innovative heroic awareness which stems from having an altruistic intention: for all beings to be happy and free from suffering. And when Libra’s ruler, the Love Goddess Venus, changes signs in a few days, remaining composed and stable whilst still seeing (and working) the bigger picture gives the heart-mind space to grow, as well as protection from getting hooked into the eight worldly concerns: praise and blame, fame and disrepute, success and failure, pleasure and pain.

From this astrological meditator’s view point utilising dynamic Libra’s airy element also means being aware of the subtle winds, chi (rLung in Tibetan) to consciously create a personal internal balance, which then helps all kinds of co-creating inter-personal decision making.

It’s also worth noting how this lunation marks an exciting month ahead, with the beginning of the year’s second eclipse season, and a full Moon lunar eclipse in Aries Oct 18th /19th, highlighting geocosmic/worldly/personal shifts and transformation. Adding to the intense heavenly mix, the celestial messenger, Mercury, begins a retrograde in Scorpio on the 9th. Plus comet ISON, which has a strong association to Mars, will soon be coming into view!

So now is the time, during this new Libran Moon, to familiarise breathing into the pivotal centre of balance, and develop the mindfulness and equanimity which supports and strengthens personal spiritual practice, as well as the ability to gracefully handle our forever changing world. _/♥\_

With love & gratitude to Elaina Deva for her gorgeous pink lotus eclipse Moon _/♥\_