Thursday, 26 July 2018

Activate a Generous Heart & Find Freedom in Creativity ~ Lunar Eclipse July 27th 2018

Full Moon 4.44° Aquarius Friday 27th July @20:18UT
“A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are things which renew humanity.” ~ The Golden Rule Revolution (Elaine Parkes)

A destiny-fulfilling, hot and passionate, fiery Full Blood Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, 27th July 2018, the longest eclipse of the century and the second in a rare series of three eclipses. Astrologically aligned in the signs Leo and Aquarius, this eclipse encourages an in depth exploration of both heart AND mind. The first of this unusual eclipse series began with a karmic gate opening the very essence of our spirit with the New Cancer Moon 12th July; the third is an inspired Leo New Moon, August 11th. Indeed, it is not until 2020 do we next encounter a similar set of triple eclipses – from when it is an even longer wait until 2027 and the next time this concentrated ‘power-of-three’ astronomical alignment takes place - the last was 2013. You get the picture: this eclipse season opens a very special kind of psychic Star Gate – through which one can have a clear and open view of ‘self’ in relation to one’s fellow travellers on spaceship Earth. Whether one actually musters up the mettle to go through this magical portal in order to evolve, connect heart to heart to the ‘higher’ self and other kindred spirits and make dramatic changes in one’s life will depend upon a level of personal courage and collective clarity – and how easily one can handle an arrogant ego and the unpredictable way of things. 


As the radiant light of the majestic Leo Sun conjuncts the North Node, aka the Dragon’s Head, or Rahu, the celestial spotlight dramatically highlights watershed moments and crucial turning points (at the 4 degree marker of Leo and Aquarius). Think back: did you step through another ‘Star Gate’ approximately 9 and/or 18 years ago? Measure how you have developed and grown to get an idea of how to handle a potentially similar circumstance. The difference between past critical periods and now is how the life-giving Sol is currently in league with Pallas Athena, one of the larger asteroids representing female creativity with spectacular strategies. Pallas Athena suggests a strong feminine force can influence a future that impacts upon larger group activities. Her support is invaluable in being able to assess and sway not only what we may personally be going through, but how transparent are mutual social concerns and, perhaps more importantly, who is now willing to become a people’s champion. 

Pallas Athena’s presence at the heart of this eclipse indicates it is the valour and strength of the intelligent warrior woman that aids present planning which can lead to major breakthroughs. While this may be taken literally as in having a female advisor, such as a young daughter gifting words of wisdom to her father, or just by tuning into and listening to our own sensitive ‘feminine’ side in an impartial manner; when we affiliate with the feminine we can more easily determine the selfish from the selfless and provide the kind of support called for in exciting but volatile times. Pallas Athena currently seeks to heal and transform passion, drive and aggression through art, love and romance, adding a decidedly feminine touch to the Leo-ruled Sun’s fiery yang.  (Its also been brought to my attention how Athens is also burning :( prayers of love and healing are being sent from my side)

Opposite the Sun is the Yin Moon, with the South Node, aka the Dragon’s Tail, or Ketu; whenever the Moon is conjunct Ketu there’s often a sense of déjà vu, sometimes facing challenging emotions and situations we have been through before (either due to past life or just a previous similar situation). And so it appears a confrontation with past karma is staring right at us now, upfront and personal.

☆ As the sensitive Moon is also conjunct a retrograde Mars it is time to release and let go of destructive emotions (anger, greed, jealousy, hatred, doubt) that hold us back (in time), and learn how to be at our best at home, at work, and those with whom we are in daily contact without being abusive, pushy, argumentative, or creating explosive conflict which, due to the current backward movement of Mars, the astral God of War, would probably backfire anyway.

Currently on the back-foot, Mars is also involved in a protracted four-month long aspect, with Uranus in a hard, three-hit whammy. Having a reputation for left-field brilliance, Uranus rules the wacky and wonderful Altruistic Aquarius, the sign of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Together, Mars and Uranus signify explosive and sudden snaps and cracks out of the blue and flashes of insight. Both Uranus and Aquarius are also symbols of extremes. So while there are Aquarian types who live for freedom and liberation from suffering, always acting for the benefit of humanity and all sentient beings, there are also others who, for whatever reason, create chaos and disruption with the same kind of zeal. Whether madness or magical, edgy chaos is compounded by the Sun’s tight square to Uranus July 25th, extending into a Fixed ‘T-Square’ with the Full Moon and Mars.  

Tension is high, particularly in busy zappy places with large groups of people. Watch-out as nerves fray and tempers bubble and boil. Note how the dynamic hot-head Mars remains in backward motion until the end of August, when it dips back from spacy Aquarius into realistic Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. This means that even though assertive Mars is currently ‘out-of-bounds’, i.e. unpredictable and unruly, and features as a main protagonist in this intense eclipse horoscope, it is actually slow and in retreat. Defence mechanisms now need to be reviewed. Duck and cover if necessary. Negative forces may seem to be on the rise, but taking time out to assess the state of opponents (real, or ego’s psychological demons) and how to make the most from potential new positions can be a sign of strength, not surrender. Come the August 11th eclipse, Mars could be slightly more powerful due to its’ executive Capricorn qualities – but still I would not advise starting fights or getting involved in contentious mud-slinging, even if having to stand one’s ground.  

In the actual night sky a retrograde fiery red Mars is an amazing sight to behold, however (Along with all the other seven planets now visible-to-the-naked-eye!). Build strength and stamina and put some iron in your soul when contemplating the scarlet planet at the zenith of the mid-night heavens these next couple of months; the closeness of Mars during such a long sojourn in Aquarius (since May16th) creates perfect viewing conditions. After two months of being in apparent backward motion, dynamic Mars goes forward on the 28th August. As the planet of action, Mars symbolises the feisty and furious, fighting to make one’s mark is not the same as carefully defending what you believe requires protection (which is why Mars is exalted in no-nonsense Capricorn). In any event throughout this Leo eclipse season bear in mind that "Hatred will not cease by hatred, but by love alone. This is the ancient law."  ~ Buddha
☆ Although progress may be short-lived, needing to be repeated to firm-up any advances, because, and just to complicate the current celestial climate Mercury, the heaven’s courier, is retrograde over this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse too! Regular C*I*A readers know the Mercury retrograde drill: double check, triple check and even quadruple check all forms of communication and timetables, especially missives appertaining to spiritual aspirations, personal ambitions, art, creativity, parties and children, LOVE and romance! Is there anything worse than having a hot date turn-up at the wrong time or place?! Lovers beware: timing is crucial. Also, it’s good to take extra-care of personal details during this Mercury retro period. Data hungry Mercury accents the need to understand the importance of one’s own facts and files and the position held within certain (obscure) technological systems that may now be aired and investigated.

Cloaked in the fire of wisdom, Mercury is fairly close to the Sun (19°) during this eclipse. Reading as an individual’s horoscope, I would extend the orb of contact and associate the wily planet of the mind, medicine and messages, with the heart-centred power of the Sun; and, as Mercury is also in the sign of the brave hearted Lion, it is therefore under the beams of the Solar Spirit’s essential position of regal Leo dignity. The mercurial messenger is going back all the way to 11° Leo (on the 19th August), not quite to the same degree as the Full Moon, but close to Pallas Athena’s current position, so carefully assessed planning could be the key when unlocking the codes to the illusive Star Gate.
Stay cool, cosmic friends. How we communicate with others is vital to getting needs met. Trickster Mercury has many modes of communication. Roar like the Leo lion if you want to alienate; but dialogue and listening and taking others feelings, thoughts and plans into consideration will avoid admiration turning into contempt. For when meetings are entered into with the spirit of respect and compromise, and with the manners of a Sun King, there’s a greater chance of cooperation so that all parties have happier future prospects.

•°*☾⊕☽ *°•.☆

As the Solar cosmic wheel turns in Sun-ruled Leo, it reaches the half-way cross-quarter point of Fixed Fire, fanned by Aquarian Air. Aquarius is a future-orientated sign; and this Aquarian Full Moon Red Eclipse next to Scarlet Mars will no doubt prove to be memorable moment to carry well into the Equinox. 

Remember to set the innovative Aquarian altruistic intention, aware that during an eclipse all kinds of energies swirl in and out of the nodal vortex, as Sun, Moon and Earth will align for Earth to block out the light of the Sun. So that when we see a coppery red Moon we can align our heart-mind to the inventive creative spirit and be true to our soul’s resonance. 

Coming to end of this report it’s worth noting how this Eclipse is visible from quite a large land mass. Only the USA doesn’t get to see it, yet the West Coast of America is among the places of stress and geophysical tension, along with the Middle East, Japan, China, and Brazilian Coast.

It is also the Indian ‘Guru Purnima’, the Full Moon honouring  Spiritual Teachers who guide across time and space. Ending this Full Moon astro report with a heartfelt ‘Namaste’ to Indian readers and teachers (*hands together in prayer mode at the heart and with a deep bow*), love and astral blessings to all from Astro Agent Dakini, until next month Rumi has the last word, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Thursday, 28 June 2018

☽☼☾ Karmic Consolidation ☽☼☾ Full HoneyMoon with Saturn ~June '18

☽☼☾ Karmic Consolidation ☽☼☾

Full Honey Moon 6°54’ Capricorn 28th June 2018 @4:53UT
 As the season turns with this Solstice Honey Moon, cast your mind back to those NY resolutions you made to yourself? With the six-month marker you thought you would use to measure to see how you were doing? Well. Here we are. And reassessing the important things in life is most timely, if not a necessity.

Be it home, career, or the relationship and respect we have for (our own personal, family) authority, this Full June Moon will highlight both, the material and spiritual work, ahead and already done – with a welcome pause now, to rest in the present, Solstice-influenced Full Capricorn Moon and just ‘be in the now'. Because it is only in this present moment that we can have any affect upon future karma (and forgive, let go and release the past), it makes sense to find our balance and stay on centre. 

…Though the astrological aspects are diverse in this Full Moon chart, with a dominating ‘Grand Water Trine’, a ‘Cardinal ‘T’-Square’, and the beginnings of the rest of the years’ ‘Fixed Cross’; there are several key celestial points to which one can co-create with universe and apply to whatever is going on now, as well as aforementioned resolutions and long-term plans that will get a reboot. This is due to the lingering nature of the planets currently in retrograde: martial Mars, authoritative Saturn and powerhouse Pluto will be going backwards throughout the north’s summer/south’s winter, forcing one to reconsider a certain course of action that regenerate and renew; all the while expansive Jupiter creates optimism with forward motion July 10th; and Mercury goes retro just before July’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, to zap up the drama! But first let’s look at the Luminaries (Sun & Moon) during the Year of the Earth Dog’s ‘Honey Moon’

1)  ☆ The horoscope of this Full Capricorn Moon opposite Spirit Sun, radiating in the super-sensitive sign Cancer (the Moon’s ruler) initially appears subdued. It shows a detrimental Luna in the ambitious sign of the Sea Goat (not her favourite position by any means), conjunct Time Lord Saturn, planet of accomplishment and long-established business and empires only compounds the seriousness surrounding this Full Moon. Saturn is now retrograde in home sign Capricorn; by September it will have retreated all the way back to revisit the same place it was at the beginning of 2018. Potentially, this means another three months of seriously motivated work, forming and reforming, working and reworking whatever we consider important in the greater scheme to give certain ideas, relationships and projects, a real and solid base. Backwards and slow moving, although Saturn is glowing golden in the midnight sky, the current position suggests revising and amending particular issues that initially arose at the beginning the year. Where these early degrees of Capricorn (4-8°) lie in your own horoscope will give you a reality check on the astral rework currently in effect. Capricorn’s practical and empirical influence is durable and strong, if somewhat heavy and humourless. Together, however, and despite an irony bypass, a Full Capricorn Moon and Saturn can actually indicate a powerful emotional development.

When the Sun spotlights karmic Saturn and the sensitive Moon, it normally indicates the need to overcome daunt and dread; and all kinds of doubts, fears and obstacles can come to light. As tough as this may seem, it’s good to acknowledge any limitations and emotional blocks we have to face for personal evolution (time, money, support, talent and luck, are all areas which could need to be considered). Still, this is not the time to shirk personal responsibility, shrink into the shadows, or succumb to battle fatigue. On the contrary, it’s time to provide solid foundations, and show how we care about those with whom we live and work, those whom we share our most challenging karmic path: our families, colleagues and cohorts. 

While you might feel a little like Bambi going head-to-head with Godzilla*, this Full Moon conjunct Saturn encourages practical solutions to successful personal accomplishment – all of which takes time, planning, patience, and a lot of hands-on hard work, from which there is no escape. 

This is a combination that also symbolises heavy weather, as traditional Saturn concentrates the receptive sympathy of the Moon. Where we are may seem dull or depressing, or even oppressive to some. If so, take time out for a breather, as this is a planetary pattern that indicates climbing the metaphoric mountains and we have now reached a threshold, a pass which needs to be crossed carefully, and with reason.  

In mundane astrology, which is the astrological study of the geo-socio-political, the family-orientated Moon represents ‘The People’, whilst taskmaster Saturn is the commanding voice of authority. Interestingly, career advice or family guidance could come from a place with even greater superiority, as the Sun is with fixed star ‘Mirzam’ at the Full Moon. Speaking out to proclaim an extremely important message is the astrological signature of Mirzam, one of the stars of Canis Major: the heaven’s large and barking dog. Who knows what we will hear, or from where, but keep your ears open: ‘an announcement’ with impact is due.

☆ Getting one’s needs met on a basic and practical level is mega important when the Moon is with down-to-earth Saturn. With a multiple of tricky aspects to negotiate, make an effort to keep things simple to stay on centre and in your flow (I know: easier said than done in this world full of distraction.). Complications could suddenly arise with the feeling that one is missing out, or lacking support from those who have the means to provide patronage. Be aware the real you is loving, clear and kind, not the nagging critic. 

Okay, a rut may be before you. And you may have already measured the state of the mud therein. But in the perceived fear of losing security, ask yourself if you really need to be stuck and hemmed-in from all sides’ It may be helpful to know that in the run-up and during the Full Moon, both Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon/Saturn make easy and harmonious links to unconventional Uranus in stabilising Taurus, presenting accessible alternatives to the way we live, eat and work, which can liberate and free up the mind – as well as the wallet. By accepting personal responsibility and acting for the greater good in any current circumstance we can also gain a sense of freedom and the potential for personal creativity comes to the fore. 

Astrological aspects that take place immediately preceding culmination are actually the most potent: so get to know taskmaster Saturn’s rules well, in order to break them more easily. Being told one must take personal responsibility for difficult situations (in which you are blameless) can sometimes seem like one is yet again faced with another obstacle. But karma works in mysterious ways, and it pays to be kind and compassionate.
Indeed, old alliances are breaking-up and, in the name of consolidation, those who dictate authority (and who can therefore make a difference) could even abnegate upon a whim any previous obligation to protect and preserve. As this year progresses new social systems will become ever more apparent. Whether these are any better than what we have now remains to be seen. Looking ahead to the long-term, by the end of 2020 we may need to call in professionals to bring about a more helpful change.

2) ☆ Right now, however, Sol creates the axis opposite the Moon and Saturn to also form a ‘Cardinal T-Square’ with Shamanic Chiron and healing asteroid Hygea, united at the 90° right angle in Aries. This is an active and dynamic T-Square, accenting the wisdom of looking after our health, and to discover how happiness comes from within, especially during times of powerful healing.

3) ☆ The major celestial maker for this Full Moon is, however, a deeply sensitive ‘Grand Water Trine’. This triangle with three points 120° apart includes the Cancer Sun, in the same sign as the heavenly courier, Mercury, and Pallas Athena, warrior Goddess – a union to nurture and cleanse, and one with plans to sustain the psychic powers of Jupiter in Scorpio, plus the visionary blessing and initiation into the Divine which comes about with Neptune in Pisces. 

The ‘Grand Water Trine’ can easily influence great swathes of people, often through deception and seemingly psychic forces. But with the Moon conjunct Saturn, one should learn to erect invisible protection.
From the spiritual point of view, the Water Trine can also activate the seventh ray, the crown chakra associated with the awakened state of awareness: i.e. enlightenment. Through the purifying power of water, the physical body can awaken the compassion and kindness of a heart and mind aligned with the ‘higher self’.  This ‘Water Trine’ will vary in intensity for the next month to avail us with life’s mysteries.

4)  ☆ Immediately following the moment of a Full Moon, Luna begins to wane. During the wind-down of this lunation we begin to enter into ‘Eclipse Season’ with a new Cancer ruled New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th July. Eclipses bring about geophysical shifts, as well as the more personal emotional turning points. These changes can take place a week or so before the eclipse, so be aware that all kinds of energies can filter through an eclipse portal.

5) ☆ Which brings me to the last point of astral note, and yet another indication how this Full Moon has associations with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in January, as the now retrograde Aquarian Mars conjuncts the South Node with orb of the eclipse degrees, i.e. incoming cosmic influences are forceful in the message of renewal. Mars only goes retrograde every 2-and-abit years; Mars retro in Aquarius is even rarer. The last time heroic Mars went retrograde in Aquarius was July 1971, the next is well into the 22nd century. So this is a rare moment when the brave Mars retrogrades to tap into eclipse season; dealing with past karma will need to be tempered with an altruism that looks after all beings, from people to dolphins to ants to apes. Heaven knows, we all could all now do with revising how we all come together as a unit, to show our collective humanity and healing.

“The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.”HH 14th DL

Wishing all a wonderful Honey Moon!

With love from ‘Astro Agent Dakini’ - aka Laura Boomer-Trent ©
* Thanks to Swami Chetananda for perfect metaphor _(*)_

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Saka Dawa Earth Dog Year 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2018 ~ Tuesday 29th May @14:20UT
 ~~ Enlightened Mind ~~
Celebrating the birth, enlightenment and paranirvana of the historical Buddha, this Full Moon is called ‘Sagadawa’ or ‘Saka Dawa’ in the Himalyan Buddhist tradition. In Tibetan astrology Saka means ‘Star’ and ‘Dawa’ means Moon, ’Star Moon’. _/\_ Saka Dawa is the most important sacred day of the Buddhist Calendar; today is therefore optimum to engage in virtuous activities and spiritual practice. Karma is further multiplied x 100billion
Whenever the Full Moon is in fiery Sagittarius – as it is at 8°10’ Sagittarius, Tuesday 29th May @14:19, adventure inspires and exploration beckons. Travel is therefore nicely starred. With a Full Moon in Sagittarius opposite the Gemini Sun, the quest is one of enquiry directed inwards to discover how ideas stir and stimulate the breadth and depth of the world of feeling and emotion – and all the wonder that beholds within. While it is always helpful to cultivate the Sagittarian open mind that keeps worries and woes at bay, it’s also good to remember how the Sagittarian centaur is also half-man, half-horse, meaning the top half of the centaur represents the human brain, while the bottom half symbolises animal instincts.

While the Moon traverses the sign of the Centaur, those already with a predilection for passionate escapade can spend hours trying to unite brains and beauty with the drives of the internal beast, using prized intellect to overcome, integrate, and make sense of animalistic longing. Sagittarius is actually a mythical four-legged archer with horse-power for stamina and the ability to be extremely lucky. The Centaur is a skilled rider on the move, at one with his steed, armed with a bow and arrow.

Whenever you see Asian Oriental deities holding a bow and arrow, particularly Buddhist deities, it is the bow that is usually held in the left ‘wisdom’ hand, while the arrow is held in the ‘method-of-compassion’ right hand. This hand pairing of wisdom and compassion therefore propels one towards a life using ‘skilful means’ from an ethical point of view. From the astrological point of view the bow and arrow symbolises the high-flying analytical mind, with grand ideas aiming beyond the stratosphere.

It’s clear a free-roaming and spontaneous Centaur requires the freedom and free-will and independence to explore humanity’s higher ideals through theories and beliefs. No one ever got enlightened through concepts, but to celebrate academic and abstract ideas that revere the human connection with the natural world, gives life greater spiritual meaning.

So the temptation is to now saddle-up while the Moon is in the sign of the Centaur, leave troubles behind without a care in the world and gallop off into the far-horizon: casual, relaxed and brave. With a spacious mind, the Moon in Sagittarius will also focus upon those feelings which inspire confidence. When searching for answers – and the truth, the Moon Sagittarius will experience different cultures, different philosophies and even different gods, all the while adapting vessels into which one can pour faith, hope and charity. Anything foreign appeals to the Moon in Sagittarius: the more exotic and bizarre, the more it fascinates. A fiery Sagittarius Moon literally hungers for veracity and the freedom to spiritually grow.

During the Sagittarian Full Moon it’s the wise, however, who accepts inspiration and divinity are already within – aware that looking outside for enlightened intelligence to magically come and solve all life problems is unrealistic and only offers false expectation. That said; this Sagittarian Full Moon opposite the Gemini Sun culminates less than two degrees away from Fixed Star, Antares, indicating success and power comes from a discerning kind of insight. Be aware this placement also comes with a celestial warning. The Royal Star Antares demands focus and concentration for clarity to manifest. It also stresses how important it is not to become swamped in drama or crisis, as that could stymie you in your tracks. Take note: a few hours immediately following culmination, the Moon conjuncts a bright red star, Antares, offering a conceivable Eureka moment, when brilliance is also matched in the heavens.   

In point of fact, the horoscope for this May Full Moon of the Earth Dog has many amazing planetary patterns, such as two ‘Grand Trines’ and a ‘Finger of God’, that make this one of the more astrologically intricate charts of the year, like a diamond sparkling with many facets, each with their own heavenly hue.  
So much so, the potential for falling for glamour and getting lost in shimmy and sparkle – even in a fun, frivolous way, can lose sight of the bigger picture. So with this most fiery Full Moon watch out for getting burnt by the metaphoric hot sauce, or should that be ‘hot source’ ;) !

Astrological highlights & the Full Moon’s various facets and aspects:

    1) Jupiter is the planet which rules this fiery Sagittarian Moon. Jupiter leads the planets in a ‘Locomotive’ shaped astral map of this Full Moon. Generous Jupiter is the also a spiritual master that provides the correct view – even going backwards. Now retrograde motion in Scorpio, Jupiter is currently revisiting issues to do with trust, control and power. But interestingly, and maybe because Jupiter is also the planet of hope, Jupiter is now conjunct a fixed star called Zuben Elgenubi – a star portending positive social reform. This influence will stay for the next few months – until the end of August. We put faith into this astral Full Moon aspiration. 

    2 )   When we include sextiles thrown from both the 8° Sun and Moon Gemini and Sagittarius to the Leo-Aquarius Lunar Nodes (North & South), we see a ‘Mystic Rectangle’ = Practical magic with creative inclusivity.   

      3) TWO GRAND TRINES!!! = an almost Merkaba, double tetrahedron, with the two Grand Trines being Fire & Water. Yin water AND fire yang.  …Things might get steamy! 

The dynamics of a fiery Full Moon Grand Fire trine include the self-directed, destiny-fulfilling Leo North Node; stabilised trine again by Shamanic Shapeshifter, Chiron – the asteroid recently moved into self-orientated Aries. Chiron is currently conjunct fixed star Mirach, indicating a harmonious self-healing. Take note: this is a quick fleeting association, only lasting until the Moon is full.  

The Grand Water Trine is currently dominant and longer lasting, shifting in and out of intensity until the July Full Moon. Currently involving Love Goddess Venus, in homebody Cancer; with expansive Jupiter in intense Scorpio; and oceanic Neptune in Pisces: all bound together spiralling in a triangular wave of emotion in fluid motion. A Grand Water Trine reveals spiritual and karmic mysteries, as well as how people are easily influenced. Over the next eight weeks, the heavens will continue to grace us with this currently tight triangle formation. 

Jupiter in Scorpio, plus Neptune in Pisces, encourages us to be in our flow. Whether cash, love or ideas, being in one’s flow also means keeping an open mind and making changes when necessary. Being in your flow also means that if there’s a block, you innately sense ways to go around it; similarly, if there’s a hole, know there’s a way to go through it, even if that requires planning and patience. And if something is not clear, remember there are ways to clarify – and giving yourself space is one of the easiest ways to do so.. 

Its worth mentioning that the trine from Jupiter in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces is perhaps one of the most favourable aspects of 2018, as it grows the ability to touch base with the psyche and subconscious, with lucid dream for instance, or at least present the potential for an awareness of the dream and the dream-body – and the ultimate reminder that all life is an illusion.  The dates of influence are Dec 3rd 2017 -> May 25th August 19th 2018.
   4)  Mutable T-Square = Hard and challenging changes present an opportunity for the mutable signs LOVE WISDOM to emanate.
Moon in Sagittarius =  ‘I KNOW’ the vastness of the soul
Sun in Gemini = ‘I THINK’ with the alacrity of Spirit
Neptune in Pisces = ‘I BELIEVE’ in the magic of the dream, and the compassion of the human Spirit.

5) A karmic ‘Yod’ aka ‘the Finger of God’ or ‘Finger of Fate’ with the Gemini Sun sextile the future-beckoning North Node, in creative Leo; with both NN & Sun honing 150 °to karmic Saturn, to pin point the pressure for future karmic responsibility. 

Lastly, I wanted to note Mars retrograde for the coming months, and the square it now makes in this chart with Uranus. As Mars is a warrior planet it’s good to be aware that we have already had this year a slew of really difficult Mars aspects, rattling potential danger, most recently from past (collective, fanatical and weird) disputes – perceived or real. How we handle Mars, in often quickly developing moments is key to the heart at peace, especially among our mates and kindred spirits. This year we have already witnessed a couple of really challenging planetary connections including Mars; in chronological order: starting with martial Mars conjunct karmic Saturn (2nd April) ; followed by the intensely combative Mars conjunct transformational Pluto (26th April); and from now, and throughout the Summer, Mars conjuncts the karmic what-you-bring-from-past-lives, South Node, in Aquarius, also making a harmonious ‘sextile’ to the Sagittarian Full Moon, and a boon-giving ‘Trine’ to brilliant Gemini Sun. This is not necessarily an easy aspect, however, and over the years I have witnessed attacks from restless ruffians during this aspect. So please take good care. In the ‘highest sense, for Mars in Aquairus the challenge is to be actively altruistic; at its most base watch-out for nutcases with old grudge matches . Also, seeing as Aquarius rules technology, there could also be a wave of cyber-attacks (as has happened to beloved C*I*A facebook page getting hacked and hijacked). We would really like the page back in Agent 12’s control – asap!

This is Astro Dakini, signing off for another lunation... 

“Whoever has done harmful actions but later covers them up with good is like the moon which, freed from clouds, lights up the world.”  Gautama Buddha
With thanks for Image of Avaloketisvara to Himalyan Art Resources