Sunday, 27 May 2018

Saka Dawa Earth Dog Year 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2018 ~ Tuesday 29th May @14:20UT
 ~~ Enlightened Mind ~~
Celebrating the birth, enlightenment and paranirvana of the historical Buddha, this Full Moon is called ‘Sagadawa’ or ‘Saka Dawa’ in the Himalyan Buddhist tradition. In Tibetan astrology Saka means ‘Star’ and ‘Dawa’ means Moon, ’Star Moon’. _/\_ Saka Dawa is the most important sacred day of the Buddhist Calendar; today is therefore optimum to engage in virtuous activities and spiritual practice. Karma is further multiplied x 100billion
Whenever the Full Moon is in fiery Sagittarius – as it is at 8°10’ Sagittarius, Tuesday 29th May @14:19, adventure inspires and exploration beckons. Travel is therefore nicely starred. With a Full Moon in Sagittarius opposite the Gemini Sun, the quest is one of enquiry directed inwards to discover how ideas stir and stimulate the breadth and depth of the world of feeling and emotion – and all the wonder that beholds within. While it is always helpful to cultivate the Sagittarian open mind that keeps worries and woes at bay, it’s also good to remember how the Sagittarian centaur is also half-man, half-horse, meaning the top half of the centaur represents the human brain, while the bottom half symbolises animal instincts.

While the Moon traverses the sign of the Centaur, those already with a predilection for passionate escapade can spend hours trying to unite brains and beauty with the drives of the internal beast, using prized intellect to overcome, integrate, and make sense of animalistic longing. Sagittarius is actually a mythical four-legged archer with horse-power for stamina and the ability to be extremely lucky. The Centaur is a skilled rider on the move, at one with his steed, armed with a bow and arrow.

Whenever you see Asian Oriental deities holding a bow and arrow, particularly Buddhist deities, it is the bow that is usually held in the left ‘wisdom’ hand, while the arrow is held in the ‘method-of-compassion’ right hand. This hand pairing of wisdom and compassion therefore propels one towards a life using ‘skilful means’ from an ethical point of view. From the astrological point of view the bow and arrow symbolises the high-flying analytical mind, with grand ideas aiming beyond the stratosphere.

It’s clear a free-roaming and spontaneous Centaur requires the freedom and free-will and independence to explore humanity’s higher ideals through theories and beliefs. No one ever got enlightened through concepts, but to celebrate academic and abstract ideas that revere the human connection with the natural world, gives life greater spiritual meaning.

So the temptation is to now saddle-up while the Moon is in the sign of the Centaur, leave troubles behind without a care in the world and gallop off into the far-horizon: casual, relaxed and brave. With a spacious mind, the Moon in Sagittarius will also focus upon those feelings which inspire confidence. When searching for answers – and the truth, the Moon Sagittarius will experience different cultures, different philosophies and even different gods, all the while adapting vessels into which one can pour faith, hope and charity. Anything foreign appeals to the Moon in Sagittarius: the more exotic and bizarre, the more it fascinates. A fiery Sagittarius Moon literally hungers for veracity and the freedom to spiritually grow.

During the Sagittarian Full Moon it’s the wise, however, who accepts inspiration and divinity are already within – aware that looking outside for enlightened intelligence to magically come and solve all life problems is unrealistic and only offers false expectation. That said; this Sagittarian Full Moon opposite the Gemini Sun culminates less than two degrees away from Fixed Star, Antares, indicating success and power comes from a discerning kind of insight. Be aware this placement also comes with a celestial warning. The Royal Star Antares demands focus and concentration for clarity to manifest. It also stresses how important it is not to become swamped in drama or crisis, as that could stymie you in your tracks. Take note: a few hours immediately following culmination, the Moon conjuncts a bright red star, Antares, offering a conceivable Eureka moment, when brilliance is also matched in the heavens.   

In point of fact, the horoscope for this May Full Moon of the Earth Dog has many amazing planetary patterns, such as two ‘Grand Trines’ and a ‘Finger of God’, that make this one of the more astrologically intricate charts of the year, like a diamond sparkling with many facets, each with their own heavenly hue.  
So much so, the potential for falling for glamour and getting lost in shimmy and sparkle – even in a fun, frivolous way, can lose sight of the bigger picture. So with this most fiery Full Moon watch out for getting burnt by the metaphoric hot sauce, or should that be ‘hot source’ ;) !

Astrological highlights & the Full Moon’s various facets and aspects:

    1) Jupiter is the planet which rules this fiery Sagittarian Moon. Jupiter leads the planets in a ‘Locomotive’ shaped astral map of this Full Moon. Generous Jupiter is the also a spiritual master that provides the correct view – even going backwards. Now retrograde motion in Scorpio, Jupiter is currently revisiting issues to do with trust, control and power. But interestingly, and maybe because Jupiter is also the planet of hope, Jupiter is now conjunct a fixed star called Zuben Elgenubi – a star portending positive social reform. This influence will stay for the next few months – until the end of August. We put faith into this astral Full Moon aspiration. 

    2 )   When we include sextiles thrown from both the 8° Sun and Moon Gemini and Sagittarius to the Leo-Aquarius Lunar Nodes (North & South), we see a ‘Mystic Rectangle’ = Practical magic with creative inclusivity.   

      3) TWO GRAND TRINES!!! = an almost Merkaba, double tetrahedron, with the two Grand Trines being Fire & Water. Yin water AND fire yang.  …Things might get steamy! 

The dynamics of a fiery Full Moon Grand Fire trine include the self-directed, destiny-fulfilling Leo North Node; stabilised trine again by Shamanic Shapeshifter, Chiron – the asteroid recently moved into self-orientated Aries. Chiron is currently conjunct fixed star Mirach, indicating a harmonious self-healing. Take note: this is a quick fleeting association, only lasting until the Moon is full.  

The Grand Water Trine is currently dominant and longer lasting, shifting in and out of intensity until the July Full Moon. Currently involving Love Goddess Venus, in homebody Cancer; with expansive Jupiter in intense Scorpio; and oceanic Neptune in Pisces: all bound together spiralling in a triangular wave of emotion in fluid motion. A Grand Water Trine reveals spiritual and karmic mysteries, as well as how people are easily influenced. Over the next eight weeks, the heavens will continue to grace us with this currently tight triangle formation. 

Jupiter in Scorpio, plus Neptune in Pisces, encourages us to be in our flow. Whether cash, love or ideas, being in one’s flow also means keeping an open mind and making changes when necessary. Being in your flow also means that if there’s a block, you innately sense ways to go around it; similarly, if there’s a hole, know there’s a way to go through it, even if that requires planning and patience. And if something is not clear, remember there are ways to clarify – and giving yourself space is one of the easiest ways to do so.. 

Its worth mentioning that the trine from Jupiter in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces is perhaps one of the most favourable aspects of 2018, as it grows the ability to touch base with the psyche and subconscious, with lucid dream for instance, or at least present the potential for an awareness of the dream and the dream-body – and the ultimate reminder that all life is an illusion.  The dates of influence are Dec 3rd 2017 -> May 25th August 19th 2018.
   4)  Mutable T-Square = Hard and challenging changes present an opportunity for the mutable signs LOVE WISDOM to emanate.
Moon in Sagittarius =  ‘I KNOW’ the vastness of the soul
Sun in Gemini = ‘I THINK’ with the alacrity of Spirit
Neptune in Pisces = ‘I BELIEVE’ in the magic of the dream, and the compassion of the human Spirit.

5) A karmic ‘Yod’ aka ‘the Finger of God’ or ‘Finger of Fate’ with the Gemini Sun sextile the future-beckoning North Node, in creative Leo; with both NN & Sun honing 150 °to karmic Saturn, to pin point the pressure for future karmic responsibility. 

Lastly, I wanted to note Mars retrograde for the coming months, and the square it now makes in this chart with Uranus. As Mars is a warrior planet it’s good to be aware that we have already had this year a slew of really difficult Mars aspects, rattling potential danger, most recently from past (collective, fanatical and weird) disputes – perceived or real. How we handle Mars, in often quickly developing moments is key to the heart at peace, especially among our mates and kindred spirits. This year we have already witnessed a couple of really challenging planetary connections including Mars; in chronological order: starting with martial Mars conjunct karmic Saturn (2nd April) ; followed by the intensely combative Mars conjunct transformational Pluto (26th April); and from now, and throughout the Summer, Mars conjuncts the karmic what-you-bring-from-past-lives, South Node, in Aquarius, also making a harmonious ‘sextile’ to the Sagittarian Full Moon, and a boon-giving ‘Trine’ to brilliant Gemini Sun. This is not necessarily an easy aspect, however, and over the years I have witnessed attacks from restless ruffians during this aspect. So please take good care. In the ‘highest sense, for Mars in Aquairus the challenge is to be actively altruistic; at its most base watch-out for nutcases with old grudge matches . Also, seeing as Aquarius rules technology, there could also be a wave of cyber-attacks (as has happened to beloved C*I*A facebook page getting hacked and hijacked). We would really like the page back in Agent 12’s control – asap!

This is Astro Dakini, signing off for another lunation... 

“Whoever has done harmful actions but later covers them up with good is like the moon which, freed from clouds, lights up the world.”  Gautama Buddha
With thanks for Image of Avaloketisvara to Himalyan Art Resources

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Uranus in Taurus ~ Earth Magic

☼ ☾  ♅ ~> The New Moon @ 11:47UT in Taurus on 15th May was  no regular New Moon, but one that only happens every 84 years, as it also heralds the entrance of the ‘The Great Awakener’, Uranus, into Taurus. The wildly unpredictable Uranus has an 84 year cycle, and was last in no-nonsense Taurus in 1935. Taurus is the lush fertile sign that pushes up from the earth, growing food and flowers, stability and security, beauty and bounty. Uranus here brings changes to our awareness of the physical world, from our homes and gardens to the fields and forests, and even to our actual body’s biological energy field.

☆ ♅ ☆ Over the next seven years, earthy Taurus will be highly charged by electrical and experimental Uranus. This will be a period of realistic innovation. We can, however, expect to see quantum leaps towards alternatives in agriculture, finances, and medical plants. Uranus in Taurus brings to light ‘Earth Magic’; as a zappy planet manifesting a buzzy seven year astrological signature for peer-groups and teams that inspire interconnections. As Uranus now moves from self-orientated Aries we leave behind the up-front ‘selfie’ society, to discover changes within the realms of Taurean self-worth, and all that we cherish, be it love, things, ideas or perhaps more importantly, nature and connection with our environment.

☆ ♅ ☆ From an esoteric spiritual point-of-view, Uranus raises the altruistic intention, wanting to make the world a better place for all beings. And as with all slow-moving, generational planets, Uranus will take a while to really take hoof-hold in the sign of the Bull. This planet of dramatic change (that can be extremely disruptive when negatively expressed) dips back into Aries when retrograde from Nov 7th 2018 –> March 6th 2019, from when Uranus will stay in Taurus until April 2026. During these coming years we have the planets on side to embody radical change to our current value systems. With the innate healing and nurturing power of Mother Earth, in all her glorious abundance and ability to adapt and change, we will also consolidate our connection to kindred spirits. ☆ πŸ™ ☆

This New Moon is also the start of the month of Saka Dawa, which culminates on 29th May celebrating the life, enlightenment and paranirvana of the historical Lord Buddha, Gothama Shaykyamuni. ☆ πŸ™ ☆

Thanks to unknown artist for Ascended Earth Flower-of-life  πŸ™ 

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Full Pink Scorpio Moon ~> April 2018

Full Moon 9°38’ Scorpio ~ April 29th-30th 2018
“If you desire a glorious future, transform the present”
~ Patanjali ~ (2nd century Indian Yogi)

Venerated as Vesek in some countries (honouring ‘Buddha’’s life day; the Full Moon Poya for specifically wishing Buddha’s blessings for friends and readers in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Mayanmar), most other parts of Asia and Himalayas will be revering the Buddha’s accomplishment May 29th, the next Full Moon, making merit and offerings.  So this current Pink Scorpio lunation, which culminates 29th-30th April (depending upon time zone), leads into the waning cycle that takes one into the month long celebration of SakaDawa – Wesek, and Lord Buddha’s enlightenment, starting 15th May with an New Taurus Moon.

Luna is currently reflecting the light of the realistic Taurean Sun, events and situations surrounding this Sunday night’s Full Scorpio Moon have the potential to become like a celestial mirror, like the Guru teachings revealing a great deal about ourselves – and all our wants and desires, especially in relation to others – and the drama that entails. Whether we are dealing with career, home or kids, looks or lifestyle or hours on the cushion, certain things may seem rock solid when seeking stability such as money, bricks and mortar, but how wisely we share the parts of life we truly value will also show how much we understand the material world is only relative when it comes to life’s greater prize, that of fulfilling and close, trusted relations.  

When all is said and done, it’s the depth and veracity of feelings and thoughts created between and with our most important relationships that echo and enhance our soul’s quest. Such deep emotions also urge one to constantly reform and redefine and reinvent in this fast-moving world. Many of us need also all the help we can get to keep-up with the pace of changes to stay informed, especially when the Full Moon is in transformational Scorpio, fashioning mystery and allure.

Desire Transmutes into the Aspiration to Share ~>
The Moon is in her detriment in the black clawed sign with a scimitar sting. Releasing the old and outworn – even with a tinge of sadness – is almost mandatory, in order to be reborn and step out into the light. Of course, to ride the continual waves that take corkscrew twists and turns, one needs personal stamina and strength, as well as invested input from others.
In actuality our interconnections are also an easy indication of how we are personally vibrating, low or high, at any given moment. If we’re stressed or grumpy, for instance, we rarely meet sunshine and roses. Similarly, when we greet the world with a smile and a positive outlook, our resulting interactions are generally joyful. The good news is that while this intense Full Moon climaxes at 10° Scorpio (rounding up) on Monday 30th April, @00:56 UT (Sunday night 29th in the US), a growing sense of optimism emerges alongside, due mainly to the Moon’s conjunction with the ever-hopeful, always generous Jupiter, giving Scorpio’s born around the 5th-17th November an extra boost of confidence and luck.

Instead of a Full Moon leaving one exhausted by the wayside in its wake, this one may actually energise a few days into the waning part of the Moon cycle, if not physically then certainly philosophically, freeing one up to make some kind of personal revamp by May 5th. Although the planets advise that we watch expectations with the risk-taking but retrograde Jupiter (until 11th July) going over old but shared ground. Be aware that because the Lights also aspect Neptune (with fixed star ‘Aschenar’), certain dreams can currently dissipate as quickly as they arrive (Early March babies could resonate with bubbles that captivate before bursting, only for another seductive bubble to come along and hook, charm and pop (all of which is part of the grand celestial plan to connect one to God, Goddess, and all that is.)).

In the run-up to this lunation’s culmination, both Sun and Moon also form helpful aspects to pragmatic Saturn, making the tangible seemingly more viable. Although, Saturn is currently retrograde and conjunct Fixed Star, Facies: one needs to fix sight upon the target, to harness the power of the moment to focus and concentrate upon exactly what it is that we wish to commit to, recognising that long-term projects started now may take until December to complete.

Fixation – Fixity – Fix – Fixed 

Indeed there is a great deal of ‘fixed-ness’ in this Full Moon chart, where ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, already in Fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio, form a tight square to the shadowy Moon’s Nodes, which are currently in fellow fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius. Constellating all soul’s elements, a ‘Cross’ formation has four celestial markers, ninety degrees apart to form a large square that dominates the chart; and this particular case it also means the Lights are coming to perfect a position known as being ‘at the bends’, i.e. when a planet squares the karmically connected alignment of the Lunar Nodes, North and South (Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail, the unseen portals Rahu and Ketu respectively). In this configuration, learning from past collective issues is crucial to remaining true to one’s ethics and principles.  

When ‘The Lights’ are at fixed ‘The Bends’ we reach a crossroad: decisions are to be made – with this particular ‘Fixed’ crossing representing the sacrifices we make in order to create a better world for others (with our creative input essential).  Admittedly it’s not the easiest of celestial formations, as it also implies that in order to move on one needs to have an element of spiritual intuition, if only for a fleeting instant, but have it we must, if we are to evolve harmonious karma.  Its like we have to have a place to be fixed from, in order to next move .

In esoteric astrology it is the ‘Fixed Cross’ only (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) that can directly transmit the ‘energies’ of the other planets in the solar system. Thus is might be take a leaf out of Jupiter’s sacred book: be hopeful about all the positive aspects the Sun and Moon make to expansive Jupiter, responsible Saturn and compassionate Neptune, that they can and will enhance humanity’s spiritual awareness, as well as one’s personal commitment to remain facing the light, in the light, as the light, expressly at shadowy moments when desire nature is seriously tested.

…“Desire creates tremendous energy -
It is precisely because our present life is so inseparably linked with desire that we must make use of desire’s tremendous energy if we wish to transform our life into something transcendental.” ~  Lama Thubten Yeshe

A Fixed Cross stimulates the heart of the life-giving Sun; in desirous and sensuous Taurus it accents the human soul’s connection to Earth, to the body and the divine ego. To treat one’s body as a temple, even when the Moon is in detriment in Scorpio, is a means to activate intuition and the awareness of self in relation to others. 

The Fixed Cross concentrates the individual focus to elevate self-consciousness (Leo), to that of becoming a world server (Aquarius). In other words, Taurean desire transmutes into Scorpio’s aspiration to share; while Leo selfishness converts into Aquarian selflessness.
I realise such lofty ideals could be considered challenging at a time when it might seem its’ just lil’ ol’ you, as an individual spiritual warrior who intentionally raises the cosmic love vibration; but each and every act of kindness counts towards a collective critical mass. It’s helpful to recognise and acknowledge that a friendly Ketu, the Aquarian South Node is presently at work, suggesting we recall major historical periods when the human race was socially minded and visionary, caring and creating workable systems for education, welfare and interconnection – because this is where we are currently and collectively ‘coming from’: i.e. just as fascism and totalitarianism are in our history, so too is philanthropic, consciousness raising, group consciousness. Mark ‘Winter Solstice 2020’ onto your calendar: human goodness is destined to become fashionable again for a more global show of Aquarian altruism.

Just how we are going to fulfil our destiny today, however, is by taking care of one self (and each other). Also in this Fixed Cross formation is the Earth Mother, Ceres. Though Ceres was only promoted to a dwarf planet in 2006, many astrologers have been working with ‘asteroids’ (her previous incarnation) for decades, balancing the feminine with the masculine in the horoscope. Ceres is the largest of the asteroids, also called Demeter, and is probably the most complex as her charge is about growing – and grieving. Interestingly, the Earth Mother Ceres has been with the current North Node since this January’s Blue Blood lunar Eclipse, accenting a fair few months of tending and nurturing, all of which is again coming to a head. Be it the land, children, or even our own selves, pet projects or wounds, Ceres is now calling, together with Lion-Dragon’s Head, telling us there’s a time and a place for everything, with changes from winter to summer or vice versa, from new shoots to full bloom, from falling leaves to rest before rejuvenation – and that we are presently at that point when the Cosmic Wheel turns at the Fixed Cross Solar Fire Festival. 

Ultimately, NOW is the time to invest in self-care and bravely hold up Moon’s mirror and honestly love what we see: not in a destructive, narcissistic, greedy or self-cherishing, grasping kind of way, but gently, with self-acceptance, self-love, and a powerful self-esteem that eliminates self-deception to clarify the heartmind. Then the individual’s soul can freely merge into a humanitarian collective awareness with ease and confidence and the will-to-good.

With that I wish you all a very happy Pink Scorpio Moon!
β„’β„΄Ρ΅β„― & light from Astro Agent Dakini _/✿\_ 
& Thanks to unknown thangka painter for Bodhisattva on the Moon disc, found at Buddha Weekly.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

2nd Blue Moon 2018 Sat 31st March

~ Patience is the Mark of True Love ~
~ Thich Nat Hahn~
The timing of this Full Moon closest to the Spring/Autumn Equinox (depending upon which hemisphere you are) with Universal Time, @10°44 Libra, 12:36UT Saturday 31st March, means this Full ‘Peace & Love’ Libra Moon becomes a rare second Blue Moon of the year. To have two Blue Moons in the same year is exceptional, in as much as a Blue Moon usually occurs every 2-3 years. With two Full Moon’s in January and again two in March, it appears the year of the Earth Dog is shaping up to be rather unusual.

A Blue Moon officially happens when there are two Full Moons in a calendar month, making four Full Moons in a Season - instead of the usual three. From the astronomical point of view, the last time we had two Blue Moons was 1999, the next is 2037 (whereas the next blue moon is October 2020). Looking back further in my ephemeris I discovered 1980 and 99 – were also the double Jan March/April 1st double Moons, extending the season: so this is actually a uniquely recurring two sets of Moon pattern, which takes place every 19-years. It also happens when Spirit Sun passes through the last three Universal signs of the zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces – and lastly into Aires, the first sign of zodiac (where we are now), with the glorious Light of Life, the Sun, exalted in Aries – which is the best possible place for Sol to be, due to its warm, life-affirming properties.

To put this cycle into perspective, and at the risk of overloading astro-info plus a little history, a 19-year cycle consisting of 235 Moons is known astronomically as the ‘Metonic Cycle’. It includes years when there are thirteen Full Moons (as opposed to 12 in a Solar year), which makes this an equalising cycle for the Solar male and Lunar female as they course the heavens, only to return back to the same spot they were 19 years ago. Up until 46BC, the ancient Greeks even used this measurement for their calendars - when Sun and Moon revist the exact same position, so the the cycles of Sol and Luna effectively complete their celestial journey together, to start again anew in Aries.  The theme of renewal is so very Easter as for the Christians, Christ is risen! ;) 

Numerologists also consider the number 19 to have karmic implications: 1 represents beginnings; and 9 with endings. Together 1 and 9 unify beginning and end and the never-ending circle. 1+9 also equal 10, which then becomes 1 = a self-starter, a confident person who can operate alone in Oneness, who understands natures longer rhythms. 

Anyone can use this repeating 19-year measurement for personal evaluation, even from your own birthday. For instance now, if you are either 76’s years old, 57, 38, or 19 or 95, and have a birthday towards the end of January (note in ’99 there was also an eclipse to contend with), you might hear destiny calling through what appears to be celestial pattern of bringing about conclusions before commencing something new. The current astrological advice is also based upon other planets in this 2nd Blue Moon chart, i.e. from Saturn and Mars, to heed the call, but heed it with caution, patience and wisdom.

This dynamic Aries Sun shining upon a complementary Libra Full Moon, on the eve of an April 1st Easter, also marks the ‘Crow Moon’ and a ‘Moon of Winds’; so true: a cold wind is enough could turn one blue (At the time of writing, parts of Great Britain have snow forecast for Easter weekend!). The Element of Wind is also strongly associated with the Moon in the sign of the scales in both of Earth’s hemispheres, due to intellectual Libra being a Cardinal Air sign. Wind whips-up ideas and projects to pick-up speed, as well as bring sharp-edged clarity to fuzzy minds. Wind can also twitch a lot of people out; seek shelter if you need to. Shooting the breeze with loved ones under the beams of a romantic Libra Full Moon could be fulfilling in more ways than the obvious closeness: two heads together could swiftly assess to overcome obstacles and assuage any nerves. In the North, Wind is also spring’s element, accenting the need to detox winter sludge and become much more active.  With the Libra Moon’s ruler, Venus, now in her fellow home sign of foodie-loving Taurus, gourmands might easily see fit to postpone that all-important change in diet and lifestyle until mid-April, but when Venus opposes Jupiter on the 17th, any overindulgence could be another way of saying ‘fat chance’, and once again there may be a need to postpone until later in April when the night star Venus moves into Gemini and life and love get really buzzy.  (Good to have a goal!). 

With a mighty strong ‘T ’ square dominating this Full Moon chart, the heavy-duty squares from Mars and Saturn to the Sun/Mercury opposite the Moon are currently making it feel as though events-situations-people are intermittently speeding then slowing right down. It could also feel so slow sometimes like we are wading knee-high through mud (Have you ever had a welly/galosh stuck into the earth?). 

According to present astral activity, quite apart from the Full Moon, two serious aspects indicate the need to take time implementing new ideas, projects or contracts, and even with established works there is a need to determine the wisest way forward so the turgid, pompous and dull are dealt with fairly, but squarely
1)    First to consider within the ‘T’ Square is how the initiating, self-motivating, but retrograde Aries Mercury conjuncts the exalted ‘Risen’ Sun exactly on Easter Sunday. With the heavenly messenger in reverse motion until the end of this lunation, only stationing to go forward at the Dark Moon, April 15st, one has to constantly be on the ball, open and receptive and in perfect equanimity. Even so, when a new lunation starts April 16th, it may pay to restrain passing verdict about certain situations, holding back until at least the 25th April, when most - if not all - hurdles and hitches are known, if not entirely overcome. 

This Full Moon is most certainly a time to re-do, re-form and re-structure. Those in competition, or dealing with authority or important paper work, could come up against several brick walls before finding a key, or even the door to a way in to the place/thing/idea/action that actually needs working upon. Whatever is going on in your life, be aware perseverance is called for with extra sticky moments around this Full Moon, particularly in the sphere of communication where patience gives the greatest hope, and love the most powerful protection.

2)    Secondly, fiery Mars, the Aries ruler, is currently conjunct earthy task-master Saturn, the planet in which Libra is exalted. Make no mistake: this is a mighty combo, as marshal Mars, exalted in masterful Capricorn, combines forces with a karmic Saturn that is also bolstered by being in his home sign of the Sea Goat. Together Mars and Saturn in Capricorn can devise and perform with chess-like precision military adventure as well as big business, with the aim of protecting tradition and building great and lasting monuments to the pinnacle of empire. But to confirm authority and power, this combination can also take enormous risks and be carelessly ruthless and victimise the less able. From the other, weaker side, any (accidental) blindness towards sentient beings is not a pretty sight. When the hard-working, sombre and serious Capricorn Mars and Saturn unite, respectively the lesser and greater malefic, the bullies and fear mongers come out in force. Yet these are the very people who often secretly yearn to be nurtured,  held, and loved, and be told everything is going to be all right – but, hey, not too close now… ;) 

However we perceive the somewhat judgemental Mars and Saturn, and the thankfully soon-to-over, one-time-only perfected conjunction on April 2nd, it’s still a good time to also erect personal (emotional-psychological-psychic-physical) boundaries between that which tries to control through force, anger or manipulation. 

Mars with Saturn also addresses limits and limitations, within which the creative can form and perform veritable wonders. So while this aspect is great for diligently polishing the roughest diamond, or shaping and solidifying the more malleable, like clay into a fired pot, one must also be aware that if the mind stiffens ego cannot transform or learn from challenging or difficult experiences. 

While you have been forewarned to the potential severity of the often fiery and karmic Mars-Saturn conjunction, there’s more to consider:  but as always how we react and co-create with universe can provide peace and stability. To continue with Mars and Saturn: because while Mars will soon whizz off to spend an inordinately long time in altruistic Aquarius, Saturn is slowing down. And just after the New Moon which closes this lunation, April 18th to be precise, the karmic taskmaster will grind to a halt to retrograde on exactly the same day unpredictable Uranus conjoins the exalted Aries Sun for the last time in 84 years, highlighting and rewarding heroic individuals.  Students and clients reading this might remember that I use extra wide orbs only for both Sun and Moon, and consider the unpredictable and sometimes delightfully chaotic, free-range influence of Uranus upon this ‘Blue Crow Wind Moon’ still with strong effect.   

A penultimate Moon observation for this Full Moon report is how the Libra Moon leads all the planets around this moment in time in what is known as a locomotive formation, indicating how emotions need to be brought into balance in order to direct others helpfully. And as the Libra Moon’s ruler the deeply feminine Venus, as previously mentioned is now at home in earthy Taurus, it signals a receptivity to harmony, peace, beauty and art -  as well as being open to fairness in all kinds of contracts and deals.  
The last point to note is how both Sun and Moon make helpful trines and sextiles to the North and South Nodes, to activate a mystic rectangle that will last a few hours, when caring selflessness unlocks the magic of the unseen, through incredibly practical organisational skills.  Nice!

Thanks to unknown photographer for pretty blue leaf-pink lotus