Saturday, 4 November 2017

◯ Full Moon in Taurus ♉☍♏ Sun in Scorpio ☉

Heightened Psychic Senses in Everyday Situations

Full Moon in Taurus ♉☍♏ Sun in Scorpio

“That thing you call intuition? It’s your soul. You can trust it.” (anon)
•°* ◯☽ *°•.

From the astrological and elemental points of view the Taurus Full Moon on Saturday 4th November, @5:23UT, is Fixed Earth: tenacious, solid and strong. Please bear these simple but practical qualities in mind, because setting the astrological tone and holding sway over of this exalted Moon, in the sign of the earthy Bull, is the intense and complex, dramatic Scorpio Sun, as ‘Fixed Water’. Thus the powerful and intuitive water sign Scorpio now benefits from the stable Taurean influence, as Earth and Water can be extremely fertile: anchored in mud’s murky depths (Scorpio) the beautiful lotus can surely grow and flourish (Taurus). Earth also provides a container for Water’s acute sensitivity.

The robust Taurus tends towards a laid-back simple life, one that provides sufficient cuddles, finances, and food in the kitchen. A fine French wine may be a Bulls prized possession; whereas Scorpio can seduce and share said vintage and transport both parties to discover previously hidden depths of the psyche. Scorpio may be shadowy and mysterious, but the 8th sign of the zodiac is also profound and perceptive, with an inexhaustible, deep well of concealed resources. This passionate sign of intimacy, secrets, shared assets and penetrative insights, doesn’t give up his or her secrets – or the Cabernet Sauvignon so easily: unless you are dealing with a the higher-minded Scorpionic clairvoyant, the one with x-ray vision who works an inner-wisdom that does not suffer fools too long, one generally needs to earn Scorpio’s trust.

Scorpio tends to wield the enigmatic with provocative control and a sexy sixth-sense precision to maintain a power base that brims with magical potential. And there is great astral news for Scorpio (and Taurus –and possibly other fixed signs Leo & Aquarius) to bring that potential into reality, as this is the only Full Moon in the Fire Bird year in which the Spirit of the Sun conjoins beneficent Jupiter, only recently moved into magnetic Scorpio. The celestial courier, Mercury, is also in Scorpio, albeit in late degrees, honing an eagle eye that could help one to seek and seize opportunities for growth and success, by concentrating the mind with Taurean determination and Scorpionic intensity.

Apart from the extreme nature of Scorpio accenting life, death and rebirth (easy on that red wine now, please), it is the starry blend of Sun and Jupiter when good things are cosmically bound to happen. Some might call it ‘luck’, but the Sun-Jupiter is a most astrologically preferred combination that nearly always represents good fortune and excellent timing. And, if whatever ‘it’ is that you have in mind when reading this comes into being, then give thanks; if not, Jupiter’s influence means it will be easy to be philosophical, keep spirits up, and move on: such is the nature of the sparkling duo, Sun-Jupiter. Incidentally, while this is the Full Moon exuding the most Jupitarian optimism, the exact hit of the glorious Sun-Jupiter Jupiter has actually already passed, since 26th October, with the waxing first quarter Moon, a traditional time of action; so some of you may already have experienced a boost to your system in one form or another (check your scope for 1-6°Scorpio to see how, what and where), which could have already been shared with the close and trusted, so that celebratory bottle may already be recycled. Events may still seem slightly exaggerated. In any event the Sun radiating with expansive, happy-go-lucky Jupiter gives a definite sense of hope, and situations surrounding this Full Moon could actually shed more than a little happiness – at the very least this Full Moon should show there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Most people want to better themselves and going up a notch, in status or self-esteem, is common whenever the radiant Sun is with generous Jupiter as is taking risks due to the belief that ones view is true. Indeed, the Full Moon in the sign of Taurus accents how much we value our self-worth. But we must also be careful not to become prisoners of our own desires. At the time of this Full Moon, the Scorpio Sun also aligns with two fixed stars: one is Alphecca in ‘Corona Borealis’ which suggests a crown is given – a reward or prize for being in the right place at the right time. But such nobility and dignity come not without a price. There is no such thing as a free lunch, it would seem – even when the Full Moon is in the sign of foodie-loving Taurus. As the Sun is also with a minor fixed star, Acrux, it implies that along with any rise, award, or bonus given right now, one must be realistic about what one can achieve purely through luck or love, charm or good looks, and be prepared to work at going through whatever life presents, good or bad. That said, while Acrux may present a cross to carry, the ancients saw the brighter star, Alphecca, as a precious jewel in a garland worn with honour and artistic ability, so much so that scandals that arise now may not even affect the subject’s status or standing.
This Full Taurus Moon is also exalted, meaning it is in the best possible sign to experience the stability and security found with the easily attainable: good food, happy company and pleasant surroundings can provide ample comfort and joy over this Full Moon weekend, as well as a time and place for planning one’s next success. Because this Full Moon also has the backing of arch-tactician, asteroid Pallas Athena – at the degree of the Moon’s exaltation, plotting future moves around the dining table may well be the making of something a lot more solid.

Both ‘Lights’, Sun and Moon, also make helpful aspects to outer planets, Neptune and Pluto, accenting transformative connections to our soul groups, as well as the legacy each generation leaves behind for those to come. Neptune in Pisces takes us into the oceanic realms of illusion and delusion, emptiness and bliss, compassion and charitable institutions (so that if anyone has one glass too many under full moonbeams, it will be easy to forgive if not forget). Pluto is Scorpio’s hard-hitting modern ruler who never overlooks anything, however; and Mars is Scorpio’s traditional ruler; so it’s good to note how Mars is now in his fall in Libra, and as such is on rear guard, softening negotiation but still driving the Full Moon horoscope’s locomotive formation with sweetly pushy and beguiling. It might also be worth noting here that in three decades of astrological study I have come to the conclusion that Pluto dominates those Scorpios who live and work for others (through altruism, diviners, and trauma professions: surgeons, psychology, undertakers, solicitors, detectives, police, chemists, researchers; miners, business people, architects, chimney sweeps and sewer workers also fall into Scorpio professions), while Mars generally has ambitions to be heroic with (someone else’s) cause to fight (soldiers, stock market, lawyers).
Plutonic Scorpios are also acutely aware of the dark side; they inherently know that personal power corrupts but the non-ego-bound energy sustains. Battles waged can also be against Scorpios own demons. But one thing is certain during this Full Moon: it is the powerful planet Pluto which makes the most promising contacts to Sun and Moon, meaning we all get to play a part in a dramatic transformation that leads, eventually, to an all-or-nothing regeneration: in this we can think of own our part in holding course to maintain healthy water, for example (drink fresh, blessed and pure), and know that what we do now impacts upon at least seven generations to come.

Psychic sensitivity is also heightened by any planet in Scorpio. And with Jupiter’s move into (tropical) Scorpio we can all expand more easily in this area over the coming year (until November 2018) should we want to touch base with intuition, or subtle body bio-energy, this is the year to do so. Scorpionic issues such as transforming our position on death, sex, taxes, will also be brought into our attention; sometimes by first being dragged through the mud before reaching the light.

Those looking for answers, clues or messages from the unseen, as in the dream-world or intuition, won’t be disappointed. Though the message itself might seem rather cut and dried, mundane and plain, without any ‘spiritual’ frills, but still one should take note, as these are very insights that hone the way the mind perceives the world of the unseen and the subtle body energies. Some messages will have all-singing all-dancing bells ringing to awaken sky dancers into action. But mostly, over this Moon, intuition could seem rather prosaic.

Looking ahead, beyond the encouraging New Scorpio Moon 18th November, to the December 3rd Full Sagittarian SuperMoon, when Jupiter makes a Trine (120°) to Neptune. The Full Moon after this is almost celestially designed, if not on the path already, to open your heartmind to daily spiritual practice, whatever that may be: meditation, yoga, dance, music, prayer, mindfulness, all can deepen naturally. With Jupiter in good aspect to oceanic Neptune there will be no need to push, but to restez-zen in one’s flow. So that by January 2018, when the Fixed water Scorpio Jupiter harmonises with the Earthy Capricorn Pluto, through a sextile (60°), a personal transformation will almost certainly be felt. Pluto in Capricorn is only still half way through its passage of the majestic and formal Capricorn, so is still to fully renovate traditional but outworn authoritarian structures (with Pluto Cap connections) by 2025.

For now the challenge for the Scorpionic Jupiter’s Fixed Water is not to languish in darkness, grappling with good or evil, but to transform such polarity from deep within. Fixed water Scorpio has the ability to overcome the poison of ignorance and desire by slaying the internal nine-headed hydra through complete self-trust, psychological insight and an unbreakable will. Sifting through all the dross that comes to surface in difficult times is Scorpio’s task. Scorpio gets down, deep and dirty into the heart of any vortex, even into the cellular level of our body, with subtle body awareness that has the power to transmute and be reborn.

On an elemental note, Water is a living structure that gets depressed when polluted. It’s the same with us; the more polluted our water the more likely we are to be low energy. Each minute cell of water is like a pane of information that ‘holds’ vibration and resonance within the ‘shape’ of its structure. Recognising that most living beings are also made of 70% water, we now know it is not the constitution of water, H2O, which is important, but the structure water creates as it weaves and waves and changes in flow, spin and vibration. Each drop of water within and without can be also purified in many ways by going through a change in structure, from gas to liquid, for instance, or solid to liquid, as well as by the power of intent, thought, mantra and word. One drop of water is actually a treasure to cherish, a potentially beautifully-charged hexagonal star shaped celebration of life, in love, with thanks (as per late water Guru Masaru Emoto).

With Cosmic Life-Coach Jupiter in Scorpio for most of 2018, ‘Fixed Water’ will provide celestial keys for conscious personal growth and collective regeneration. As the winds of change alter directions and currents, the water within the heart wells of purified loved will transform.

And while this is the Full Moon I would usually advise to look out for obsession, jealousy, hidden desires, certain fascinations have now naturally reached a point of sudden change, especially those desires appertaining to relationship and finances, beauty and bravery. Go easy now. Particular associated might find such change disruptive. Be aware the Venus opposition Uranus, freedom-closeness dilemma is rearing its head, for relationships with loved ones as well as peer groups could make everyone now question the freedom to be one self. Thus, events around this Full Moon could reverberate until Easter 2018, when Venus and Uranus come together again.

Closing this longer than usual Full Moon report from the Halloween Full Moon illuminating our collective and personal resources, as each of Earth’s hemispheres now begin to circle towards the Wheel-Turning Solstice Yule, when we will be welcoming of ‘Time Lord’ Saturn into his very own Capricorn domain(to join Pluto 2020): a very interesting evolutionary time indeed!

Before that, however, Buddhists will be celebrating Lhabab Duchen, and Buddha's descent from the Realm of the 33, November 10th, at the last quarter moon πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ’¦

Sending LOVE on the moonbeams and thanks for Buddha Nature image πŸ™πŸ’š

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A Brave New Soul with the Disarming Charm ~> Full Aries Moon Oct 4 '17

“Listen to your anger, but don’t let it control you. Life is too short for that!” (12th Gyalwang Drukpa)
5 October 2017 ~ Sun in Libra ~ Full Moon 12°42’ Aries @ 18:40UT 
☾☼☽ This fiery Full Moon is in Aries, a most innovative sign of the zodiac that has a reputation for inspiring the brave and strong, steamy and hot headed: being swift to rise for cause, competition or challenge, but just as quick to come down and, if somewhat clumsily, carry on whatever he or she is doing regardless. Handling this emotionally independent rocking and rolling during Thursday-Friday’s Full Aries Moon is all well and good if you have speedy Aries or other fire signs (Leo or Sagittarius) prominent in your horoscope, as fire flashes back to centre at the speed of light – and out again, not before zapping opponents with the disarming charm then dashing off swiftly onto another life-illuminating, heroic adventure. 
☼ Other leading signs, such as Libra, Capricorn and Cancer, can take a lifetime of rumbling, seething or dithering before getting so fired-up. And in Libra’s current case, as the brilliant Sun in Libra is presently with the celestial messenger, Mercury, asking what everyone else thinks before making any major decisions might actually be worth something – a trick to maintaining successful relationships which we could all currently benefit from: to have information at one’s fingertips right now is actually a very good trait to have: because everyone needs to produce intelligent arguments to be taken seriously. More realistically, having what everyone needs to know at hand reveals a certain transparency that generates trust between people – which means people feel safer in negotiation – especially when the tendency with Mercury in Libra is to sit on the fence, seeing both sides, and still take time to decide. All the while Libra sweetens communication with pleasantries and curtesy. Decision making is never that easy for the sign of the scales, who insists upon weighing-up all options. Serenity seeking Libra knows, however, that true friendship is based on openness and TRUST; and keeping the peace often means achieving agreements in relationships where both or all parties benefit.
☼ Diplomatic Libra is a super-stylish Air sign that seeks harmony and balance in all spheres – and is especially cool and groovy in social situations; while Aries ignites the Fire element, inciting a spiritual warrior with a passion for the new into action. This combination of Air and Fire can also generate a lot of hot air. Something may well blow over this Full Moon. What, exactly? Well, volcanoes along the geophysical ‘Ring of Fire’ are already erupting – will that be enough to release any residual geophysical pressure (from the flares)? Or will there be more rumbling from a deep and demanding ‘T’ Square (Sun & Moon) to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld ? My understanding is that it’s good to err on the side of caution, even with an outward-bound high-energy Moon in Aries, go easy and seek help from professionals if needed. Bear in mind that while a heated Moon in Aries often has a short fuse, the smooth-talking Libra Sun can negotiate and pacify conflict with clever compromise and mediation. 
This Full Moon is also the closest to the year’s September Equinox, which is traditionally a time of abundance, in hope and/or nourishment (though Harvest came early. As seasons change, so do our needs. It’s been a lunation of storms and flare-ups. At Equinox we witnessed hurricanes, earthquakes and no less than seven dramatic Solar X-Flares – the likes of which had not been seen since 2010! When Sun’s flares are Earth directed, then Mama Earth also shakes, rattles and rolls – and so do we; though how everyone ‘senses’ the intense energy of the flares depends upon individual levels of sensitivity as well as his or her particular situation and actions. Yet with a magic number of 7 Solar X-flares (almost unheard of!), one for every day of a solar week and colours of the rainbow, has meant supersonic Solar Winds have been carrying Sol’s electromagnetically charged ‘Light of Intelligence’ towards Earth for the past few weeks. As brilliant and beautiful auroras around Earth’s poles continue to testify (through the Full Moon) making this a magical, highly-charged, colourful moment in time.
  Most noteworthy during this Full Moon is how both Venus and Mars in Virgo are now rosy morning stars, creating an innocent loving and healing union at the very same place the Sun occupied during its magnificent recent display of the X-flares. Sparks could again easily fly and kindle all kinds of ardour! Earthy Virgo Venus embraces an equally raunchy Mars, denoting an irresistible chemical attraction. So, at last, the ‘Cosmic Lovers’ come to meet again. These two planets haven’t been together for two years, since early November 2015, in these similar degrees of sensual, practical Virgo. Though Venus is astrologically considered to be in her 'fall' in Virgo, mixing wholesome meusili instead of magical Piscean mantra, she loves being of practical service. Together Venus and Mars are putting healthy pzazz back into love lives, albeit slightly a puritan version, with Virgo’s extra attentive punctilious eye for detail and desire to help, in the sense that many hands make light work. Again, check your own horoscope looking at 17-25 Virgo in regard to rolling up sleeves and getting on with the task in hand: putting the dynamic spark back into healing relationships (even if that relationship is with one’s ‘self’ i.e. within the areas of work or health). Perhaps an important relationship, project or diet regime began a couple of years ago, and could now do with an additional boost of warm, loving attention...  
Now what’s different to back then, however, is how both ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, are intrinsically and astrologically connected to the Lover’s sacred union taking place on the same day as the Full Moon. The Lights, along with Venus and Mars, illuminate healthy, respectful, relationships in which we enjoy closeness in peace and love, knowing freedom in love, with the freedom to love. Time now to invite Virgo practicality and mark time on the calendar to be with loved ones, especially if you have been working too hard or, for whatever reason, have avoided getting close to those you love, then this is the moment to redress the balance and cosy up to friends and loved ones. This need to be love is astrologically supported in many ways: because Venus is Libra’s ruler, and Mars is the Aries ruler; i.e. the planet that rules the Libra Sun, Venus, is opposite the planet that rules the Aries Moon, Mars. Thus, with all personal planets working together it creates a positive potential to attain healthy loving relationships – all we need to remember to that by serving others in a practical manner, we also serve the pure wisdom Goddess who resides in us all (yes, even guys have a smart feminine side).
October’s Full Moon also picks up the same 12-13 degree of the years’ major retrograde stations of both Venus AND Jupiter. Venus, Goddess of Love, went all the way back to retrieve what she had been lacking – self love - early March, at 12° Aries. Then early June, Jupiter stationed retrograde at 13° Libra to grow the love for others. Check those degrees out too, as the Full Aries Moon now spotlights the very same place where Venus became more assertive (early March), all the while the Libra Sun currently basks for a last time in Jupiter’s boons and blessings.

♃ ~> Be aware that bountiful Jupiter is also about to change signs; from Libra to Scorpio on October 10th until November 2018; not to be seen again in Libra until 2018. Instead of developing romantic love in relationship, Jupiter in Scorpio now begins to expand our understanding of more intimate and delicate subjects such as psychological insights, sex, death, and what devious people do to not pay their taxes. This shift of emphasis from social to secret, and possibly snug, will come into sharper focus upon during November’s Full Moon. But for now Libra’s romance and partnership, finance and business, fashion and beauty remain under Jupiter’s starry beams for a few days more.
Other aspects to take into account in this Full Moon chart:
1) A Cardinal ‘T’ Square between Libra Sun opposite (180°) Aries Moon both in square (90°) Capricorn Pluto, creating a tense kind of stand-off. Though I don’t think nuclear war is upon us – not right now, and I hope it never comes. I say that primarily because Venus is with Mars right now and diplomacy can work wonders, as Mars always needs to disarm when seduced by Venusian charms. Venus and Mars are also in a helpful Trine Aspect to the powerful but enigmatic Pluto: a show of diplomatic strength is called for to reach agreement in any kind of dispute with difficult, omnipotent characters. Pluto also recently stations to go forward when conjunct a Fixed Star ‘Rukbat’, indicating a path taken to evolve will be a sure and steady transformation. It’s a kind of corporate makeover that could take years to transpire.
2) A Mutable ‘T’ Square between the entwined Virgoan, Mars & Venus, opposite Shamanic Chiron in Pisces, all in T-Square to Saturn in Sagittarius: magically shape-shifting into various different forms until we find our ability to heal powerful but difficult emotions. Astral clue: this Mutable squares ramp up the universal LOVE-WISDOM for faith, love and commitment to work wonders when personally overcoming fear and envy.
3) At the time of the Full Moon, both Sun and Moon also make ‘adjustment’ aspects to Neptune, planet of miracles and magic, scapegoats and martyrs: the Aries Moon makes a short semi-sextile, while the Libra Sun throws a longer quincunx. Both aspects suggest that in order to make our relationships really zing, our spiritual understanding requires a little fine-tuning to find that being love is truly the Divine incarnate. Indeed, it may take until the New Moon in Libra October 19th to see how pure, unadulterated love shows we have the power to truly forgive and accept the past, at the same time be willing to open the heart to a dynamic and spiritually-fulfilling future – one where all beings get their needs met.
☼☽ One last note: because this is technically ‘Equinox Full Moon’, even though later than usual as we are already in October, it IS the Full Moon that will seem to start early and finish later than the usual three-day influence: this one shines above our heads for five-nights!
Enjoy! Wishing for clear skies! With Love on the moonbeams, 
from Astro Dakini _/✿\_ ΰ₯ ☽♡ ¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Dream Healing & the Power of Compassion

Full Moon 14° Pisces 6th September @ 7:03UT
Culminating September 6th with a deeply sensitive Full Moon in all-consuming water-sign Pisces, this lunation began with the “Great American Solar Eclipse” August 21st. Since that glorious event (the first, I might add, since the advent of TV or Internet connecting to the global hive-mind), awe turned to dread witnessing the incredible power of mother nature with fire, wind and water out-of-control, spectacularly the latter liquid element overwhelming both sides of the world as rain deluged Southern United states as well as Northern India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Africa.  With millions of people worldwide whose lives are at a loss in situations in which they have little or no control, when we add those affected by war, drought and disease, the numbers of living beings currently needing help seems immeasurable; and our entire collective, as symbolised by the zodiac’s twelfth and last sign, that of the Fishes, adrift forlorn in sea of suffering, and floundering helplessly from one disaster to another.  Usually it is those least equipped to survive storms who are hardest hit.

☆ Living in the last vestiges of the 2000-year Age of Pisces (In the ‘Great Year’ there a couple of hundred years yet to go until we reach the Age of Aquarius!), humanity’s lessons are manifold and complex, as Pisces has vast astrological governance that ranges from the madness of an inspired crazy visionary, large institutions, to the ravages of toxins, alcohol, drugs and dependency (oil, petrol, gas, hazardous chemicals), all if which belong to Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house. Pisces also runs the gamut of all emotions. A healthy Piscean influence can surge up from the polluted depths to spiritually purify and reach ecstatic, blissful emotion through dance, music, film, yoga, prayer, art, dreams, tai-chi, photography, meditation and mantra.  It is whatever takes you out of your subconscious ‘self’ and erodes the boundaries that confine the self-serving egol; Pisces helps to discover a profound compassion and charity towards others. Christianity was born into this Piscean epoch, hence the proliferation of the symbolic ‘Vesica Pisces’ graffiti and bumper stickers.  As well as fuelling Messiah complexes, psychedelic hypnotic art and mass deception, Pisces is also the symbol of victims and martyrs, saints and sinners.

☆ Whenever the sensitive Moon is in Pisces it’s easy to get swept along by the hysteria of human emotion, be that in excitement or panic. Make a note now how Pisces senses trending undercurrents before they break. 

With a watery Pisces Full Moon conjunct its modern ruler Neptune, also in Pisces, it means dreams can become prophetic, laden with poetic meaning and subliminal messages; tuning into the unspoken and unseen to touch base with one’s own centre helps discover the love and joy of being alive that stops one from getting dragged into mania’s oblivion. Ultimately, the Two Fishes, one facing Earth and the other to Heaven, teaches us to be comfortable in one’s flow, which often takes a leap of faith in the ever-present, divinely miraculous LOVE WISDOM. Therein lays the essence of this Full Pisces Moon Report: how to attain and maintain spiritual oneness and engage in meaningful activity, and at the same time overcoming any overwhelming feelings created by observing the anguish that surrounds us. 

☆ Looking at the astrological aspects of this Full Moon (aspects are the mathematical connections the planet make to each other), there are two main patterns. And they both involve taskmaster Saturn, the planet that toughens-up to become resilient in the face of adversity. The first is a challenging mutable ‘T-Square’, with the realistic Virgo Sun opposite a dreamy Pisces Moon, both making a ninety degree angle to sensible Saturn and Black Moon Lilith. This accents the importance of the farsighted wisdom that emanates from those wild, wild women who run with the wolves. 

☆ The second is the ongoing 2017’s Fire Bird ‘Grand Fire Trine’; and as long as we are not too lazy in letting this gloriously creative astral agent pass us by, we can harness the sparky dynamic fire element with Uranus in Aries, Mercury & North Node in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius, to generate optimism for the future. To avoid burn-out, maintaining joyful enthusiasm is currently crucial for strength and stamina and a positive spiritual view. Whenever Saturn is so prominent the gloom and doom merchants come out in force, and we really need to make an effort not to fall for fear nor into depression.  Admittedly, to master waves of difficult emotion  takes practice AND a personal responsibility for one’s own spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing; Saturn, however, gives us that patience to work cautiously, with care: in Sagittarius it also suggests that we can look abroad, further than our comfort zone, to find applicable knowledge and information that will help accomplish ambitions.

Whenever Saturn is in such a tough T-Square to ‘The Lights‘, Sun and Moon, there’s also a tendency to become hardened, especially to the already afflicted. Instead of building helpful laws and open-minded governance, Saturn in fear puts others down and builds walls that isolate and divide. However, the real fear, over this Full Moon is ‘charity fatigue’, when we stop giving of ourselves because of feeling disheartened. In the German language there’s a word for feeling overwhelmed by the enormous amount of woe we witness daily: Weltschmertz. It’s a word that describes the apathy that comes about when we feel helpless or discouraged by the actual state of the world – a world conflicting with our own ideals. The French call it ‘ennui’, debilitating world weariness; whilst in English we might call it an ‘existential angst’ that freezes with perceived pointlessness. To understand this kind of apathy, particularly a collective apathy, we look to the sign of the fishes, Pisces, Neptune and planets in the 12th house. The sign of the Fishes shows how we operate when we’re inundated or plagued and, during a Full Pisces Moon, what we are prepared to sacrifice to create order. Interestingly, Pisces can also show that in the cause problems also lies the way to safety and healing, and how we can dream and magic our way out of feeling flooded by rising (emotional) tides is accented by this tight T-Square from the Lights to Saturn. 

Those born in the mid-1960’s or with planets in Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, could well be sensing this most. If that is the case then please remember the words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who always says that if you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito!

☆ However you haul yourself up, out and away from difficult situations, by playing broody Johnny Cash (Pisces) songs, or sitting on top of a mountain communing with nature, talking to girlfriends, or walking the dog in the park, now is the time to imbibe the combination of a practical and feminine Virgo Sun with no-nonsense Saturn’s realistic approach (Eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly.). While we all play our part in a world of Oneness – heal yourself and you heal the world – there are also circumstances which are not of our own personal making. Yet we can all still do something about our (collective) condition.  Sun and Moon in square to karmic Saturn make apparent how the present situation is a result of the past (karma), whilst the future-orientated Grand Fire Trine acknowledges how present actions and ideas influence our prospects. All the while, the Sun in Virgo accents useful strengths and skills for the meaningful activity that gives life purpose and drive. 

☆ Also worthy of note is how both Sun and Moon are also in positive aspect to Pluto, suggesting whatever our situation, a shared transformation is happening. Because these aspects are positive they also indicate we can emerge from this Full Moon with our emotions and ego intact. 

☆ Together the Pisces Moon unites with Neptune to form a wide conjunction with shamanic Chiron the zodiac’s wounded medicine man. This combination inspires unconditional cosmic love, compassion and forgiveness, specifically by not holding onto blame or shame whilst dream healing (I suggest that you keep a record of your dreams or make an old-fashioned vision board).  A Pisces stellium opposite Virgo also indicates the ability to imagine a powerful restoration. Remember thoughts have wings and what we think can become a reality; which brings me to the third planetary feature during this Full Moon, concerning Mercury, the quick-thinking celestial courier. 

☆ There are several astrological points to consider with Mercury as the healer, wheeler dealer now station at the end of the retrograde period, to go forward on the very same degree as the Sun occupied during the infamous Solar Eclipse. Mercury – and Mars – will also conjunct fixed star Regulus, indicating great success in the fields of action and communication (which comes with a proviso: as long as one is not motivated by revenge, then one loses all, including respect). Yet Mercury is still not out of the shadow period until at least 12th September; and a talking point until the Autumn Equinox 22nd September. So if you have big decisions to make, please take your time to question incentives and to digest and understand this is not a time to rush into life-changing situations. That may well come about around the start of the next lunation, 20th September, or indeed a week later with a First Quarter Moon instigates change on 28th September, when expansive Jupiter opposes shocking Uranus, and radical twists and turns could related to (technological) issues as far back as 2010/11. 

This last aspect comes into planetary play over the Full Moon with a ‘Kite Formation’ which involves the 2017 Phoenix Grand Fire Trine. A ‘Kite’ sees the Trine, three planets 120° apart, coupled with a 60°sextile aspect forming a midpoint between two of the planets. In this case that midpoint is between Saturn and Mercury (mindful of responsibility) to expansive Jupiter, which is then in opposition to Uranus, the agent of change. This ‘opposition’ then forms the axis of the Kite, suggesting Uranus is dominant when funnelling excitement, i.e. change really is the only constant, even if that change is a little chaotic. 

☆ The key to riding change is to make adjustments, aware of the intensity of the present moment. Because Uranus clarifies in sudden, sometimes outrageous ways, a Uranus aspect demonstrates how not to cling to desired outcomes, but to remain open to opportunities that come our way, and to embrace the future with a compassionate and altruistic world view, with hope in our heart.
And remember “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” ~ Jack Kornfield
With that I wish you all a visionary Full Moon! 

And to say that I am offering on-going bespoke 5-day Sacred Goddess Astrology retreats, teaching in person throughout the next year in Southern France, from May until October 2018 – Book ahead now!
With love & light from Astro Dakini _/❤\_    Laura Boomer-Trent
With love and thanks to Chalermchai Kositpipat _/\_ <3 for flying Fish Buddha

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Leo Eclipse at the Loving Heart of the Solar Dragon King (Rahu) - August 2017

☆ •°*☾ ☀️☽ * Solar Eclipse 29° Leo *☾☀️☽ *°•.☆

... ⊚ πŸ™Karma multiplied day x 100 million ... ⊚ 

A second New Moon in Sun-ruled Leo reveals why Leo is the sign of fiery drama, razzmatazz and all kinds of theatrics – celestial or otherwise! Eclipses also always create a buzz; and although there are two sets of Lunar and Solar every year (six months apart) it may be because this is the first of its kind on US land since the birth of global connecting TV and internet, making it an eclipse of epic interest. So while energies get stirred up, as they always do during an eclipse, especially a sensational Leo Eclipse, please go easy out there!

This is a time for Spiritual Warriors to emanate self-awareness with a natural warmth towards everyone.

Now known as the 'Great American Eclipse of 2017', tomorrow’s New Moon Solar Eclipse will cut a shadowy swathe across the continent, from Oregon to South Carolina, with the Moon aligning in front of the golden Sun, blocking Sol’s light. Though it ends in Brazil, an eclipse like this has not been through the middle of the US since 1918. The next one similar is in 2024, which will start in Mexico and end in Canada. This Eclipse is therefore a rare moment in time for the western world.

During the time of a total Eclipse of the Sun (check for your time zone): in this case for 2 whole minutes darkness descends upon daylight for senses to be heightened and psychic subtle energy enhanced, all of which is especially powerful while Sun and Moon conjoin at the majestic Sun-ruled heart of the Leo Lion, accenting the power of love and the dignified strength, courage, and kindness of a tender, open heart.

All-the-while the sky darkens other planets will also be seen flanking the Sun: Venus and Mars (on the right), and Jupiter on Sun’s left. Eagle eyes may even spot the currently retrograde Mercury, and perhaps most importantly alongside Fixed Royal Star, Regulus pinpointing the exact heart of the Lion, (giving rise to the predictions about the demise of certain leaders in prominent positions; and needing to be aware how an eclipse on this star, since the ancient Babylonians, has indicated the fall of those whose motivation is questionable).

Although fiery Leo is a self-orientated sign, it is also generous, playful and artistic. Even in difficult situations Leo will shine when connecting to the creative flow. There’s no doubt this will be (a collective) Solar Eclipse to remember in this transformational year of the Phoenix Fire Bird Fire Trine, in which the blazing Leo Sun and Moon now star (with retro Uranus in Aries & retro Saturn in Sagittarius). There are six planets in retrograde at the moment (yes, 6!) indicating a time of major reflection. So wherever you are, if at all possible stop what you are doing for those two precious minutes and take time to appreciate and meditate upon the innate power of love and raise the planetary vibration out of fear into that of love. Intention is all.

Make yourself comfortable and take the time to appreciate nature and breathe in the potency of a natural PEACE into your centre, then exhale LOVE directing it out into the world to filter through the unseen and create a veritable force field of goodness and light.

The outside world may go dark, but from inside us all shines a golden treasure, a preious jewel that is pure homespun gold radiating from within.

This innate and intuitive inner-light will always guide us – all we have to do is to tune in…

ΰ₯_/|_ ΰ₯_/\_ΰ₯_/\_ ......... end on a practical note, please do not under any circumstance look at the Sun without eclipse glasses until totality, when you take them off, but remember to put them back on as totality comes to a close!

Prayers also for clear skies for beloved American family and friends.

With β„’β„΄Ρ΅β„― & Light ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸
Wishing One & All an enlightening Leo Solar Eclipse