Wednesday, 22 October 2014

☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆ Halloween ~ Diwali Solar Eclipse 0° Scorpio ☆ •°*☾

Pre-eclipse DarkMoon in Libra until Thursday, when the Moon occults the near Halloween 0° Scorpio Sun (@22:57bst), and an incoming tide of emotional and spiritual transformation rides a strong and deep wave. As this New Moon solar eclipse tests how we identify with our passions, which are best observed even when indulging, a new process begins in the way we view obsession and desire, making it easier to see and recognise craving’s nuances, so that we won’t need to get hooked by greed or possessiveness, thereby enabling one to relax within caring, loving relationships (including the relationship we have with our 'self').
☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆ 

On route to the partial SolarEclipse (visible in the US) the sensitive moon in Libra seeks balance, even whilst in the scattering mode of leaves and seeds (depending upon which half of the hemisphere you are in: autumn peaks in the north, spring in the South); Triggering first the ongoing 'Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun' (still in effect until next year), and igniting that Divine spark of inspiration which enables one to walk the noble path of transformation and embrace personal change that also benefits others, La Luna then also occults the still retrograde Mercury for a potentially wiggy reminder that fairness and dialogue (as well as following one’s breath in meditation), are optimum means to discover and connect with innate inner-beauty, as well as the harmonious heart-mind.
☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆
Moments before the Diwali Solar Eclipse, the Moon enters Scorpio to even eclipse Venus. In effect, this heart opening rip in the fabric of space-time is one through which ‘the witness within’ can perceive the universal and profoundly magical healing of the power of love, without getting stuck in any power-play. _/\_

With many thanks to the unknown artist for Autumn Buddha & the Transformational Butterflies _/\_

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Love is the Bridge ~ Lunar Eclipse October 8th 2014

“Love is the bridge between you and everything” ~ Rumi

KARMA multiplied day x 7 million.✫´¯`*•.¸¸☼ ♡

☾ ● ◯ The October Full Moon is sometimes called Hunter’s Moon, aka Blood Moon, Travel Moon, or Dying Moon, as the leaves (in the northern hemisphere) begin to wither and drop, which in itself can instil the dread of winter. But wherever you are take heart: This Aries Moon is also an exciting Lunar Eclipse, exact 11:51bst (6:51est), laden with love and light. In harmonious Libra, and conjunct Venus, Spirit Sun aligns love with intelligence, to encourage kindness to be at the heart of activating creative change.

The Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus, the enlightening planet associated with dramatic turnarounds, as well as altruism, with each expressing his or her own individual gifts within the larger social scale. Now Uranus wakes us up to that which emotionally fulfills, like a bolt from the blue urging one into action. And with both Sun and Moon in hard aspect to Pluto (to activate ongoing Uranus/Pluto square), it is imperative to make very real and personal changes in relationship to self, those we care for, and the way that we treat our environment. This set of eclipses (today is Lunar, @15Aries-Libra, with solar 23rd Oct 0Scorpio) also suggests we are the old/new people, stronger than before, astrologically and psychologically primed for self-awareness, particularly in relation to others. H.H. Dalai Lama says “Although it is difficult to pinpoint the physical base or location of awareness, it is perhaps the most precious thing concealed within our brains. And it is something that the individual alone can feel and experience. Each of us cherishes it highly, yet it is private.” His Holiness’s words also remind how it the very private and personal awareness which empowers Spirit and the heart-mind to maintain strength, harmony and balance.

Now is the time to Let the Love-Light shine dearest cyber Sangha ~> and be the change we wish to see! __/\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶

with ℒℴѵℯ __/
\__ & Thanks to Visual Alchemy for 'The Angel of Bliss'

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

22nd-23rd September ~> Dark Moon Equinox: Changes in the year of the Horse @4:29bst (10:29Est)

✣ From a personal perspective, this equinox accents the need for harmonious relations and healthier emotions. From the worldly perspective, it’s interesting to note the major theme of the collective’s focus, especially when a ‘generational’ planet does something special at a Cardinal solar marker (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are generational planets), highlighting collective karma. Because energy flows where attention goes, such matters can dictate how the masses are feeling at a time of the Sun’s naturally important turning points. I mention this now because this Dark Moon Equinox is marked by transformational Pluto, planet of oligarchs and hidden, underworld shadows, now going forward after a five month retrograde. Pluto bearing down at 11degrees Capricorn (and anyone with cardinal planets at this degree will also be re-emerging from an internal restructuring), suggests those in positions of power are emerging from a core reform that can impact the health of Mother Earth: Today’s announcement that a family of investors (Pluto) are looking to divest fossil fuel and put their energy into renewables (also Pluto) is rather encouraging, just as hundreds of thousands took to the streets, across the globe, to proclaim the need for an awareness of climate change due to human-made pollution (again Pluto, but also Neptune).

✣ Equinox is also a time of balancing opposites, light and dark, warm and cool, old and new, desire and gratitude. The New Libra Moon on Wednesday 24th encourages confidence and change. As Sun & Moon move into harmonizing Libra, those of us in the northern hemisphere can begin to embrace the feminine and receptive, cool inward yin; while in the southern hemisphere Sun’s yang summer light is growing. One last point to note is how auroras often accompany equinoxes, and in a moonless sky Northern Lights could be quite dramatic, with just a wisp of solar winds to stir heart-mind into action. _/\_ ૐ•´¯`•.¸¸.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

✶ A Dark Moon Equinox ~ September 2014

If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh, Being Peace

Dakini Day~> 19th Sept
✶ With Spirit Sun in the sign of the Virgo Goddess, and the sensitive Moon at home in Cancer, the Lights now reflect a deeply feminine caring quality. Subjects to which we feel an innate kind of loyalty and need to protect, such as health and work, (female) friends and family (Sangha), the historical past - as well as personal creativity - all can now blossom and bloom by showing the kind of love a mother would nurture her child - even when/if self-administering.

✶ A Dark Moon Equinox is days away, 23rd September, when aligning with Earth’s balance of light and dark between the hemispheres will encourage a poised and steady, confident heart. In the midst of this natural change of season, calm stability is more easily achieved by relaxing into where you are now, super cool, with nothing to regret, nor anything to strive for, just resting in the still point of balance, inherently mindful and meditative of life, love and light.

✶ From the astrological perspective, and depending upon which side of Gaia you are, this autumnal/spring equinoctial marker is followed swiftly by a galactically influenced new Libra Moon on the 24th. This New Moon, in the Sign of the Scales, will conjunct the ‘Super Galactic Centre’ – the centre around which our own Milky Way galaxy, along with other galaxies, spiral. And as all things are interconnected (through the conscious Buddha field of love and light), a new Moon upon this powerful but potentially peaceful sensitive Libran point is mind-boggling in its’ extensive vastness – it’s a though the existence of our own ‘Immeasurable Heaven’ (within the recently named ‘Laneakia’), is instinctively and most naturally drawn to love, peace and equality.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tara Moon ~> 16th September 2014 ॐ_/\_

The major focus of this last (Virgo) lunation (moon cycle) has been upon profound spiritual healing through forgiveness, and devotion to the Sacred Wise Woman (a human aspect which lies within us all – as we all have an intellectually intuitive side to our nature, to some degree or another). Today’s Last Quarter Moon takes the premise of empathy a step further, urging one to swiftly act upon situations that require compassion and kindness. Note how today there are a myriad of options with the Gemini Moon, enabling one to quickly overcome obstacles and problems, and tidily tie up loose ends. Though the sensitive Moon is again in hard aspect to shamanic healer Chiron, it is by applying Virgo’s practical insight, together with feminine wisdom (such as that of Goddess Tara), that heightens the chances for especially efficacious results, particularly for those accidental or self-inflicted wounds. _/\_

Tara’s mantra “Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha”
Image of beautiful Green Tara by Peter Iseli~>
with thanks & ℒℴѵℯ_/✿\_

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Jupiter Trine Uranus ~> Sept 2nd ❤ A visionary healing Buddha Moon

September 2nd ~> _/\_ Today’s Medicine Buddha sees the Last Quarter Moon in forward-thinking Sagittarius, squaring up to Spirit Sun in earthy, healing Virgo. This mutable combination of Lights indicates change through helpful action; as the Divine Virgo Goddess is in service with the generous Centaur Sage, a myriad of practical (but possibly unfamiliar) solutions are available right now; whatever the issue, be it mental, physical or spiritual, the Moon in Sagittarius challenges one to open the mind and see the bigger, more magical picture at play. There is every reason to remain optimistic at this moment: remedies applied now have the potential to quickly alleviate and show positive results. ॐ_/\_

Medicine Buddha mantra “Tayatha Om Bekanze Bekanze Mahabekanze Rasa Sammut Gate Soha” ~> “Hail the King of Healing, the Great Healer, let the healing begin! Let it be so!” ॐ_/

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you truly love.” Rumi

This fiery Sagittarian Medicine Buddha Moon also connects to an extremely promising astral aspect shaping up in the heavens between optimistic Jupiter (the Sagittarian Centaur’s ruler) in sunny confident Leo, and radical Uranus, rousing action-orientated Aries: Together, these three now illuminate an inspiring ‘Grand Fire Trine’. Fire in the Tibetan Tantra represents wisdom, spiritual as well as intellectual.

This all-consuming, dynamic and magnetic Fire Trine between expansive Jupiter and brilliant Uranus accents a broad, clear vision, creativity and transformation. Note this innovative and dynamic configuration is set to last for the next 9 months; which means that every month, when the sensitive Moon is in philosophical Sagittarius, a creative spark of powerful yang can combust the dross and liberate ego. At its most fundamental, this particular trine cultivates an awareness of what makes our heart sing. With the first exact aspect between Jupiter and Uranus just after equinox, 25th September, this exciting fiery vitality carries welcome hope and cheer that resonates all the way until Summer Solstice 2015.

Due to the position of the Moon in Sagittarius today, we're getting the initial glimpses of this potentially liberating aspect. Look at the 15-20 degrees Fire signs Leo and Aries (as well as Cardinal signs) in your scope and see where and how you are awakening with a warm and passionate, glowing heart. ॐ_/

Monday, 25 August 2014

New Virgo Moon ~> 25th August ~> @15:13bst

The remedial Virgo Sun’s ruler, quicksilver Mercury, makes an encouraging and helpful aspect to the currently forceful Mars/Saturn conjunction in powerful, secretive Scorpio. Setting a positive intention is paramount with the start of a lunation that begins with a mighty Mars/Saturn conjunction, as this potent vibration can hold for the whole month. I recently likened this aggregation of forceful scarlet Mars and taskmaster Saturn to that of wading through treacle: Sweet because the connection of Jupiter/Venus is still in playful Leo; but sticky too, due to the muddied and complex nature of active Mars and karmic Saturn controlling; with fiery Mars an earthy Saturn can harden and form into something solid, like a wall that can either protect, or one that needs scaling in order to discover what's behind or reach further insights.

Luckily, the shape-shifting Virgo Mercury’s plasticity allows the mind to see what is concretising from various angles. Mercury's variety of experience shows it’s how we view situations, which can make all the difference to both process and outcome. So we need to be careful how we now shape our thoughts at the time of this New Moon in the the beautiful sign of the Virgo Goddess, and particularly how we steer inner feelings to discern and stabilize emotions, to reap the individual and collective healing this lunation offers. For concentrated deep spiritual healing employ feminine wisdom with the compassion of a rational heart, and we can heal the dream, as well as dream the healing.

With ℒℴѵℯ_/✿\_ & many thanks to Laura Marshall for her beautiful Great Mother Liberator, Green Tara, whose mantra 'Om Tara Tutara Ture Soha' can invoke the Goddess to help remove obstacles ॐ_/\_

Monday, 18 August 2014

Tara Moon ~ Medicine Buddha ~> 17th August 2014

Sun in Leo square Last quarter Moon in Taurus…

"With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world. According to my own experience, self-confidence is very important. That sort of confidence is not a blind one; it is an awareness of one’s own potential. On that basis, human beings can transform themselves by increasing the good qualities and reducing the negative qualities." ~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from 'Dalai Lama's Book of Wisdom'

In astrology, the radiant Sun is symbol of the self, exuding warmth, confidence and courage. The Sun is still currently at home in these last degrees of fiery Leo, so you’d think we could all be shiny, happy people having fun. But during this past week or so, karmic Saturn has made tricky aspects to both Spirit Sun and the sensitive Moon making it feel like we are wading through treacle, slowing us down to focus upon what’s important, especially when trying to move ahead and create dynamic change. This is not to say we cannot manifest the transformations and adjustments we wish, but whenever task master Saturn is prominent, as it is for a while yet (to be conjunct active Mars with the New Virgo Moon August 25th) that we should be patient with tough karmic lessons, appreciating what we learn within each present moment, particularly when working towards goals.

At this last quarter exalted Taurus Moon, the Lights, the Leo Sun & Moon, encourage us to be realistic and return to source. Taurus Moon exalts the Divine Feminine, to unconditionally nurture and build strength and stamina, quietly polishing and stabilizing our inherent and glistening Buddha nature, to positively gleam with the clear light mind.

Thanks to unknown artist for image of Green Tara, Goddess who quickly removes obstacles and whose mantra is ‘Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha’ _/\_

Please note I’m also now available for astrology consultations; contact me here for rates, with love & thanks.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

~ ☆ Freedom & Responsibility ☆ ~ Full Moon in Aquarius 10/11th August 2014

In Esoteric astrology, Aquarius is the hierarchical ruler of the Moon; this means at our ‘highest’ emotional vibration we are world servers, wanting the best for all beings, and humanely cooperating with others when bringing our unique gift to the world.  In order for such freedom to exist we need to be accountable for our actions and ideas.

“We must take direct responsibility for our own spiritual lives and rely upon nobody and nothing, for even the Buddhas of the ten directions and three times are unable to help us if we do not help ourselves. If another being were able to save us, surely he would have already done so. It is time, therefore, that we help ourselves.”
_/\_ says HH Dalai Lama, in the Buddhist Approach to Knowledge.

SUNday’s 18degrees Aquarius Supermoon at 19:09 bst (10:09PST) may well lessen the chance to see the usually dramatic Persieds meteor shower this year (though it may still be possible to witness a long sky streak). Instead, the lights, the regal Leo Sun and egalitarian Aquarius Moon, encourage the reclamation of spiritual strength and power so that we can embrace the future with a happy heart, comfortable with our own personal responsibility.

Though there may well be obstacles, which are possibly even preceded by breakthroughs; and any sense of limitation needs to be addressed from a conscientious place of personal answerability. Whilst giving ourselves space to think outside the box is important, any encounter with a power imbalance, be that in friendship, partnership, at work, in the home, wherever equality is called for, it may now mark a need to define boundaries and draw protective lines to avoid real or even psychic abuse.  

You see, this is karmically laden  Supermoon, when heavy important matters materialise, from seemingly out-of-the-blue. Emotional issues of trust, honour and loyalty need to be treated with illuminated insight. Generosity is also called for, where kindred spirits, spiritual friends and sangha provide helpful alliance. For the 21st Century Spiritual Warrior with planets at 14-20 fixed signs, it might be helpful to cast your mind back to August 1999 and see how best to be now.  As the generous Solar Light perfects the heart-essence, this Lammas fixed fire cross-quarter Full Moon accents the source of love and light that provides warmth, food and shelter, cosmically connecting and binding us all together under One Sun. To tap into this spiritual force and maintain (the quest for) self-awareness at the same time as raising altruistic intention during difficult times makes this emotionally charged, high tidal flow SuperMoon one of co-operation, hope, and concrete co-creation.
__/\__ •*¨*•.¸¸❤✶

With ℒℴѵℯ_/\_ & many thanks to Alex Groseth for ‘The_Shree_Yantra’

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fire trine △ August 6th 2014 ~> Guru Rinpoche day! _/✿\_

On this 10th day of the 6th Tibetan month, Padmasambhava appeared lotus born to become Tibet’s second Buddha, otherwise known as Guru Rinpoche. It is said Buddha Shakyamuni foretold his rebirth; and today we honour the precious Guru Rinpoche who taught Buddha’s teachings through Tantric form.

☼ ♌~ △ ~ ☾♐ ~ △ ~ ♅♈
This year the Golden light of the Sun in Leo and the inspirational Moon in Sagittarius seal this holy Guru Rinpoche day with a ‘Grand Fire Trine’, as the lights, Sun & Moon, form a spiritual triplicity with Uranus in combustible Aries. When the Moon is in a fire sign, the power of wisdom is increased, igniting the creative spark; fire in Tantra is associated with wisdom. With insight and sagacity, this combination can bring about spontaneous and liberating self-awareness, lighting the innermost recesses of the mind in a flash.

Today is a perfect day for making light offerings ~>
_/\_ with the words of the Buddha
“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Similarly, Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Photo of the statue of Guru Rinpoche in glorious radiant sunlight is one I took recently at Lerab Ling, in Languedoc-Rousillion, Southern France, shared with ℒℴѵℯ. May all beings be happy - and wise! __/\__

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Chökhor Düchen ~ 31st July/1st August 2014

….~ ☸~ First turning of the Wheel of Dharma ~ ☸~….

Karma Multiplied day x 10 million (positive or negative)

☼ On the 4th day of the 6th Tibetan Lunar Month, as a growing sensitive Moon begins to make the lunation's first advantageous sextile aspect to our source of light and life, the radiant Sun, we celebrate ‘The First Turning of the Wheel’ by Lord Buddha with Chökhor Düchen. Chökhor Düchen is one of the years’ most important Buddhist festivals.

Setting the Dharma wheel into motion – after not having taught for seven weeks since his enlightenment – and encouraged by his students, Indra and Brahma, Buddha began with his teaching on ‘The Four Noble Truths’.

Four Noble Truths:
☸ 1. The reality of suffering (Dukka).
☸ 2. The cause of suffering is attachment (to desire, aggression or ignorance (Samudaya)).
☸ 3. The cessation of suffering IS attainable (Niroda).
☸ 4. There is a path to the cessation of suffering (Magga, through the 8-fold path).

Gothama Buddha chose to illuminate his followers upon a waxing moon. The Sun-ruled Lionheart Leo is now in helpful aspect to the purifying Virgo Moon moving into harmonious Libra. With the growing light of this moon we can experience an increase of clarity, intuition, and emotional insight about our self (Leo Sun). Personal courage to reach the equanimous mind is also strengthen and, by extension, our relationships (Libra Moon) can be loving and kind, wanting the best for all beings.

Dedicating all merit and positive actions of body, speech & mind (word, thought and deed) that I/we create today, to heal the suffering, wherever it is found with a blessed Chökhor Düchen May all beings be free from suffering! 

_ /\_ ☾

Many thanks to unknown artist of Buddha’s hands in Dharmacakra mudra _/

Sunday, 27 July 2014

☉ ☽ ♃ ♌ Sun-ruled Leo New Moon conjunct Cosmic Guru, Jupiter

“The more you are motivated by Love, The more Fearless & Free your action will be.” ~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

☉ ☽ ♃ ♌ The new Sun-ruled Leo Moon is conjunct the cosmic Guru, Jupiter, at 23:40 bst, 26th/27th July. demonstrating how to shine the infinite radiant LoveLight. In Spiritual astrology, this almighty conjunction between solar system stars, Sun & Jupiter, also accents individual Spirit connection to the student-teacher relationship, i.e. who or what provides the bigger picture for the heart-mind to rest in loving truth? And what do we impart to others through our own creative achievement?

☼☽¸¸.•*¨*•☆ The Moon with the Leo Sun and Jupiter is, according to Alice A Bailey, akin to a crisis of the collective soul seeking liberation. With Jupiter inflating the Soul crisis through the illustrious Sun in fiery Leo’s burning grounds, world affairs must be dealt with a Divine and noble wisdom that teaches each and every being is a sacred shining star. In the ‘Kingdom of Souls’, Jupiter is our hallowed teacher, the Lama initiating the path of discipleship for the World Server; while the Sun illuminates our natural Spirit, strength and courage to remain happy, confident and optimistic.

Jupiter also provides drama’s overview; and now in playful loving Leo (for a whole year!) this New Moon is the start of a direct focus upon one’s self, with steadfast strength to self-consciousness, recognising individual accomplishment in the interconnection of self with nature and the divine, finally free from ego’s restraint; though one should now note that self-cherishing is not the same as loving oneself! The former fears and compares, while generous LOVE allows, forgives, and shines like the stars that we are.
( LOVE!!!!...¸.☆*°☆.․:)
•♪♫☆ ALWAYS!.☆¨
․ ․ ․ `'*°☆.¸.☆
.….…… ..

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dakini Day! 21st July ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_

_/✿\_ ~ > Taking refuge in the Divine Feminine, Dakini bliss is found within the practice of compassion as well as within our sangha and family, and communing within our environment, our truth, our love.

As we come to the end of this Cancerian lunation there is much to contemplate as two heavyweight planets, Saturn and Uranus, switch direction, reminding how impermanence itself can even lead to ‘the suffering of change’. Taskmaster Saturn is now going forward after four-and-a-half months of retrograde motion. So look to mid-degrees Scorpio in your horoscope and see what, exactly, is now going ahead with greater responsibility and Saturn’s wisdom and skill. And to appreciate the interconnected web of life, Uranus internalises the focus of mid-degrees Aries (and by extension all Cardinal signs: Libra, Cancer & Capricorn), to be expressed in five months’ time, on the New Moon at Winter Solstice.

In astrology, Uranus is associated with the Heavens and the spacy chaos that requires altruism and cooperation to experience personal freedom and collective liberation. Time now, therefore, to give oneself space for a little ‘Omphaloskepsis’, which literally means "contemplating one's navel", especially powerful with the soulful Moon making her last major aspect to the Sun before a New Leo Moon (to conjunct Jupiter, making the Sun-ruled Leo Lunation a biggie!) Saturday, 26th July.

Before then, taking a cue from the Dakini Goddess, who shows compassion to all beings, there is much to be said for hugging trees, talking to plants, stroking animals, and being with those we feel close to. Whichever side of the globe, wherever you are, take time now to be in the garden, walk in the park, stroll along the beach – anywhere that allows you to feel at one with nature and feed the heart-mind with helpful positivity, and release potentially destructive emotions in a safe and nurturing setting.

AstroTech & info : If you’d like to know where the currently critical quincunx between Saturn & Uranus lies in your personal horoscope, please contact me here for rates.

Thank you _/✿\_ with love & thanks to Graham Brown for artwork ‘Flora offers flowers to the Sea’

Happy Dakini Day! ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Tara Moon ~ Medicine Buddha 18 -19th July 2014 _/✿\_

For the Last Quarter Cancerian Tara lunation, The Lights, Sun & Moon, are in mutual reception - meaning the luminaries get along very well: Sun in Cancer is in the Moon’s natural domain, and the Aries Moon is in the sphere of the Sun’s exaltation. Spirit and soul flow and merge and quickly, to eliminate emotional, physical or mental blocks. This mighty combination is dynamic and Cardinal in quality, and usually overcomes problems swiftly, with care and kindness.

This Last Quarter Moon is also with the South Node. Any sense of chaos, aggression or confusion could spark off a feeling of ‘Déjà vu’. A healing balance is found within a refuge, at home and/or in the dharma. This particular Last Quarter Moon urges us to consider the welfare of others, as well as look after self; Indeed, it is imperative to look after ourselves first, to build and acknowledge the strength to remove personal obstacles before we help others. This is not a cowardly move, but a fearless spiritual warrior must be clear and strong within, in order to assume the responsibility that leading the field and caring for others entails.

Now is the time to invoke the help of the powerful Goddess and healing Buddha (within), and be mindful about what we choose to nourish ourselves with, in regards to body, speech, and mind.
Tara mantra "Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha" __/\__

with ℒℴѵℯ __/\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸

Thursday, 17 July 2014

❤ ☼ Radiate a Courageous Loving Heart ☼ ❤ ~> Jupiter in Leo

Majestic Jupiter in Leo ~> July 16th 2014 – August 11th 2015

Roll out the red carpet! Sound the fanfare! Ta-dah! For today magnificent Jupiter changes signs. Leaving Cancer, where for the past year the Cosmic Gurus’ influence has been upon stabilizing support, expansive Jupiter now moves into regal Leo to develop artfulness, determination and courage. Interestingly, there's also mutual reception between the Sun and Jupiter at this time of ingress: The Sun rules Leo, but is now in Cancer, the sign of Jupiter’s exaltation, and Jupiter is now in the sign ruled by the Sun, meaning the heavens are in accord when acclaiming the powerful star-like potency of the creative Spirit.

The Sun radiates LoveLight from the heart of our solar system; and Jupiter is the great beneficent. In the sign of the brave Lion, Jupiter in Leo enhances bravery and determination, as well as the ability to open the heart to creative expression, generous romance, and majestic, playful drama. Having Jupiter in this warm and fiery sign for a whole year can encourage us to cultivate personal happiness with a tenderness that comes from the heart, so that one can be unconditionally true oneself; the downside of which can be self-seeking ego indulgence.

The Lion in Tibetan symbolism represents ‘perkiness’, which has vibrancy and the capacity to generate youthful enthusiasm, by maintaining discipline and confidence. The Buddha is often referred to as being a ‘lion among men’ meaning his might, speed and courage are outstanding. Indeed, Buddha’s teachings include ‘the lion’s roar’, expounding heroic fearlessness in any situation by remaining in the non-egotistical self-existing centre that enables resolution and transformation when being clear and precise, kind and loving.

With ℒℴѵℯ_/\_ and thanks to unknown artist for Lion Vajra

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Guru Purninima ~> Full SuperMoon July 11-12-13th 2014

Full Super Moon 11th-12-13th July __/\__

Because the Cancerian Sun is with an exalted Jupiter, planet of hope and cheer, there is every heavenly cause to be optimistic with a wonderful Capricorn Full Supermoon, to be exact at 12:25BST Saturday, 12th July. Expansive Jupiter magnifies, as well as also being the Sacred Guru who offers protective wisdom, so that one can remain confident - even in the midst of important beginnings, and possibly even more poignant endings.

Note: This is no ordinary SuperMoon (astronomical name ‘perigee syzygy’ when the Moon is closest to the Earth), as complex celestial geometry raises the cosmic love vibration to enhance spiritual development and reveal the Divine within. By creating an obvious dynamic opening for powerful transformation, dramatic change, and insightful revelation, both ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, pick up the ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, as well as making a Grand Trine and rare ‘Kite’ formation. And although there may be storms, high tides and flares, we always seem to have some kind of suffering to confront – everything is relative – Events surrounding this Full SuperMoon ask us to generate loving kindness with a harmonious heart, and to negotiate all levels of diplomatic healing between neighbours, friends or foes, seen or unseen, so that all beings can know peace.

Image is of the Kalachakra Sand Mandala, the mandala for World Peace. During this Full SuperMoon, with the union of wisdom and compassion, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama is conferring an Initiation into this multidimensional mandala in Ladhak India. May it be of benefit to all 

__/\__ ☼ ✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶