Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dream Healing Wounded Feeling ~ Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Sept '16

KARMA MULTIPLIED day x 7 million! (+or -)
The last eclipse of 2016 is also third in a series of three eclipses, taking place with a Full Moon lunar eclipse this Friday 16th or Saturday 17th, depending upon where you are in the world. At 24° 20′ PISCES, and @19:03 UT, it’s worth noting how this Full Moon penumbral eclipse highlights the visible and the invisible, the real and imagined, with psychic threads connecting heaven to earth. We won’t actually see Luna turn red, instead the Moon will only appear slightly darker (over Europe/Africa); but because it is the Full MOON closest to the season-changing equinox, when geomagnetic activity is already heightened and Earth’s auroras and magnetic fields are stronger, we are cosmically bound to feel a powerful surge of deep emotions which an eclipse in a water sign arouses; these feelings can illuminate and connect the natural beauty of the heart-mind, as well as bring to light the previously hidden or unconscious.

For those who have planets in either the sign of the Fish, Pisces, or the purifying Goddess, Virgo (check your horoscope, especially around 20-28 degrees of the mutable signs (Sag and Gemini included), looking for long-term timing within the coming turning points – because eclipses always present some kind of watershed moment – look back to August 2007 when taking stock of where you are now, examining (during this currently detailed obsessed retrograde Mercury) what kind of conditions are being created for the future in very practical terms; then project forward to September 2024. This is when our next set of Pisces-Virgo eclipses will take place. So instead of now feeling like you have little or no control over what might be in store (which can happen when Piscean energy abounds), this Full Moon also suggests visualisation is instrumental when unlocking the power of the mind, and is the precursor to solidifying long-held dreams. It’s a great time to make a creatively empowering ‘vision board’ and send the message out into the universe of not what ‘stuff’ you want, but how you would like to feel in the future.  This is not to say concretising certain dreams can’t or won’t happen sooner, as they can and will (again, check your scope for timing), or that the journey to fulfilment isn’t more important than the goal, as the only time that really matters is ‘now’. But in a world that naïvely demands instant results, it is sometimes more helpful to think in ways that one can abide happily, all-the-while dedicating towards the realisation of long-term objectives. Remember: it can take lifetimes to achieve enlightenment and that forgiveness and kind-heartedness are the all-important means to awakening awareness, fulfilment and attainment.

A Full Moon in any water sign, Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer, tends to provoke passionate but jumbled-up emotions, complicated relations and crazy situations at the best of times; with energetic emotional imbalance and confinement to a lunatic asylum at worst. With a Lunar eclipse in Pisces, the very last all-consuming sign of the zodiac, sensitivity is deeply imaginative, often overwhelming and sometimes all-too-much that one needs to retreat – which is why, for whatever reason, love, money, despair, people turn to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to (temporarily and often unsuccessfully) alleviate difficult feelings, such as self-judging moral weakness and the ensuing guilt aggravating already difficult situations with toxic overload. Please try not overindulge these reactions or activities to the point of addiction (which is very Pisces); there are other, safer, life-enhancing ways to forgive (oneself), placate challenging or overwhelming feelings, and reconnect to the inborn goodness that lies within each and every one of us, such as being of helpful service to others, or going inwards to meditate, or even allowing feelings to be magically processed through song, music, dance, yoga or prayer. 

Pisces easily senses what others are doing through its ability to tap into the unsaid by reading between the lines. A simple brushstroke on a painting, a note within a tune, a swish of fabric or a glance or look can often tell Pisces everything it needs to know; for the sign of the Fish most situations are often felt on an intensely psychic level before any actual manifestation takes place. In the reflective light of this Full Moon, I cannot emphasise enough how the importance of working with our intuition is currently heightened (especially now, with the exact third and final Saturn-Neptune Square in conjunction with the Full Moon, when an irresistible force meets immoveable object). 

Pisces also helps us to release into the void feelings that prevent us from moving on with a happy heart. Even if it means making a sacrifice for the great good of the whole, this Full Moon can even help realise how we play unconscious power games of victim or martyr, wanting to be either the saviour or be saved, as sinner or saint. There are, however, different expressions of wanting to make the world, our world, a better place. We can work on a very practical level, for instance, with unseen bio-energy, by understanding the living biofield, with its interacting, pulsing electro-magnetism, can actually have a huge impact upon our everyday lives, enabling the creation of the changes we want to see. 

The presently exalted Mercury, retrograde in Virgo, asks us to be practical about our innate sensitivity to our personal and interpersonal environment (and continues to implore that we remain level-headed (especially with invisible energy) until the end of the separating shadow period, Oct 6th); it’s those strange, funny feelings in our bones or waters, or sensations in the pit of our stomach that now also clamour to be acknowledged, listened to and dealt with in a very practical manner, i.e. with benevolence, working towards the greater good of all (not just humans, or those we personally know, but for all beings, seen and unseen). 

As the Moon now begins to connect to the South Node (aka Ketu, or the Dragon’s tail) many will tune into the collective undercurrent, with all its infectious hysteria.  If you find yourself ‘picking-up’ subconscious but overwhelming emotions, which when analysed you sense are not yours (or even if they are) know they too will pass. Instances of ‘Deja vu’ are almost bound to slip through the rip in the fabric of space-time this lunar eclipse presents, so that feeling of ‘already experienced’ could even be a past-life connection; the trick is to reflect and try to remember what happens next, in order to direct life more lucidly.  
While this is a Moon phase when one could be easily swept away by the oceanic, hopefully by a song and dance, sound or gesture, there are other important celestial factors to consider: because this Pisces Moon is also with its’ divinely inspired ruler Neptune, associated by a wide orb of 14 degrees; Luna is closer to the witnessing wounded-healer, Shamanic Chiron, which is at 22° degrees.  Putting these astrological pointers together, and coming from the global perspective, one might say this Lunar eclipse highlights a need to observe the underlying deep disturbance coming to light which concerns the element of water; and from a personal level, this will affect emotions which flow through the body. It is rather fitting that all over the world people are now realising the importance of clean water (during the Virgo-Pisces axis); not just for physical health, but also how such purity resonates with the clarity of our own feelings; as the human body is made up of anything from 65-90% water, helping ourselves to be less complicated or polluted by disturbing emotions means that we are also able to of greater affect in the world.   

From an Esoteric astrological point of view, in the run-up to the Full Moon, and indeed even the Lunar Eclipse itself, we are also blessed by the starry auspices of ‘Ursa Major’, a fabulous star system that navigates our Northern Pole Star. Ursa Major is also known as the ‘Great Bear’, the ‘Big Dipper’, or the ‘Saucepan’, as it changes from being a container that holds to one that pours with the seasons.  Now it is the container. The seven stars which make up the Great Bear constellation are also known as Rishis, or seven sages (according to Vedic and Tibetan astrology); these seven stars also relate to the seven rays, and the seven main chakras, as well as seven colours, traditional planets, musical notes, major organs in the body, and days of the week. As such, right now there is a connection to the magical number 7 that represent spirit dissolving into matter. This time of collecting and blessing water magnifies the positivity of ‘good stars’ (Sun & Mercury trine transformational Pluto (esoteric ruler of Pisces)), as the water is instilled with magical healing properties that could even help to unblock, pacify or activate chakras, and align the light-body, so that every action is one of goodness, every thought beneficial and every word spoken is constructive and helpful.

Astral tip: The Virgo-Pisces axis also activates our innate LOVE-WISDOM. So even if being saintly is way out of reach (keep working on it ;)), this full Moon is an optimum time to tune into dreams and take note of all messages of the night, as the crystalline light of the phantasmagorical Pisces moonbeams reveal a previously hidden Divinity that emanates universal love.

_()_ •●●•><((((º> ♪♪ ٠•●●••●●•><((((º>

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

❤ Awakening the Heart ❤ Full Aquarius Moon August 18th 2016

☆ For stargazers who have wide orbs (of the astrological kind) like myself, when ‘The Lights’, Sun & Moon, are 17° away from the shadowy karmic nodal axis (a.k.a. the life-changing North and South node; and with contact between Lights and eclipse points already comfortable within 15 degrees) it denotes an ‘almost’ Lunar eclipse on 18th August, @9:25UT, only just skims the edge of the usual ecliptic parameters. August’s Full Moon is therefore the first in an unusual series of three ‘faint’ eclipses; with two Lunar eclipses either side of September 1st’s Earth Goddess Virgo Solar eclipse, encompassing universal signs, Aquarius and Pisces. A set of eclipses such as this, means the prospect for a collective wake-up call is heightened, and for many to experience a glimpse of clarity through awakening the heartmind, as a veil between ‘us’ and ‘other’ is slightly lifted, so we can hopefully see without prejudice or bias. 

☆ While this Full Moon eclipse will not turn a romantic copper-coloured red during this month-plus-long eclipse season (give or take a few days), the freedom-loving Full Aquarian Moon reflecting the bright light of the playful Leo Sun stills promises lots of fun and games. With a Full Moon that sextiles Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius (which then trines the Leo Sun) it portends sudden zaps and flashes of inspiration into past-present-future action - especially in regards to one’s own uniqueness and creativity, the gifts one brings to organisations and group situations can enhance the sense of ‘oneness’.
☆ Aquarius is an intellectual yet independent sign that is often rebellious; but there is currently a wonderful influence for casting a discerning eye that patiently allows these promised insights to bubble up through the ethers – insight which enables obstacles and issues to be sharply pinpointed without creating too much chaos or disruption. Being aware of hitches or hurdles that get in the way of goals, or hold back you or the team you are part of is half way to being able to overcome issues and seize any opportunity to better oneself – and improve relations with friends. (An excellent Full Moon for the Olympics!)
Aligning the crowd-crowning Aquarian Moon to a regal Leo Sun King, we need to remember how this Full Moon is a hair’s breadth within ecliptic orb, and situations can seem almost pre-destined.

☆ While the wacky, new and exciting holds a certain appeal under an Aquarian Moon, making allowances for seemingly neurotic or erratic behaviour empowers us to be of greater affect to seek alternatives that can help one self to help others. That said, with events, feelings and thoughts now subject to eccentric theatrics, keeping a light heart with an open mind will be a sign of strength, the kind of fortitude that encourages the express ability to be original and think creatively. Honours may even be bestowed to Leo-Aquarians who can stay on course and share their unique and individual talent(s) with kindred spirits (check 23-27° Leo/Aquarius in your personal horoscope scope as to what, how, or where); but to really bask in success, the consciously minded also considers the needs of others – and takes that into their remit when seemingly doing what pleases themselves..

☆ For a spiritual practitioner, subtle body energies detected either in meditation during the Full Moon, or when dealing with left-field out-of-nowhere sensation, idea, or action, could also produce an opportunity to participate in generating a kinder heart. Chakras from the heart to the third eye can also be super-sensitive during this Full Moon, as two fixed signs enter into celestial play, resolved to align head to heart. Energies may be active or blocked, but the Sun’s generously shared healing prana feeds the light of consciousness that resides at our own heart. And in home sign Leo, Sol’s resplendent and preferred position suggests a heart-chakra focused upon unconditional love raises our ability to shift the overall global vibration (aka the noosphere) from solely thinking about self (Sun in Leo) to the altruistic care of our collective brother-sister-hood, as indicated by Aquarius being the Moon’s hierarchical ruler. In esoteric astrology ‘hierarchical’ in this case refers to that part of oneself which emotes with the clear consciousness of the ‘higher self’, nurturing friendships and kinship purely for the greater good of all.

☆ Before looking further in-depth at Luna’s Full Moon aspects and other current transits, a word about eclipses as portals for unseen influences and psychic energy; eclipses can be triggers for powerful events and transformation. For when our three main celestial bodies, Sun, Moon and Earth lock into a formation that creates contrasting light and shadow, however faint or fierce, even a ‘softer’ eclipse such as this can coincide with dramatic revelations and events can become turning points in our lives, watersheds that propel entirely new trajectories.  The two other eclipses which belong to this triad are in September; the 1st sees a Virgo New Moon as an annual Solar eclipse (which, in itself is not so strong, but with Sun conjunct an exalted, but retrograde Mercury, communication, health, education and feminine concerns come directly under the celestial spotlight); last in the series sees the September 16th Full Pisces Moon also only a partial Lunar eclipse. But it is the Full Moon closest to Earth’s equinox, which gives greater influence and the change of season becomes obvious (into Autumn or Spring, depending upon which hemisphere you are in).
☆ The Aquarian Luna also conjuncts asteroid Pallas Athena, and fixed star Deneb Algedi: the former a symbol of wonder woman, the successful and strategic warrior woman; the latter a professional advisor with aims to protect and help others.  This combination has all the potential for altruistic action – to serve by leading, even in the face of (home-grown) drama.  Remember it’s an ‘almost’ eclipse: there will be no actual shadow crossing to see on either Sun or Moon. There may also be the feeling of a close shave with the dark side’s emotional and unseen shadow, but at the same time the Light of the Leo sun affords the chance to overcome fears and shine a steady light when walking or witnessing the wild side. 

As current markers of change, this set of eclipses also resonates at similar degrees and signs ( 23-27° Leo/Aquarius), as those coming up February 2017.  Good to note in the diary where and how you are now, as a place to look back for comparison, when Feb ’17 rolls around.

☆ Between 17th/18th August Full Moon and the Libra Air Equinox, there is, however, a manageable month-size chunk of time, where one learns to adjust to new seasonal rhythms. No one should be complacent between now and then, or get too lost in a motley crew shamanic party scene, as there are several other aspects coursing the heavens that carry great astrological import, such as the magnificent Mars-Saturn-Antares conjunction (exact 24th August). The Scorpions’ piercing red eye now aids dynamic Mars and the other malefic, Saturn, to see in the dark. This triangle of active taskmasters now has laser-like vision to determine exactly what is important in life – truth and freedom, wisdom and compassion – to then cautiously and diligently work on whatever it is that gives life most meaning for you.

☆ For those seeking the astro weather: geo cosmic activity – volcanic fires & cyclonic winds may also blow during the first part of this eclipse season.
Places where many people gather can also be of concern in case of sudden dramas; be especially cautious in crowds and places of long-distant transit and travel, prayer, healing, and law-courts.   
May you go mindfully throughout this rather interesting triple set of eclipses. If you want to be happy, be altruistic. Practice compassion, and start to glow from the inside, with a genuine, happy heart. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

‘Guru Purnima’, a.k.a. the 'Teacher’s Moon’ ~ Full Capricorn Moon 2016

Tonight's Full Capricorn Moon (@23:57bst) is ‘Guru Purnima’, a.k.a. the 'Teacher’s Moon’, to honour the illuminating insight of the spiritual instructor (which the aspirant carries within the heart (of his or her own Sun)). Devotion to a teacher is often misunderstood (in western society), as we so often think we will achieve enlightenment on our own, without being shown or taught how to. And while its true that a few bright spirits do have the karma to be self-illuminating, for the most part our inherent potential for enlightment needs a guiding hand to steer our thoughts and actions towards the light - which is where the compassionate and wise spiritual teacher steps in to help us become wiser, kinder, and more loving. That said, even Shakyamuni Buddha advised everyone to test his teachings as if they were nuggets of gold, and not just accept out of reverence. So in the words of our most precious guiding light, H.H.14th Dalai Lama, “The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual's own reason and critical analysis.” i.e. 'the teacher within'. As such, this is the Moon to give thanks for the wisdom of the sages. __/\__

Beautiful art from Karma Phuntsok, with love & thanks for sharing

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Full Moon in Capricorn ~ July 16 ~> Shadow & Light

The lunation now culminating in a midnight Full Capricorn Moon on the 19th/20th July (22:57 19th UT) began earlier this July, with the still cardinal Cancer Sun and its’ ruler, the Moon, opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the tiny outer-planet that packs powerful impact. As a ‘generational’ planet, Pluto’s influence can be extremely far-reaching, working on subtle and atomic, psychic levels; weighing the soul evolution of the masses, especially notable when accented by the waxing Full Moon, as it is this July 2016.

At the further-reaches of our solar system, Pluto is ‘Lord of the Underworld’. As such, any heavenly body that comes into contact with Pluto is familiarized with the shadowy world of the hidden and a depth of psychology in which one faces existential fears and phobias and unspoken taboos such as sexual relations, death, and taxes. Pluto currently holds sway over the determined and practical Sea-Goat, Capricorn – an ambitious sign that requires (spiritual) initiation when crossing into its threshold, which Pluto entered 2008 and finally leaves on November 2024. During this 16-year period, Pluto’s journey from dark to light (and back again for some), signifies testing times, discipline, and intense rites-of-passage in personal and collective transformation through the dissolution of traditional power structures and old crystallised thoughts or worn-out ideals that no longer support or prevent the revelation of truth. Be aware: whatever is no longer necessary, or that has been secretly pushed under-the-carpet and out-of-sight, can suddenly find itself in plain view at any point throughout these years especially when Pluto is aspecting ‘The Lights’ (Sun & Moon) (bringing the recent 7xUR-PLSQ to life again), to be given a closer inspection and judgement in relevance. Now in aspect to the Moon, emotions run deep.

My own astrology teacher, the late, great Howard Sasportas taught in reference to Pluto transits (which can be passionately emotional/relationship, psychological, sexual, or financial depending upon where Pluto lies in birth chart), that one needs to ‘go down’ and descend into the depths before ‘rising up’, stronger and more determined. Pluto’s lessons can be hard (even with good aspects), sometimes harder than Saturn’s, as they involve a total eradication of destructive emotions; particularly ignorance, jealousy and obsession. As the Lamas tell us: it is only when one is free of such attachments, one's mind is able to ascend towards the light like the lotus through muddied waters, reaching out of the dark towards the Sun and the full Light of consciousness.

“Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.” ~Zen Proverb

From an individual’s point of view, though possibly on the edge of crisis (emotional or spiritual, financial or practical), this Full Capricorn Moon spotlights the unconscious and squares up to the agent of change, Uranus: transformation can come about through surprising new means. By letting go of the obsessive need to control (others, or even one’s self, and noting that discipline is not the same as control), developing trust in those tell-tale gut-instincts can now help get closer to one’s essential essence and stay on centre.

Acknowledging past results affect future developments (a.k.a. karma) also enables us to pave the way to affect a positive outcome: events surrounding this Full Moon can actually help us to begin the process of building trust by dismantling walls – emotional, real and perceived – that prevent access to feeling wholly connected to our personal spirit of consciousness. Let go of unhelpful energy patterns, and remain mindful in the present moment to dissolve ego desire or fear, and be at one with time and space – all of which can be wonderfully liberating. 

Also, it’s good to be aware how there are always techniques that can be employed to help overcome certain negative emotions that could emerge during this Lunar culmination: we just need to practice and become familiar with methods that work. With jealousy, for instance, we need to learn how to go beyond ourselves and our own wants and worries, and truly rejoice about other people’s successes; whether in relationship, job, intelligence, strength, beauty, money, house, be happy for them – even if it means you’re are not in a situation which you had imagined.  Granted, counting other people’s blessings may be a challenging exercise for some, but it’s not impossible.  It is, however, a sure-fire way to access the inner you, the deepest part of you, from where a powerful ego transformation begins. And this alchemical treasure trove is found purely by celebrating others’ good fortune when feelings of jealousy arise.  It’s also the sacred part of the emotional body from where strength, love, and resilience can be tapped into and stored – a love that can be showered upon self, as well as others.  

To rise-up,  phoenix-like,  from the ashes of difficult situations, be they personal or collective, could now be made easier during this Capricorn Full Moon, which is, in point of astrological fact, the high-flying tail of a very helpful, rare ‘Kite Formation’. In effect throughout the Full Moon and headed by the caring Cancer Sun in the marvellous ‘Grand Water Trine’, and with active Mars and shamanic Chiron, this ‘feminine’ and rare Full Moon Kite also features a mini-triangle, with the sensitive Moon in harmonious sextile to both, the dynamic and now-direct Mars, at home in formidable Scorpio, and the Piscean ‘wounded-healer’, Chiron; this earth-water elemental combination (Capricorn Moon is ‘earthy’) suggests psychic as well as real boundaries are essential for any seed of creation to find form; bear in mind that even flying a kite in high wind needs a practiced hand with string to hold and steer the kite to apparently dance freely in flight. 

In short: this moon is for surveying old walls as well as creating careful new markers for future reference – all of which is subject to change.  Before the end of the calendar month, Uranus, the planet seeding change, will begin a lengthy retrograde. Those born between the 7 and 14th April could feel the winds of change more than most; though many will need until the end of November to understand the importance of powerful jolts of awareness. 

By the time the New Leo Moon rolls around August 2nd, the planetary energies will have shifted emphasis, towards overcoming the fear of taking personal responsibility for freedom.  When the question will be: how dependable are you? Clue: VERY!

Friday, 20 May 2016

SakaDawa Full Moon May 21st 2016

Inner truth, outer courage – Inner light, outer brilliance

Full Moon in Sagittarius
May 21st 2016 @ 21:14 UT
Stirring up courage, passion, and ardour, May’s Full Sagittarian truth-seeking Moon is most dynamic and active. And because the Moon is conjunct Mars, 21st-22nd (depending upon time zone), emotions can also be quick to rise – even though Mars is retrograde and slow (i.e. closest to the Earth, in a phase called ‘Mars Max’*). Therein lies the key; if/when dealing with destructive emotions such as anger or frustration, or when moving too fast, slow down, breathe deep; energy levels may be low (or easily drained: Mars rules the adrenal ‘fight or flight’ glands) and reactions may be awkward. So take time if making major decisions (such as buying property) and practice patience, because ‘more haste is less speed’. Or as one of my spiritual teachers says “speed is aggression”.

The Moon not only joins feisty, freedom-loving Mars during this philosophically inclined Sagittarian Moon, but on the last of the three Full Moon nights (23rd), Luna then conjuncts weighty Saturn, bringing reality to the fore. There are many astrological significators which indicate sensitivity is seriously heightened during this particular Full Moon, with excitement quickly followed by karmic payback (good or bad). Events/situations/plans that possibly link as far back as August, and/or November 2015, could even come home to roost for a final time. Yet still, due to Mercury also going forward within a day of the exact Full Moon (@21:13UT), the heart mind has the potential to realise the value of living a good and healthy life, where needs are met in an uncomplicated manner. 

Be that as it may, the Moon, and all she symbolises (empathy, the feminine, water, the people, etc.) could feel besieged by seemingly forceful influences. This Full Moon illuminates soul’s longing for a greater understanding of life’s more abstract concepts, and is actually a good time to consider the long-term: because warrior Mars and no-nonsense Saturn do not ‘perfect’ at this moment in time (i.e. they do not conjunct, but are now brought together by the Moon), far-sighted Sagittarian issues, such as mind-expansion, deeper-meaning and faith, are highlighted. A Full Moon in the sign of the centaur accents the Spiritual Warrior who lives in the ‘now’, even when presented with a glimpse of future concerns that are cosmically bound to be prominent at the end of August 2016, when Mars and Saturn finally meet (@ 10° Sagittarius).

With Moon conjoined to Mars, it also means Sun is opposite Mars.  Sun opposition Moon and Venus opposition Mars sees both sets of relationship planets on other sides of the sky. This can be the classic marriage of ‘opposites attract’ or just that others can repel; either way these two oppositions spark a creative (and sexual) tension that could all-too- easily feed ego competition. Rise to a challenge by all means, but remember that any merit in your karmic credit bank is wiped-out in one fell swoop if anger is negatively expressed. In the words of the Buddha “Anger is like holding onto hot coals – you are the one who gets hurt!”  

Luckily, Sun at 1Gemini is conjoined to harmonious Venus, still at home in Taurus. Venus helps the non-stop whirring mind of the Gemini Sun to generate a positive mental attitude with the kind of enthusiasm that fuels inner warmth and de-light. Though this is no ‘ordinary’ Venusian Love Goddess the Sun shines upon; she is combust (behind the Sun) revealing how unconditional, self-love also now means loving the wild side of the feminine and honouring the woman who runs with wolves and hunts in moonlight.

Currently at the 26th degree of Taurus, Venus aligns with a fixed star called ‘Algol’, which represents the ‘Gorgon’s Head’, the snake-hair dreadlocked Medusa, whose name originally meant ‘sovereign female wisdom’. Fixed stars pinpoint certain intensity. In this case, it is a concentrated primal feminine passion which, if obstructed or repressed, severed or feared, has the potential to dramatically turn to stone (situations and or people)– or, not-so-surprisingly, to heal, especially when the powerful feminine force is revered. Bear in mind that each one of us has an intuitive feminine side – even if you’re a guy; and Mars only disarms for Venusian charm (made especially poignant as Venus and Mars oppose each other as the Moon wanes on the 25th),  which, when embraced, restores an internal balance that inspires our natural radiance and true identity to shine. 

For many people the world over, who live in accordance with the rhythm of lunar lore, this is also a most important Moon in the Buddhist calendar, as it celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and passing of Gothama Siddartha Buddha. Buddha was a historically real person, who lived over 2500 years ago and taught that we are all born with an inner-light we can grow, to dispel darkness specifically through sharing our love and happiness. This ‘Festival of Light’ is known as ‘Wesak’ throughout Far-Eastern Asia, ‘Buddha Purnima’ in India, and ‘Saga Dawa’ in the Himalayas. It is a Full Moon is considered to be a ‘Karma Multiplied day’, encouraging a mindfulness of our own natural brilliance during this glorious light-filled Silver Moon, to be enhanced by planets Scarlet Mars, Golden Saturn, and Rosy Venus. Shine on dear astro brothers and sisters. May this be a Moon when the luminous clear light of (self) Love (not in an egotistical way) beams and radiates from within, and all around…  

Lastly, as Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of philosophical understanding and spiritual practice, I close this Full Moon report with a prayer from our great esoteric (Gemini Sun) astrologer, Alice A.Bailey, to invoke the light within.

The Great Invocation
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ** return to Earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

**Many believe in a World Teacher, a “Coming One”, knowing him under such names as the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, the Kalki Avatar and the Bodhisattva (which we can all be, by aspiring to live a life that benefits others). These terms are sometimes used in versions of the Great Invocation for people of specific faiths.

*Astologer Richard Nolle, who termed the phrase ‘SuperMoon’, also invented the name ‘Mars Max’, for the phase for when Mars is closest to the Earth and brightest in the midnight sky.

Friday, 6 May 2016

☆ •°*☾ ◯ ☽ *°•.☆ SakaDawa Lunation 6th May 2016

☆ Dominating the start of the month of ‘Saka Dawa’, a New SuperMoon at 17 Taurus (@19:29UT) consolidates the ‘Grand Earth Trine’ in operation until June 7th, to help one blossom and grow in so many beautiful ways. For one whole month, while 5 planets go loop-d-loop, it is the stabilizing Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn that provide the astral impetus to steady our nerves, stance and gaze and help maintain focus upon all that sustains and nourishes land, body and soul in a very real way. Note how the effects of this new moon are strong, and accumulative.
☆ This being one of the most special Buddhist months, when karma is multiplied, the Himalayan festival of ‘SakaDawa’ is also called ‘Wesak’ in Asia, celebrating Gothama Siddhartha Buddha's birth, enlightenment and paranirvana. In Tibetan astrology, Saka means ‘Star’ and ‘Dawa’ means Moon.
☆ Whichever star/planet is with the Moon at the Full Moon on the 22nd will influence the outcome of the culmination. This month two 'stars', i.e. planets, shine brightly in the midnight sky. One is sacred cosmic Guru Jupiter, now slowing down to go forward again (on the 9th (same day as Mercury transit)), bestowing good fortune in the realms of details, healing and/or women's issues.The planet really to watch, however, is red planet Mars, as it remains retrograde until the end of June. A retrograde Mars is restless: chomping at the bit in Sagittarius, sign of expansion and spirituality, academia and legalities, scarlet Mars seeks truth and freedom. Answers to particularly tricky and hidden issues require patience, and may take until the end of June to become apparent. (Remember this is a general guide, and one would need to check individual scopes for the Mars retrograde impact from 9 Sag-22 Scorpio.)
☆ All in all, this lunation incites powerful transformation (in relationship as well as within one’s mind), at the same time offering the conservation of helpful resources. Welcome and rejoice in any realization during this coming two week period, between now and Full SakaDawa Moon, as light grows (in the Northern Hemisphere) to illuminate how we act, especially when faced with might and courage, truth and liberation. Giving the last thought to Sogyal Rinpoche who says 'speed is agression' we need to bare in mind how anger eliminates karmic merit in an instant. Best therefore to remain practical and cautious if/when dealing with hot-heads and seemingly burning issues.
☆ With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ 🌹 & thanks to Jetter Green for cosmic artwok EarthStar

Monday, 2 May 2016

🔯 Dakini Day! ~> 2nd May 2016 _/✿\_

🔯 Bright blessings on a darkening Moon from the compassionate Dakini Goddess, with Luna in Pisces. The Mayday Sun in Taurus is Earthy; while the Moon in the sign of the Fish is Water - and conjunct oceanic Neptune - so profound sensitivity (real or imagined) is magnified. Both Lights are therefore now receptive 'Yin' in nature, emphasizing wisdom, stability, and the flow of active healing through faith and devotion (to the intuitive Goddess within). Plus a fabulous 'Grand Earth Trine' helps to consolidate, recuperate and renew until June 7th. Connect now to the Sacred Feminine to learn how to forgive, help when called, be imaginative and soothe any frazzled senses.
🔯 A New Moon @17 Taurus on Friday 6th (19:29UT) marks the beginning of the Himalayan month of SakaDawa, or ‘Wesak’ as it is called other parts of Buddhist Asia, celebrating the birth, enlightenment and paranirvana of Gautama Sakyamuni Buddha. Throughout the upcoming lunation karma is multiplied 100x. Creating merit is to be encouraged! So take time during these next five days of the waning moon to free what needs to be cleared and prepare for a lunar cycle that honours the light within. 

Flower offering to the most venerable Red Goddess, Vajrayogini, 
with artwork by talented Bernart Amygdalah Digital-Art, 
with ℒℴѵℯ & thanks _/✿\_ ☼☽♡ ¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

peace & LOVE Full Libra Moon lunar eclipse ~ March 23rd 2016

A peace & LOVE Full Libra Moon lunar eclipse is on Wednesday, exactly at midday GMT (-5 Est; + 5 ½ Delhi) and is visible in India, Australasia & the Americas. Aligning the ‘me-we’ axis at 4 degrees Aries~Libra, Sun, Moon and Earth, now highlight how we interact with others is a mirror of the way we relate to ‘self’. In other words the vibration we exude is what we tend attract into our lives, especially when it comes to relationship. Living in love grows more love; while anger or hate only manifests more hate and further negative emotion, such as blame, doubt, confusion; all of which makes relating even to one’s true self even more difficult, obscuring the essential kind and loving Buddha nature we are all born with. This eclipse urges one to live in love in regard others, without looking for ego validation.

There is no doubt this is a difficult eclipse period. And now the fiery Sun is exalted in Aries, where it exudes bravery, passion and ardour; it is also in good aspect to Mars (Mars rules Aries). Situations and emotions that surround this particular lunar eclipse may well resurface early May (and around the 22nd) and again mid-August, due to Mars (and Saturn) going retrograde April 17th for almost two months. Mars retrograde in Sagittarius accents the need to reassess the bigger picture unfolding now; specifically concerning alliances and investments made mid-February.

Spectacularly, home planet Mother Earth experiences more auroras during an equal-day, equal-night equinox period, as solar winds generate beautiful displays of light at the poles: an indication that when we are aligned and balanced, in harmony with our world, we also shine more easily. This Libra Moon helps one to appreciate the beauty in relationship, and remember that LOVE conquers all, as well as to aim for peaceful resolution of conflict.

& HAPPY HOLI everyone ~> colour me ℒℴѵℯ!

_/✿\_ ☽♡ ¸¸.•*¨*•☆ with thanks to AvatarBuddha for Buddha Entrance__/\_