Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Free your Soul & Transform through the POWER of LOVE!

Full Moon in Taurus 24th October 2018 @ 1°13’ 16:45
Free your Soul & 
Transform through the POWER of LOVE!
Set the altruistic intention firmly into place and generate the cosmic love vibration to the max, for a wildly exciting and dynamic Full Moon – one that breaks all the usual rules and sets your heart racing, as a vision of the future, bright, shiny and new, becomes clear – even as some influences dramatically hail from out-of-the-blue (people or ideas). Because this is one of the year’s most dramatic and intense, forward-thinking Full Moons in which Sun and Moon are part of a determined ‘Grand Fixed Cross’, a formation that tests commitment and resolve, ideas, as well as relationships. And because the Sun is with Love Goddess Venus, when looking to create positive change that benefits everyone – not just those we intimately love and care for, be ready for a strong blast of all-consuming Love Light. The source of such warmth and brilliance could be anyone’s guess – such is the unpredictability of events and emotions surrounding this Full Moon, which could also mark make or break moments.

Grand Crosses are mighty powerful at the best of times, let alone one that involves Venus Retrograde (Rx) with the secretive Scorpio, conjunct Spirit Sun, which are thus both opposite an exalted Taurus Full Moon, next to an open-minded astral wild-child, Uranus. Hopefully Luna’s elevated Taurean influence, as the Moon in the sign of the Bull is the best possible place to be, is to slow-down, smooth and temper the zappy and jagged Uranian pace. These four planets then form a tight Square to form the Cross with fellow Fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius, along the karmic nodal axis, pulling memories from the collective past, and thrusting them into the creative personal play pen. 

Esoteric Astrology calls all this fixity ‘The Cross of Right Direction’, as it is a powerful ‘Cross of Transformation’, leading from selfishness to selflessness. It’s not an easy Cross to bear in many ways. As the Fixed Cross implies having to go through a massive process of renewal by releasing desires, fears (of the wild mind) and every shred of all old and outworn obsessions, which is quite a tall order, but in no means impossible, as long as one remains open-minded and aware of the importance of emancipating oneself from mental slavery. 

In order to achieve the required selflessness, however, one paradoxically also needs to learn to love and value oneself. Because if you can’t love yourself, then who can you love? Which leads me to the current Venus retrograde question: can you even love those dark demons which are currently trying to hide and set up home in shadowy psychic spaces? Acknowledging how we humans have difficult emotions that often desperately need subjugating, the Scorpio Sun and Venus propose indulging a deep love of psychology and analysis. But the Moon with Uranus also highlights flashes of insight and quicker ways to deal with immediately recognised issues, purely by consciously applying the appropriate emotional antidotes that swiftly impact upon and pacify jealousy, rage, obsession or depression: all of which can actually be quite emotionally liberating. Taking either the slow path of depth psychology or the speedy application of mind-training, both methods are good. One is a means of understanding ‘why’ and the other a technique of ‘how’ to be in control. Really, what we all need are tools to there are very few who can say that they have conquered themselves and have truly renounced desire or aversion.

So, what to do if envy and fixation dog dreams or the waking mind? Firstly, among the most important ways of staying on centre is to not compare oneself to anyone – in any circumstance. When looking around at where you are now, remember that lovely saying ‘Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken’. Secondly, to overcome jealousy or obsession, as hard as it may be, make an effort to be happy if faced with situations that make you wonder why someone else should have all the luck, and not you. Seriously, learn to trust your feelings and muster up all your inside goodness and be joyful for others whose karma has ripened. Recognise how karma works in mysterious ways. And know that the more you are joyful for others (even if its an ex having a good time), the more you are happy within your own mind. Remember there are always remedies to help. When feeling angry, for instance exercise patience; if desirous exercise gratitude (for all you already have) and practice non-attachment. And for addictions (of any kind) now is a good time to reach out to connect with others who can help support the process of releasing toxins pain or suffering within a pleasant and caring environment. Those who can engender a team spirit that alleviates the feeling of isolation are probably closer than you think. 

While a change is often as good as a rest, Spirit Sun with the retrograde Venus tends to cover old ground in order to seek fairness, for the physical body, as well as in relationship. Giving value to all everyone does is paramount when the Sun is with Venus. This often means dealing with old issues, specifically those which came up nine months ago, or even 8 years ago. Old relationships could suddenly reappear, or issues that repeat themselves in your life, as well as the pertinent information that clarifies agreements. Check planets around the early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius and see where this Cross of Transformation lies and where you are cosmically bound to make dramatic change to free the heartmind and liberate your soul. Just to clarify: this Full Moon is a time to be open and clear, not tear yourself into shred or criticise yourself or others. In other words, to gain more clarity, do more of what makes you happy and less of what stresses you out, because that only clouds your emotions.

Bear in mind how Venus is also the planet of Air and Wind. Indeed, Venus even finishes her retrograde in the Air Sign Libra, at the next Full Moon (23rd November, the day before Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius!). Consciously breathing through difficult situations is incredibly energizing, with long, slow breaths that calm and pacify the internal mind. Remember how breath is mind’s vehicle to Spirit. Be aware how we are all incredibly sensitive beings, some more than others, but each with his or her own electromagnetic subtle energies coursing through the psychic and emotional body. Breathing into tension and spaces through visualisation and exercise helps to release emotional blocks and memories which get stuck in the physical body too. The ensuing lightness of heart also makes it easier to feel enthusiastic about the future, however tough it looks like when reading a newspaper. Know that no man is an island, we are all connected on Spaceship Earth, together we can heal, harmonise, and be holistically happy.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Galactic LOVE ~> Full Moon in Aries 1°59’ ~ Tuesday 25th September 2018 @ 2:51UT

A Full Moon at Equinox, when we experience equal day – equal night around the globe, naturally ramps-up the electromagnetism between Sun-Moon and Earth. Such an intense energy exchange can also escalate our own personal magnetism. Indeed, our ability to magnetise in relationship is about to get a mega-boost when the alluring Love Goddess, Venus, goes retrograde in Scorpio October 6th. But that’s another love story, saved for later tales of 40 days and 40 nights. 

Though romance does fill the air when the Sun is in Libra, life may already be extra-buzzy (and too busy) to fall head over heels in love, especially with the demands of your own affairs or the special someone, or even those who suck you into their world, into which you gravitate – and you don’t know why. Beware the latter. Remain self-aware. And stay mindful. This is a massively karmic Full Aries Moon, with potentially enduring consequences. 

✰ Because this Full Moon falls on the one day of the year our Spirit Sun exactly connects with our Galaxy’s greater cosmic whole, things are about to get mind-blowingly psychedelic, as the ‘Peace & Love’ Libra Sun aligns with the heart of a massive super-cluster of Galaxies, to which our Galaxy, the Milky Way, belongs. The name of this home super-galactic cluster is ‘Laneakia’, which is Hawaiian for ‘Immeasurable Heaven’. As Spirit Sun now illuminates our connection to the vastness of space, we, too, may be drawn to see those lines we define ourselves by and the protective barriers we erect, often though fear or pain, around our self, our families, our towns or nations, can all fade into insignificance upon appreciating how we really are a part of a hyper-gigantic unified force, connecting billions of light-years across the cosmos, all the way to planet Earth.
Yet everything is relative. Even when travelling through the awesomeness of space, which spaceship Earth is doing at 67,000 miles an hour, unless you want to fall out of your seat, it’s still important to put on one’s metaphoric safety belt. And herein lies one of this Full Moon’s many challenges: when to knuckle-down and buckle-up, and when to fly free.

✰··✰··✰··✰··✰··  Full Moon Aspects ✰··✰··✰··✰··✰··
Thankfully, during a Full Moon brimming with the dramatic tension of endings and beginnings – and a certain kind of magic - there several key pointers to help achieve a certain balance with those we love, and still get our own, and everyone else’s needs’ met. 

1) As a Cardinal Square is activated between Libra Sun and Aries (Harvest) Moon and karmic Saturn in Capricorn, there are bound to be difficulties in finding both liberation AND stability, one or the other, but to experience both will take a rare kind of wisdom. 

Whatever you are dealing with, the Moon’s association with Chiron suggests self-care is paramount before taking care of anyone or anything else – if only to be in tip-top condition and ready and ripe for action, and/or to keep feet on the ground and stop yourself from becoming moody, anxious or resentful. You know what the Air Steward says when traversing choppy sky: “look after yourself first, before taking care of the more vulnerable”.
2) The bright Libra Sun emanating peace, love, beauty and harmony isn’t enough, however. We have to embody equanimity for those in authority to show respect. Yes, you can jangle beads and wear flowers in your hair, even bandy waving placards in the face of injustice, but serious action is now called for, albeit in a cautious manner.

 It is essential to communicate clearly about how much we care, about o with whom, and what we want do or to nurture. Make sure everyone now in your close circle remains informed. Otherwise, should things go wrong in any event we risk blaming others for any hurt, upset or obstacle we could encounter. 

Because the artistic Libra Sun is with Mercury, planet of the mind, it’s even okay to sit on the fence for a while when making decisions. At least from that vantage point one has a painterly view, seeing both sides of any story – and any major choices will be the result of having looked the issue from every angle. But don’t dilly-dally too long, and be prepared to make interesting changes October 10th.

3) Whenever Luna is in Aries there is usually a cause to champion, and a rush to charge in where angels fear to tread. Be aware, however: an Aires Moon with Shamanic Chiron can be fast and furious, and idiotically clumsy. Only with personal responsibility, self-confidence and total self-awareness can we really be as autonomous as a Full Aries Moon suggests. With the Libra Sun providing emotional balance, one may avoid the danger of self-inflicting wounds which merely prove just how self-centred and childish we can be. Sorry if that sounds harsh. But when drama unfolds and action stations may no longer be a drill, we need to be able to act with certainty, understanding strengths, skills and limitations, and when we can rely upon others.

In point of astral Aries Moon fact, it’s time to be nice to that crazy inner-wild-child. Life can be unbelievably tough for many beings – even when we look at others and think they have it all (whatever ‘it’ is), there can be issues going on under the surface that carry the burden of suffering. The Aries Moon can live life like a battle field, so gentle-up now with Shaman Chiron, and any war-wounds that need a little more healing time and space.

✰ Under any difficult circumstance, the heavens now suggest that if we feel down we pick ourselves and to do what we need to support our self in relationship. Put on the symbolic Band-Aid if necessary, and try not to add more damage. Remember too, how Libran diplomacy is a currency that can be traded and bartered. Note how much more gets done with kind words. Rather than shouting or barking orders, be inspired by Keanu Reeves, who says If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other living beings, then you're a badass with a heart of an angel.” Let the badass angel’s heart beat loud and strong right now.

4) As both Sun and Moon are in the tight Cardinal ‘T’ Square with taskmaster Saturn, now boosted by being at home in Capricorn, self-management and self-motivation go a long way, both at work, and play. Under pressure, events around a passionate Aries Moon can be fiery and volatile. Those in tune with the Full Aries Moon can quickly bounce back to swiftly regain composure however, to keep ones’ cool and be the reassuring person who can lead others if called for, or should problems arise. 

✰ As the hierarchical ruler of Libra, Saturn is very dominant this Full Moon chart. As well as being the overlord for the current Fixed Cross, Saturn learns to come from heart is the way to create helpful karma. 

Working situations could also require innovative quick-thinking as well as bucket loads of charm to achieve satisfaction. All-the-while Saturn urges us to keep an eye on distant goals and a long term 38-year cycles (1982-2020), especially when methodically overcoming obstacles.  

5) The Grand Fixed Cross which shaped into being with the New Virgo Moon, 9th September is set to stay until the beginning of November, to remind us of the quality of light and life within our collective human soul. For a Grand Cross to stay so long is rare, so we have some time to make the most of what it has to offer: this particular Fixed Cross emanates issues of freedom and closeness, as liberating Uranus in earthy Taurus opposite an about-to-go-retrograde Venus in powerful Scorpio, crossed with the fated nodal axis in Leo-Aquarius; turning this of cross transformation one moves from being selfish to selflessness.

This Fixed Cross highlights a critical spiritual mass illumination, when we become aware of issues larger than one self. It is a time of no turning back, as collective Spiritual intuition permeates the noosphere with an understanding of the brilliance of the human spirit and soul, particularly in relation to the extent of solar, planetary, and galactic forces.  

✰ Basically, now is the time to be aware of direction and influences, and get determined to not mess around too much. Use this current fixity to harness immovable intent. Unhook from old habits and find an inner freedom from being released  Also during the Fixed Cross it’s wise to develop an understanding of the plethora of system changes now taking place within the collective consciousness. Not that all systems are meant to be rigidly held in place all the time for anyone, including the light-worker spiritual warrior: rules are always made to be broken; but current celestial guidelines advise creating good karma and standing strongly in Spirit and developing intuition. 

6) Another features in the Full Moon horoscope worthy of mention is the ‘Mystic Rectangle’, a pattern often referred to as the place of practical magic; in this case the Full Moon and Spirit Sun are with planetary protagonists from the Fixed Cross, as the Moon trines the destiny-fulfilling North Node, which then Sun Sextiles, as Sun trines the Mars, South Node Black Moon Lilith conjunction, which in sextile to the Moon. It’s a tightly bound box containing much spiritual juju. 

While the Mystic Rectangle is generally helpful, raising the altruistic intention when dealing with issues of abandonment or aggression , and doing what is best for everyone, shows that compassion is actually a form of shamanic self-healing - for those giving and those receiving – everyone benefits from kindness.
And with that I wish you all a wonderful Equinox Full Moon. It would be also wonderful to see you at the upcoming C*I*A retreat in beautiful Uki, Australia, when we will be exploring how to connect and strengthen our personal connection to Spirit and Soul. Come! There are a few places left! And share in a place of beauty, trust and calm.

Thanks to Mandala Life for Red Dakini Kurulula

Info re Uki retreat is here:

Friday, 24 August 2018

Perfect Bliss ~ Full Moon 3°12’ Pisces 2018

Perfect Bliss ~ Full Moon 3°12’ Pisces @11:55UT
Sunday 26th August 2018
Whenever the Sun is in Virgo there’s an inclination to strive for perfection. The perfect dream, partner, poem, job, school, or home, the Virgo Goddess (within) urges everyone to be the best they can by remaining informed, aware, and wholeheartedly practical. In a world of disarray, Virgo so often sets about helping and serving others to realise a healthy purity in mind, body and spirit: physically, through diet and regime; mentally, through intellectual inquiry and life-style; and, perhaps most importantly, maintaining a healthy spirit by fully engaging in the present, learning from the past, but not being bound by what’s been – or coming-up – just plain old in the ‘here and now’.
You’ve heard the maxim ‘Chop wood, carry water’ in reference to taking care of personal daily needs at the same time finding pleasure in daily life – even after realising ‘enlightenment’. Well, it is Virgo, as Sacred Goddess, that has the immediate ability to elevate everyday chores to make the divine ordinary and the ordinary blissfully divine: so the most mundane thoughts or tasks become a means to accomplishment. And as the Full Moon Virgo Sun radiates at the apex of rare astrological formations, best keep life hyper-real and surmount any inhibition that limits self-expression or the actualisation of potentialities – plural. 

Living in multi-dimensional times, waves of potential ripple and ride through the deepest undercurrents of mass collective consciousness, brought to light now with an oceanic Moon in magical Pisces. Be aware that unless you have the ability to intuitively recognise fantasy from actual, the relative from the ultimate – easier said than done – one could waste many precious moments and be manipulated or swept along by the promise of glamour and glitz from a spellbinding snake-oil salesman, when the ‘real’ thing is actually much more enchanting. 

Under such mesmerising circumstance, the practical Virgoan ‘power of now’ is paramount, in order to remain healthy and ‘grounded’, i.e. practical, stable, and reliable. Not grounded in the North American meaning that you can’t go out because you’ve been naughty in any way! But ‘grounded’ as in centred within one’s self, rooted in daily ritual, connected to Mother planet Earth. Nurtured by the bounty of the Virgo Earth  Goddess a distinctly feminine and spiritual perception of beauty and wisdom currently stimulates the imagination, accentuating the bliss discovered within music, dance, yoga, theatre, art, film, mantra, meditation, prayer; all of which can eliminate the toxic or negative: confusion, delusion, addiction.   

Back now to those rare aspects in the chart of this Virgo Sun, Full Moon in Pisces:

1) A Grand Earth Trine
A Grand Trine formation has three planets 120° apart that contains goodness and cooperation. Now accenting planets in the three Earth signs, this Grand Earth trine gives strength to Uranus in Taurus, the Sun in Virgo, accenting Spirit in service, and Saturn at home in Capricorn. Our environment also comes under astral focus – as does our work, well-being, and social standing. All these rather materialistic topics are impacted by personal input and actions. For instance, Uranus now in Taurus suggests leaps and bounds when dealing with alternatives within our individual and collective value system: i.e. how we care for our (techno) things, land, food and housing; Spirit Sun in the sign of the Virgin, at the apex of the stabilising Trine (AND the apex of the Finger of God – more on that in a moment!) advocates a certain devotion to all we are, and all we think and do – not with Leo razzmatazz (although some mercurial types won’t be able to resist the drama), but a down to earth expediency gets the job done; all the while Saturn in Capricorn indicates reliability, diligence and karmic rewards. 

Keeping the faith and working thoughtfully and methodically now accomplishes much more than rushing at something with misguided hope (When planets turn direct quite a few ideas and plans spin into action.). But when three planets harmonise together in such a way as a Grand Earth Trine, the heavens suggests it is a lot easier now than it has been for quite a while, for taking individual responsibility for the kind of personal change and development that leaves behind some diehard old habits, even with a subtle change of routine 

Though it has to be said that the Trine between Saturn & Uranus never actually perfects, as Time Lord Saturn has now picked-up speed, all-the-while Uranus goes retrograde ( heading back to revisit Aries from November to March (going forward January 6th 2019); now is the time to integrate the cutting edge into traditional scenarios.

The rejuvenating qualities of the feminine Grand Earth Trine Shakti power lasts almost a whole month; the Full Moon’s Grand Trine-Kite is the celestial icing on a fairy tale cake. It also comes with reminder how not to indulge too much, nor wear yourself out or take your eye off the ball, lest you miss a wonderful opportunity to put some sparkle into life. Take note how Grand Trines - and Kites, for that matter - carry fantastic positive potential, all of which can be frittered away in a moment’s distraction. So hone your insights skills now! 

2)  Yin Kite - Earth-Water
A ‘Kite’ shape occurs when one planet in a triangle formation – the Virgo Sun in this case, which makes an opposition to another planet, i.e. the Full Pisces Moon, which then becomes the mid-point, i.e. 60° apart from the two other planets in the triangle (Saturn & Uranus); effectively creating a mini-triangle in addition to the larger Grand Trine, that flies the skies in a magical formation. Sun and Moon also form the axis with a ‘higher’ vibration, accenting a talent for the elevated but entertaining view.  

This ‘Kite’ again highlights sensitivity to the feminine, yin elements, Earth and Water, helping to develop empathy and compassion, as well as tap into lucid dreams to resolve unconscious behaviour and patterns.

3) A Finger of Fate, aka ‘the Finger of God’
More pointed than the Grand Trine is the Finger of God, aka the Finger of Fate: a ‘funnel’ aspect, in which energies are filtered into focus, via two quincunx aspects, 150° separated by a 60° sextile. Again, the Sun is at the sharp end, reiterating the Virgoan talent for detail and healing when perfecting skills, especially creative gifts which can be of service to others.  Sometimes the two planets which are at the end of the funnel can even receive qualities from the pointer (the Sun). When the retrograde Mars forms an agreeable sextile to Shamanic Chiron, both can push up through the Sun, to illuminate all that needs Virgo’s restoration in the professional arenas.

4) Mars goes direct the day after the Full Moon!!! So this is no ordinary Mars in the Full Moon chart: this is Mars stationed at his most powerful, at his degree of exaltation, 28 Capricorn. After months of retrograde motion, the Sun’s henchman Mars returned to this exalted position in Capricorn to prove how to uphold conservative authority with experienced majesty, before again putting boundless energy into the wild and new when the scarlet planet returns to Aquarius, September 11th.  Events around the Equinox, September 23rd, could also have a martial feel to them. 
While this may be a present moment when the proficient and practiced are honoured, it might be helpful in the future to recall a quote from Hunter S. Thompson who said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” 

5) Because there’s also the ongoing Fixed T-Square with Uranus in Taurus and the Moon’s nodes, which turns into a ‘Fixed Cross’ at the next New Moon, when the power to transform is heightened.   
6 & 7) Lastly, we’re also still in the last throws of the 3rd dreamy and expansive, Jupiter trine Neptune (which was exact August 19th, and 2026 is next similar aspect!). 

At the time of the Full Moon, Mercury in Leo is in the same place it was July 10th, which was the same day Jupiter went forward after this year’s retrograde. To compound this Mercury Jupiter connection, the celestial courier makes a third tight, challenging square to Jupiter. That the heavenly messenger makes a last defiant hit to the Cosmic Teacher Jupiter within orb of the last Jupiter–Neptune Trine, could create a conflict in wanting to know everything, at the same time as being in awe of life’s mysteries. By accepting that we can’t know everything could even help to open the mind to understand the bigger celestial picture, that all is truth, consciousness and bliss*, which enchants most when the Full Moon is in magical and mystical Pisces. 

Happy Pisces Full Moon to everyone!

Before closing I wanted to let you know that I am excited and honoured to be invited to share ‘Celestial Secrets’ with C*I*A members and guests at the October C*I*A retreat, near Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. It will be wonderful to see you there!
With blessings of Love & Light, Laura aka Agent Astro Dakini

Places highlighted over this Full Moon: West Africa (Benin, Mail, Niger, and Algeria), France, Guatemala, Mexico, and Central USA: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Dakotas; Saskatchewan Canada, Burma, Mongolia, and eastern Russia.
Aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something.” Henry David Thoreau
                        *Otherwise known as ‘Sat, Chit, Ananda’.

Gorgeous artwork, with love & thanks for ripple-effect by yuliya-glavnaya

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky”. Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Activate a Generous Heart & Find Freedom in Creativity ~ Lunar Eclipse July 27th 2018

Full Moon 4.44° Aquarius Friday 27th July @20:18UT
“A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are things which renew humanity.” ~ The Golden Rule Revolution (Elaine Parkes)

A destiny-fulfilling, hot and passionate, fiery Full Blood Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, 27th July 2018, the longest eclipse of the century and the second in a rare series of three eclipses. Astrologically aligned in the signs Leo and Aquarius, this eclipse encourages an in depth exploration of both heart AND mind. The first of this unusual eclipse series began with a karmic gate opening the very essence of our spirit with the New Cancer Moon 12th July; the third is an inspired Leo New Moon, August 11th. Indeed, it is not until 2020 do we next encounter a similar set of triple eclipses – from when it is an even longer wait until 2027 and the next time this concentrated ‘power-of-three’ astronomical alignment takes place - the last was 2013. You get the picture: this eclipse season opens a very special kind of psychic Star Gate – through which one can have a clear and open view of ‘self’ in relation to one’s fellow travellers on spaceship Earth. Whether one actually musters up the mettle to go through this magical portal in order to evolve, connect heart to heart to the ‘higher’ self and other kindred spirits and make dramatic changes in one’s life will depend upon a level of personal courage and collective clarity – and how easily one can handle an arrogant ego and the unpredictable way of things. 


As the radiant light of the majestic Leo Sun conjuncts the North Node, aka the Dragon’s Head, or Rahu, the celestial spotlight dramatically highlights watershed moments and crucial turning points (at the 4 degree marker of Leo and Aquarius). Think back: did you step through another ‘Star Gate’ approximately 9 and/or 18 years ago? Measure how you have developed and grown to get an idea of how to handle a potentially similar circumstance. The difference between past critical periods and now is how the life-giving Sol is currently in league with Pallas Athena, one of the larger asteroids representing female creativity with spectacular strategies. Pallas Athena suggests a strong feminine force can influence a future that impacts upon larger group activities. Her support is invaluable in being able to assess and sway not only what we may personally be going through, but how transparent are mutual social concerns and, perhaps more importantly, who is now willing to become a people’s champion. 

Pallas Athena’s presence at the heart of this eclipse indicates it is the valour and strength of the intelligent warrior woman that aids present planning which can lead to major breakthroughs. While this may be taken literally as in having a female advisor, such as a young daughter gifting words of wisdom to her father, or just by tuning into and listening to our own sensitive ‘feminine’ side in an impartial manner; when we affiliate with the feminine we can more easily determine the selfish from the selfless and provide the kind of support called for in exciting but volatile times. Pallas Athena currently seeks to heal and transform passion, drive and aggression through art, love and romance, adding a decidedly feminine touch to the Leo-ruled Sun’s fiery yang.  (Its also been brought to my attention how Athens is also burning :( prayers of love and healing are being sent from my side)

Opposite the Sun is the Yin Moon, with the South Node, aka the Dragon’s Tail, or Ketu; whenever the Moon is conjunct Ketu there’s often a sense of dΓ©jΓ  vu, sometimes facing challenging emotions and situations we have been through before (either due to past life or just a previous similar situation). And so it appears a confrontation with past karma is staring right at us now, upfront and personal.

☆ As the sensitive Moon is also conjunct a retrograde Mars it is time to release and let go of destructive emotions (anger, greed, jealousy, hatred, doubt) that hold us back (in time), and learn how to be at our best at home, at work, and those with whom we are in daily contact without being abusive, pushy, argumentative, or creating explosive conflict which, due to the current backward movement of Mars, the astral God of War, would probably backfire anyway.

Currently on the back-foot, Mars is also involved in a protracted four-month long aspect, with Uranus in a hard, three-hit whammy. Having a reputation for left-field brilliance, Uranus rules the wacky and wonderful Altruistic Aquarius, the sign of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Together, Mars and Uranus signify explosive and sudden snaps and cracks out of the blue and flashes of insight. Both Uranus and Aquarius are also symbols of extremes. So while there are Aquarian types who live for freedom and liberation from suffering, always acting for the benefit of humanity and all sentient beings, there are also others who, for whatever reason, create chaos and disruption with the same kind of zeal. Whether madness or magical, edgy chaos is compounded by the Sun’s tight square to Uranus July 25th, extending into a Fixed ‘T-Square’ with the Full Moon and Mars.  

Tension is high, particularly in busy zappy places with large groups of people. Watch-out as nerves fray and tempers bubble and boil. Note how the dynamic hot-head Mars remains in backward motion until the end of August, when it dips back from spacy Aquarius into realistic Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. This means that even though assertive Mars is currently ‘out-of-bounds’, i.e. unpredictable and unruly, and features as a main protagonist in this intense eclipse horoscope, it is actually slow and in retreat. Defence mechanisms now need to be reviewed. Duck and cover if necessary. Negative forces may seem to be on the rise, but taking time out to assess the state of opponents (real, or ego’s psychological demons) and how to make the most from potential new positions can be a sign of strength, not surrender. Come the August 11th eclipse, Mars could be slightly more powerful due to its’ executive Capricorn qualities – but still I would not advise starting fights or getting involved in contentious mud-slinging, even if having to stand one’s ground.  

In the actual night sky a retrograde fiery red Mars is an amazing sight to behold, however (Along with all the other seven planets now visible-to-the-naked-eye!). Build strength and stamina and put some iron in your soul when contemplating the scarlet planet at the zenith of the mid-night heavens these next couple of months; the closeness of Mars during such a long sojourn in Aquarius (since May16th) creates perfect viewing conditions. After two months of being in apparent backward motion, dynamic Mars goes forward on the 28th August. As the planet of action, Mars symbolises the feisty and furious, fighting to make one’s mark is not the same as carefully defending what you believe requires protection (which is why Mars is exalted in no-nonsense Capricorn). In any event throughout this Leo eclipse season bear in mind that "Hatred will not cease by hatred, but by love alone. This is the ancient law."  ~ Buddha
☆ Although progress may be short-lived, needing to be repeated to firm-up any advances, because, and just to complicate the current celestial climate Mercury, the heaven’s courier, is retrograde over this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse too! Regular C*I*A readers know the Mercury retrograde drill: double check, triple check and even quadruple check all forms of communication and timetables, especially missives appertaining to spiritual aspirations, personal ambitions, art, creativity, parties and children, LOVE and romance! Is there anything worse than having a hot date turn-up at the wrong time or place?! Lovers beware: timing is crucial. Also, it’s good to take extra-care of personal details during this Mercury retro period. Data hungry Mercury accents the need to understand the importance of one’s own facts and files and the position held within certain (obscure) technological systems that may now be aired and investigated.

Cloaked in the fire of wisdom, Mercury is fairly close to the Sun (19°) during this eclipse. Reading as an individual’s horoscope, I would extend the orb of contact and associate the wily planet of the mind, medicine and messages, with the heart-centred power of the Sun; and, as Mercury is also in the sign of the brave hearted Lion, it is therefore under the beams of the Solar Spirit’s essential position of regal Leo dignity. The mercurial messenger is going back all the way to 11° Leo (on the 19th August), not quite to the same degree as the Full Moon, but close to Pallas Athena’s current position, so carefully assessed planning could be the key when unlocking the codes to the illusive Star Gate.
Stay cool, cosmic friends. How we communicate with others is vital to getting needs met. Trickster Mercury has many modes of communication. Roar like the Leo lion if you want to alienate; but dialogue and listening and taking others feelings, thoughts and plans into consideration will avoid admiration turning into contempt. For when meetings are entered into with the spirit of respect and compromise, and with the manners of a Sun King, there’s a greater chance of cooperation so that all parties have happier future prospects.

•°*☾⊕☽ *°•.☆

As the Solar cosmic wheel turns in Sun-ruled Leo, it reaches the half-way cross-quarter point of Fixed Fire, fanned by Aquarian Air. Aquarius is a future-orientated sign; and this Aquarian Full Moon Red Eclipse next to Scarlet Mars will no doubt prove to be memorable moment to carry well into the Equinox. 

Remember to set the innovative Aquarian altruistic intention, aware that during an eclipse all kinds of energies swirl in and out of the nodal vortex, as Sun, Moon and Earth will align for Earth to block out the light of the Sun. So that when we see a coppery red Moon we can align our heart-mind to the inventive creative spirit and be true to our soul’s resonance. 

Coming to end of this report it’s worth noting how this Eclipse is visible from quite a large land mass. Only the USA doesn’t get to see it, yet the West Coast of America is among the places of stress and geophysical tension, along with the Middle East, Japan, China, and Brazilian Coast.

It is also the Indian ‘Guru Purnima’, the Full Moon honouring  Spiritual Teachers who guide across time and space. Ending this Full Moon astro report with a heartfelt ‘Namaste’ to Indian readers and teachers (*hands together in prayer mode at the heart and with a deep bow*), love and astral blessings to all from Astro Agent Dakini, until next month Rumi has the last word, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”