Tuesday, 19 July 2016

‘Guru Purnima’, a.k.a. the 'Teacher’s Moon’ ~ Full Capricorn Moon 2016

Tonight's Full Capricorn Moon (@23:57bst) is ‘Guru Purnima’, a.k.a. the 'Teacher’s Moon’, to honour the illuminating insight of the spiritual instructor (which the aspirant carries within the heart (of his or her own Sun)). Devotion to a teacher is often misunderstood (in western society), as we so often think we will achieve enlightenment on our own, without being shown or taught how to. And while its true that a few bright spirits do have the karma to be self-illuminating, for the most part our inherent potential for enlightment needs a guiding hand to steer our thoughts and actions towards the light - which is where the compassionate and wise spiritual teacher steps in to help us become wiser, kinder, and more loving. That said, even Shakyamuni Buddha advised everyone to test his teachings as if they were nuggets of gold, and not just accept out of reverence. So in the words of our most precious guiding light, H.H.14th Dalai Lama, “The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual's own reason and critical analysis.” i.e. 'the teacher within'. As such, this is the Moon to give thanks for the wisdom of the sages. __/\__

Beautiful art from Karma Phuntsok, with love & thanks for sharing

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Full Moon in Capricorn ~ July 16 ~> Shadow & Light

The lunation now culminating in a midnight Full Capricorn Moon on the 19th/20th July (22:57 19th UT) began earlier this July, with the still cardinal Cancer Sun and its’ ruler, the Moon, opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the tiny outer-planet that packs powerful impact. As a ‘generational’ planet, Pluto’s influence can be extremely far-reaching, working on subtle and atomic, psychic levels; weighing the soul evolution of the masses, especially notable when accented by the waxing Full Moon, as it is this July 2016.

At the further-reaches of our solar system, Pluto is ‘Lord of the Underworld’. As such, any heavenly body that comes into contact with Pluto is familiarized with the shadowy world of the hidden and a depth of psychology in which one faces existential fears and phobias and unspoken taboos such as sexual relations, death, and taxes. Pluto currently holds sway over the determined and practical Sea-Goat, Capricorn – an ambitious sign that requires (spiritual) initiation when crossing into its threshold, which Pluto entered 2008 and finally leaves on November 2024. During this 16-year period, Pluto’s journey from dark to light (and back again for some), signifies testing times, discipline, and intense rites-of-passage in personal and collective transformation through the dissolution of traditional power structures and old crystallised thoughts or worn-out ideals that no longer support or prevent the revelation of truth. Be aware: whatever is no longer necessary, or that has been secretly pushed under-the-carpet and out-of-sight, can suddenly find itself in plain view at any point throughout these years especially when Pluto is aspecting ‘The Lights’ (Sun & Moon) (bringing the recent 7xUR-PLSQ to life again), to be given a closer inspection and judgement in relevance. Now in aspect to the Moon, emotions run deep.

My own astrology teacher, the late, great Howard Sasportas taught in reference to Pluto transits (which can be passionately emotional/relationship, psychological, sexual, or financial depending upon where Pluto lies in birth chart), that one needs to ‘go down’ and descend into the depths before ‘rising up’, stronger and more determined. Pluto’s lessons can be hard (even with good aspects), sometimes harder than Saturn’s, as they involve a total eradication of destructive emotions; particularly ignorance, jealousy and obsession. As the Lamas tell us: it is only when one is free of such attachments, one's mind is able to ascend towards the light like the lotus through muddied waters, reaching out of the dark towards the Sun and the full Light of consciousness.

“Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.” ~Zen Proverb

From an individual’s point of view, though possibly on the edge of crisis (emotional or spiritual, financial or practical), this Full Capricorn Moon spotlights the unconscious and squares up to the agent of change, Uranus: transformation can come about through surprising new means. By letting go of the obsessive need to control (others, or even one’s self, and noting that discipline is not the same as control), developing trust in those tell-tale gut-instincts can now help get closer to one’s essential essence and stay on centre.

Acknowledging past results affect future developments (a.k.a. karma) also enables us to pave the way to affect a positive outcome: events surrounding this Full Moon can actually help us to begin the process of building trust by dismantling walls – emotional, real and perceived – that prevent access to feeling wholly connected to our personal spirit of consciousness. Let go of unhelpful energy patterns, and remain mindful in the present moment to dissolve ego desire or fear, and be at one with time and space – all of which can be wonderfully liberating. 

Also, it’s good to be aware how there are always techniques that can be employed to help overcome certain negative emotions that could emerge during this Lunar culmination: we just need to practice and become familiar with methods that work. With jealousy, for instance, we need to learn how to go beyond ourselves and our own wants and worries, and truly rejoice about other people’s successes; whether in relationship, job, intelligence, strength, beauty, money, house, be happy for them – even if it means you’re are not in a situation which you had imagined.  Granted, counting other people’s blessings may be a challenging exercise for some, but it’s not impossible.  It is, however, a sure-fire way to access the inner you, the deepest part of you, from where a powerful ego transformation begins. And this alchemical treasure trove is found purely by celebrating others’ good fortune when feelings of jealousy arise.  It’s also the sacred part of the emotional body from where strength, love, and resilience can be tapped into and stored – a love that can be showered upon self, as well as others.  

To rise-up,  phoenix-like,  from the ashes of difficult situations, be they personal or collective, could now be made easier during this Capricorn Full Moon, which is, in point of astrological fact, the high-flying tail of a very helpful, rare ‘Kite Formation’. In effect throughout the Full Moon and headed by the caring Cancer Sun in the marvellous ‘Grand Water Trine’, and with active Mars and shamanic Chiron, this ‘feminine’ and rare Full Moon Kite also features a mini-triangle, with the sensitive Moon in harmonious sextile to both, the dynamic and now-direct Mars, at home in formidable Scorpio, and the Piscean ‘wounded-healer’, Chiron; this earth-water elemental combination (Capricorn Moon is ‘earthy’) suggests psychic as well as real boundaries are essential for any seed of creation to find form; bear in mind that even flying a kite in high wind needs a practiced hand with string to hold and steer the kite to apparently dance freely in flight. 

In short: this moon is for surveying old walls as well as creating careful new markers for future reference – all of which is subject to change.  Before the end of the calendar month, Uranus, the planet seeding change, will begin a lengthy retrograde. Those born between the 7 and 14th April could feel the winds of change more than most; though many will need until the end of November to understand the importance of powerful jolts of awareness. 

By the time the New Leo Moon rolls around August 2nd, the planetary energies will have shifted emphasis, towards overcoming the fear of taking personal responsibility for freedom.  When the question will be: how dependable are you? Clue: VERY!

Friday, 20 May 2016

SakaDawa Full Moon May 21st 2016

Inner truth, outer courage – Inner light, outer brilliance

Full Moon in Sagittarius
May 21st 2016 @ 21:14 UT
Stirring up courage, passion, and ardour, May’s Full Sagittarian truth-seeking Moon is most dynamic and active. And because the Moon is conjunct Mars, 21st-22nd (depending upon time zone), emotions can also be quick to rise – even though Mars is retrograde and slow (i.e. closest to the Earth, in a phase called ‘Mars Max’*). Therein lies the key; if/when dealing with destructive emotions such as anger or frustration, or when moving too fast, slow down, breathe deep; energy levels may be low (or easily drained: Mars rules the adrenal ‘fight or flight’ glands) and reactions may be awkward. So take time if making major decisions (such as buying property) and practice patience, because ‘more haste is less speed’. Or as one of my spiritual teachers says “speed is aggression”.

The Moon not only joins feisty, freedom-loving Mars during this philosophically inclined Sagittarian Moon, but on the last of the three Full Moon nights (23rd), Luna then conjuncts weighty Saturn, bringing reality to the fore. There are many astrological significators which indicate sensitivity is seriously heightened during this particular Full Moon, with excitement quickly followed by karmic payback (good or bad). Events/situations/plans that possibly link as far back as August, and/or November 2015, could even come home to roost for a final time. Yet still, due to Mercury also going forward within a day of the exact Full Moon (@21:13UT), the heart mind has the potential to realise the value of living a good and healthy life, where needs are met in an uncomplicated manner. 

Be that as it may, the Moon, and all she symbolises (empathy, the feminine, water, the people, etc.) could feel besieged by seemingly forceful influences. This Full Moon illuminates soul’s longing for a greater understanding of life’s more abstract concepts, and is actually a good time to consider the long-term: because warrior Mars and no-nonsense Saturn do not ‘perfect’ at this moment in time (i.e. they do not conjunct, but are now brought together by the Moon), far-sighted Sagittarian issues, such as mind-expansion, deeper-meaning and faith, are highlighted. A Full Moon in the sign of the centaur accents the Spiritual Warrior who lives in the ‘now’, even when presented with a glimpse of future concerns that are cosmically bound to be prominent at the end of August 2016, when Mars and Saturn finally meet (@ 10° Sagittarius).

With Moon conjoined to Mars, it also means Sun is opposite Mars.  Sun opposition Moon and Venus opposition Mars sees both sets of relationship planets on other sides of the sky. This can be the classic marriage of ‘opposites attract’ or just that others can repel; either way these two oppositions spark a creative (and sexual) tension that could all-too- easily feed ego competition. Rise to a challenge by all means, but remember that any merit in your karmic credit bank is wiped-out in one fell swoop if anger is negatively expressed. In the words of the Buddha “Anger is like holding onto hot coals – you are the one who gets hurt!”  

Luckily, Sun at 1Gemini is conjoined to harmonious Venus, still at home in Taurus. Venus helps the non-stop whirring mind of the Gemini Sun to generate a positive mental attitude with the kind of enthusiasm that fuels inner warmth and de-light. Though this is no ‘ordinary’ Venusian Love Goddess the Sun shines upon; she is combust (behind the Sun) revealing how unconditional, self-love also now means loving the wild side of the feminine and honouring the woman who runs with wolves and hunts in moonlight.

Currently at the 26th degree of Taurus, Venus aligns with a fixed star called ‘Algol’, which represents the ‘Gorgon’s Head’, the snake-hair dreadlocked Medusa, whose name originally meant ‘sovereign female wisdom’. Fixed stars pinpoint certain intensity. In this case, it is a concentrated primal feminine passion which, if obstructed or repressed, severed or feared, has the potential to dramatically turn to stone (situations and or people)– or, not-so-surprisingly, to heal, especially when the powerful feminine force is revered. Bear in mind that each one of us has an intuitive feminine side – even if you’re a guy; and Mars only disarms for Venusian charm (made especially poignant as Venus and Mars oppose each other as the Moon wanes on the 25th),  which, when embraced, restores an internal balance that inspires our natural radiance and true identity to shine. 

For many people the world over, who live in accordance with the rhythm of lunar lore, this is also a most important Moon in the Buddhist calendar, as it celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and passing of Gothama Siddartha Buddha. Buddha was a historically real person, who lived over 2500 years ago and taught that we are all born with an inner-light we can grow, to dispel darkness specifically through sharing our love and happiness. This ‘Festival of Light’ is known as ‘Wesak’ throughout Far-Eastern Asia, ‘Buddha Purnima’ in India, and ‘Saga Dawa’ in the Himalayas. It is a Full Moon is considered to be a ‘Karma Multiplied day’, encouraging a mindfulness of our own natural brilliance during this glorious light-filled Silver Moon, to be enhanced by planets Scarlet Mars, Golden Saturn, and Rosy Venus. Shine on dear astro brothers and sisters. May this be a Moon when the luminous clear light of (self) Love (not in an egotistical way) beams and radiates from within, and all around…  

Lastly, as Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of philosophical understanding and spiritual practice, I close this Full Moon report with a prayer from our great esoteric (Gemini Sun) astrologer, Alice A.Bailey, to invoke the light within.

The Great Invocation
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ** return to Earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

**Many believe in a World Teacher, a “Coming One”, knowing him under such names as the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, the Kalki Avatar and the Bodhisattva (which we can all be, by aspiring to live a life that benefits others). These terms are sometimes used in versions of the Great Invocation for people of specific faiths.

*Astologer Richard Nolle, who termed the phrase ‘SuperMoon’, also invented the name ‘Mars Max’, for the phase for when Mars is closest to the Earth and brightest in the midnight sky.

Friday, 6 May 2016

☆ •°*☾ ◯ ☽ *°•.☆ SakaDawa Lunation 6th May 2016

☆ Dominating the start of the month of ‘Saka Dawa’, a New SuperMoon at 17 Taurus (@19:29UT) consolidates the ‘Grand Earth Trine’ in operation until June 7th, to help one blossom and grow in so many beautiful ways. For one whole month, while 5 planets go loop-d-loop, it is the stabilizing Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn that provide the astral impetus to steady our nerves, stance and gaze and help maintain focus upon all that sustains and nourishes land, body and soul in a very real way. Note how the effects of this new moon are strong, and accumulative.
☆ This being one of the most special Buddhist months, when karma is multiplied, the Himalayan festival of ‘SakaDawa’ is also called ‘Wesak’ in Asia, celebrating Gothama Siddhartha Buddha's birth, enlightenment and paranirvana. In Tibetan astrology, Saka means ‘Star’ and ‘Dawa’ means Moon.
☆ Whichever star/planet is with the Moon at the Full Moon on the 22nd will influence the outcome of the culmination. This month two 'stars', i.e. planets, shine brightly in the midnight sky. One is sacred cosmic Guru Jupiter, now slowing down to go forward again (on the 9th (same day as Mercury transit)), bestowing good fortune in the realms of details, healing and/or women's issues.The planet really to watch, however, is red planet Mars, as it remains retrograde until the end of June. A retrograde Mars is restless: chomping at the bit in Sagittarius, sign of expansion and spirituality, academia and legalities, scarlet Mars seeks truth and freedom. Answers to particularly tricky and hidden issues require patience, and may take until the end of June to become apparent. (Remember this is a general guide, and one would need to check individual scopes for the Mars retrograde impact from 9 Sag-22 Scorpio.)
☆ All in all, this lunation incites powerful transformation (in relationship as well as within one’s mind), at the same time offering the conservation of helpful resources. Welcome and rejoice in any realization during this coming two week period, between now and Full SakaDawa Moon, as light grows (in the Northern Hemisphere) to illuminate how we act, especially when faced with might and courage, truth and liberation. Giving the last thought to Sogyal Rinpoche who says 'speed is agression' we need to bare in mind how anger eliminates karmic merit in an instant. Best therefore to remain practical and cautious if/when dealing with hot-heads and seemingly burning issues.
☆ With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ 🌹 & thanks to Jetter Green for cosmic artwok EarthStar

Monday, 2 May 2016

🔯 Dakini Day! ~> 2nd May 2016 _/✿\_

🔯 Bright blessings on a darkening Moon from the compassionate Dakini Goddess, with Luna in Pisces. The Mayday Sun in Taurus is Earthy; while the Moon in the sign of the Fish is Water - and conjunct oceanic Neptune - so profound sensitivity (real or imagined) is magnified. Both Lights are therefore now receptive 'Yin' in nature, emphasizing wisdom, stability, and the flow of active healing through faith and devotion (to the intuitive Goddess within). Plus a fabulous 'Grand Earth Trine' helps to consolidate, recuperate and renew until June 7th. Connect now to the Sacred Feminine to learn how to forgive, help when called, be imaginative and soothe any frazzled senses.
🔯 A New Moon @17 Taurus on Friday 6th (19:29UT) marks the beginning of the Himalayan month of SakaDawa, or ‘Wesak’ as it is called other parts of Buddhist Asia, celebrating the birth, enlightenment and paranirvana of Gautama Sakyamuni Buddha. Throughout the upcoming lunation karma is multiplied 100x. Creating merit is to be encouraged! So take time during these next five days of the waning moon to free what needs to be cleared and prepare for a lunar cycle that honours the light within. 

Flower offering to the most venerable Red Goddess, Vajrayogini, 
with artwork by talented Bernart Amygdalah Digital-Art, 
with ℒℴѵℯ & thanks _/✿\_ ☼☽♡ ¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

peace & LOVE Full Libra Moon lunar eclipse ~ March 23rd 2016

A peace & LOVE Full Libra Moon lunar eclipse is on Wednesday, exactly at midday GMT (-5 Est; + 5 ½ Delhi) and is visible in India, Australasia & the Americas. Aligning the ‘me-we’ axis at 4 degrees Aries~Libra, Sun, Moon and Earth, now highlight how we interact with others is a mirror of the way we relate to ‘self’. In other words the vibration we exude is what we tend attract into our lives, especially when it comes to relationship. Living in love grows more love; while anger or hate only manifests more hate and further negative emotion, such as blame, doubt, confusion; all of which makes relating even to one’s true self even more difficult, obscuring the essential kind and loving Buddha nature we are all born with. This eclipse urges one to live in love in regard others, without looking for ego validation.

There is no doubt this is a difficult eclipse period. And now the fiery Sun is exalted in Aries, where it exudes bravery, passion and ardour; it is also in good aspect to Mars (Mars rules Aries). Situations and emotions that surround this particular lunar eclipse may well resurface early May (and around the 22nd) and again mid-August, due to Mars (and Saturn) going retrograde April 17th for almost two months. Mars retrograde in Sagittarius accents the need to reassess the bigger picture unfolding now; specifically concerning alliances and investments made mid-February.

Spectacularly, home planet Mother Earth experiences more auroras during an equal-day, equal-night equinox period, as solar winds generate beautiful displays of light at the poles: an indication that when we are aligned and balanced, in harmony with our world, we also shine more easily. This Libra Moon helps one to appreciate the beauty in relationship, and remember that LOVE conquers all, as well as to aim for peaceful resolution of conflict.

& HAPPY HOLI everyone ~> colour me ℒℴѵℯ!

_/✿\_ ☽♡ ¸¸.•*¨*•☆ with thanks to AvatarBuddha for Buddha Entrance__/\_

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

·✰··☾☼☽··✰· 8/9th Pisces Solar Eclipse SuperMoon @1:56gmt (21:56est) _/|\_

·✰· When Sun and Moon unite in their orbits to form a total eclipse (Solar or Lunar) a massive amount of transformational celestial energy concentrates upon the degree concerned; in this case it is degrees 18-19-20-21 of supersensitive Pisces feeling the pull of oceanic tidal change. This eclipse illuminates the major theme of the Yang Fire Monkey year: that all mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are under the celestial spotlight to become even more humanitarian and flexible, as opposed to crafty and deceptive. So while all of us might sense the world is at turning point of some sort (depending upon where those degrees lie in your personal horoscope), because watery Pisces is an all-consuming, all embracing collective sign, it’s also possible many will intuit the imperative healing needed for the underlying global subconscious, which too easily tortures itself in toxic turmoil; in as much as we all want to be happy and avoid suffering; but what stops us attaining happiness – or at least seeing that happiness is a state of mind is, of course, our deluded thoughts: the desire nature and aversions that breed ignorance and fear. Please note when mutable signs are indicated, people can be more easily influenced and craziness can quickly replace rational composure. The way to counteract any overwhelming emotion, however, is to develop a meaningful connection to the heartfelt Love-Wisdom which resides within, and live a life of service, be it practical or spiritual to add a sense of purpose that is as physically, mentally and spiritually healing for ones’ self (on a molecular level) as well as others (on a cellular level).


Many other planets now join the Sun, Moon, SOUTH node (Ketu, aka the Dragon’s tail) on this Maha Shivratri, International Women’s Day, including Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron, which are an imaginative and informative shamanic trio arriving at this eclipse with a saintly message: in the words of beloved Pema Chodron “Sometimes the crisis is the healing”.  Humanity’s greatest crisis comes about by perpetuating a situation of ‘us and them’. Be aware: this sense of separateness is how people are controlled by others who wear the mask of illusion. In reality, and from the ‘higher’ outlook, we are One: one race, one planet, under one sky breathing the same air, purifying in the same Samsara sea. Such unity consciousness is possible to quickly understand through activities that produce lots of positive emotion, such as dance, music, yoga, meditation and prayer can helps to realize that even the Divine and self are naturally One.  

·✰· This Solar Eclipse (totality is across Indonesia) is with Ketu, aka the South Node. When energy flows in through the south it is often stronger, in primal Shakti mode; this is mostly because we generally release through the South Node (energy going out as opposed to coming in). Riding the waves during this eclipse is much easier when one remains open to twists and turns. Another function of the south node is as point of incarnation and reincarnation; and generally we say the qualities of the sign, house placement, aspects made are an indication of past life energies. And this eclipse accents a spiritual portal that has been open much wider than usual since November last year, due to conjunction of Jupiter the planet that magnifies with Rahu, the North Node, the the gate has widened, . (This may explain why so many seem to have passed since that time.) The exact conjunction of expansive Jupiter and Rahu takes place at Summer Solstice, when the enormity of collective light can heal and bring relief to those who need it. We can also tap into that healing during this new Moon by remembering that all is never lost, the power of prayer is phenomenal and that with faith and compassion miracles do happen.

·✰· A New Moon is also a time of setting intentions. As always, our intention (here at DharmaStars) is to raise the cosmic love vibration with compassion, sincerity, and a kind heart, especially when faced with difficulty and uncertainty. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd March (eclipses always come in pairs: solar and lunar), will be only days away from Spring/Autumn equinox, when this turning of the light induces a cosmic surge in the will to accomplish balance, self-directed as well as in relationship.    

·✰· Geomagnetic storms are forecast for the next few days, bringing beautiful Auroras to Mother’s Earth poles. And as her natural Sushumna glows with light, so can ours. _/\_ <3

This effects of this eclipse could last a few days; and we're not out of eclipse season until at least the end of March. Take good care everyone. Be kind to yourself and others <3 _/\_


With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ and many thanks to Visual Alchemy for the Blast of Blue Buddha Bliss ~> see you on the flip side.

Monday, 22 February 2016

☸ The Great Prayer Light Festival & DAY OF MIRACLES ~> 22nd February 2016

☸ Full Moon 3 Virgo @18:21gmt (13:21EST)
KARMA MULTIPLIED day (+ or - ) x 100 million.

‘Chötrul Düchen’ is the first Full Moon of this year of the Red Fire Monkey. On this ‘Day of Miracles’, according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, we make light offerings to commemorate the Buddha’s miraculous displays.

☸ A magical Pisces stellium currently includes Spirit Sun, boundless Neptune, and the Earth Mother Ceres, all in the sign of the sensitive and imaginative fish, indicating compassion, care and creativity have the potential to be enhanced by the practical wisdom surrounding the Full Virgo Moon.

☸ As consciousness aligns with the sub-conscious, Spirit aligns with Soul: and while great for mediation practice, this full moon could trigger tender-hearted, deeply moving emotions. A day after the exact Full Moon (Tuesday 23rd), the Moon aligns with Jupiter and the North Node to generate life-changing, mind-expanding turning points. From this moment we enter into a powerful eclipse season, with this lunation coming to a close with a SuperMoon solar eclipse March 8th/9th. Time now to be kind to self and others; by tuning into the softer and feminine side of our self we can create the kind of miracles that can heal physically, mentally and spiritually on a phenomenal scale… _/\_

"Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects." – Dalai Lama

With ℒℴѵℯ ॐ__/❀\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✫ & many thanks to Olivier Adams for this beautiful photo of young monks making light offering :) 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Feb 17th ~> 1st Guru Rinpoche day of the new Fire Monkey Year! _/ ♡ \_

☆ With the radiant Sun in altruistic Aquarius, and the responsive Moon in Gemini, the Lights (Sun and Moon) create an altogether enquiring and intellectual combination, encouraging one to tame this monkey mind, and live life by what is best for everyone. 
☆ On this first Guru Rinpoche day of the Fire Monkey year, it is also good to know that Guru Rinpoche was a real person – and a Monkey; so we honour the memory of Guru Rinpoche, also called Padmasambhava, the ‘Lotus born’, Tibet’s second Buddha, who subdued negative forces and brought Tantra (from India) to Tibet. This also makes a Monkey year extra special for Guru Rinpoche, a Jewel of a Teacher. Connecting now, with body, speech, and mind, to all our most precious teachers, those living, those passed, and those yet to come, also maintains the thread that holds the treasured wisdom together. 
☆ As the Moon grows in light, Chötrul Düchen, the Full Moon Day of Miracles is only a few days away. Note how we also are in a karma multiplied period; goodness applied now could well be quickly rewarded _/♡\_

With ℒℴѵℯ  ॐ__/❀\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸❤✫
& many thanks to unknown artist for Guru Rinpoche Thangka, whose teachings bless the sublime inner essence. 

Friday, 12 February 2016

❤❤❤ Maha Saraswati Basant Pancham Valentine _/\_ ❤❤❤

With the growing light of the Losar Moon, today in the Indian and Himalayan tradition, this fifth day of the ‘fixed Air cross’ Aquarian lunation, is ‘Basant Panchami’, honouring Saraswati, the Goddess of music, art and wisdom _/\_  <3 Saraswati is the great Goddess who boosts intelligence and cultural understanding; she presides over a day this year (2016) when the dynamic Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus, inspiring newness and change; while the radiant Sun is square to Mars (applying into his retrograde shadow phase). Scarlet Mars also rules Aries. The challenge is to therefore create, not destroy. This combination of ‘Lights’ (Sun & Moon) also suggests making adjustments to projects already on the go may be surprisingly illuminating. That said, anything radically innovative has the blessings of the Sacred Goddess.  Yet as Mars is retrograde throughout the spring to early summer, best be prepared to rework and re-do whatever is being generated now.
May the blessings of the Goddess abound, and be especially sweet for Valentine weekend! Om Aim Namah॥_/\_ 
Fyi: Mars retrograde 18 April @8Sagittarius --> 30 June @23 Scorpio; Mars can also now be seen in the early evening sky.
Thanks with love to unknown thangka painter for beautiful Nepali Saraswati _/\_ 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

LOSAR lunation 2016 ☼✰··☾♡☽··✰☼ Monlam

✰ From today, 9th February, the first 15 days of the new Lunar year, the LOSAR lunation, are considered karma multiplied days _/\_ During this ‘Monlam’ period, from New Moon to Full, it is said the Lord Buddha performed a miracle each day. Each miracle accumulates more and more merit to awaken the bodhi-mind, the awakened heart-mind; and on the 15th Full Moon day (22nd February 2016) the accumulation of merit is celebrated with the ‘Day of Miracles’, also called known as 'Chötrul Düchen', or ‘The Great Prayer Festival’.

✰ In Buddhism we also learn that we are all potential Buddhas (which means ‘awakened one’). As such, we also co-create with the universe and can participate in making our own miracles, and dedicating the merit to benefit of others. Such goodness bodes well for the removal of personal obstacles which might arise during this Fire Monkey year.

✰In khartsee (Tibetan/Chinese astrology), generally speaking, obstacles come in the birth year. For those born in 1956 obstacles need not necessarily be unlucky: one is advised however, to exercise more caution than be carefree, but still welcome the change to be inventive and work with others.

✰ From this year's planetary point of view, Jupiter (the planet associated with the 12 year animal cycle, known as the Grand Duke in Chinese system) is making tricky aspects with Saturn (Lord of obstacles and karma) in March & May, so obstacles may come early. The two planets then go on to make good and more helpful aspects as the year progresses, which potentially harmonises business, health and relationships (from September onward, until Feb 27th 2017, when the animal sign changes again (to Rooster)).

✰So, imho, overall, this may not be an excellent year, though some will undoubtedly buck that generalisation, it can be a good year for Monkey _/\_ :) Losar Tashi Delek! _/\_ Laura


Special Losar rate for 1-2-1 Astrology sessions during Losar lunation! 9th Feb – 9th March ~> Check your personal astrology to see how to live in harmony with friends, colleagues, and loved ones & get the best out of this cheeky Monkey year!

Honesty system applies:
General guidelines for 1 hour: sliding scale if you are in work $88 - $155; or genuinely wealthy $230
Note initial session tends to be 1½-2 hours; follow-up sessions are usually an hour, but can be longer.
On-going series of astro-coaching: $77 per hour.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Losar 2143 Year of the Red Fire Monkey

☆ Losar, the Tibetan fortnight of miracles, begins February 8th, with a New Moon at 20 Aquarius, at 14:40gmt, and the 2143 Year of the Red Fire Monkey! Get ready now, as the charming antics of the Wood Goat make way for dynamic, progressive and ingenious, Monkey action!
☆ Two things to note about a Monkey year, one is that Padmasambhava, Tibet’s second Buddha, was a Monkey, with an ability to master everything under the Sun – and Moon. This year is therefore a special year to connect with and honour the great Tantric master; to be confident and gain mastery of the chattering Monkey mind, as did he. In words of precious Guru Rinpoche “Fortunate ones, mingle your mind with the Dharma and the happiness of Buddhahood will manifest within you!”
☆ The second interesting point is how the United States is actually a Fire Monkey (1776), which makes sense when one considers how the quick-thinking Fire Monkey is inventive (if not always cautious), able to swiftly seize the moment to upstage and outshine. All Monkeys strive for improvement with originality and supreme optimism, but the Fire Monkey does it in great self-assured style and with remarkable initiative.
☆ Generally speaking this is a good Year for the Rat, Snake, Sheep. Lucky for Ox, Horse, Monkey. Mixed for Rooster, Dragon. Challenging for Tiger. And fair for Rabbit, Dog, Boar.
Wishing everyone a fortunate, loving and happy New Year of the Fire Monkey _/\_ Losar Tashi Delek! ☆ With many thanks & love to unknown photographer for fabulous Monkey & Vajra! _/\_

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Feb1st _/✿\_ A Cross-Quarter Tara Moon _/|\_ ☾ ☩

In the lead up to the Losar New Moon February 8th @ 14:39gmt, Spirit Sun arrives at the Solar Fixed cross-quarter point in the year that is midway between seasons, winter in the north and summer in the south. These are sacred days in the solar cycles, as light now begins to noticeably grow in the Northern hemisphere. The next Solar marker after this will be at Spring Equinox, in 6 weeks.
In the ancient nature religions this current cross-quarter phase. from 7-15 degrees Aquarius, is variously called Imbolc, the Feast of Torches, or Candlemas or St Briget’s day in the Christian Calendar, honouring feminine qualities of poetry, art and craft, as well as smiths and offering shrines.In esoteric astrology, the Sun in the sign of Aquarius ‘shines the light within the darkness, cleansing with healing rays until the darkness is dispelled’. Thus the pure light Goddess gains greater emphasis as tonight/tomorrow’s last quarter Tara Moon conjuncts fiery Mars (at home in Scorpio). Now is the time to invoke the help of the Great Mother Liberator (Tara and/or Brigitte) to help conquor dark demons and overcome obstacles that might hinder a positive start to the New Moon, when the Tibetan month of miracles, Losar, and a fast-moving year of the Yang Fire Monkey begins. Profoundly transformational action, in the name of art, beauty and culture, now has the potential to take one closer oneness, as well as to more personal goals over the coming days.

With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ blessings ॐ & thanks
Laura _/\_