Tuesday, 29 November 2016

·✰··☾☼☽··✰·New Sagittarius Moon Tuesday 29th November

✰Today’s New Sagittarius Moon starts the third lunation in a row culminating in a Full SuperMoon, on the 14th December. Supermoons appear to be eventful times of major shifts, in consciousness as well as geophysical. Whatever we are reflecting upon now, as a collective or individually, it appears to be huge. Aside from the Sagittarian inclination to exaggerate ;) a Sagittarian Sun signals a time to be more open-minded and optimistic about the future, philosophical about life’s twists and turns, all the while keeping to a personal high moral stance. ‘Post-Truth’ is an anathema to the upright Sagittarian Archer. Holding truth and freedom in high regard, Sagittarius is the sign of law courts, as well academia and, perhaps more telling, our public relationship to an even higher ethical agent, variously called God, Goddess, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Allah, Great Spirit, Nature, the Universe, as great omniscient cosmic consciousness ... 'the void'. Sagittarius connects us to the bigger picture. 

✰ With both ‘Lights’ (Sun & Moon) now in a wide conjunction to Saturn (also in the sign of the centaur), the importance of this moment in time has a karmic quality, as well as the potential to reveal wisdom and generosity – and fear, especially a fear for the post-factual future. Saturn’s focus is upon fears that lead to greater understanding. With little time for ‘the bamboozle factor’, Saturn now helps to determine what is real and what is imagined.

✰ Several other factors must also be taken into astral account during this last Fire sign lunation in the Fire Monkey year: 1) as Sun and Moon are also at a delicate point in their orbit known as ‘The Bends’, i.e. Spirit Sun and Soul Moon are in direct square to the Moon’s destiny-shaping Nodes. Any planet can be found at the bends in their orbit around the Sun; in Sagittarius it can add poignant sensitivity to a usually rational mind. 2) Only the position of the Sun at this angle is called a ‘Moon Wobble’, indicating events and choices made now can trigger emotional instability (so hang onto judicious reason as best you can). 3) Sun and Moon join forces with one of the most powerful fixed stars: Antares, a red star that rivals Mars, otherwise known as ‘The Heart of the Scorpion’, indicating all kinds of martial passion and intensity. This Fixed Star also suggests danger, ruin and sudden loss, should one succumb to corruption jealousy or obsession.

✰ All in all, it appears we are traversing a time of intense transformation; be the change within our own lives, with friends, in-laws or authority, or even politically, with impact upon the planet and environment, what is clear within the current astrological climate is how important it is that we go with the flow of the ‘higher mind’, all-the-while maintaining personal integrity, faith and optimism that good will out, and that the ignorance using force or fear to control will be curtailed. Events around the 9-10th December could prove challenging in the run-up to the Full Gemini SuperMoon.

With ℒℴѵℯ & thanks to Odin's Eye & unknown artist for fiery lotus ॐ__/\__ ☼ Wishing fiery New Moon Shakyamuni blessings of Truth and Reason for all _/|\_ on this karma multiplied new moon day x100

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Transforming (secret) Desires November '16 Full SuperMoon in Taurus

Transforming (secret) Desires

‘You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might just find you get what you need…’

~ Rolling Stones ~

Full SuperMoon 14th November 2016 23°Taurus @13:51GMT

Always longing for something, we humans brim with earthly desires.  You name it: money, food, beauty, buildings, brains, status, wisdom, power or enlightenment, we want it all.  Being desirous is a natural state, a condition that can propel as easily as repel.  Our wants and wishes make things happen. When things go the way we want, we think we’re happy. Yet all-too-often, and with no particular effort from our side, our desires can also make us miserable, especially if our demands are unfulfilled, or laden with obstacles and frustration.  So how do we deal with desire, from the astrological point of view? 

The signs of the zodiac that symbolise desire nature, in the worldly and spiritual sense, are the rooted Earth sign Taurus and contained Water sign Scorpio. Both are fixed and determined, receptive and feminine.  Together Scorpio and Taurus can offer physical stability and emotional security, within oneself and in relationship.  Trouble only really starts when we become attached to our desires, and stubbornly fail to move on when, or if, our desires become untenable, unworkable, or generally unbelievable – which is when Scorpio’s ability to sever completely becomes very handy. Apart from the debris trailing in its wake, Scorpio’s skill to rise and rise is extremely admirable, if not downright superhuman.  It is the sign of life, death and rebirth, after all.

In the materialistic sense, fertile Taurus signifies the desire to live the good life with healthy food, fine wine, and solid financial and loving relationships.  Scorpio, on the other hand, has issues of trust, power and control, and craves intimacy within emotionally engaging associations that are profound and passionate, ones that often go to the brink and beyond. Dealing with investments and tax are also for the elite Scorpio powerbroker who works with other’s resources; while bricks and mortar, as well as green fields and flowers, the very soul of Mother Earth herself are in the domain of the strong but gentle Bull, Taurus. 

While the radiant Sun passes through perceptive Scorpio, in opposition to the exalted full Taurus Supermoon, the heavens provide an incentive to reflect with a certain amount of crystalline clarity upon our desires. Asking ourselves what do we really want? And how much are we prepared to personally invest, with time, money and energy into that goal. This is not a Full Moon for dreaming.  It’s time to be practical. Also worth noting is how the Moon is the sensitive soul’s container. Exalted in Taurus, those with spiritual leanings can consider how all our various whims and fancies affect our soul’s karma, be it our own personal soul, or the collective ‘world soul’, otherwise known as the anima mundi, the biosphere, the field, or cosmic consciousness. 

A Lunar exaltation in Taurus means our emotional anchor is actually in the best possible sign to remain steady, even with flood-prone tides. In perigee-syzygy (i.e. nearest and aligned), this exalted Full Moon is also the second and largest of three Full Supermoons in a row. Astro-maestro Richard Nolle coined the term ‘supermoon’ way back in the 70’s, to explain just how massive these Moons are. And as the distance between Earth and Moon decreases, gravitational and rotational force is celestially bound to have a changing impact upon Earth’s geocosmic activity, accenting the interconnectivity between Sun-Moon-Earth. 

Just as there are higher tides and earthquakes, landslides and floods within the environment, political quakes as well as emotional are already felt; many are likely to sense a turning tide with an avalanche of sensation (paranoia, greed, fear, anger, revenge), roused by the winds of change that began with at the shocking Aquarian First Quarter Moon on the 7-8th November. Most important to note how this is the biggest SuperMoon for 70 years! The next one so close will be in 2034. Already we know it’s a ‘strong’ one, much stronger than usual. Check for 23° Taurus- Scorpio in your own chart, to see where a powerful (emotional) tidal pull is potent for you – this is the area determined at all cost to transform, as if survival of body and soul depends upon it. Remember also how Full Moons for last three days; so we are looking at 13th-14th -15th, for the Moon to be HUGE: 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. Clear skies permitting, climb high, and find a magical place to witness the Supermoon rise. Moon rise and set are when she will look largest.  That said; give at least another three days for lunar effects to subside, only calming towards the last quarter. But with a third and last Supermoon to come December 13th, which starts with a Sagittarius lunation on 29th November, it’s advisable to remain optimistic, whatever your situation.  

There are also four quite intense celestial pointers brought into sharp astro focus by Sun and Moon during this Full Super Moon: 

  • Spirit Sun in powerful and mysterious, obsessive and passionate Scorpio is now conjunct a lesser used astrological marker called Black Moon Lilith, which is an  unpredictable archetype representing the spurned rejected woman.  Black Moon Lilith is the dark side of our horoscope which, although ready to share and commit to the long-haul of any hardship ahead that walking the path side-by-side, is often repressed and turned down. With Black Moon Lilith there’s a sense of being abandoned, particularly by the powerful patriarchy. She is not timid, nor tame; Black Moon Lilith is that side of the feminine which mobilises hidden strengths. Often fuelled by the fury of betrayal, she can be a highly independent force to reckon with. Currently conjunct the life-giving Sun and asteroid Hygeia, for many (women) right now it may well feel there’s much work to do when asserting healing-headway made since the 60’s, to create a world of equality between race, gender and income. Black Moon Lilith is that side of the feminine psyche which feels the pain of being banished to darkness, but still vows to bring wisdom to the fore. She is the Tantric Goddess who destroys ego-based illusion to transform the most difficult situations into ones that raise and enhance spiritual values.
  • With the Sun, BML and Hygeia in good triangle aspect to shamanic Chiron, damage can be repaired and feelings of abuse and neglect have the potential to be healed by working tirelessly to restore trust and openness between opposing factions. Working with collective and/or ‘unseen’ hurt and emotion, and letting-go of self-centred trust will develop compassion and friendliness as a means to overcome fear and heal a wounded heart.
  • This actual SuperMoon also conjoins forces with Zaurak, which is a fixed star associated with gloomy Saturn, which is a challenge. So while Taurus reminds us to   simplify life, making an effort to enjoy what Mother Nature so freely gives, can quickly restore a flagging spirit and make it easier to wave good bye to melancholia.
  • With this supermoon being very close to the Pleiades, this is the moon to weather-watch. In both ancient Babylonian custom, as well as Tibetan, it is said the weather during the Full Taurus Moon is indicative of what lies ahead for the cold winter months (or summer if you are in the southern hemisphere). This is  especially practical for sustenance, as Taurus is an earth sign, symbolic of gardening and crops, as well as taking care of the land and environment, which is more easily done when we have an idea of the elemental forces at play.

Wherever we are during this Full SuperMoon, we would do well to strengthen our soul connection to the planet, and thereby strengthen our own soul. Align with Mother Earth and her Taurus exaltation, give thanks for all the goodness and resources she gives so freely. And then imbibe the power to face and heal the deepest, darkest, and most frightening parts of the psyche, by allying with truth, light and love, having faith that our highest earthly qualities will bear fruit. 

With love & thanks to unknown artist for Khroda Kali _/\_ aka the Fierce Black One - also to supermoon gif maker _/\_

Saturday, 15 October 2016

◯☼ - Full Aries Super Moon conjunct Eris & Uranus ☼◯

◯ ‘Happiness is the heart being free’ ☼
– Sakyong Rinpoche –
Sun in Libra opposite Full Supermoon in Aries 

☼ ♎☍◯♈ @4:23UT 16th Oct 
In the words of Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher who taught about an ever-changing universe, change is our only constant. As the winds of change now begin to blow into a potential hooley, in the midst of such daily whirls and flow all we really want is to be happy. What stands out in this constant quest for happiness is how important it is for the human spirit to have a sense of autonomy, which is then freely directed towards helping oneself to help others. Even science notes ways in which we can be happy, such as taking the initiative, not comparing, smiling (even if you don’t want to), giving thanks, honouring friends, meaningful goals, and exercise. Nowhere on the list does it suggest buying a new outfit, diamond watch, or red corvette brings the kind of lasting rewards that makes us beam from the inside out (not even if you’re a ‘lookist’ Libran, or crazy speed-ball Aries 😉 ). Okay, a flash new car, designer dress or gold club card momentarily satisfies desire nature, but such gratification is usually fleeting, nothing on the scale of rejecting materialism for the kind of deeply-resonating, long-lasting and satisfying joy that exploring personal gifts and living life to the fullest can bring to oneself as well as others. The sign of the zodiac which venerates the greatest regard, admiration and respect for others, culturally and intellectually, is Libra; the sign through which the Sun currently transits.

Libra lives for love. Thriving in social situations, be that in marriage and partnership, business or romance, Libra considers the well-being of other’s a high priority when seeking personal peace of mind. We have much to learn from Libra: check your personal horoscope to see just where the sign of the scales weighs-up relations). So while the Libran Sun radiates opposite a currently courageous Aries Moon conjunct freedom-loving, radical Uranus, it’s time to bravely polish-up smart and savvy Libran skills, such as diplomacy, discretion and dignity, because these are especially useful when faced with (inner) uproar and mayhem. Libra teaches us to find beauty in peace and inner-equipoise, even in the midst of chaos. While it’s generally an Aries influence that initiates aggression, Librans armed with wit and charm, can, however, even start arguments in order for them to practice their impressive power of mediation. (Sorry, but you know it’s true, Libra. Think justice scales and precedence at law.)

In astrology, we call the axis that aligns Aries to Libra the ‘me-we’ alliance, emphasising how important it is that we find the balance between being dynamic and self-assertive and co-operative and considerate, particularly when getting everyone’s needs met. This Libra-Aries axis is a reminder to practice being kinder to one’s ‘self’, in order to more easily enable kindness towards others. Being the best we can, means we have the best to give.
At 23 Aries-Libra, the axis is pivotal during this full Supermoon Saturday/Sunday, depending upon where you are in the world: 15th in Canada and USA, 16th in Europe, Asia &Australia. With Luna conjunct rebellious Uranus there could be quite a hullabaloo in which to practice patience and loving kindness. And because the Moon joins forces with the astral wildcard, Uranus (and the even wilder trans-Plutonian outer-planet of discord and chaos, Eris), the emphasis is firmly upon all kinds of outsiders, misfits and freaks, possibly coming from left field, too.

This Full Moon is also first in a series of three Full Supermoons. When the ‘Supermoon’ is closest to the Earth it actually looks bigger, and geo-cosmic activity is heightened (think cyclones and hurricanes, flooding, fires, drought and quakes). (Nod & thanks to Moon maestro Mr Richard Knolles for ‘Supermoon’ awareness X J ). Similarly, during the supermoon, we too, experience heightened personal and inter-personal shifts: in perception, as well as inner and outer challenges. (Note that in this series of three, the middle Scorpio-Taurus SuperMoon may well be the most intense: something to look forward to!). That said, the effects of this Moon phase will probably last three days, if not feel like five or six, such is Luna’s electromagnetic pulling interaction.

What marks this October’s Supermoon is the way recent change, whether wanted or not, can be so quickly felt and the audaciously implemented could even be labelled ‘dictatorial’. While Uranus, the Great awakener, heralds change that affects an entire generation, when in brave and passionate Aries, situations can be especially sparky and fiery whenever there is a people’s cause to champion. Aries Moon also has a delightfully playful but impulsive streak, one that dares venture into the unknown with a willingness to be open and genuine (if a little naive and innocent). All of which can be very exciting, as well as refreshing. Heroic Aries tends to bring in the novel and new with speed – and often a bang. But hold your fire Aries – for the moment anyway; there are still many factors to evaluate

It is worth bearing in mind that Uranus, equality-seeking ruler of Aquarius, and generational planet representing friendly peer-groups, team mates and kooky kindred spirits, also accents the sudden flashes of genius that zap-in with an electrical bolt from the blue. The glyph for Uranus ♅ even looks like a space station’s radar, ready to receive and earth the lightning-fast inspiration that seemingly comes from nowhere; i.e. space. Interestingly, in esoteric astrology, altruistic Uranus is the also the hierarchical ruler of Aries. For those who practice ‘regular’ astrology, the concept of another rulership may seem a little strange. But if there ever was a time to introduce a new astrological spiritual insight, it may well be when the receptive Moon is conjunct Uranus, planet of the bizarre, as well as astrology.

Conventional astrology looks to Mars as the exoteric ruler of Aries – and thereby we note now how cardinal Mars is currently exalted in Capricorn: prudent and practical in traditional martial techniques of control and power. Esoteric astrology also looks at a deeper meaning of what seemingly goes on in the head (Aries rules the physical head); and gives Mercury, as planet of the mind, as the esoteric ruler of Aries.

The wisdom teachings say that only we, ourselves, have the power to tame our own chattering monkey minds’. Mercury’s esoteric connection to Aries therefore signifies that allowing the mind to bravely go into new zones encourages neuroplasticity, with inner-mind reshaping thought and memory, past and future, Mercury here is enabled to wave his magic mercurial caduceus wand to even repair broken DNA and overcome impediments.

Transiting Mercury is currently with Libra, now making it easy to sit on the fence and watch what’s happening arounds us and, if we can, check all sides of stories. Serious decision making may still be full of doubt; but when the mind’s deeper esoteric connections start to spark, Mercury’s influence upon Aries is clearly to weigh-up what’s in front (within a time frame of 27th Oct, when Mercury is at Superior Solar conjunction), then look at new solutions, especially when dealing with old (Capricorn) problems.

Lastly in the three of Aries esoteric rulerships: when we turn the spiritual warrior’s head up towards the heavenly angelic realms, the hierarchical ruler of Aries is Uranus, the planet that ultimately seeks liberation for oneself as well as for humanity, and even Mother Earth herself. Planetoid Ceres, also known as Demeter, nurturing Goddess of Grain is also with the Aries/Uranus/Eris Supermoon.

When Luna reflects such strong yang Aries, the feminine is emboldened. Still, it may be the natural feminine instinct to care and provide that can also pacify and soften the otherwise Aries hot-head tendency. The most dangerous enemy to ardent Aries is its’ own over-heated impatience. Self-absorbed and unaware, impulsively acting quickly to see fast results could easily backfire. The essence of valour is not only to be adventurous but to be humanitarian as core process, involving the great good of all.

With Mars and Pluto in Capricorn presently making a loose T-Square to the ‘Me-We’ ‘Aries-Libra’ axis, it is time to consider one’s own accomplishments – in relationship and out, at work and rest, without comparing to others; be now more cautious, reflect, connect to beauty and principles , and be truly aware that real change only happens within the heart. So that when we make changes to ourselves, the world around us changes too.

With thanks for astral_lotus to b33rheart
.for beautiful lotus light _/\_ :)