Thursday, 4 February 2016

Losar 2143 Year of the Red Fire Monkey

☆ Losar, the Tibetan fortnight of miracles, begins February 8th, with a New Moon at 20 Aquarius, at 14:40gmt, and the 2143 Year of the Red Fire Monkey! Get ready now, as the charming antics of the Wood Goat make way for dynamic, progressive and ingenious, Monkey action!
☆ Two things to note about a Monkey year, one is that Padmasambhava, Tibet’s second Buddha, was a Monkey, with an ability to master everything under the Sun – and Moon. This year is therefore a special year to connect with and honour the great Tantric master; to be confident and gain mastery of the chattering Monkey mind, as did he. In words of precious Guru Rinpoche “Fortunate ones, mingle your mind with the Dharma and the happiness of Buddhahood will manifest within you!”
☆ The second interesting point is how the United States is actually a Fire Monkey (1776), which makes sense when one considers how the quick-thinking Fire Monkey is inventive (if not always cautious), able to swiftly seize the moment to upstage and outshine. All Monkeys strive for improvement with originality and supreme optimism, but the Fire Monkey does it in great self-assured style and with remarkable initiative.
☆ Generally speaking this is a good Year for the Rat, Snake, Sheep. Lucky for Ox, Horse, Monkey. Mixed for Rooster, Dragon. Challenging for Tiger. And fair for Rabbit, Dog, Boar.
Wishing everyone a fortunate, loving and happy New Year of the Fire Monkey _/\_ Losar Tashi Delek! ☆ With many thanks & love to unknown photographer for fabulous Monkey & Vajra! _/\_

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Feb1st _/✿\_ A Cross-Quarter Tara Moon _/|\_ ☾ ☩

In the lead up to the Losar New Moon February 8th @ 14:39gmt, Spirit Sun arrives at the Solar Fixed cross-quarter point in the year that is midway between seasons, winter in the north and summer in the south. These are sacred days in the solar cycles, as light now begins to noticeably grow in the Northern hemisphere. The next Solar marker after this will be at Spring Equinox, in 6 weeks.
In the ancient nature religions this current cross-quarter phase. from 7-15 degrees Aquarius, is variously called Imbolc, the Feast of Torches, or Candlemas or St Briget’s day in the Christian Calendar, honouring feminine qualities of poetry, art and craft, as well as smiths and offering shrines.In esoteric astrology, the Sun in the sign of Aquarius ‘shines the light within the darkness, cleansing with healing rays until the darkness is dispelled’. Thus the pure light Goddess gains greater emphasis as tonight/tomorrow’s last quarter Tara Moon conjuncts fiery Mars (at home in Scorpio). Now is the time to invoke the help of the Great Mother Liberator (Tara and/or Brigitte) to help conquor dark demons and overcome obstacles that might hinder a positive start to the New Moon, when the Tibetan month of miracles, Losar, and a fast-moving year of the Yang Fire Monkey begins. Profoundly transformational action, in the name of art, beauty and culture, now has the potential to take one closer oneness, as well as to more personal goals over the coming days.

With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ blessings ॐ & thanks
Laura _/\_

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mercury & Jupiter retrograde January 2016

☆ Both Mercury and Jupiter are now about to go retrograde, making the start of 2016 a time for a serious rethink. During an apparent retrograde motion (because the planets only look as though they are going backwards) any word with a ‘re’ at the beginning applies, such as reappraise, re-wire, redo, reapply, re-join, rework, review, repair, renew, etc. All planets, except ‘The Lights’ (Sun & Moon), go retrograde at some point in their cycle, with Mercury, the celestial messenger’s retrograde being the most infamous and tricky, as he triple loops three time a year. In 2016, Mercury's focus is upon the stabilizing Earth element.

5th Jan – 25th January ~ Mercury retrograde in Capricorn = rework ambitions and goals, boundaries and responsibilities.

28th April – 22 May ~ Mercury retrograde in Taurus = re-evaluate, land, love and money.

30th August – 22 September ~ Exalted Mercury retrograde in Virgo = review mind & body, routine & skills.

☆ Optimistic Jupiter, planet of good fortune and growth, also stations to go retrograde almost as soon as Mercury raises his healing caduceus wand. From 8th January until 9th May, the ‘Great Benefic‘ again constellates the very same degrees of Virgo as that of the last, exalted, Mercury retrograde of 2016, i.e. 23- 13 Virgo. These degrees, in the purifying sign of feminine wisdom, are therefore key to getting a greater perspective upon what is important for this year. A clearer overview about Virgo concerns, i.e. a major energy enhancement through healing, serving, working, (check wherever these ten degrees fall into an individual’s horoscope), can be repaired and re-applied when Mercury retrogrades in Virgo the late summer.

☆ Meanwhile, best navigate through this current retrograde season with optimistic caution. The New Moon on the 9th accents the commitment to practice that which is for the greater good of all _/\_  and to let go of all that stops one from doing so.

Many thanks to unknown artist for blue healing Buddha _/\_

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Santa Karma Full Xmas Moon 11:11 ☆☆☆ • • •( ( (☾ ◯☽) ) )• • • ☆☆☆

☆☆☆ • • •( ( (☾ ◯☽) ) )• • • ☆☆☆ Full Xmas Moon in Cancer 11:11ut (-5est) _/\_ Reflecting the brilliance of our radiant life-giving Sun, this Full Cancer Moon embraces the practical caring and nurturing Mother luminosity of feminine wisdom (within), to shine a light upon the path ahead for ourselves, as well as others, and into 2016’s year of the Fire Monkey (which begins Feb8th).

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, this Full Moon also reveres the long-life Buddha from the pure lands, Amithaba. As such, Christmas is a karma-multiplied day x100. So not only Santa knows when you’re good, today ;) but karmic actions, thoughts and words are also magnified - good or bad. This might sound daunting in the face of Full Moon and friendly family gatherings, but the best way to raise karmic merit is to dedicate all love, kindness and good that we experience to the benefit of others, so that all beings can find happiness. Even if we can’t help to literally look after others, by dedicating all such Christmas Spirit we can still raise the cosmic love vibration and keep it rippling into the new year. Enjoy!

Image is Amitabha Buddha in the centre, with Bodhisattva at each side, each with their Moon halo. With ℒℴѵℯ & best wishes for a beautiful day wherever you are. ॐ__/\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸

Monday, 21 December 2015

Solstice 2015 ☼ Xmas 11:11 Full Moon

In the Tibetan tradition today is Guru Rinpoche day; when Sun & Moon now make the best possible aspect for generating changes in one’s life to implement compassion in action. This also means its only five days until Friday’s Full Christmas Moon 11:11UT! 

☼ And Solstice is tomorrow night/Tuesday morning, 4:48UT on the 21st22nd. For the next three-month winter period 2015-2016, Sols' ingress into Capricorn accents a glorious grand trine between an exalted Taurus Moon and the Cosmic Guru (Padmasambhava!) in Virgo, the sign of the sacred feminine; restoration comes by transforming the mind and valuing intuitive wisdom. 

☼ As nature is drawing back (in the north), take time to rest and relax and build support for the dark winter months ahead (+ Merc retro early Jan); we, too, need to focus upon what's important: our roots, loves, work and families, our health and happiness. Solstice-Yule is a Fire festival to honor our Earthly (body) connection to the live-giving Sun (Spirit), which is soon to be reborn - and the days will be getting longer. But still energy can be low now, even with a growing moon. Please do make sure to spend time over the holidays healing in the all-inspiring bio-sphere called ‘the great outdoors’ to revitalize.

Over the past few days the sky has been manifesting luminous pearly shimmering in the arctic, with electric blue clouds over the antarctic: and CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections) from the Sun are currently hurling towards planet Earth, carrying highly-charged electromagnetic plasma and protons that buzz up the cosmic vibration, which then manifest as winds upon our oceans: emotions, thoughts, actions all in a dynamic and active healing flow. The affects through (Earth’s) sushumna and subtle body can be to positively activate the incoming galactic stream of mindfulness and a powerful healing. Today’s Guru Rinpoche therefore suggests positive action, along with that small thing about a total transformation of the way we understand life, death and universe. 

Merry Yule & a very blessed Guru Rinpoche Solstice to all! _/\_ with love and best wishes...
& thanks to unknown artist for Padmasambhava & to for the photo.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Truth & Beauty ~> _/\_ Dakini Day blessings 5- 6th December ~>

Christina Birch
☼ ✶ ☽ In Tibetan astrology it is noted that on the 25th day of the lunar cycle, when Sun and Moon make their last important aspect before a New Moon (Dec 10-11th), feminine receptivity and wisdom is at her most powerful and insightful.This day is therefore named ‘Dakini day’ in honour of the Sacred Goddess (who resides within us all). 
☼ ✶ ☽ Today is also the last Dakini Day of 2015, just before (the North’s Winter) Solstice, the longest night/day of the year (depending upon which hemisphere you are in), making it a time of profound reflection before the Sun changes emphasis of light on the 22nd December, when the light grows in Earth's North, and diminishes in the Southern hemisphere. 
☼ ✶ ☽ With the waning Moon in harmonious peaceful Libra, now positioned to activate Spirit Sun in philosophical Sagittarius, there’s a concentrated essence of yin. Yin's sensitive, earthy darkness encourages us retreat into gentle female compassion.The Goddess is always aware of the plight of others; she holds feminine principles which soften our hearts, all the while still being able to care for others who are suffering or in pain. 
☼ ✶ ☽ Keep close the qualities of the Red Goddess – love, kindness and generosity – in your heartmind because the next few weeks could be quite stimulating, if not challenging – just at the time when rest - due to the approach of the longest night - is needed.  Note: early nights won’t go amiss to make the most of an awakening.

☼ ✶ ☽ Today is also Lama Tsongkhapa day, celebrating the founder of Ganden Monastery and Tibetan Galugpa tradition.
Wishing everyone a very happy Dakini Day! With many thanks to Christina Birch, talented artist for beautiful Red Goddess. ॐ_/♥\_ ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Virgo ~ Tara Moon

Tara Moon 3rd-4th Dec

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Virgo ~>

☼ ✶☽ Virtuous actions are duly rewarded when the Moon is in Virgo, especially beneficial when the last quarter moon is conjunct favourable Jupiter, the planet which rules Sagittarius, the sign through which Spirit Sun is now passing.  Sagittarius accents truth, freedom and abstract concepts that may be academic as well as spiritual; thus it’s highly recommended to maintain an open mind whenever Sagittarius and Jupiter are at the centre of the celestial stage.  Yet Sun still conjuncts Saturn; and the heaviness of karmic negativity cautions the mind towards restrained discipline, to not over-reach in the name of zealous enthusiasm.
☼ ✶☽ Creating positive imprints for a healthy life-relationship-environment-planet currently requires commitment and a respect of the karmic law ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’, the fruits of which can be sweet or sour depending upon the seeds (in thought, word or deed) that are sown before Luna completes this cycle December 11th, with a new Sagittarius Moon.   

Thus it may (always) be timely to heed the words of the Buddha

“Commit not one harmful action; cultivate a wealth of virtues; train the mind. This is the teaching of the Buddha.”

Image is by talented Tibetan artist, Karma Puntsok, of Great Mother Liberator, Tara, whose mantra ‘Om Tare Tuttara Ture Soha’ can be recited in order to overcome obstacles, as well as to train the mind.

With ℒℴѵℯ  __/\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸❤✫

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Full Gemini Moon & the Saturn/Neptune square November 2016

☆ •°*☾ “With the light of wisdom we leave behind the forest of confusion. With determination we learn, reflect and practice” – Thich Nhat Hanh _/\_ ☽ *°•.☆

24-25-26th November 2015
☆ Spirit Sun now shines that light of wisdom, alongside responsible Saturn, and informative Mercury, all in the sign of the archer. This authoritative Sagittarian trio points the way of higher truths, both relative, in the here and now, and ultimate, in that we are all one, unifying wisdom and compassion, emptiness and bliss. 
☆ On the relative truth level, however, optimism and clarity may be in short supply and harsh reality may be tougher than we’d like. Thus, it is most important to take personal responsibility to practice generating warmth and goodness at the heart and keep hope alive. Certainly the Sun/Saturn/Mercury opposing a full Moon at 3Gemini (22:44gmt, Wednesday 25th) accent the need to consider and appreciate the difference between knowledge and experience, beliefs and reality; however abstract or different ideas may seem, remain cheerful and invite luck (i.e. good timing) into life, which is easier to recognise and apply when happy.

☆Due to a potentially over-reaching hard-line Saturn squaring-up to illusory Neptune, this is not an easy conjunction of planets. Neptune is also the generational gauge of dreams and fashion, mystical and psychic sensitivity (which is currently set to phantasmagorical ;) ).

☆☆ Astro Note: this is a closing Saturn/Neptune square, of a 36-ish-year cycle; one that began in 1989/90 with an era of (spiritual) initiation that removed and dissolved traditional boundaries. These two planets now mark a (collective) crisis in consciousness.Our reactions to current circumstances carry serious and lasting karmic consequence, having the seal of TimeLord Saturn, and the potential for defining moments for personal and professional accomplishments. All the while a full Gemini Moon reflects how austerity, fear and doubt make it doubly hard to tame a monkey mind that yearns for a distraction from the suffering. At the same time Saturn/Neptune show how the practice of mindfulness enables one to unhook from any addiction (particularly to fear, so that phobias can be kept at bay). All we have to do is access and practice tuning into the universal wisdom mind (which resides in the heart) and hear what it says i.e. ask yourself if you can believe all you hear/read/see? Whatever you perceive, remember that compassion for all beings, as well as one’s self, is the way the sage grows wise and remains true to his or her personal goodness, the authentic self: one who is generous and kind even when/if faced with confusing or conflicting situations. _/\_

☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆
With love & thanks to unknown artist for Purple Buddha _/\_ <3

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Sun in Scorpio ~ Full Moon in Taurus 4 degrees @ 13:05GMT

☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆
☆ Highlighting clarity and wisdom, practicality and the appreciation of simple pleasures such as food, love, and enough money to get our needs met, this exalted Moon in Taurus, comes with many names, each befitting the region she heralds from, and each offering an emotional anchor we can moor to in this choppy sea of Samsara.

☆ Often this Halloween Full Moon is called ‘the Ivy Moon, the Samhain Moon, or the Hunter’s Moon. As leaves on the trees have fallen and nights are dark (in the Northern Hemisphere), in reverence to the western Goddess we call her Diana, or Artemis, the ‘Goddess of the Hunt’. Artemis is the bringer of Light, caring for children, women and the environment, and selflessly sharing her bounty.

☆ In the East, this is the Full Moon to honour Laxmi, ‘Goddess of Abundance ’, giving thanks for wealth and a plentiful harvest.

☆ In the Buddhist tradition, this is the Moon when Lord Buddha agrees to leave the realm of the 33, the Divine realm of the Devas (Heavenly realm of Goddesses), where he had returned to teach and repay the kindness to his Mother (for giving him the precious human rebirth). Buddhists commemorate his decent in a weeks’ time, November 3rd, to become one of the most important days of our Buddhist lunar calendar, as Buddha’s actions represent the transformation that happens in death, so befitting the Scorpio Sun, the sign which represents the never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth.

☆ Image is of a Nepali Goddess, Vasudhara, who often compared to Laxmi for they share the same gifts which the supplicant offer treasure, both real and spiritual.

Today and tomorrow, therefore, are days to honour the Goddess, with flowers, prayers, light and ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ ◯☆•*¨*•.¸¸

Give thanks for all you have. And remember, if you have a food and a roof over your head you are among the world's richest 25%

“To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.” — Buddha

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

☼ ♎ Sun in Libra ☾ ♑ Moon in Capricorn

☼ ✧ ☾ Medicine Buddha & Tara 1st Quarter Moon 

~ ☆ ~ Straighten-up & fly-right ~>

✧ Today’s Medicine Buddha Day brims with added planetary medicine, with no less than four heavenly bodies in remedial Virgo. Love Goddess Venus, is now conjunct Hygea, the asteroid specific to healing and restoration, next to expansive, lucky Jupiter, and dynamic Mars. All four are currently concentrated within a very tight five degree area in the sky, from 10-15 degrees in the sign of the Virgin, the sign of perfection and practicality.
✧ Planets and significant points of the horoscope in this sign reveal how to look after self and serve others as best one can for the benefit of all beings. Due to a fixed star, Zozma, which can denote lively connections, there is a shadow side to this early part of this particular stellium (which resonates until the 1st week of November); certain situations can render those not in strong positions, powerless. So best stop slouching, wake-up now and do one’s best to not sleepwalk into difficult circumstances.
✧ Beware also the bamboozle factor, as one can all too easily be prey to others, especially if one falls for empty promise, illusion and glamour.
✧ Thankfully, because Luna is joined by Earth Mother Ceres, this pragmatic 1st quarter Capricorn Moon suggests realistic and sensible ideas can come to light, which have every potential to lead to creative expression and loving, peaceful relationship. But it will take a no-nonsense attitude – and work.
✧ It’s also Navratri in the Hindu calendar, when honouring the Goddess purifies and empowers. Navratri takes place four times a year; once during each season. Autumn sees the Goddess at her most powerful, with today’s 1st quarter Moon endowing courage and equanimity, befitting the balancing Libra Sun.

Image is Medicine Buddha from Thrangu Monastery Canada, with ℒℴѵℯ & thanks ॐ_/\_ "Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha" ---> “Hail! Appear, O Healer, O Healer, O Great Healer, O King of Healing!” _/\_ x108

Monday, 12 October 2015

☯ ☼ ☾ New Libra Peace & LOVE Moon _/|\_

☯ ☼ ☾ A New Libra Moon approaches; time now to set our intention to bring PEACE and LOVE, serenity and balance into our lives. At 0:07 Universal Time (can I hear someone humming the Bond theme? ;) ) on the 12th/13th October, Sun and Moon join at 19 degrees in the sign of the scale, to unite ideals and people that seek justice and truth.

☯ ☼ ☾ Libra is suave and sophisticated, passionate about harmony and beauty; and as ‘The Lights’ come to oppose Uranus in Aries, the planets indicate change comes by being braver and more conscious about how to accomplish splendour in our environment, and harmony in relationship. In areas of conflict, dialogue functions best when working for the benefit of all parties. When still and silent, we may even be aware how the real enemy lies within: muster strength and learn to love our demons and pacify a restless ego with kindness not cruelty, in fairness not indulgence. And by the time of the last of autumn’s three supermoons on the 27th October, we could see a triumph of transformation, emotional as well as spiritual.

Apart from All Hallow's Eve, also this lunar month we will celebrate Lord Buddha's decent from the God Realms of the 33, November 3rd. _/\_ One of the most important Buddhist practice days of the year.

☯ ☼ ☾ Image is of Vishnu, the Preserver, with his Sun disk, the Sudashana chakra, to invoke ‘a vision which is fortunate’. _/|\_ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸

P.S. In case anyone is wondering why illustrate with Hindu deities, my lineage is Kalachakra, the all inclusive time-wheel in which Vishnu also features _/\_

Happy New Moon everyone, with ℒℴѵℯ ॐ, from Laura

Sunday, 4 October 2015

☯ Sun in Libra ~ Moon in Cancer ☯

October 4th-5th 2015
☯ During the second part of a lunation cycle, with the moon waning from full to dark, the feminine influence is strong. Thus today’s Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, where the sensitive Moon rules watery Cancer, the Great Mother Goddess wields a magnified influence, especially when creating a balance between time management, as home and within social relationships. Be those contacts in business or with loved ones, it might now be worthwhile to review the past few weeks - from the solar eclipse three weeks ago, to last week’s dramatic blood red lunar eclipse. See how much has already altered in certain important relationships just by being brave enough to let-go of outmoded ways of being (together) that no longer serve the highest good for either party.

☯ While Mercury is still retrograde, keeping lines of communication open and as clear as possible remains of paramount importance; though there is the temptation to play cards close to one's chest, a certain amount of transparency appears fortunate for everyone. Mercury goes forward on the 10th October, freeing-up space for the kind life-transforming changes that only happen once every few years. And a new Moon on the 13th marks a month of major resolutions on many levels and in many ways - as long as one is prepared to purify, serve, and grow the feminine wisdom that is currently on offer.
☯ Image is of Ganga, Goddess of the sacred Ganges river, whose name means 'Swift Goer', as she rides a crocodile (Capricorn) spreading divine potency while she flows into terrestrial realms.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

☾ ● ◯ Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Blood Red Aries ◯ ● ♡

☾ ● ◯ The most dramatic Full Moon in this year of the Wood Goat takes place Sunday night – Monday morning (depending upon where you are the world (see comments to check time zones)), 27th-28th September, with a Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. The last similar supermoon was 33 years ago and there won’t be another like it for 18 years! 

With ‘The Lights’ along the 'me-we' Libra-Aries axis at 4 degrees, this 4th blood red Moon is an Aries Supermoon stimulating those born around either equinox (Spring or Autumn) to focus upon balancing the needs of self with those of others maybe more than the rest of us, who are also being asked to consider the benefits of being true to our autonomous authentic self, as opposed to the adaptive self that often relies upon all kinds of outside dictatorial influences that can compromise morality, beliefs and truth. 

☾ ● ◯ While co-operation with others is essential in this world of 7 billion human beings, and our happiness essentially depends upon how we treat others; agreements made during this Full Moon must include beauty, joy, and hefty whack of personal independence to feel free and self-directed, without harming others.

☯☆☯ In Tibetan Buddhism our authentic presence is called ‘Wangthang’, which also means ‘the field of power’ which permeates and surrounds the body within and around the electromagnetic aura; this is strengthened to protect and magnetise by the merit and goodness we consciously create.
In Tibetan astrology, the Wangthang is associated with the element of the year, i.e. in this particular year of the Green Wood Goat, the element Wood, which relates to Air, is where we find our collective (and personal) power and the ability to spiritually ascend. With Spirit Sun now in Libra, Air and Wood are highlighting the capacity to find spacious balance in growth, egoless command with practiced calm, and generosity without dominating fixity. Air of course is also associated with breath and balance, so calm abiding meditation (Shamatha or Shiney) is highly recommended for the duration of this eclipse – and beyond!

☾ ● ◯ And as the retrograde Mercury is also next to Sun during this Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, the heart-mind can only benefit by taking the opportunity during this powerful space-time portal to release all self-cherishing clinging to ego attachment, and imbibe the light of the Sun, welcoming the ability to be genuine and true to the heart-mind and the love-light within. 

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” ♡ Helen Keller

ps: If you’d like to give yourself a marker in time as to how one changes and grows happiness, light and self-development, another Equinox Full Moon in March 2016, in six months’ time is a good place to aim for and see how you are… Meanwhile, if you’d like an astrological reading to help navigate the heavens and to develop and grow your own Wangthang, please contact me, Laura, here for rates and exchange. _/\_
Wishing all a wonderfully illuminating Full Harvest Supermoon _/\_
With ℒℴѵℯ ॐ & thanks to thangka painting maestro Romio Shresta for Buddha Shakyamuni enveloped by eclipsing dragons _/\_

☯ ☆ ☯ Autumn Equinox 2015 ☯ ☆ ☯

☯ ☆ ☯ As Spirit Sun moves into harmonious and peaceful Libra, the sensitive Moon moves into friendly Aquarius, we give thanks to both, our teachers and our spiritual friends.

☯ ☆ ☯ On this day of balancing light, when both of Earth’s hemispheres, north and south, experience the same equal day and equal night, light and dark, yin and yang, I’m reminded how His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, talked recently in London about the importance of balancing the negativity we see in the world with all the everyday positive goodness we experience. For instance, if we find the global news depressing (and who doesn’t) then in order to not get disheartened we can recall the kindness of others, which we constantly encounter, such as a call from a friend to see how we are, or a mate that brings refreshment or, if you’re really lucky, the nice person who let you join the traffic flow before them, even when traffic is slow, or how a loved one made sure we are fed and watered. You see, there are a myriad of all small actions which make our everyday world and interactions with others so much lighter and brighter, even as the northern hemisphere moves to embrace the darker yin: all we need to do is to give thanks and remember them and pay the kindness forward, noting how our own happiness also depends upon making others happy.

☯ ☆ ☯ Happy Equinox everyone, with ℒℴѵℯ ॐ from Laura! _/\_
& thanks to unknown photographer for the autumnal Buddhas from Miyajima Temple,Japan

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Balancing the heart-mind ~ MercuryRetro in Libra ☿ ♎ ℞

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." Buddha_/\_

☿ ♎ ℞
#MercuryRetro in Libra ~> The planet of the mind asserts the need to check balances, financial as well as physical and emotional. Equipoise can be found in meditation/yoga/dance/prayer positions that allow one to remain spacious and on the still point, with a silent heart-mind.

☆ Many factors can challenge our peace of mind, and the planets are mirroring a wild start to a fast-moving three-week period of changing seasons ~>
☆ JUPITER opposite NEPTUNE (once every 12 years!) today! = Healing with Wisdom & Compassion. Developing faith in the groundswell of care, as His Holiness Dalai Lama calls for 'Growing Wisdom'. ...It feels like we are dipping our feet into holy water, knowing that both earth and aqua have the power to heal and purify.

☆ & Saturn is about to change signs leaving Scorpio (for 28-ish years - phew!) to enter Sagittarius and to help us solidify the meaning of life (as tough as that may be) for the next two years. Sagittarius/Gemini/Virgo/Pisces may feel more responsible with weighty issues that may well be disguised as a means to accomplishment.
Note this is also fast-moving #eclipse season... quakes, tsunamis, volcanoes are all over the place.... internal ones, as well as external.

☆ A Guru Rinpoche Equinox on 23rd, brings rainbow blessings to the day of solar charge and change.
☆ AND on the 27th/28th a Full #supermoon harvest moon lunar eclipse over #London in only 10 days time, when we're half way through the merc retro, and when solutions to problems are (re) applied and tested; and if they don't, then we will try again.

Take good care everyone. _/\_ Go lightly...
Artwork of Chenrezig, Lord of Copmpassion, by 17th Karmapa _/\_ with thanks & ℒℴѵℯ ॐ_/\_ Laura

Sunday, 13 September 2015

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo

KARMA Multiplied day x 10 million (positive or negative)
  •( ( ( ◯☽) ) )
Today’s Virgo New Moon Solar ECLIPSE (@7:41bst) awakens a deep feminine wisdom, as spirit Sun dances with the sensitive soul of the Moon to remind us how to live in an abundance of love, compassion and bliss. By reaching out to others to serve as best we can, we can share the blessings _/\_
Image is from Dechen LingPress, and is of Green Tara, Great Mother Liberator, who frees from pride, ignorance and anger.
ℒℴѵℯ  __/\__ •*¨*•.¸¸❤✫

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Healing with Feminine Earth Medicine ~> 23rd August 2015 ~> VIRGO

☼ ♍ Live-giving Spirit Sun appropriately changes signs this SUNday, leaving behind (some of the) Leo karma drama to empower practical, earthy Virgo. A Virgo’s mission is one of perfection, which includes maintaining optimum health and a clear heart-mind with a regular routine that supports and nourishes inner-strength and immunity
At the same time Sun galvanizes the healing powers of the Virgo wise woman, it also conjoins generous Jupiter to impart optimism and faith in the vital feminine wisdom within us all (men also have a sensitive, intuitive side). Wisdom is found in patience, and joy in goodness.
As long as we don’t go overboard with crazy health fads or strive for impossibly high goals with exaggerated egos, which can happen when Jupiter is present, success is practically assured. Virgo’s strong discerning influence helps to focus and concentrate upon helping (and healing) oneself to be the best we can, in order to serve and help others realize their potential too. So make the most of this fruitful month and, more importantly, enjoy today’s Jovial influence and have a wonderful time with friends and loved ones.
_/\_ ☽¸¸.•*¨*•☆

Beautiful Goddess is entitled 'PrajnaParamita' by hanciong at deviant art (& Looks like Kwan Yin) with ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ and thanks

Medicine Moon August 2015

☼ ☾Today's 1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio is conjunct karmic Saturn, at the all-important ‘anaretic degree’, the last degree of both the Sun at 29 Leo and the Moon at 29 Scorpio; this is also the very last time Luna will join Saturn in Scorpio for another 30ish years (by next month Saturn will be in Sagittarius for two and a half years), making this a rather loaded and weighty Medicine Buddha day. Heavy in the sense that patience is called for, as karma drama can be seen as accumulative cause and effect and certain past actions can all-too-easily catch up. But karma also means action. And when the sensitive moon is conjunct karmic Saturn, that action is loaded with personal responsibility for overcoming negative and destructive actions. Engaging in such a practice surely has golden rewards. Obstacles can now be cleared by delving into and healing the deeper parts of psyche which are currently in for the long-haul transformational process. It helps to now to let go of any part of life, such as ingrained desires and old memories that keep us stuck in behavioural or thought patterns that no longer serves the higher purpose, i.e. stay in the present and do now what is best for everyone, including oneself.

☾ A triple set of ‪#‎SuperMoons‬ is on the rise. The Moon tends to influence in three’s, i.e. maiden, mother, crone...
☽☼☾ 29th August = is 1st of the 3 Full SuperMoons. And in Pisces, the spirit of water purifies and renews organically, emotionally, and within the environment.
☽☼☾ 28th September is also an Apollo-Light-St Michael-Lillith-Bloodmoon-SuperMoon ‪#‎LUNAReclipse‬ on a MOONday (sunday night/monday-am)! In Libra, the Moon is also conjunct ‘‪#‎Laniakea‬’, which means ‘Immeasurable Heaven’, the Galactic Supercluster into which our entire galaxy is being drawn, into a heart of love, beauty and balance.
☽☼☾ 27th October sees a Taurean Luna at her degree of exaltation, which I find rather comforting, and with a little adjustment here and there issues that overwhelm during the August Full Supermoon, find some stabilisation .
Medicine Buddha mantra 'Thayata Om Bekhanze Bekhanze MahaBekhanze Rasa Sammut Gate Soha' _/\_ May the healing be quick and strong

Friday, 14 August 2015

☼ ☾ ♌ 14th August ~> a powerful self-realisation

☼ ☾ ♌ 14th August ~> A New #Moon in Sun-ruled #Leo places the heavenly Solar spotlight firmly upon the creative, artistic, fun-loving, playful self. And, in amongst all this love- light and laughter, there is also the astrological suggestion that self-realization is possible - achievable, even. So the time to start becoming self-realized is now, with this New Leo Moon, a lunation that culminates August 29th with a compassionate and deeply sensitive Pisces Full Moon. Indeed, we always need to cultivate kindness and compassion for self and others, but it is this particular cycle of ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, that reveals what we really need to let-go of and surrender to, in order to be ‘realized’. Many of you may wonder, what actually is a realization? And the answer is very simple: according to Buddhist teaching, a realization is when we are brave enough to recognize a negative emotion or reaction when it is starting to bubble up from within and then, as an authentic Spiritual Warrior, we quickly stop whatever it is in its tracks, before it has time to burst into the world and be expressed and do its damage, and thus unhelpful situations are diverted. Although that sounds relatively easy, we humans seemingly have a propensity (for whatever reason) to hang onto habitual negativity, be that an emotion, a reaction, thought, or speech pattern which we battle with. It takes constant mindfulness and insight into inner-machinations of the mind to be aware how the heart-mind is naturally clear and light, and a lot of the thoughts/feelings/repetitive things we say are an obscuration to such innate clarity. And while meditation is the quickest and easiest way to find the clarity within and develop strength of character, this lunation also accents a personal responsibility to creating routines and lifestyles that help us to best serve others in making this world an easier place to thrive as realized beings. Mark the 22nd August as the point to overcome a major hurdle in the practice of being true to yourself, when changes will have to be made en route to personal transformation.

With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ & new Leo Moon blessings & many thanks to unknown artist for stunning Sun Goddess