Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cardinal Tsquare, leading to Cardinal Cross ~ August 2010 (with more to come...)

The next few days could feel like we're walking on eggshells: one crack might be all it takes to create more stress and intensity and general edginess. Cardinal signs are in the hot seat. (Yikes, that's me!) In any event, by resting in one's CENTRE we remain in our spacious field of consciousness; from there we can use any nerves or fear to explore our true self, discover peace in relationship, as well as develop personal wisdom and spiritual power --> a pretty darn good opportunity, huh?

This astrology of the moment is rare and mega potent: because Libran Mars (in fall) dashes into the astral forray as it conjoins exalted Saturn (soon to be joined by Venus) who will oppose the Aries Jupiter/Uranus AND square Pluto ---> On Friday night/Saturday morning (6/7 August), when the Moon fleetingly moves into Cancer, we will have the monthly Cardinal Cross of the Spiritual Sun for the rare few hours, creating a magnificent opportunity to engage in spiritual practice.  

Note how the cute bunnys in Sandy Skoglun's 'Walking on Eggshell' art installation tame the scary snakes, making them into the sign of the Caduceus, the sign of healing.

The way through this (long-term and complex) T square between Jupiter/Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra, square Pluto in Capricon (which becomes a monthly Cardinal Cross of the Spiritual Sun when the Moon is in Cancer) is to REMAIN IN ONE'S CENTRE. How do we do that? By breathing and resting in the heart: inhale calm and exhale awareness...

& every so often we need to let out an AHhhh.....

"When we are relaxed, calm and open like a pool in a glade, the quality of our inner nature stands out clearly. We have a keen and direct perception of ourselves and our interaction with everything that is going on around us. Our energy is well-focused; able to think clearly, we can plan and organize our thoughts effectively. We are self-assured: We know what we want to accomplish, what our obstacles are, and how to dissolve them. We work with ease, moving fluidly, in tune with our work rather than resisting its requirements, simply doing what needs to be done."
-- Tarthang Tulku, Skillful Means

To continue click here for more of the Cardinal-Cross--2010 in action  

Many thanks for the image is of Amitabha, longlife Buddha, by Dordenma Bhutan

Stay tuned folks, for this rare alignment am in the middle of writing up a one-off sign-by-sign of how to handle the Cardinal Cross and what to expect... with love lx :)

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