Monday, 23 August 2010

Magical Dream Healing ☽ •~ ♥ ~• ☆ Full Moon in Pisces

Experiencing any given emotion, be it love or compassion, anger or resentment, our mind tends to label the feeling at the speed of light as ‘pleasant’, ‘unpleasant’ or ‘neutral’. This Buddhist insight corresponds to the mechanism of the brain, which initially perceives any given situation as either ‘threat’ or ‘reward’. Whichever category a sensation falls into how we actually express our emotions has a vastly dramatic repertoire,  from cool, calm and collected, to those which make us feel we’re riding the wild and high peak of a tidal wave in Samsara’s choppy ocean. Feelings, like all phenomena, can seem very real and, because of the psycho-spiritual-anatomical connection, have a direct effect upon physical and psychological health as well as spiritual well-being. If only we could remind ourselves that our feelings are subject to the law of impermanence; they come and they go at varying rates, depending on our inclination or ability to go with the flow and not let the emotion distract our mind from our main human purpose: to be happy, fulfilled, and at peace, regardless of the situation. Feelings can also be very difficult to put into words.

I mention all this now as the Full Moon is on the rise, to be exact on Tuesday at 1Pisces, @18:05 BST (+5 EST).  A Full moon in a water element rouses passionate emotion at the best of times. In Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, a sign that tends to emote deeply, feeling situations often on a profoundly psychic level, we're even able to tune into the collective undercurrent.  So if you find yourself ‘picking-up’ subconscious but overwhelming emotions, which you sense are not yours (or even if they are) know they too will pass.

So while this is a moon where one could be easily swept away by a song and dance, sound or gesture, there are other important celestial factors to consider; because this Pisces Moon is also with its' oceanic ruler Neptune, and  wounded-healer, Chiron, plus Black Moon Lilith - a celestial marker I tend only to work with when face-to-face with clients, as she is the symbol of the repressed frustration we feel when the good we want to see from a very tricky situation is slow (or absent) in forthcoming.  But Lilith has been whirling backwards and forwards over this Neptune-Chiron conjunction for some time, so I think she’s worth bringing out into the light, as to ignore the potential wrath of the feminine is essentially hazardous. Putting all these astrological pointers together from the global perspective one might say this moon suggests an underlying deep disturbance concerning the element of water. All we have to do is look around and see floods in Pakistan (where a fifth of the country is underwater), China, flash floods in Europe, not to mention the state of the Gulf of Mexico, and we get a pretty good idea of the healing that our suffering planet needs. Which is where you and I come in - and right now!

Water responds to thoughts, emotions and intentions.  We have had many successful group meditations that have a direct impact upon the health of our seas, oceans, lakes, river and ponds, courtesy my dear Lama, the late venerable Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, Dr Emoto, Lynn McTaggart, and the Medicine for the Earth Shaman’s led by Sandra Ingerman, among many others.  We now know that giving our love and thanks to the water and asking for forgivness, has a transformational affect upon h2O – for the better. Amazing to know how our love creates such purity. So with the sensitive Moon in magical Pisces, a sign that harmonises unseen energy, I say let’s do it over the next few days, and send out the cosmic love vibration directly to our world’s water – we are, after all made up of 75% water ourselves. By saying prayers and our practice near water, our own negative emotions may be assuaged as well.

And as both Pisces and Neptune are symbolic of our dreams, together we can vision the healing to be pure, all pervading, from the depths of our oceans bubbling up through to the light, cleansing, healing and soothing.We also have the Sun in Virgo's hands-on remedial touch to help us - not to mention that in esoteric astrology, Virgo is ruled by the Moon (instead of Mercury). 

Of course, those of a truly practical nature might also want to donate and help...
in Ladak with HH 12th Gyalwang Drukpa's Live to Love appeal
please be patient, the link works but is a bit slow...

& for Pakistan please send a letter of support and donate flood relief

Blessings of love & thanks ♥

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