Tuesday, 30 April 2013

BeLOVEed Bees ~ April 2013

The big news this side of the Atlantic is how we’re celebrating European Union's ban on bee-harming pesticide (for two years, giving the bees a chance to recover and prove the pesticide destroys their colonies). Quite apart from almost 3 million signatures on one petition alone, there are several astrological factors which went in the bees favour, which I thought might be of interest to my fellow sky dancers.

In astrology, Bees are ruled by Jupiter, the benevolent sky god; the expansive King of the Olympians, Jupiter, is currently in hard aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer now in Pisces. The negative expression of the sign of the fish is toxicity, i.e. poisons. Thus now is time to heal all the sky god rules, BIG time, i.e. the Bees have a reprieve.

Interestingly karmic Saturn is presently found close to Spica in the night sky. Spica is a royal star attributed to the wheat sheaf in the hand of the Virgin Goddess. Now Saturn & Spica work together, he the reaper, she the fertile vessel of a ripened harvest. There is currently more than a grain of truth in the old adage "As we sow, so shall we reap..."

Also important to note this ban on the pesticide is happened under the auspice of Sun/Mars in down-to-earth Taurus, opposite karmic Saturn now in plutocratic Scorpio: Authority must see a financial gain, as well as a practical one.

One last observation is how we have Sun, Mars, Venus and the South Node, all in bountiful Taurus; as a lover of the good life, the Bull is the sign of food and flowers, and the gentle reminder of how common sense rules and the good life can be so simply achieved. ~> May all bees be healthy & free to buzz and create the divine nectar, honey.

Image is of Bhramari Devi, the Indian Bee Goddess, who resides inside the Heart chakra, her buzz emitting the essential sound of the universe _/♥\_

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sun Mars Mercury opposition Saturn ~April-May 2013

The Lights (Sun & Moon) present a see-saw dynamism today, swinging up-down from judgemental pessimism to enthusiastic optimism in fairly equal measures. Thus, for the spiritual practitioner, the middle path beckons, particularly when working on what’s important. Perform all tasks with a happy heart, as Spirit Sun and warrior Mars oppose karmic Saturn, accenting personal responsibility for duties and situations that challenge, demand patience and a practical application. Being disciplined can be incredibly rewarding and pave the way for accomplishment. Today's far-sighted Sagittarian Moon opposite Jupiter provides hope and optimism, especially when living in truth.

Be aware: there’s a tendency to gloss over veracity, loyalty and/or integrity with Jupiter square Neptune. So it’s good to be mindful that with over exuberant quackery one can fool oneself - and others - into thinking spiritual materialism is the real deal. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche says that “As long as a person is involved with warfare (or conniving in ambition or relationship), trying to defend or attack, then his action is not sacred; it is mundane, dualistic, a battlefield situation.” The thoughts in brackets are mine, but here C.T. Rinpoche suggests the main work to do (especially this week, as Sun, Mars & Mercury sequentially oppose taskmaster Saturn in Scorpio) is upon the ego and letting go of egoic desire and delusion, however tough and laborious that may be Sun, Mars & Mercury do provide determination and stamina. And today we have jolly Jupiter to gee-up the sphere of benevolence and forgiveness, which can take the edge off being too hard upon anyone, especially ourselves.

Throughout this week, loving Venus conjunct the Taurus South Node is the astral reminder to always come from the HEART __/❤\__

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio ~ April 25th 2013

☆~☽☼☾~☆ KARMA MULTIPLIED DAY – positive or negative - X 7,000,000

Opposing Spirit Sun in earthy Taurus, the highly sensitive Full Moon at 20:58BST (15:58EST) conjuncts karmic Saturn in Scorpio, as well fixed star Spica, which suggests that while all the skills we need are at hand, adopting a long-term and patient approach to any deeply emotional and personal metamorphosis will bring success. Even though this is a short lunar eclipse – only 27 minutes – it is the first of this year’s series of Taurus-Scorpio eclipses, when transforming desire and attachment requires taking responsibility for one’s own happiness – however hard that might be, the rewards for doing so are liberating.

Be realistic. Know that Buddha nature is pure, bright and alive, radiating in the light of our being. Three planets in Taurus urge us to be practical: eat well, sleep well and live simply, fully in the NOW; but give ourselves a good 6 months as a yardstick to measure any deep and meaning psychological remodelling. When training the heart-mind we need to recognise how love overcomes our inner-most fears; and loving one’s own demons is even a means to releasing and letting go of negative obscuration.

Bear in mind the next new moon, May 10th, is a Solar Eclipse, followed by a penumbral Lunar Eclipse (not seen, but felt) on May 25th, which is also Sakadawa, celebrating Buddha's birth, enlightenment and paranirvana; Sakadawa also a SuperMoon, when tides are high and the earth can move – in more ways than one.

The above dates are optimum for the full-power meditation that can at once provide spiritual stability, as well as incredible emotional insight. Best prepare your sacred space and provide a safe and solid foundation for a rich spiritual practice that transforms personal values and shared resources. This is the year of the Water Snake, after all, and Scorpio is related directly to the transmutational Kundalini Shakti, Serpent Power and Divine energy __/❤\__ to be raised with tender care, discipline and love.

thanks to unknown artist for Buddha Earth _/\_

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Guru Rinpoche Day ~ April 20th 2012

On the 10th day of any lunar month, Sun and Moon make what’s known in astrology as a ‘trine’ aspect, meaning La Luna is exactly one third into her lunation, and five days away from being full. This particular trine aspect is considered to be so important in Tibetan Buddhism that every month this day is known as ‘Guru Rinpoche day’, when we say prayers and make offerings to honour the Lama (our teacher) and our connection to the Lama’s heart, revealing one’s own Buddha nature.

The triangle relationship between planets is the best possible aspect to experience (in the horoscope). A 120° trine aspect bestows cosmic gifts and skills that can be easily developed and brought to fruition. Yet personal talents can be overlooked and underutilised because we often take them for granted. But when ‘The Lights’, Sun (action) and Moon (wisdom), are in this triangle formation during Moon's waxing phase, illuminating wisdom in action our gifts of are clear to see. As such, this particular trine aspect is deemed to be extremely fortunate as one is able, with the teacher’s insight and kindness, to swiftly overcome obstacles in order to accomplish fulfilment (enlightenment, even) at the time of the full moon.

So as Spirit Sun moves into steady Taurus tomorrow (April 20th) it makes this very special ‘trine’ to the sensitive Moon in healing Virgo; and the tempestuousness of the past few days should begin to dissipate and stabilise situations so that recovery, reconciliation and attention to detail can take place.

Having said that, no one aspect works alone: the planets are all interconnected; as Sun remains with fiery Mars throughout the upcoming eclipses – a partial Lunar eclipse on the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 25th, and the Taurus Solar eclipse May 10th, it suggests turning points are ahead, though the action is firm, steady and cautious, as opposed to rashly jumping into any situation head first. With Sun, Mars & Venus all in the sign of the Bull, patience comes to fore when harnessing resources, and the fruit of one’s actions begins to take shape __/❤\__

(✿◠‿◠) Breathe into the heart-mind, relax, and let the love flow during today's very special Guru Rinpoche day, which today holds a beautiful cosmic synchronicity__/❤\__

Why so special? Well, readers of Dharma Stars might recall how Jupiter is the heavenly Guru who, like Tibet's second Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, wields a thunderbolt of enlightenment directing with his dorje to the truth of illusion and the wisdom of Buddha nature. And today, Guru Rinpoche Day, Jupiter is at the very same degree of 2012’s once-in-a-life-time Venus transit. This won’t happen again, so tune into lucky Jupiter and Goddess Venus (now at home in Taurus) who opened the way for Jupiter to now exert his lightening flash of understanding. Enjoy the awakening zap, and be struck by the sage celestial teacher’s Light of Love! __/❤\__

Artwork is a close up of the heart of Dorje Chang by Heinz Hoes with thx ♥

Top Image is of Guru Rinpoche Rainbow emanation.

Mantra ~> Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Pemma Siddhi Hung _/❤\__

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Medicine Buddha Moon ~> Tara Puja _/✿\_ April 18th 2013

☼☾ Spring into action with this first quarter Moon in Cancer and Sun in Aries: The fiery Aries Sun evokes self-assertion and bravery, while a watery Cancerian Moon accents sensitive emotions, home and family; thus this Medicine Buddha Moon’s healing is directed towards having the courage to unconditionally take care of self, and others, as a mother would her child.

Now fire’s heat rises and water falls; Heat warms while water cools. When water and fire are in harmony, heart-mind and body are also synchronized. Making supplications to Goddess Tara and/or Medicine Buddha today provides strength and support to achieve such a balance.

Today also sees this exalted Aries Sun in conjunction with the heated and volatile, scarlet Warrior planet, Mars. This double whammy of Aries fire illuminates Cancer’s watery emotions, where the challenge is to protect, act and create. On a mundane (political) level, global events have mirrored this intense aspect with bombs, fires, and weapons being very much in the news. But while generating helpful empathy and compassion for the victims of senseless violence and doing what we can, I don't want to focus upon the external affairs that we often have little or no personal control over, as we here at Dharma Stars concentrate upon fulfilling our spiritual life. There are other ways to express this passionate combination which involves being directly engaged and getting physical in order to utilize heat and burn up toxins, release anger without harming anyone, and build up self-confidence, such as breathing in positivity, walking instead of taking the bus one stop, or going to the gym.

Note the planets are quickly shifting signs; while the slow-moving planet of change, Uranus, remains in Aries, both Sun and Mars move into Taurus, to join Venus in her home sign, on Saturday 20th, and the emphasis will be upon a slow and steady release of creativity, when it will be good to have the stamina and strength Sun and Mars are now building. Remember also that we are now in eclipse season, with a Full Moon partial Lunar eclipse in Scorpio April 25th, when feelings are strong and Spirit determined.

Thanks for unknown artist for fire-water yin-yang __/❤\__

If you would like an astrology reading to know more about how Active Fire & Sensitive Water works in your horoscope, or indeed how the eclipse activates your chart, please contact me here for rates. Thank you, with Spring LoveLight, Laura __/❤\__tact me here for rates. Thank you, with Spring LoveLight, Laura __/❤\__

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Right Action ~> New Aries Moon April 2013

New Moon 20° Aries Wednesday April 10th @10:34BST

“It is not enough to be compassionate, we must act.” ~ His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama __/❤\__

☽☼☾ While collective compassion remains accented in the heavens, it is a stellium in fiery Aries that now symbolises dynamic action, leadership, and pioneering derring-do that urges one to confidently undertake take new challenges and adventures.

The excitable energy of this ardent Aries Moon with the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus, all together in the courageous sign of the Ram, indicates an extraordinary quest that bursts forth into something fiery, passionate, and original.

‘The Lights’ (Sun & Moon) are tightly entwined with relationship planets; thus the cosmic mission gets up-close and personal, as it calls for the individual to discover love, self-love, loving what we do that contributes to the benefit of society, our friends and family. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama also says in reference to action, “The more you are motivated by Love, The more Fearless & Free your action will be.” And when we are fearless, enthused with a good heart, we're then able to engage in what is known in Buddhism as ‘Right Action’.

Right Action is part of the eightfold Dharma path, and implies utilising the kind of mindfulness that can quickly nip in the bud the Aries tendency towards emotional outbursts, anger or impatience. Right action also entails having the moral courage to respect all life (not just human life) by living by certain precepts, the main ones of which are: 1) no killing (any living being) 2) no stealing or taking what is not given 3) no lying (not even to oneself) 4) no sexual misconduct, and 5) no intoxicants. There are many more precepts reserved for either being a monastic or on retreat; but these basic vows describe the right action for a lay spiritual warrior to live an enlightened life. Admittedly it takes awareness to keep to all five, but if you have never thought about these actions before, consciously doing even one is a step on the path to becoming a baby Bodhisattva.

So while the Sun and new Moon conjunct Love Goddess Venus & Warrior Mars, the time is now right to make light offerings, motivate and fire up ‘Right Action’: Plant seeds of •❤• █▄◯╲╱☰ • ❤ now, then watch L❀VE, strength & personal happiness grow. ❤

If you would like an astrology reading to know where the action is in your horoscope, please contact me for rates, here With LoveLight & New Moon Blessings, Laura

Light Offering photo by Olivier Adam, with thanks __/❤\__


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Venus & Mars conjunction in Aries ~> April 2013

Before the new Aries moon on Wednesday 10th April, two other very beautiful planetary connections take place. One includes the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, who are now in heavenly union; this conjunction takes place every two years, which is not as common as one might think, even though these planets carry with them the international symbols of male and female. Early tomorrow morning (exact Sunday morning at 5:23BST), the celestial lovers meet in pioneering Aries, the same sign the Sun is currently exalted: the sign of courage and enthusiasm. Together, Love Goddess Venus and passionate Warrior Mars (at home in fiery Aries) spark each others ardour, confidence, and the consciousness to share the cosmic urge to accomplish brave deeds, with LOVE conquering anger, hatred and aggression; for Mars only disarms with Venusian charms.

While Venus and Mars blaze in the glory of togetherness in the dark of the moon, an entirely more fluid dynamic, the spring and summer’s ‘Grand Water Trine’ also begins its Yin powered journey of an ever-changing watery configuration over the coming months. Starting off with the Earth Mother Goddess, Ceres, moving into Cancer to create a helpful trine aspect to structural Saturn, giving form and potentially stabilising with care and consideration to Neptune’s dreams about home, work, intimate relationship, or even saving the planet. This ‘Grand Water Trine’ is one of 2013's central features, with Saturn and Neptune its’ main components to bring a steady reality to the glamour of illusion that helps maintain a disciplined spiritual practice throughout.

Image of Vairocana and consort from a wiki work-in-progess the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, with LoveLight & thanks _/♥\_

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Friday, 5 April 2013

Dakini Day! April 5th 2013

Honouring the Divine Feminine with a Moon in Aquarius, sign of the Water Bearer _/✿\_

With Spirit of Sun still exalted in fresh and dynamic Aries, it creates excitement and joyful enthusiasm; and with freedom loving Uranus (which rules Aquarius) as well as the relationship planets Venus and Mars, also in Aries, the way we love, in partnership, as with friends and peers, requires a joyful and trusting approach (especially if we don’t want to feel alienated by our own selfishness). Now the nurturing Moon Goddess is in friendly and altruistic Aquarius,  feminine wisdom bravely carries the world's hopes and wishes, noting that we fare better by cooperating and doing what is best for others. By BEING LOVE, as opposed to being ‘in love’, we make the world a better place, treating all beings equally and showing the same respect and kindness we like to receive ourselves, so everyone benefits.

♥ ॐ♥ N░A░M░A░S T░E ♥ ॐ♥ & Tashi Delek ! _/♥\_

Thursday, 4 April 2013

★ ☽ Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn ☾ ★ April 2012

According to the heavens, we are currently in the midst of fast-moving, bizarrely predictable yet unexpected change, with a plethora of newness symbolised by this present Aries conjunction that sees Uranus, Sun, Venus & Mars, all ramping up fiery fervour and passion to impulsively leap into action.

But wait. Before jumping into situations unknown, hold courage close to heart. The last quarter Tara – Medicine Buddha Moon in Capricorn also brings the personal healing touch and much-needed transformation into sharp focus, as well as a call for pragmatic wisdom. The sensitive Moon now conjuncts secretive Pluto in judicious Capricorn: Intuition guides with discipline, to leave no stone unturned when dealing with all things hidden. Even with difficult issues, calling upon the healing power of the Goddess now helps to overcome obstacles, and may even reveal a buried treasure - a previously hidden emotional or spiritual strength that helps to rise above daily challenges (which appertain to ambitions and accomplishment).

Now is the time to remove and let-go of all that no longer serves healing and purpose. Today and tomorrow are marked for pruning and cutting back dead wood and tidying up, so that the metaphoric blossom can bloom (in the Summer) and be ready for a fresh new kick start with the exciting New Moon in Aries, April the 10th.

Image of Goddess Green Tara by Ella Brewer www.pureview.co.nz with thx
~> Tara mantra “Om Tara Tuttara Ture Soha” _/♥\_