Sunday, 15 November 2009

Transform collective karma by co-creating loving kindness ~ New Scorpio Moon + Saturn square Pluto 09

Like the heavens, nature also mirrors thoughts, feelings and events we encounter in our lives. So while we (in the northern hemisphere) enter late autumn watching the trees develop into stark skeletons as dark nights draw in, the call of a friendly fireside could remind us of cyclic existence and how all things must die in order to be reborn; and how any kind of death leads to the promise of rebirth and regeneration, be it figurative or real, the meditation is upon impermanence.

Tomorrow’s new Scorpio moon is with Ceres and Venus, helping us to take a kindly look at all kinds of various subjects we’d normally consider taboo. With Scorpio’s heightened perception, no matter how much we might want to sugar coat situations, the reality check is that when we look through and past the bombardment of superficiality, we could now see how a price must be paid before witnessing signs of new growth. As harsh as that may be, we seem to have reached a crisis point in so many areas, personal and environmental. Pluto ruled Scorpion’s may have already sensed the urgent need for regeneration and consolidation, especially in light of the now tight aspect between stabilising Saturn squaring up to Pluto, planet of restoration.

To now stylishly trim and make cut-backs in any sphere of life prone to straggling loose ends would be a smart move, to avoid being tripped-up later on. When taking what might initially seem like harsh measures, remember we are only clearing the ground for something to grow far stronger and more beautiful. Being brave enough to throw out the dross and preserve that which has profound meaning ensures lasting value. The nerve to release and let go of negative or mistrustful thoughts, situations and people, comes from deep within; once tapped, a forever open power supply flows from a previously hidden resource activates a courageous and deeply sexy heart.

Saturn in Libra now getting up-close and personal with Pluto in Capricorn suggests important and intimate relationships also benefit from a long hard look at how to create positive restitution. Balance and fairness is called for, not only in business partnerships, love affairs, relationship to authority, finances or even looks, but also how we invest time and effort with those we love. The apparent collective techno-mania, as symbolised by the triple Aquarian conjunction, so easily sucks away people’s enthusiasm and quality time for the real world. Are we in danger of turning into egotistical robots while relationships and/or health suffer?

Yet we are only human, each with our own human weakness that, with awareness, we can slowly but surely awaken the heart and rid ourselves of our personal foibles. What transpires over the coming eight months while these two planetary heavyweights are in this last closing square (from a cycle begun in 1982, to close again in 2020) will depend upon how much we really care for ourselves and for each other, and how we are able to make love the overriding principle and stop fear from being the active condition.

There is a sense of urgency as the outer planets muster to create a powerful force of change in 2010, when having a brave heart to foster and cherish all we hold dear will stand us in victorious stead for the year ahead. This means sensitively looking after oneself, friends and family, our community, and ultimately, mother Earth. The time for renewal is now, for the return of growth to be so much more serene.

One last note; yesterday, from a Tibetan Buddhist connection, I received a list of pointers on how to generate powerful karma. Saturn, lord of Karma, is now in Libra, the sign of peaceful relations: the Karma of Love becomes evermore pertinent, and the way of the heart more realistic. And as Saturn recently extended its sphere of influence with a brand new super ring, with a certain discipline everyone can learn how to avoid the drama and crisis that Pluto in Capricorn might use as tools of control.

What I really liked about this page is how the points are practical and achievable. Here is the link: Enjoy!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Lhabab Düchen ~ 11-11-11 ~ Buddha returns from the 33

Monday is a multiplied karma day; when the effect and merit of actions, thoughts and words are multiplied by 100,000,000! So best be mindful throughout the day, or at least try (as in my case!). Lhabab Duchen is one of the four most important days in the Buddhist calendar. The 15th day of the 9th Tibetan month sees the celebration of Buddha’s return to earth after three months and seven days of dharma teaching to his mother in the realm of the 33, the sphere of the Deva’s. (Mystic numerologists will be interested to see this festival of the 33 is in the week of 11-11-11, adds up to 33!)

By all accounts Buddha left Earth and entered Deva Heaven at the age of 41. Astrologers will note a classic mid-life point of dramatic change, as shown by the transiting planet of change, Uranus, in opposition the natal Uranus, due to its’ 84-year cycle. Almost everyone goes through a powerful awakening around the age of 40-42 (with the possible exception of a triple Taurean – only kidding: Buddha was Taurus). Breaking off from someone or something or bringing something to completion that allows the individual to move towards creating a second part of life in order to fulfil some kind of dream or ambition is common at this time of life. For the Buddha it was an act of repaying the kindness to his mother for bringing him into this world. That Buddha had such a mid-life turning point (not exactly the same as the crisis we lesser mortals may create) makes the teachings all the more human.

From the bliss realms Buddha returned to Earth via a triple ladder, which was made by Vishvakarma, the Hindu god of architecture and machines. Built from gold, crystal and lapis lazuli, the triple ladder stretched all the way from Mount Meru. At the appointed hour (on the last quarter moon) on the right-hand golden ladder appeared the all-powerful, all-seeing Bramha, with the fine form deities; on the left-hand crystal ladder came dorje wielding Indra, with the Lords of the sensual worlds; while Buddha descended via the central lapis lazuli ladder, representing the middle path and an intimate relation with the realms of meditation, infinite space and infinite consciousness; thus bringing heaven to earth and illustrating how to overcome the duality of form and formless, nothing and everything.

The festival is celebrated this year while the Sun is in Scorpio, signalling renewal, if not of faith then perhaps strength, and in a tight ’T’ to the almost infamous triple (that word again!) Aquarian conjunction in exact square to the Moon in Leo, now conjunct warrior Mars. The ego-war is on: the natives are restless in the healing quest for divine liberation!

By next weekend we have Saturn in Libra finally making the square to Pluto. Unless one remains resolute it could be all too easy to slip into the all-controlling unseen fear vibration. Transforming suffering into happiness might not seem positive to some on the surface, but in my humble opinion is the only way to deal with such heavy aspects, and respond with the renewal of two of the most important aspects of being: heart and psyche (more on that later).

But first some technical info: This square is part of a greater cycle that began in 1982, when Saturn was also exalted in Libra; and it ends in 2020 when Saturn will be at home in Capricorn. Therein lies the clue in how to handle the cycle: makes friends with Saturn and build a sustainable society based upon (Libran) PEACE & LOVE.

As two planets dance around the Sun they form angles to each other, the 90 degree squares and 180 degree oppositions being notoriously the hardest, but often the most interesting to deal with. The first square these two heavy-weights made in '93 locked both planets in home signs: Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Scorpio. Responsible collective regeneration becoming key words, even here, at this early stage of the cycle.

The opposition was in 2001, when Saturn was in Gemini and Pluto in Sag, when we saw truth become the order of the day. Now we are at the closing square - except we are one whole Saturn cycle on. This means that (along with the rest of us and those whose charts seriously constellate with these degrees and planets) a whole bunch of 28-29-30 year olds are intensely feeling the pressure to renew resources, as they could quite easily see the writing on the wall by the time the two planets meet again to complete the cycle in boundary making Capricorn. Interesting times...