Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cultivate a Wealth of Virtue ♥ Taurus New Moon ♥

New Moons are times of new beginnings. In abundant earthy Taurus, sign of food, flowers and finance, seeds of the new are planted to grow in the garden, as well as in the sensuous wilds of true Taurean treasure: the kind and loving heart-mind. The Taurean Bull highlights what we value, be that a thing, person, place or song.

Buddha was a Taurus. The following lines sum up his teachings:

“Commit not a single unwholesome action,
Cultivate a wealth of virtue,
To tame this mind of ours.”

We have the opportunity to tame the mind - and more, with the Taurus New Moon @8:18BST, where the Moon is exalted, as it constellates a very practical ‘Earth Trine’, a triangle formation with active Mars in healing Virgo, and transformational Pluto in powerful Capricorn. This useful ‘Earth Trine’ remains in stabilising effect for twelve more days. We need this celestial steadiness because Mars remains at early degrees Virgo in opposition to the ‘wounded-water’ configuration that is Neptune and Chiron (still in effect two years since the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico – not to mention Fukishima). And although Mars is the high-flying point of the ‘Earth Trine’ which becomes the tail of a rare ‘Earth-Water Kite’ formation – which is a wonderful opportunity to fix damaged power structures, mend broken hearts, and have deep psychological/emotional breakthrough – it might be so wonderful that we take for granted any boon, bountiful shooting stars, or stroke of genius we have or encounter, that we easily ignore the cosmic help now on offer. So be aware or you might blink and miss it and get stuck with Mars in his other tight aspect: still at ‘the bends’, being in direct ‘T’ square to destiny’s nodal axis. In fact, warrior Mars is dealing with this fast blast of karma, which requires constant readjustment throughout most of the lunation, until after Wesek, at the last quarter Moon around May 13th. To be honest, Mars in this position is not my favourite; situations can get heated for no reason other than ignorance.

Venus is often the only planet that can seduce a listless Mars. As Love Goddess Venus is the Taurean ruler, now in smooth-talking Gemini, (where she will soon perform an amazing celestial dance (more on this to come)) harmonious relations entail entering into dialogue to understand others' point of view To do so means one is truly on the dharma path, well on the way to the equipoise that cultivates a wealth of virtue, awakening the heart chakra and taming the anxious mind though love-wisdom and compassion _(♥)_

Friday, 6 April 2012

Love ♥☼♥ Light Libra Full SuperMoon ~> April 2012

Full Libra SuperMoon on the rise, to be exact Friday at 20:19 BST (NY 03:19pm (EDT); Delhi Saturday 7th 00:42 am (IST)), with Sun at 17 Aries radiating fire and assertion and the light of light itself, opposite the loving and sweetly pushy Libra; this one is all about you and me, baby!  

How we relate to others, either in business or love comes into focus - and possibly to a head. With sensitive Moon next to swami Saturn, and in a dramatic Thor’s Hammer formation with Neptune and Venus, self-initiated karma can make one feel alone, even in intimate partnership. This is good – and all part of the cosmic plan, which is to help one understand that even in relationship if we are not responsible for our own actions, who or what else is? 

The nature of LOVE is blissful, light and free; so why be weighted down by emotional drama?
Aries directness opposite balancing Libra stimulates Divine love to emanate from the heart, for this full ‘Pink Moon’ reminds us how loving kindness frees us from the ego shackles of self-centredness, paving the way for harmonious connection, be that with a friend, enemy or stranger.

The ‘Mutable Cross’ mentioned in a previous post continues to hold sway, but with a slight change of cast on the cosmic stage. We still have retrograde Mars in Virgo, about to go station direct on the 14th April (movement in the right direction at last!), opposite the ongoing Neptune-Chiron conjunction, accenting exactly where deep emotional healing is required (check for 3 degrees Virgo-Pisces in your scope); this opposition is in square to Love Goddess Venus in versatile Gemini (where she goes retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights in May-June), now conjunct the South Node (Dragon's tail) she is opposite the Juno-North Node conjunction, to form a Goddess dominated Fire-Air axis of this changeable Cross.  Experiences absorbed and imbibed during this Mutable Cross help one to remain true to goals - especially with Juno conjunct the Dragon's head, to act and react during time of fast-moving change in a manner that raises both consciousness AND planetary awareness. 

One last note about this Full Moon is that it is the first of three super moons in a row. The supermoon (a phrase coined by the amazing Richard Nolle) is when the Full (or new) Moon is closest to the earth. We normally experience more geomagnetic action and see more storms both on earth and at sea during super powerful moons. So take good care everyone. Go easy upon self and others and enjoy the wisdom of discriminating awareness throughout the beautiful Libra Moon _()_