Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Dharma of Capitalism

Cosmic love courses steadily towards critical spiritual mass with a waning Moon, Venus, Mars & Uranus, all in the last degrees of mutable Pisces: Now is the time to make an evolutionary leap in understanding the wisdom of compassion, as the path of the Spiritual Warrior beckons. Yet to reach this highly realised state while these planets are in hard aspect to Pluto, planet of total transformation, the familiar and material kind of comfort zone we might be used to may not even exist any more; so there’s a potential to feel lost, fearful and nervous of what might lie ahead and make a drama out of a crisis – especially in the face of other people’s pessimism. Change by its very nature challenges us to rethink, plan, and still make adjustments along the way. In these extraordinary times the impetus for change generates a variety of reactions from all sides. Without warning lovers, friends, and even the stranger on the street can swing in an instant from friendly to hostile and back again; so it is more important than ever to calm the neurotic mind and allow the wisdom that comes from the heart to shine through. By not getting attached to negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy or resentment, it means our personal self-esteem also gets a boost.

A new moon in Taurus on Saturday the 25th accents more solid values; and giving all that we cherish some kind of makeover has certain rewards. There is nothing to fear in letting go of outmoded ways of being to make way for the new. For instance, instead of perpetuating unhelpful thoughts, begin to praise everyone (including yourself) for talents and abilities and affirm everyone’s self-confidence. Note: Value yourself and others will too. (Needless to say, this does not apply to overbearing egos!) Finances and personal relationships could also soon start to look up, which would, no doubt, be the kind of change we will all welcome.

This also came through the wires, which I thought I would share being very timely as the Sun shines its light passing through Taurus, the zodiacal bank:

“The Dharma of Capitalism” in the Wall Street Journal…

Monday, 13 April 2009

Rosy Love Goddess update

Retrograde Venus is now in that all-important very phase as she re-enters the last degree of Pisces (tropically) on the 12th of April, staying the sign of her exaltation until the 24th April; meaning she is in the best possible place she can be to emanate a cosmic kind of love within the collective environment. This end degree of the zodiac implies an inherent understanding of all that has gone before; with the planet of love at 29 degrees Pisces it suggests that when we come from the heart we’re able to forgive, show tolerance and empathise in any given situation to be compassionate towards others (even if they upset us). At this very last degree of the zodiac imagination is the key to shaping the future.

Venus, symbol of all we care for and cherish, as a morning star awakens the love vibration; and as she rises she is also gaining light with her greatest brilliance on May 5th. (Lucky Taureans who have birthdays around that time!)

After her biblical 40 day retrograde, Venus goes forward on the 18th April. Yet the day before she leaves Pisces to go back into Aires she kickes her heels in two last moves in her cosmic dance, which are rather extraordinary as she first conjunts Mars on the 21st, then occults the Moon, on the 22nd April. (Venus last occult the moon October 2008).

Exalted Venus can have a soothing effect upon feisty Mars, and previous warring factions should come to an agreement; Mars only disarms for Venusian charms. The the coming together of the cosmic lovers signals ♥ LOVE CONQUERS ALL ♥ and to actively raise bodhicitta (opening the heart-mind) in order to show limitless compassion to other sentient beings becomes even more relevent, on a universal scale. This dynamic union preceeds the occultation, the hidden transference of energy between planets as they come together to create a potent influence. Mars is dynamic, while Venus represents love, and the Moon our emotions.

With this particular occultation the Moon will be waning. A waning moon encourages us to release negative feelings. A Moon~Venus ~Mars transmission of this calibre is specifically about overcoming personal desires and balancing our sense of self-worth with the needs of others, i.e. the collective. This is not to say we should be selfish or egoist, but to see the value in being oneself aligned within a greater whole, i.e. there is no difference between one or many. To be aware of this interdependence encourages self-awareness and unconditional love (of self and others) and an ability to act upon heartfelt intention at the same time mindful of the changes now being implimented in the spirit of cooperation.
Let the love shine on….

Saturday, 4 April 2009

An advancing evolution on the horizon ~> April 09

An advancing evolution is on the horizon bringing with it a reality shift that comes into focus as Mars, planet of action, conjoins Uranus, planet of awareness, on April 15th. Both planets are in Pisces, a sign that encourages one to merge with the unknown with insight and compassion. But over the next few days dynamic Mars first opposes unyielding Saturn, creating a reality check; and traditional methods of doing the same old thing may be more appealing – but only for an instant. Bear in mind that while the world wonders about the current climate of uncertainty, those in authority are also subject to the same instability, in need of practical support and re-education. Patience, dedication and the art of gentle persuasion will achieve so much more than pushing blindly ahead this weekend. Being bogged down by minutiae, however, in the run up to the Full Libra Moon on the 9th may mean missing the opportunity to balance the witnessing mind with the calm steady beat of the heart and realise one’s truth.

Anger, resentment and general discontentment could arise and even be held in the body because a seemingly immovable object just won’t budge or give in to those desires which may also be born out of ignorance. The Buddhist teachings tell us we should especially treasure those who generate negative emotions within us, for they also serve as an impetus to practice the kindness and diplomacy that appeases difficult situations and at the same time make peace with ourselves. By knowing this we sense problems can be transformed. And then they will - in time. As an irresistible force comes up against a critical spiritual mass mid-month, something or someone gives way so that progress will be made. Dance, music, meditation, yoga and sport, helps to keep the flow of energy, chi and prana more fluid during this period, creating the kind of happiness that can deflect harmful physical, mental, or even spiritual stress.