Thursday, 30 December 2010

Stormy Solstice Mission ~ Mars Square Saturn Dec'10

Active Mars now squares slow-coach Saturn. With both planets in exaltation - Mars in Capricorn & Saturn in Libra - this tense square could well contribute to stirring up a massive tempest on Saturn, the likes of which haven't been seen in decades. According to Nasa, who are running a Casini Solstice Mission (as an ode to Saturn's rulership over Capricorn's ingress at Winter Solstice?!),  these storms apparently happen every 28.5 years, which is one Saturn cycle! Though according to one British newspaper the last time it happened was 1990, and before that 1960, 1933 and 1903.  Of course, I couldn't resist looking to see exactly where Saturn was during those years. Interestingly, Saturn was at home in Capricorn for '90 & '60, but in the sign of its traditional rulership, Aquarius, for '33 & '03.  

A quick history google (Saturn rules time) came up with all kinds of wildness, such as Elvis entering the Army ('60) and Imelda Marcos and Kashoggi officially not being corrupt in 1990 (huh?), along with nuclear threat galore. So without doing more intensive research (unlikely, as with this quadruple Capricorn my work load is ON) I wouldn't like to say what connection these storms might have with our relative world - apart adding the observation from my friend Helene Transit, who suggested this exaltation has brought snow instead of water.  As you probably know, I use very wide orbs and planets being in square by sign is perfectly acceptable (especially when there is so much public anger (Mars) in relation to our own Earhtly storms). For it seems in mid-december (when this storm was first identified) there was a wide 10 degree square between the two planets. I can live with that, very comfortably.

Astrologically speaking, this configuration is about testing patience. Warrior Mars is passionate but not bloodthirsty in Capricorn, where he is Major General as opposed to the ordinary foot soldier.  Mars here likes to build and create order, shouldering responsibility whilst hobnobbing with the powers that be. Lets not forget that Mars is currently near Pluto, the North Node, Pallas Athena, and the Sun, so there is bound to be some kind of call to action, with Mars as the Sun's henchman.  In square to the exhalted Saturn in Libra, the challenge is to see the value in going slower, at a steadier pace, something Mars rarely does, preferring to recklessly charge into places where angels fear to tread, often to his own detriment.  

According to another site, however, it seems these storms have been brewing all year - with this storm as the biggie? Who knows if it will get any bigger. But its also interesting to note with the plethora of planets now in Capricorn also accenting Saturn (in exaltation) how this erruption also mirrors the various power structrues which are behaving in a seemingly stormy fashion (banks, for instance). Saturn rules stable boundaries, and Mars in Capricorn will actively draw the line. In Libra, the Saturnian authority ought care with fairness and love. According to Alice ABailey, any Saturnian body that cannot be just (Libra) will fail to gain the love and respect it craves and therefore fails to evolve into higher chakra vibration, having to remain in the heart, until, that is, Saturn understands the power of love.

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