Tuesday, 17 February 2015

☆•*¨*•.¸¸ ☆ Losar Tashi Delek! ☆ ¸.•*¨*•☆

☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤ ☆ Losar Tashi Delek! ☆ ❤¸.•*¨*•☆

☆ Happy New Year of the Green Yin Wood Sheep-Goat-Ram-Ewe! ~> Feb 18th/19th

☆ At the start of Losar's karma multiplying month of miracles*, there's a second New Super Moon in Aquarius, on Wednesday, the 18th, at 23:47gmt (18:47EST). At 30 degrees in the sign of the Water Bearer, ‘The Lights’ (Sun & Moon) awaken a need for change, some of which may be quite dramatic, and possibly self-instigated this coming weekend (21st).

☆ Good deeds and humanitarian compassion are now rewarded due to the steadying influence of the Green Yin Wood Sheep (Goat, Ram, and Ewe) with us for the rest of 2015. This, therefore, is THE New Moon of the year to set the altruistic intention to work for the welfare of other beings, and to aspire towards enlightenment in order to benefit others. The chances of creating excellence, and surrounding oneself with peaceful friends supportive of noble endeavors, are greater this year. Finances also generally tend to be more stable in Sheep years; though the Green Wood Sheep needs to be careful of being taken advantage of, making unwise sacrifices, and reacting in anger. Better to remain generous in spirit, and maintain strong moral principles.

☆The Full Moon on March 4th suggests emotions run deep, when it’s almost natural to be overwhelmed, but the awareness of (the need for) a powerful healing will also take place.

May the year of the Green Wood Sheep/Goat be auspicious!

With many thanks to Mushroaming.com for the wonderful Goats and prayer flags _/\_
.☆¨¯`*★。。☆ ♥
*Honouring the marvels Buddha performed to create future merit and devotion within his students when challenged by non-believers (in the 8-fold path).

Saturday, 14 February 2015

♐ Dakini Day Valentine __/❤\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸❤✶

With the Red Moon Goddess now in Sagittarius ♐♐♐ her arrows of Love align directly with the centre of the galaxy to focus upon a strong sense of justice, freedom for all, and victory (in Love)! 
This Dakini Moon highlights the humane vibration of the Valentine Sun in Aquarius, to now rise above profane and romantic love that adores hearts and flowers as shows of affection (though, granted, these are fun ;) ). The Aquarian Water Bearer has the discipline to take responsibility for others emotions, and with selfless love has the insight to see that love is a verb: to ‘be love’ is also part of raising the altruistic intention, wanting the world to be a better place, not just lovers and partners, but for everyone, the animals, birds and insects included.
Image is Goddess is Kurukulla (artist unknown), sometimes called Red Tara, beaming Love with the freshness of youth. Like Cupid or Eros, Kurukulle also has a bow to subjugate the target of affection with flowery arrows to make them fall in love!
❤ Happy Dakini Day!
Happy Valentine’s ! ❤

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

“Dön Season” ~> before Losar & the New Year of the Green Yin Wood Goat

No sooner has informative Mercury gone direct (today at 1 degree Aquarius), the Last Quarter Tara Moon of the Wood Horse Year signals we are well and truly into a critical period of the Tibetan calendar called “Dön Season”, which has been described as being ‘like Mercury retrograde on steroids’, as the karma of the last year now accumulates to potentially manifest as sticky issues that can create obstacles, problems and disharmony. 

Dön is the name given to the end-of-years’ amassed energy patterns, particularly the negative ones which whip-up destructive thinking to provoke difficult interactions and arguments that, if we don’t clarify with mindfulness, can even lead to emotional obsessions, or psychic or physical sickness. Thus, it is now super important that over the next few days we clear the air and make space, at home, at work, in relationship, and on the meditation cushion, in order to awaken Spirit and transform the mind. Detox inner planes as well as outer worlds now, and let-go of the old and outmoded and, by being open-minded and aware, prepare for New Year of the Green Yin Wood Goat on the 18th–19th February, a year that offers an exhilarating kind of joy, with the potential for great peace.   

During these next few days of the “Dön Season” just before Losar, Tibetan New Year, we call upon our protectors, connect to sangha, and loved ones who give love and support. It may also be a cosmic co-incidence that Valentine's Day is also Dakini Day, but when the Goddess highlights Love, she does so this year with the radiant LoveLight which emanates straight from the Galactic heart.

ℒℴѵℯ __/❤\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸❤✶& thanks to Carmen Mensink for beautiful Green Tara whose mantra is “Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha” __/❤\__

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

☆ •°*♌ ☾ ♒ ◯ ♒ ☽ ♃ *°•.☆ Full Leo Moon Feb2015

"Self-confidence is knowing that we have the capacity to do something good and firmly decide not to give up." ~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama ~

Because tonight's Full Leo Moon (exact 23:07gmt Feb3rd) is conjunct expansive Jupiter, there is a tendency to inflate and multiply whatever is happening. Now, more than ever, we need to good to ourselves and others and be aware how it is the middle path that leads to peace, and to have the confidence to be kind and grow the positive with courage and compassion whenever and wherever possible. For whenever Jupiter touches a planet, the energies of that planet are magnified; with the currently retrograde Jupiter in union with this Full heartfelt Leo Moon all kinds of situations can take on mammoth proportions – for good or bad, happy or sad. 

Together with the most sacred celestial guide - Jupiter is THE cosmic Guru, this sensitive Moon invokes memories, student/teacher relations, and family connections, be it global family or ‘familiar’ kindred spirits, the past also takes on greater significance, especially when thoughts are connected to the heart and to love. So be aware that emotions can now be heightened and reactions excessive - even the snow (or Sun in the southern hemisphere) might seem crisper, whiter, purer. 

Issues of loyalty in love may also be raised, where doing what is right to keep one’s integrity in tact provides a firmer foundation in truth. Jupiter also teaches us to seek out the broader view, a perspective that enables one to understand and embody even the most abstract principles and ethics which can ultimately lead to Spirit’s liberation. 

With Spirit Sun now in Aquarius, the sign of the higher mind’s freedom through altruism, it’s worth remembering how in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that the mind lives in the heart. The more we focus upon love and kindness then the more intelligent we become, as a collective and as an individual.
With ℒℴѵℯ__/\__ Thanks to Visual Alchemist for 11thAtainment artwork.