Thursday, 31 January 2013

Jupiter Direct ~> Jan'13

Depending upon where Gemini is in your horoscope, all kinds of projects/ideas/relationships/situations now gain greater perspective and protection. Some could even sense growth and/or liberation; as freedom-loving Jupiter begins to go forward in the sign of the twins, boosting the impetus to expand through communication and knowledge. Dualistic Gemini reveals the play of opposites: yin and yang, male and female, creative and receptive; Jupiter here quickly gets to the heart of truth, however easy or difficult that may be to digest and process.

And for the next couple of days the feminine strategist, Pallas Athena, conjuncts Uranus, planet of dramatic change and awareness @5-6-7 Aries; look to this point in your chart to see where intuitive insights now create a surprise change of ideas and/or direction.

If you would like to know how this time of truth constellates within you, I am giving a special Losar rate for the Tibetan New Year of Black Snake, please contact me for details _/♥\_

ૐ _/♥\_ thx to Visual Alchemy for 'Surprise' artwork x

Saturday, 26 January 2013

_/♥\_ ONE LOVE _/♥\_ Full Moon in Leo ~> Jan'13

26th-27th January @4:38gmt, 23:38est ~>

Our last FULL MOON of the Dragon year plays out with a heart-centred Leo Moon, positively aglow with LOVE. It’s the kind of all-encompassing love that radiates joy, compassion, kindness, and equanimity: qualities known in Buddhism as ‘The Four Immeasurables’.

This infinite and heart-liberating love can be given freely, without strings or attachment. In fact, with the 7degrees altruistic Aquarian Sun and full Leo Moon in a hard ‘T’ square aspect to disciplined Saturn, it is the Spiritual Warrior’s responsibility to transform romantic love, and the love of friends and family, into a sublime and sacred love – with an all-embracing reverence for all sentient beings. Doing so also includes loving oneself, which may now even entail clearing difficult obstacles that prevent one from fully and freely loving, such as fear, doubt, jealousy or obsession - all of which is profoundly rewarding. _/♥\_

☼ Progressive Astro-Tech: The humanitarian and future-orientated Aquarian Sun is opposite the playful and generous Leo Moon; and both are also in good aspect to broad-minded Jupiter and innovative Uranus. These are freedom loving planets that highlight individual ideas and volition. It’s worth noting that Jupiter is currently at station, about to go forward on the 30th January, after four and a half months of back-tracking in Gemini. It’s also interesting that the very point at which expansive Jupiter now stations is the same at which Venus, planet of love, retrograded back to during her momentous awakening of the Divine Feminine last June, at 6-7-8 Gemini, in the sign that informs, transmits and mentally processes. And as ‘Cosmic Guru’ Jupiter now compounds our lessons in love, it also accents our reflective mind, encouraging us to put insights into practice with tolerance, flexibility, and heart-felt optimism, so we can move forward into the year of the Black Water Snake, on February 10th, with confidence and clarity. _/♥\_ ☼:☽❤¸¸.•*¨*•☆☆

Thx to unknown artist for beautiful dragon & moon maiden _/♥\_

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Inauguration Guru Rinpoche Day ~> Jan 21st 2013

Most Auspicious Guru Rinpoche Day! _/❤\_

Spirit Sun in humanitarian Aquarius & emotive Moon in communicative Gemini, who is currently conjunct Jupiter, the zodiac’s cosmic Guru, making this a very special day to practice dharma, connect to the (inner) teacher, and give thanks for all the loving kindness and wisdom shown.

The lights – Sun & Moon – are in stimulating Air signs today, bringing people together and at the same time accenting the free-thinking individual heart-mind that is bursting with fresh new altruism. Giving such uniqueness the space it requires to grow and blossom within the greater whole celebrates the kind of integral freedom which liberates the ego; all the while the very same selflessness unites mind, body and spirit.

When the Moon is with Jupiter in Gemini, it’s a beautiful time for being with kindred spirits, shooting the breeze, and realising just how blessed we are _/❤\_

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Healing Action ~> Medicine Buddha Moon Jan 2013

19th Jan 2013 ~> This 8th day of our last moon cycle in the Dragon year is a First Quarter Medicine Buddha Tara Moon, considered to have exceptional healing qualities that can quickly help one to overcome obstacles, be the problem physical, psychological or psychic.

This particular first quarter urges the Spiritual Warrior to watch the mind and remain brave and confident when dealing with the root of the three poisons: ignorance, aversion and attachment. Patience and practicality are required with each step upon the path of transformation, to keep body, mind and spirit in balance. Multi-choice developments come soon enough, as the Sun moves into Aquarius this evening, bringing with it the exciting, shiny and new _/❤\_

May all being be healthy and happy to enjoy life to the full! _/❤\_

Thanks to Wildmind for Medicine Buddha illustration

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Weighty Skies ~> 5 planets in Capricorn Jan 2013

With no less than 5 heavenly bodies now in Capricorn, a weighty stellium currently holds the heavens’ sway as Spirit Sun conjuncts messenger Mercury; and Goddesses, loving Venus and loyal Juno, unite with powerful Pluto in karmic Capricorn _(❤)_

Sun & Mercury suggests having the discipline to focus upon accomplishment. Check degrees 24-25-26-27 Capricorn in your chart to see what really requires concentration and structure, and encourage positive tangible results.

As for relationship orientated Venus, Juno & Pluto, consider how karmic Capricorn's hierarchical ruler is Venus, cosmically mirroring Saturn's exaltation in Libra: Inner peace and love are therefore Capricorn’s ‘highest’ motivation. And the hooved Capricorn mountain-climbing goat also has a fishes' tail, most necessary to flow freely through Samsara's choppy ocean in spiritual harmony.

This Capricorn Venus now conjuncts profound Pluto, planet of death and rebEARTH, dramatically reminding how endings and death (metaphoric or real) can come in an instant. Intellectually understanding that something dies in order to be reborn doesn’t always alleviate the grief of death’s finality. Yet being reminded of death can prompt us to love fully and live life in truth. Now is the time to stop playing power-games and harness the immense command of Venus with Pluto (degrees 7-8-9-10 Capricorn) to transform the heart-mind, release fears of the unknown, and embrace all-consuming, compassionate LOVE ~> to become ONE in our flow AND create karmic brownie points by COMING FROM THE HEART _/❤\_

Breathe in LOVE & kindness ~> ❤
E-x-h-a-l-e the L-O-V-E & Kind n e s s ~> ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks to unknown artist for the enlightening figure _/❤\_

Friday, 11 January 2013

New Moon in Capricorn _/\_11th January ‘13

Our first new moon of the year, at 19:43GMT, is also the final lunation of the remarkable Water Dragon year. As the Earthy Capricorn Sun and Moon are now in conjunction with the celestial courier, Mercury, heaven’s message is quite pragmatic and clear: stabilise to accomplish, practice to become efficient, and remain in the Dragon's 'Authentic Presence' ('wangthang' in Tibetan), your own personal 'power field', that is created by one's basic goodness.

Spirit Sun, emotive Moon, and communicative Mercury are also loosely conjoined to loving Venus, loyal Juno & transformational Pluto, all in the sign of the mountain-climbing Sea-Goat. It’s worth noting that in Esoteric astrology Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn; this means that even if involved in ambitious power play, the spiritual warrior must always come from the heart. There is, however, little time for comparison or distraction with so many planets in no-nonsense Capricorn. Focus and concentration are the order of this New Moon, which teaches us to prioritise and prepare to be mindfully aware of the nature of reality, one’s true nature, Buddha nature.

Fiery Mars in Aquarius still squares Capricorn’s traditional ruling planet, Saturn in secretive Scorpio; issues of trust, respect, and friendship could create crossed wires, which may mean actively putting boundaries into place ~> Erect the Vajra fence now to protect, keeping kindred dharma spirits close, and certain cheeky monkeys out of reach.

And seeing as this is a physical and practical moon sign, now is the time to look after the body, especially knees (in meditation), teeth (for chewing slowly), and/or skeletal structure for climbing the spiritual heights, all the while enjoying the view, especially when in mountain posture!

The next New Moon is February 10th, with Losar, Tibetan New Year of the Black Water Snake, February 11th.

Image of stupa from ‘The Treasury of Lives’ with thx _/❤\_

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dakini Day 7th Jan 2013 _/❤\_

Tomorrow’s feasting Dakini Day, 7th Jan, is most powerful for inner-work and lasting transformation, specifically by paying back karmic debts. Though the sign Scorpio is the moon in her detriment, this is actually a most perceptive moon sign when we can hone into our deepest and darkest negativities and cut-off the ego’s bind to attachment and self-grasping. Both the sharp Scorpio Moon (currently conjunct karmic Capricorn ruler, Saturn) and the accomplished Capricorn Sun are ‘Yin’ in nature, feminine and sensitive, astute and proficient. Use this personality pruning energy wisely, honour the Goddess, and prepare for the Capricorn New Moon on the 11th January; during this darkest Dakini Moon of the year, when one can free oneself from obstacles (to practice and enlightenment) and eliminate the root of ignorance.

Inspired by the image of a Tibetan Chödma (photographer unknown) wishing you all a good practice _/❤\_

Friday, 4 January 2013

Tara Moon~> 3rd Jan 2013

Just as the beginning of this lunation’s first quarter Solstice moon was laden with change, so too is this last quarter Moon in Libra also charged with the need to make adjustments. The Moon, currently opposite Uranus, is the main indicator of a challenging kind of change, which requires diplomacy, tact and discretion, especially when striving to achieve peace within oneself, as well as in relationship.

Luna’s light also forms a ‘Grand Air Trine’ with expansive Jupiter beaming high in the night sky in communicative Gemini, and active Mars in friendly Aquarius; the ‘Grand Trine’ tends to spark the intellect and make the mind versatile, making tonight an optimum time to socialise and actively seek out common bonds between friends, neighbours and partners, and to exchange ideas and altruistic visions of the future that can establish happiness and harmony. Sounds like an ideal start to the first weekend of 2013!

Image is Green Tara, the embodiment of all the Buddha’s compassionate activities, painted by Nepali Newari artist Shankar _/❤\_ with thx

Om Tara Tutare Ture soha _/❤\_