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PISCES & the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun ♥ evolution in LOVE ♥ + ☼ + ♥

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2nd Solar house Jupiter/Uranus Aries
5th Solar house Moon in Cancer
8th Solar house Saturn-Mars-Venus in Libra (August 2010)11th Solar house Pluto in Capricorn

For the cosmic overview of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun

For someone so tuned into phantasmagoria, this Cardinal Cross suggests you radiate the Central Spritual Sun by knowing the ordinary world is also a wondrous place to be.  To you life could be the classic Zen situation: “Before enlightenment, chopping wood fetching water – After enlightenment, chopping wood fetching water”. In other words, the way to growth and positive development is through acknowledging the beauty, bliss and ease in everyday situations.  A child’s smile, a view from the hill, a nicely cooked meal: these are the kind of situations which bring joy and lighten the heart.  Being open to such simple elements will enhance and expand all sense perceptions too, and put you in touch with the magic that dwells within.

On a very material, practical and relative level, the ongoing Cardinal Cross of the Spiritual Sun also indicates how important it is for Pisces to closely observe life’s realistic matters, specifically fiscal concerns; this is due to expansive Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus residing in your sphere of finances. Your bank balance could dramatically see-saw. As the Cross involves two retrograde planets in your zodiacal bank, there may well be a surprise turn around in the coming months – possibly for the better; as it appears cash flows in large amounts, but in fits and starts. Having magnanimous Jupiter and awakening Uranus in this 2nd solar house of things you cherish and hold dear, be that love and money, a Pisceans’ personal worth can mature fortuitously by seeing the value in altruism as well as life’s simple pleasures.  

A co-operative and co-creative partnership looks positively helpful throughout this coming period. Saturn in the area of tantra and trust can create stability within your most intimate relationship. Having karmic Saturn in the sphere of intimacy overcomes fears of sharing the most secret part of your soul, to fully commit to a partner, and in doing so the true magic of love is revealed. Remember there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Trust your instincts, develop faith, and get ready to share you life as you never have before. True love is about listening with a calm mind and deep understanding and finding out how the other person is so that you can alleviate their suffering.  Because Saturn is in Libra, the sign of beauty and poise, you may use feminine wiles (even if you’re a guy) to cajole any reticent partner into revealing how they feel. Nonetheless, Pisceans have an innate ability to be able to psychically tune into others - little can ever be totally hidden from you. The usual methods of communication would be defunct if you were to use your intuition more.  Saturn in this most private, magical and powerful position shows what you need to work on: in Libra, the sign of the scales, it shows that the balance you seek in relationships comes about when you are balanced within.  These next two years are optimum to work with ‘unseen’ subtle energy: chakras, channels, winds and nadis that align heart to head, spirit to cosmos.

On a lighter note: the good news while this challenging time continues in so many different ways (and even a previously close friendship seems to be going through the wringer of change) is when the Moon in Cancer forms the monthly cross, as it marks dates when you hold court, tell jokes and keep people entertained, having the time of your life, living, loving and generating fun.  For the single Pisces, this could mean you get to catch someone’s eye and positively twinkle. For Pisces in relationship its worth noting that with Saturn in the area of sexual union, interaction can be tender and loving if you are willing to invest time , purposefully staying in sync throughout the Cardinal Cross can concretise an alliance. On the other hand, Saturn tends to bring realism to the fore, and if a relationship has already run its’ course, karmic Saturn has no qualms about ending.  

Generally speaking, when it comes to your profession and career you are usually quite lucky – at least in getting a foot in the door. And with powerful Pluto in your sphere of cooperation, the house of hopes and wishes, you currently have the ability to cultivate positive connections, assisting your personal transformation. Pluto here also indicates you can prove indispensable in a crisis, as the little planet from the underworld affords a special kind of insight. If you are a freelance Pisces, now is the time to be brave and think long term.  Cutting back is the way forward: look forward to springtime when you’ll see new shoots to rejuvenate spirit. Sensitive but ambitious Pisces could be aware how its time to make a responsible and dramatic alteration to how people view you – a new CV perhaps? In only a few short months you could totally turn around a feeling of lack to one of joyful abundance. Saturn in the 8th also indicates that investments do, need careful examination, as do all shared ventures.

The biggest lesson for Pisces during this ongoing Cross is to understand that many problems often stem from the way we view them. If you can change your point of view, avoid being dictated to by your emotions and desire, and know that a deeply compassionate love is your guiding factor (called Bodhicitta in Tibetan Buddhism) even dull routine can be changed into something joyful.  So keep your spirits up; with your ruler Neptune still in your solar 12th, you may need to get away from the chaos of modern life from time to time, and find a peaceful haven in the country so you can meditate, recharge your batteries and give yourself space to think and just ‘be’.  Remember that everything you tend to worry about never happens.  Stay patient, remain generous, and the Cardinal Cross will teach you how to deeply enjoy sharing the light of your Spiritual Sun, which comes from being secure with friends, family and loved ones. With Pisces prominent, spirituality is always strong.  The Divine works and flows through you with ease, as each sacred moment and dream can reveal a special insight, and any small display of love will always restore your faith in yourself, and humanity. A last word is to note that Uranus retrogrades goes back into your sign for five months from August 14th, and many of the personal changes you want to make get a second chance, as well as helping cosmic hand from generous and lucky Jupiter, who also retrogrades back into Pisces from 10th September until 23rd January; so all in all this period, although going backwards, enables you to rework values and learn to love yourself, ego and all, as that is the only way we truly evolve. 

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