Saturday, 27 November 2010

Transforming Destiny ☆ ♥ ☆ Pluto & the Dragon's Head --> Feb 2011

For the past few weeks a tiny planet that packs a powerful punch, Pluto, has conjunct the moon's shadowy North Node, which is also known as the ‘Dragon’s Head’ or in India, ‘Rahu’.  This is a rare occasion, about once every 17+ years, due to Pluto’s 248 year orbit, and the nodal axis returning about 18ish years.  On Saturday the 27th November, the conjunction is exact. What makes all the difference between this and other conjunctions is that these two heavenly markers are conjunct the Galactic Centre; and all three remain in close contact until mid-February. Rahu opens wide the karmic gates that lead to the Galactic center, and with Pluto, who is the planet of transformation, it also also opens us up to absorb incredibly powerful cosmic energies, which may at first not be so obvious.


Be assured: a subtle but powerful tide is turning. As Pluto exactly conjuncts the north node at 4 Capricorn it suggests profound insights, psychological or spiritual, and/or secret planning to fulfil ambitions and, dare I say, destiny.  Pluto rules all things hidden; now in Capricorn, the sign of business and ambition, discipline and responsibility, it thus sways in a mysterious way all things that provide structure and have authority - from the buildings that contain, to the government that rules, all the way to the edge of our universe; the previously concealed is being transformed so that outworn Capricorn structure and law is renewed. As the planet of the communication, Mercury, conjuncts Pluto and North Node three times during its retrograde phase, this concept of renewal will be very much in focus. The challenge is to generate totally new and inclusive ideas that revive collective resources.  Assertive Mars is about to conjunct the Galactic Centre to kick-start the proceedings.

The actual planet Pluto has also been in the Astro-news this week; indeed, my facebook page has been busy with friends reacting to a recent post regarding Pluto’s demotion; This demotion appears to have actually been premature, as Eris (pronounced ee-ris) is not as big as initially thought.  Pluto was demoted from being a planet to being a dwarf planet in August 2006, because newly discovered Eris was thought to be the same size, if not bigger.  Eris is the Goddess of discord and strife; and her Moon is named after her less desirable offspring, Dysnomia, who represents lawlessness. Eris had another daughter called Eunomia, meaning good-order according to good-laws. Don’t ask me why we didn’t call the last known Moon in the solar system something lovely and peaceful, but  maybe people just love to be chaotic and scared. Or do we? Isn’t being kept bound in chaos just another form of exercising the power of fear over the people?

Interestingly, the asteriod Ceres, symbolic of the Earth Mother, was promoted in 2006.  Although now separating from Pluto, Ceres is also in Capricorn, and still within orb of this powerful conjunction: the cosmic call is for all things Plutonian to also nurture and care about where we heading. This means those in positions of power ought to care like a mother would her child.

But that's not always the case, as the modern ruler of Scorpio, Pluto shares rulership over all things taboo: secrets, sex, the occult and cabals. The word ‘Plutocrat’ reveals how Pluto can be loaded with power-games (atomic energy created the same time of Pluto’s discovery).  In many ways Pluto’s demotion made it more powerful, as he is already the Lord of the Underworld; the demotion forced Pluto to hide from plain view, wrapping himself in his invisible cloak to infiltrate the minds and manners of those who crave power through dark and dirty work.  

Nonethless, Pluto is also the planet of extremes: capable of emerging from low periods with renewed strength. In the personal horoscope it shows where hidden resources lie as well as the power to fuel giant acts of destruction as well as creation.  Wherever Pluto lies in the horoscope something always dies in order to be reborn, so that out of the ashes rises the Plutonic phoenix, more powerful, more dynamic and more insightful.  

Personally, I’m dealing with Pluto opposing my Venus and squaring home-orientated Moon; it’s true a transformation in my home life is imminent. But also something bigger came to light, which involved insights into a series of difficult events from the past, that have now, in a strangely magical way, enlightened my psyche somewhat. I won’t go into details (for the moment they are too personal! (Scorpio Rising)); but for me it is a lesson that from painful situations it is possible to discover previously buried treasure, which gives me strength. This is an important Buddhist teaching: transforming suffering into joy.


Because Pluto is now with the destiny fulfilling North Node, it is now appropriate to even consider the raising of a usually hidden phenomena - a powerful human energy that can be raised through meditation to activate the light body, the light of Spirit: that of Kundalini.  The thrice-coiled serpent living at the base of the spine may well be stirring. Rahu (aka Dragon’s Head) at our crown opens to evolvolution - imagine if we were collectively initiated into the 7th ray of ceremonial order!  The ability to generate love-light and bodhicitta would be exponential.


Cosmic events like this conjunction are also reflected in our own lives (my own world is certainly touched); so I’d also like to share some recent findings from the world of science that have brought to light (literally) previously unknown phenomena, which are also symolic of this revealing conjunction, which give the connection to the Galactic Centre an even more remarkable significance.

The first mysterious revelation from the cosmos is the discovery of Gamma Rays being emitted from the centre of our Galaxy – Pluto conjunct the North Node conjunct the Galagtic Centre, reveals hidden treasure planet of the hidden energy coming directly out of the Galactic Centre.  Nasa's page explains what we don't know about it. Which makes this discovery all the more alluring, as we really don't have to know everything - some things enchant more as a mystery. Instead, we can appreciate Pluto's ability to see in the dark and feel its way to provoke intuition - which leads me to think that by some magical association, this discovery may mean we humans are also ready (and able) to generate our light bodies, via the sushumna? Let’s not forget Gamma rays are the highest vibration of light, an energy that can heal (as in Cancer treatment) as well as kill. I don’t know if this delicious hazy purple colour is the ‘real’ colour of the rays, but just seeing it seems to stimulate my crown chakra.


Secondly, also from scientific point of view, a concept in accord with Buddhist cosmology, in that time is beginningless, and there was no big-bang per se, just no beginning and no end - like a circle. Here is a link to the the beeb with an article by Penrose which was hot on the heels of this. From CERN’s ALICE project and from the big-bang making machine, the Large Hadron Collider: crashing subatomic particles at high speed we now have quark-gluon-plasma with jet-quenching z particles: Beam me up Scotty, the future is now! :)


It seems many primordial secrets are coming in from the edge of the universe, which is Pluto's sphere. In light of these momenteous discoveries there will be changes, not just the way we view the outside world but all we learn during this period will help us to understand our own development, particularly that of our subtle body and it's psycho-anatomical-spiritual interaction.


As an aside, something else emerged from the Lord of the Underworld's realms: another crystal skull called 'compassion'. Fascinating timing. 


And one last link is to the brilliant Nick Anthony Fiorenza's site so you can get a good idea what Pluto looks like in relation to Eris. 

Thanks as always to all artists:

Friday, 26 November 2010

Spirit of the Zen Centaur ~ Sun in Sagittarius 2010

The Zen archer uses breathing techniques to help control the mind and shed layers of ego, in order to focus and become one with the target, so that when he releases the arrow he thereby discovers himself. Though, “When shooting, if one hits the target, one can miss the self. At other times we will miss the target, but hit the self”. And it’s this quote from Onuma Sensei, a Japanese Kyudo (Archery) master, which stimulates that most essential ingredient in any factor when setting sights on any goal: Spirit. Because a strong Spirit enables one to remain optimistic even if aiming around corners, or when riding a rough patch. Luckily, the Sun is now in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, urging us to stay hopeful and confident, especially when we set intention and feel a sense of purpose.  

As a fire sign, Sagittarius illuminates Spirit through inspiriation. With a beam of directed and focus light, pointing the way ahead, the archer aims at the heart of the matter, with an arrow directed at the centre of the enlightened self. Without being lumbered by ego-baggage, Sagittarius experiences life both intuitively and wisely.  

Able to understand that thought is power, Sagittarian encouragement allows the mind to aspire, so a bigger picture can to come into focus. And while many planets indicate the Life of Spirit is at point of manifesting awareness through being able to synthesis manifold issues, its important to endeavour to maintain enthusiasm while the process progresses to reach some kind of solution mid-to late January. Before that we have a set of eclipses to navigate: The first is at Winter Solstice with a Full Moon. Albeit a partial lunar eclipse, at 29 degrees Sagittarius and Gemini it conjuncts the galactice centre, and is perhaps even THE alignment to which the Mayan's were refering to re 2012. 

In Buddhism, however, enthusiasm is considered to be one of the six perfections; being pleased when we perform good actions, think good thoughts and aspire to good intentions, particularly for the benefit of others, spurs us on to persevere (even during mid-to late December when the planets enter a challenging phase) . In astrology, however, the Sagittarius ruler is generous Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm.  And we can ride along with a Centaurs’ gusto as Jupiter begins to go forward, after months of backtracking, and now plays a starring role, as our development of Spirit becomes paramount.  So should the mind fall into fear and pessimism at any time during these next few weeks, the stars also say we also have the potential to eliminate any gloomy negativity with insight and truths that could well lead to a serious breakthrough at the New Moon on December the 5th, which culminates in the partial lunar eclipse.

One last word (for the moment ;)) is how Sagittarius is also the sign of long distance travel, as well as the sign of the broader vision.  Those planning to travel this holiday season are advised to take extra care in more ways than just checking time-tables, as Mercury goes retrograde mid-December until the end of the year (more on this later). Be warned and be on guard: 14th December looks particularly tricky, when changes are made to even the best laid plans. 

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Seven Magical Sisters & Artemis ~ Taurus Full Moon '10

“Twinkle Twinkle little STAR, how I wonder what you are. Up above the sky so bright, like a diamond in the night.” Everyone, young and old, has smiled and sung this song at some time and marvelled at the starry heavens. And there is one very special cluster of stars which truly fascinate and activate this sense of wonder in more ways than is at first obvious; these are the Pleiades –Seven magical Sisters who shimmer and glitter at the very last degree of Taurus, who are linked to mysticism and power, life and death.

For millennia we humans have known something very special emanates from the Seven Sisters. Mythology abounds with stories of these blue stars: To the Greeks they were Doves; to the Celts they are ‘The Fates’; to the Chinese the ‘Seven Sisters of Industry’; to the Indians they are ‘Seven Mothers’ who judge and wield moon-shaped razors; and to the Egyptians they are Seven Goddesses whom the dead encounter. Through these stars we acknoweldge a portal into another world.

Just by watching these alluring Seven Goddesses we link into a collective cosmic mythology that has captivated our imagination and thereby become a part of historical harmony. In esoteric astrology the Pleiades stimulates the human heart centre, enabling one to relinquish the obsessive desire that Scorpio can often cling to. Scorpio is also associated with transformation through rebirth and renewal; though letting go of all that no longer serves can sometimes be a painful process due to Scorpios’ fixed intensity.

So while the Sun is in Scorpio, still with Vesta igniting the inner flame, and the Full Taurus Moon conjuncts the influential Pleiades on Sunday, the 21st at 17:27 gmt, the power of love is coupled with the power of renewal.  (Look to 29 degrees Taurus and Scorpio in your chart to see where this renewal is taking place.)   

When planets are found at the last degree of a sign, in astrology we call this degree ‘anaretic’, meaning it has an accumulative effect from having almost completed the passing through of one sign.  It’s as though we have already digested all the qualities of the sign before leaping into the next, and in the case of this Full Moon, when the Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, those consecutive signs are truth-seeking Sagittarius and curious Gemini.  Nonetheless, the issues surrounding this Full Moon are still Taurean (personal values and constancy, love and money) and Scorpio (shared values and strength, intimacy and power). Over this moon we harness Scorpio’s ability to deeply sense our Taurean needs in a heartfelt and protective manner without so much the need for words.  A Moon with the Pleiades can trap, hold, and purify (with wisdom and compassion) any negativity that comes to light via Scorpio’s psychic radar.

The Moon is also our emotional anchor; when full the Moon brings clarity and wisdom; and in Taurus, the Moon is exalted, where we find stability.  In the West she is feminine, a Goddess with many names. At this time of year (in the northern hemisphere), when the leaves on the trees have fallen and the nights are dark we call her Diana, or Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. Artemis is the bringer of Light, caring for children, women and the environment.  She is often connected to the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades in myth, and being reunited with them over this Full Moon indicates our Goddess energy is once again magnified.  

This gathering of moon maidens and sky dancers creates a dynamic connection, particularly as we are still under the cosmic auspices of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun (which resumes an exact formation March 13th 2011).  Alice A. Bailey writes that during the time of a Cardinal Cross, the Pleiades employs both Mercury and Mars as agents working through Gemini AND Sagittarius; so it is interesting how they are now in conjunction in truth-seeking Sagittarius.  This could well be a sign that in order to understand the truth we also need to connect more with our intuitive and feminine sides, creating Shiva-Shakti over this Full Moon.  And from Monday, both Sun and Moon move into these signs, when a greater, yang energy becomes our celestial focus for another month, through which the heart-orientated Pleiades communicates.

Wherever you are during this full Moon, when looking out for the Pleiades with the Moon, take a moment to weather-watch. As over November’s ‘Dark Moon’, in both an ancient Babylonian custom, as well as Tibetan, it is said the during Full Taurus Moon (where the moon is exalted) one can note what might lie ahead in the cold winter months, especially for practical sustenance, as Taurus is an earth sign, symbolic of gardening and crops.

Thanks as always to Bill Brouard,"Artimis" by beloved Susan Seddon-Boulet, and other unknown but much appreciated artists.

Mercury ☆ Mars ☆ Nov 20 ☆ Becoming 'The Immovable One' Akshobya

From the Moon throne arises Akshobya 'The Immovable One' with the admantine nature of pure consciousnes radiating compassion upon any irritation. ♥_/\_ૐ

Akshobya transforms anger into mirror-like wisdom:

And with Mercury now conjunct Mars (20th Nov '10) at 17 Sag = Quick thinking with an even quicker tongue, it means we can be quick to rise ~> Anyone feeling tetchy? Best watch being super-critical and, because the mind is on fastforward for the next couple of days - over this Full Moon - the celestial challenge is see how quickly one can bring ourselves into check and transform any anger into discriminating awareness. ♥_/\_ૐ 

Bare in mind that Mercury is entering an applying shadow period just after this weekend's Full Moon, to go retrograde on the 11th of December at 5 Capricorn (with Pluto, Ceres & the North Node), when seeking the wiser and more caring (collective) direction comes into focus.  Then,  just as this difficult year comes to a close, Mercury turns direct at 19 Sag, revealing how we renew our optimism by transforming the mind.  Mercury once again conjuncts Mars early next year, at 28 Aquarius on Feb 20th, when our anger'ometer once again is tested to remain cool, calm, and collected, with a mind unpeturbed by internal thoughts or outside events.  

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sacred Diwali Light ☉☽✫ Sun Scorpio Moon & Vesta

Early birds will now see VENUS RISING as Aphrodite, the Morning Star. The ancient Greeks called her Phosphorus or Lucifer, the 'Light Bearer'. Although Venus is still retrograde until Nov 19th (& just about to change signs from SCORPIO -> back into LIBRA) we could feel any obsessive intensity seep away for a while, to be replaced with a lighter heart and a more balanced view about that which we value. So welcome a new rosy Venus ascending at dawn (as she metamorphises from evening Star to Morning), plus a New Moon @ 4:53 gmt 14 degrees of Scorpio – the very same degree that Venus went retrograde, 28 days ago, a full lunation cycle later. These salient astro-facts indicate we now have the opportunity to shine the light of our emotional experience upon deeper aspects of psyche, as well as all we value and share, such as love, peace & powerful associations. 

Scorpio is the sign of life, death and rebirth - transformational renewal is through letting-go, cutting-back, and dropping any dead weights that stop you from flying high like the eagle in the sky. Now is the time to connect with our Buddha nature and take only what's necessary to revive Spirit and soar.


This is an astrologically busy new moon for those who like their insight profound and meaningful. (I know, new Moons are always laden with symbolism - but this one has the visionary activist's edge.) Because Neptune and Chiron also go forward, after a long retrograde in late degrees Aquarius, a (collective) spiritual or emotional wound can now be healed. Psychic awareness and (toxic) sensitivity is also heightened. Take care, protect, & beware of dirty tricks.


During the last New Moon in Libra, the planets paired up, which was a nice celestial surprise for being in the sign of loving relationship. At this New Moon several planets are twirling the skies in three’s, which suggests that ideas and connectivity should uplift: So while Venus edges out of Scorpio into Libra over the next few days to find the value of self-love in relation to others (see Sun at inferior conjunction with Venus & Venus in Scorpio Retrograde for the practical and spiritual overview of her retrograde dance), the SUN & MOON move forward to start a new lunation in SCORPIO with asteroid VESTA, igniting our sacred inner heat for the month. Whilst keeping the sexual flame alight we must, however, be aware how overwhelming desires can burn up the life-force if we don't take care; Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is also with the North Node and Ceres: We need to revolutionize our (collective) direction, with the love and attention a Mother would give her child. 

& Black Moon Lilith is closing in again on Jupiter and Uranus, still retrograde in Pisces. While Jupiter is slowing down to go forward on the 19th November – the same day as Venus goes forward 28 Libra, I’d say watch any collective emotional undercurrent with detachment, if you can, and make an effort not to get swept along by other’s fear or frustration. These are challenging times in many ways, but with Goddess Vesta igniting the light of Diwali, within the initiating energy of a New Moon, we can connect to our innate goodness & and allow purity of spirit to keep integrity intact.  


At the Full Moon in Taurus on the 21st November (when the Sun & Moon conjunct the Pleiades) only Uranus will be retrograde. More on this later... 



 ~ ☼ ~Thanks to Marianne Rydfeld for her brilliant Eagle carrying the Buddha and Phoenix 13 moon & other unknown but much appreciated artist.