Sunday, 29 August 2010

Grand Earth Trine ~ Sunday 29th August

GRAND EARTH TRINE with the Moon moving into Taurus today, where she is exalted; La Luna creates a a practical, sensual and transformational triangle in the heavens, with Sun in Virgo & Pluto in Capricorn = spritual adjustment with emotional stability.

Virgo's level head is just what's needed after a fiery Moon in Aries opposed Libran Mars-Venus yesterday.

Interestingly, a volcano erupted after 400 years in northern Sumatra. I looked at that fiery Moon's chart; with (Virgo ruled), although they are saying Mount Sinabung is calming, with Mercury retro it could blow fireballs again. We had a volcano eruption the last Merucy retro too, that time when Mercury was in Taurus, in Iceland, when flying over Europe came to a halt. The earthy Capricorn north node nearing Pluto and joining THAT T'square could also have something to do with the timing of this eruption.
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