Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dream Healing Wounded Feeling ~ Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Sept '16

KARMA MULTIPLIED day x 7 million! (+or -)
The last eclipse of 2016 is also third in a series of three eclipses, taking place with a Full Moon lunar eclipse this Friday 16th or Saturday 17th, depending upon where you are in the world. At 24° 20′ PISCES, and @19:03 UT, it’s worth noting how this Full Moon penumbral eclipse highlights the visible and the invisible, the real and imagined, with psychic threads connecting heaven to earth. We won’t actually see Luna turn red, instead the Moon will only appear slightly darker (over Europe/Africa); but because it is the Full MOON closest to the season-changing equinox, when geomagnetic activity is already heightened and Earth’s auroras and magnetic fields are stronger, we are cosmically bound to feel a powerful surge of deep emotions which an eclipse in a water sign arouses; these feelings can illuminate and connect the natural beauty of the heart-mind, as well as bring to light the previously hidden or unconscious.

For those who have planets in either the sign of the Fish, Pisces, or the purifying Goddess, Virgo (check your horoscope, especially around 20-28 degrees of the mutable signs (Sag and Gemini included), looking for long-term timing within the coming turning points – because eclipses always present some kind of watershed moment – look back to August 2007 when taking stock of where you are now, examining (during this currently detailed obsessed retrograde Mercury) what kind of conditions are being created for the future in very practical terms; then project forward to September 2024. This is when our next set of Pisces-Virgo eclipses will take place. So instead of now feeling like you have little or no control over what might be in store (which can happen when Piscean energy abounds), this Full Moon also suggests visualisation is instrumental when unlocking the power of the mind, and is the precursor to solidifying long-held dreams. It’s a great time to make a creatively empowering ‘vision board’ and send the message out into the universe of not what ‘stuff’ you want, but how you would like to feel in the future.  This is not to say concretising certain dreams can’t or won’t happen sooner, as they can and will (again, check your scope for timing), or that the journey to fulfilment isn’t more important than the goal, as the only time that really matters is ‘now’. But in a world that naïvely demands instant results, it is sometimes more helpful to think in ways that one can abide happily, all-the-while dedicating towards the realisation of long-term objectives. Remember: it can take lifetimes to achieve enlightenment and that forgiveness and kind-heartedness are the all-important means to awakening awareness, fulfilment and attainment.

A Full Moon in any water sign, Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer, tends to provoke passionate but jumbled-up emotions, complicated relations and crazy situations at the best of times; with energetic emotional imbalance and confinement to a lunatic asylum at worst. With a Lunar eclipse in Pisces, the very last all-consuming sign of the zodiac, sensitivity is deeply imaginative, often overwhelming and sometimes all-too-much that one needs to retreat – which is why, for whatever reason, love, money, despair, people turn to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to (temporarily and often unsuccessfully) alleviate difficult feelings, such as self-judging moral weakness and the ensuing guilt aggravating already difficult situations with toxic overload. Please try not overindulge these reactions or activities to the point of addiction (which is very Pisces); there are other, safer, life-enhancing ways to forgive (oneself), placate challenging or overwhelming feelings, and reconnect to the inborn goodness that lies within each and every one of us, such as being of helpful service to others, or going inwards to meditate, or even allowing feelings to be magically processed through song, music, dance, yoga or prayer. 

Pisces easily senses what others are doing through its ability to tap into the unsaid by reading between the lines. A simple brushstroke on a painting, a note within a tune, a swish of fabric or a glance or look can often tell Pisces everything it needs to know; for the sign of the Fish most situations are often felt on an intensely psychic level before any actual manifestation takes place. In the reflective light of this Full Moon, I cannot emphasise enough how the importance of working with our intuition is currently heightened (especially now, with the exact third and final Saturn-Neptune Square in conjunction with the Full Moon, when an irresistible force meets immoveable object). 

Pisces also helps us to release into the void feelings that prevent us from moving on with a happy heart. Even if it means making a sacrifice for the great good of the whole, this Full Moon can even help realise how we play unconscious power games of victim or martyr, wanting to be either the saviour or be saved, as sinner or saint. There are, however, different expressions of wanting to make the world, our world, a better place. We can work on a very practical level, for instance, with unseen bio-energy, by understanding the living biofield, with its interacting, pulsing electro-magnetism, can actually have a huge impact upon our everyday lives, enabling the creation of the changes we want to see. 

The presently exalted Mercury, retrograde in Virgo, asks us to be practical about our innate sensitivity to our personal and interpersonal environment (and continues to implore that we remain level-headed (especially with invisible energy) until the end of the separating shadow period, Oct 6th); it’s those strange, funny feelings in our bones or waters, or sensations in the pit of our stomach that now also clamour to be acknowledged, listened to and dealt with in a very practical manner, i.e. with benevolence, working towards the greater good of all (not just humans, or those we personally know, but for all beings, seen and unseen). 

As the Moon now begins to connect to the South Node (aka Ketu, or the Dragon’s tail) many will tune into the collective undercurrent, with all its infectious hysteria.  If you find yourself ‘picking-up’ subconscious but overwhelming emotions, which when analysed you sense are not yours (or even if they are) know they too will pass. Instances of ‘Deja vu’ are almost bound to slip through the rip in the fabric of space-time this lunar eclipse presents, so that feeling of ‘already experienced’ could even be a past-life connection; the trick is to reflect and try to remember what happens next, in order to direct life more lucidly.  
While this is a Moon phase when one could be easily swept away by the oceanic, hopefully by a song and dance, sound or gesture, there are other important celestial factors to consider: because this Pisces Moon is also with its’ divinely inspired ruler Neptune, associated by a wide orb of 14 degrees; Luna is closer to the witnessing wounded-healer, Shamanic Chiron, which is at 22° degrees.  Putting these astrological pointers together, and coming from the global perspective, one might say this Lunar eclipse highlights a need to observe the underlying deep disturbance coming to light which concerns the element of water; and from a personal level, this will affect emotions which flow through the body. It is rather fitting that all over the world people are now realising the importance of clean water (during the Virgo-Pisces axis); not just for physical health, but also how such purity resonates with the clarity of our own feelings; as the human body is made up of anything from 65-90% water, helping ourselves to be less complicated or polluted by disturbing emotions means that we are also able to of greater affect in the world.   

From an Esoteric astrological point of view, in the run-up to the Full Moon, and indeed even the Lunar Eclipse itself, we are also blessed by the starry auspices of ‘Ursa Major’, a fabulous star system that navigates our Northern Pole Star. Ursa Major is also known as the ‘Great Bear’, the ‘Big Dipper’, or the ‘Saucepan’, as it changes from being a container that holds to one that pours with the seasons.  Now it is the container. The seven stars which make up the Great Bear constellation are also known as Rishis, or seven sages (according to Vedic and Tibetan astrology); these seven stars also relate to the seven rays, and the seven main chakras, as well as seven colours, traditional planets, musical notes, major organs in the body, and days of the week. As such, right now there is a connection to the magical number 7 that represent spirit dissolving into matter. This time of collecting and blessing water magnifies the positivity of ‘good stars’ (Sun & Mercury trine transformational Pluto (esoteric ruler of Pisces)), as the water is instilled with magical healing properties that could even help to unblock, pacify or activate chakras, and align the light-body, so that every action is one of goodness, every thought beneficial and every word spoken is constructive and helpful.

Astral tip: The Virgo-Pisces axis also activates our innate LOVE-WISDOM. So even if being saintly is way out of reach (keep working on it ;)), this full Moon is an optimum time to tune into dreams and take note of all messages of the night, as the crystalline light of the phantasmagorical Pisces moonbeams reveal a previously hidden Divinity that emanates universal love.

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